7 Biblical Meanings of Blowing the Shofar

A shofar is made using a ram’s horn. The Jewish tribe mostly uses it. In recent times, we have seen an increasing usage and reference to the shofar, and it has mostly been used in spiritual gatherings.

Cultural practices have also embraced the blowing of a shofar to announce the presence of a king. Whenever a shofar is blown, something is about to happen. However, the different sounds of a shofar will guide us into the specifics of this powerful instrument.

Spiritually, shofars are weapons, and their sounds alert the soul to an awakening.

This is why you should not take a shofar for granted.

In the bible, we will find different explanations of shofars and their spiritual meanings. This is what we seek to explore in this article. During my research, I stumbled upon several amazing facts about a shofar, which I can’t wait to share with you

As a Christian, pay close attention to what you are about to read. This ancient instrument called a shofar can change your perspective on spirituality.

This will only be possible if you pay enough attention to get these meanings. There are 7 biblical meanings for blowing the shofar. Let’s discuss this right away.

What is a Shofar used for?


The shofar is a ritual instrument that can be used on ritual occasions. In the Jewish culture, the shofar is an instrument that marks days, times, and seasons. It is always used to mark the sabbath, new moon festivals, and so on.

Furthermore, a shofar is used in ancient kingdoms as a guide to the citizens and soldiers.

Whenever war is looming, the shofar will be blown to alert the kingdom of impending danger.

After a battle, the shofar will also be blown to announce the return of the soldiers. It can also be blown to announce either victory or defeat.

In addition to this, during festivals or spiritual gatherings, a shofar is always blown to praise the gods.

During the new moon festival, the Jews blow the shofar to praise Jehovah for another season. In today’s world, a shofar is blown in churches to praise God. In nations like Malaysia, Japan, and a few other Asian countries, shofars are blown in special Christian gatherings. 

Culturally, a shofar can be kept in the possession of a king because it is believed to be the mouthpiece of the gods. 

What do the Shofar Blasts mean?


Shofar blasts have different meanings and spiritual indications.

  1. During a Christian gathering, a shofar blast indicates a time of rejoicing and praise to the lord.
    • Once the shofar is blown in a church, it is time to dance and praise God. That is, the moment of victory has come and the whole congregation must lift their voice in one accord to shout hallelujah to God.
  1. In the Jewish culture, a shofar blast can mean several things. Firstly, it can indicate the beginning of a season.
    • For example, once the new moon appears, the shofar blast will reveal the beginning of a season.
    • That is, they have entered into the new moon season. The shofar blast can also signify the end of a season.
    • Yom Kippur is the day of atonement. Whenever the shofar blasts, it marks the end of that day, and it reveals that the offering of the Israelites has been accepted by Jehovah.
  1. In ancient medieval culture and tradition, shofar blasts can mark victory or defeat. Furthermore, it can give a warning signal of an impending war.

Spiritually, what do shofar blasts mean? We will talk about the 7 biblical meanings of a shofar. Read on to discover this amazing insight.

What does the blowing of the shofar mean spiritually?

Kid blowing the shofar

It means a release.

Now, before the shofar can make its sound, air must be released by the blower.

The act of releasing air into the shofar can be captured spiritually as releasing yourself from hurts. It can be seen as an act of letting go of every negative emotion in your heart.

It symbolizes letting go of your past mistakes and looking forward to a new life.

The energy that a shofar blower exerts while blowing the shofar talks about how much it will take for you to let go of all of these things.

7 Biblical Meanings of Blowing the Shofar

Biblical Meaning of Blowing the Shofar

Biblically, you will not find the word “shofar” in the English bible. However, it can be found in the Talmud.

Now, you don’t need to go around looking for the Talmud or Hebrew bible before you get the meaning of blowing the shofar. I will simplify all of these into 7 meanings, which cover everything you need to know concerning the blowing of the shofar.

1) The presence of God

Whenever you hear the shofar sound, it indicates the presence of God.

This was the exact sound that came from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai in the book of exodus. The blowing of the shofar signifies the arrival of God. 

2) Sacrifice

The shofar is made from a ram’s horn. In the bible, a ram means sacrifice.

Therefore, whenever you hear the blowing of a shofar, God is encouraging you to pay the necessary price for your dreams and ambitions.

This is a message from God to spur you up in the right direction of your dreams.

That is, the price you are paying for your dream is not too much. Whenever you get to a point of depression and despair, the shofar blast will sound to inspire you to make more commitment toward your plans.

3) The beginning of a season

Whenever you hear the sound of a shofar in the morning, it signifies the beginning of a season of your life.

This is an act of God to give you another chance to make the most out of your life.

You need to understand that a shofar blast in the morning releases the energy you need for this new season of your life.

Therefore, there is no need to ask for energy or strength. Simply take a hold of the gift you received from the shofar and explore this new season.

4) A call to repentance

In the book of Joel, a trumpet was blown in zion for repentance.

If you hear a shofar blast, it can be a message from God concerning your life.

God is saying that you need to repent from your old way of living.

The reason for this is because of judgment. Without repentance, there cannot be forgiveness of sins.

Therefore, you need to play your part to show God that you are ready to turn a new leaf. This is what the shofar is saying to you right now.

5) The end of a season has come

Just like the Jewish culture, a shofar blast can indicate the end of a season.

If you hear the shofar blast in the night, there is a belief that it is signifying the end of a season. This makes a lot of time because the night seasons are the end of the day.

They also mark the end of a week, month, or year.

Therefore, hearing the shofar sound at night seasons tells you that you are about to enter a new season.

Furthermore, if a shofar blasts sound under a waxing gibbous moon, it carries the same meaning of an end to a season of your life.

6) God is calling out to you

It is believed that a shofar will be blown to get the attention of God’s children. That is, whenever you are distracted by the many things you do, God will call out to you through a shofar blast.

This blast will be so loud in your ears that you will turn around to see who blew it.

Whenever this happens to you, take it as a sign that God is calling out to you and pay close attention to your spiritual life.

7) Victory over enemies

A shofar blast in the bible also signifies victory over enemies.

Whenever a kingdom goes out to war, victory will be announced by a shofar.

This is always accompanied by singing, rejoicing, and a great festival.

Therefore, when you hear a shofar blast, it can indicate victory over your enemies. That is, God has won all of your battles, and it is time to rejoice.

The Shofar Sounds Meaning


The shofar has four sounds. Each sound has a meaning from God.

  1. TEKIAH: This unbroken sound inspires you to search your heart and make it right with God.
  2. TERUAH: This trembling and broken sound put you in a place of sorrow after sinning. That is, whenever you hear this sound, you have committed a great sin against God.
  3. SHEVARIM: This sounds like an alarm. Spiritually, God is telling you to be on your guard. This shofar sound is telling you to be sober and vigilant.
  4. TEKIAH GEDOLAH: Unlike TEKIAH, this unbroken sound is more prolonged and loud. Once you hear this sound, it announces the presence of God.

Final Words

Shofars are not commonly possessed by people. Therefore, you don’t need to have one in your possession. Whenever God wants to speak to you through a shofar, you will have a shofar-like experience. However, be prepared when it comes. You might experience a major shift after that encounter.

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