What does the Rainbow mean in the Bible? 11 Messages

The Rainbow is beautiful. It colors the sky with its beauty and graces the earth with its divine presence. Everyone that sees a rainbow always stays fixed on the spot while admiring such beauty.

The sky suddenly lightens up with radiance, and you can see the universe smiling down on the earth.

Do you know why a rainbow is rarely seen in the sky? It is because a rainbow is the purest form of God’s covenant to mankind. This article will explain more about the spiritual meaning of a rainbow, and why you should never take its presence for granted.

Rather than admiring its beauty and moving on, you can bask in the presence of the rainbow, soak in its energy, and get blessed by God through it. In the bible, you will find 11 spiritual meanings and messages about the rainbow.

These messages bring upliftment, encouragement, and assurance to the soul of people.

  • Why does it feel like the universe is smiling down at you through the rainbow?
  • Why does the rainbow suddenly spread across the sky with a divine presence?
  • What is so special about the rainbow that makes it so rare and beautiful?

If you ever see a rainbow in a dream, what does the bible have to say?

These are the questions to address, and we will talk about them in clearer detail. Are you ready to understand God’s divine message to you through a rainbow? Then, let us take a deep journey into the holy bible to extract these messages.

Is the Rainbow Mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible

Yes, the rainbow is mentioned in the bible. Let us look at the places it was mentioned.

“I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth: When I bring clouds over the earth, and the bow is seen in the clouds . . . I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant.”

(Genesis 9:13-14, 16).

You will also find the rainbow mentioned in the book of Ezekiel.

“As the rainbow appears that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of His brightness all around.”

Ezekiel 1:28.

Furthermore, the word “Rainbow” was mentioned in the book of Revelation when John saw the throne of God. 

After these things I looked, and behold, a door opened in heaven . . . and a rainbow was around the throne”

(Revelation 4:1,3). 

Therefore, you can see that rainbow can be found in the bible. Now, in context, these places talk about the rainbow in respect of different things.

We are going to look into this later on.

The first and common place you will find the word “Rainbow” is in the bible. Getting the interpretation from the bible is therefore the best way to understand what the rainbow has to say.

Is there any Scripture about the Rainbow in the bible?

Scripture about the Rainbows

Yes, there are several scriptures about the rainbow in the bible. Earlier on, we saw about 3 scriptures concerning the rainbow in the bible.

There are other scriptures in the book of revelation when God showed John an angel with a rainbow on his head.

One thing to observe is that rainbows are always connected to the divine and the supernatural. You will never see a place where the rainbow is mentioned in connection with men.

This tells you that seeing a rainbow has a lot to do with spirituality than the natural beauty it exudes. A rainbow speaks to men on earth whenever it shows up in the sky.

The bible is littered with a lot of messages from the rainbow, which we will talk about later on. 

Rainbow Symbolism Bible


In the bible, a rainbow is the symbolism of covenant and making promises. You will find out that God used the rainbow to make a promise to Noah after the flood.

Furthermore, you will find the prophet Ezekiel referring to it in his prophecies. This tells us that seeing a rainbow in the sky should remind us of God’s promises towards us. It should help us to trust in God much more than ever before.

Now, if you see yourself sitting on a rainbow, God is encouraging you to fulfill the promises you have made to people.

Sometimes, we make promises to people under emotional surges, which we never intend to fulfill.

However, God will call your attention to this and instruct you to fulfill your promise.

Do you know why God does not joke with promises? It is because he is a God of the vow. Whenever you make a vow, God stands by it because he does not lie or repent.

The rainbow stands for covenants and fulfillment of promises. Seeing it breeds trust in your heart about God and in men.

What does the Rainbow mean in the Bible?

What does the Rainbow mean in the Bible

Seeing a rainbow from the biblical perspective means that God is speaking to you.

Now, we don’t have any proof, but the bible records that God showed Noah the bow in the sky. We don’t have an account of other people seeing this spiritual sign.

Today, everyone sees the rainbow in the sky, but Noah was the first to see this sign.

Therefore, whether people see the rainbow with you or not, take it as a personal message that God wants to speak with you.

Position your heart to receive this message from God.

If you are a pastor or prophet, God is simply telling you to go on a retreat. He is telling you to spend time with him in prayers because of the deep revelation he is about to show you.

Furthermore, a rainbow talks about God’s love for humanity.

From the promise to Noah, it is clear that God loves mankind more than we can ever imagine. If you made a mistake, and are feeling condemned, God might show a rainbow in the sky to remind you that He loves you and has not condemned you.

It lets you know that your sins have been forgiven by him.

11 Meanings and Messages of the Rainbow in the Bible

Meaning of a Rainbow in the Bible

The bible has a lot to say about the rainbow. Whenever you see a rainbow, always run back to the bible for the perfect interpretation of this sign.

Now, after spending weeks studying the bible concerning rainbows, I realized that 11 messages can come from a rainbow. Whenever you see the rainbow in the sky or a dream, one or more of these 11 meanings is(are) a message(es) from God to you.

1) God loves you

God loves to reassure his children about his love for them.

Whether you feel condemned or not, seeing a rainbow in the sky is saying that God loves you. He wants you to be conscious of his love for you every time.

You will see proof of this in “Jeremiah 31:3”, which says that God has loved us with His everlasting love. A rainbow is the sign of God’s everlasting love for man.

2) The blood of Jesus

Whenever you dream of the rainbow, and the red color stands out to you above all other colors, it is talking about the sacrifice of Jesus for sins.

Spiritually, red speaks about blood and life.

Biblically, red speaks about the blood of Jesus, who was the lamb of God that took away the sins of man.

Therefore, whenever your attention is called to the red color of the rainbow, it talks about God’s sacrifice for sins through Jesus. You will find this in the book of “1st John 2:2”, which calls Jesus the propitiation for the sins of man.

3) The Holy Spirit is around you

Whenever you are praying in your room, and suddenly see a rainbow in a flash vision, this is saying that the holy spirit is around you.

Spiritually, God can use the rainbow to speak about the holy spirit. Now, if you look into the book of Isaiah, you will find where the bible talked about the 7 spirits of God. “Isaiah 11:2” makes us understand that the Holy Spirit of God has 7 dimensions.

The rainbow also has 7 colors.

Therefore, it fits the description perfectly. Whenever you see a rainbow while praying or worshipping God, the bible tells us that it speaks about the divine presence of the holy spirit.

4) Angels

Have you ever seen more than 5 rainbow colors running at high speed? If you have never had that experience, then pray to have it. This is one of the best spiritual visions I have ever had.

Now, what does it mean? This simply talks about the presence and activity of angels around. The book of “Revelations 10:1” tells us that an angel had a rainbow on his head.

This is proof that rainbows can come in the form of angels. Whenever you see more than one rainbow, it is a sign of angelic activities around you.

5) Holiness

When you see a rainbow, it encourages you to live a holy life in God.

You might be surprised at this message, but God speaks about holiness using the rainbow colors. In physics, whenever you add up the 7 colors of the rainbow, you will get white light. In the spiritual world, the color white stands for holiness.

Therefore, through the rainbow, God can inspire you to live a more consecrated life to his will and purpose.

6) God’s word is true

When your attention gets drawn to the blue color of the rainbow, it reminds you to always trust in God’s word.

It encourages you to never doubt God’s promises to you. It is saying that what God has promised will be fulfilled if you hold on in faith.

7) Joy and happiness

The yellow color will stand out whenever you are gloomy. Anytime you see the yellow color of the rainbow, it is saying that you should embrace the Joy of the Lord.

The bible says that “the joy of the Lord shall be your strength”. This is saying that you will get stronger as you express Joy. Allow this to lighten up your mood. The yellow color will also make you positive. 

8) Jesus

Do you know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one? Read from John chapter 14 to chapter 16 to understand this.

Therefore, the spiritual image that is used for the holy spirit can also be used for Jesus.

Therefore, anytime you see a rainbow in the sky, it should remind you of Jesus. If you are not a Christian, take this as an invitation to believe in Jesus for forgiveness and repentance.

9) Walking in unity

How is it that the rainbow colors are together in peace and harmony? This is a message to you. You don’t have to agree with other people’s beliefs and perceptions, but you can walk in unity with them.

God is encouraging you to embrace unity and harmony. Living a peaceable life is called the fruits of righteousness.

10) God’s promise is coming to pass

The rainbow is encouraging you to not give up on God. He will bring everything he has said to pass because he does not lie.

11) Be true to your words

Christians are children of God, and they share in his traits. Whenever you see a rainbow, God is encouraging you to be faithful to your promises and stand by your word. This is how to prove that you are a child of God.

Three Rainbows in the Bible Meaning

Three Rainbows

This is a sign of an angel. Whenever you see more than one rainbow, it means that an angel has come into your home. Most times, this brings guidance and protection. Furthermore, it leads to answered prayers.

Is it a Rainbow Message from God?

Rainbows and God

Yes, seeing three rainbows is a message from God. it is saying that God has sent angels to you on an assignment. Furthermore, God is encouraging you to send your angels on assignment through your words.

Final Words

The pure energy from the rainbow is spiritual. It is an omen from God that reveals hidden things to you. Therefore, stick with the message of God through the rainbow you have seen, and act on it. 

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