1 Year Mother’s Death Anniversary: 6 Prayers For God’s Blessings

Nothing destabilizes a person’s life more than the death of a mother. Mothers play an integral part in our lives, so whether your relationship was great or not, this event is bound to change your life.

Trauma and sorrow can cripple you, drain your soul and break your heart into a thousand pieces. That’s why death anniversaries are never easy. 

They evoke sadness and sorrow, even if many years have passed. Your dear mother’s first anniversary is a very emotional and important time.

The first year after losing someone close to you can be very difficult, especially if it is unexpected. These prayers for your mother’s anniversary can help you find peace and comfort in your time of grief.

1) 1 Year Mother Death Anniversary Prayer

 1 Year Mother Death Anniversary Prayer
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“God of infinite mercies, Jesus conquered death and ascended in glory by your power. I entrust my mother to your care in the name of Jesus Christ.

One year passed, and I missed my mother a lot. As my mother has gone to be with you forever, I thank you for her memories. I thank you that she was made in your image and reflects your love.

You are the Lord of all life, brought my mother into existence, and now you have called her home. I pray that he may enjoy the fullness of your presence forever. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.”

You can say this prayer on the first anniversary of your mother.

In many cultures worldwide, it is believed that when someone dies, they become like angels in heaven who watch over us from afar.

This means they are always with us in spirit even though they are no longer physically present on earth.

2) Death Anniversary Prayer For Mother To Rest In Peace

Death Anniversary Prayer For Mother To Rest In Peace
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“Dear Heavenly Father, You know how much I worry about my mother, who passed away a year ago. My heart is forever broken. My life will never be the same.

God took you in his arms, my mom, and took away your pain, but my life changed forever.

It’s been a year since you’ve been gone, I thought of you lovingly today, but that’s nothing new; I thought of you yesterday and the day before.

I think of you silently, I call your name often, and now I have only your memories and pictures in frames.

Your memory is my memory from which I will never be separated, Lord is with me, and I have you in my heart. Rest in peace, my dear mother, until we meet again. Amen.”

 It comes to a time when we lose those who are most important to us. This realization is devastating, but it is the path that everyone must take.

We should always pray for the souls of our loved ones at the time of death, and after that, they may be reunited with Christ.

You can also say a prayer for the soul to rest in peace.

3) Beautiful Anniversary Prayer For Mom Passing

Beautiful Anniversary Prayer For Mom Passing
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“Lord Jesus Christ, You are the name beyond every other name. As I mourn my mother’s passing, may I find peace and comfort in your name.

May your voice ease my pain and support me in my weakness. May your promises bring hope to my distress and stability to my confusion. May my mother rest in perfect peace with you forever.

Let her transform into your form as she sees you face to face. May grace and peace abound upon me through You, my Lord. In your great name, Amen.”

A beautiful prayer on a mother’s death anniversary can comfort a grieving heart. Prayers with a hopeful message can bring peace on a day filled with sadness

Let us pray for our dear mother, who is now in heaven. May God bless and guide us as we remember her on this anniversary.

4) Prayer For Mom’s Anniversary In Heaven

Prayer For Mom's Anniversary In Heaven
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“God, our loving Father, I commend you to my mother’s soul in heaven. It was very hard for me to lose her initially; I have lost a big part of my life.

I often miss her in the little things I do every day. Every moment somehow reminds me of her. And yet here I am, in prayer, going on with my life, knowing that my mother still guides me every step of the way and in every decision of life.

This inspiration made me try to pick myself up and make my mother proud, who is now in heaven with you, Lord God, watching over my failures and successes. Amen.”

Losing our mothers is one of the most painful experiences we must go through.

This is part of our growing pains, and we should continue doing our best in their honor.

Our mothers must have been our protectors who showed us how to care for our loved ones.

It’s also common to dream about your deceased mother after one year of her passing. This is a way for her to show you that she’s resting in peace with God by her side.

5) Powerful First-Year Death Anniversary Prayer For Mother

Powerful First-Year Death Anniversary Prayer For Mother
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“Almighty God, whose mercies are new every morning, Be with us this day when we remember those who have gone before us.

Give us the courage to recognize death as part of the natural cycle of life; Give us strength to accept Your secret; Rest assured that my mother is still with you in spirit even though she is not here physically at this time.

Give us hope that all things will be revived again when we join them in heaven one day soon. We ask all these things through Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

You can say this prayer for your mom’s 1st anniversary. It’s normal to feel sad when you miss your mom, and it’s normal to feel alone in that sadness.

The person you love is gone, and the daily routine we all take for granted is forever changed.

It’s important to remember the good times, but don’t forget your feelings of loss. Your mother is very proud of you and she wants to see you happy.

6) Beautiful Prayer For Remembering Mom After Death

Beautiful Prayer For Remembering Mom After Death
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“Lord, I miss my mother so much. I can’t control my tears. I know my mother still loves us, who are still on earth. I ask you to hear her fervent prayers for us.

Now help me grow into a deeper relationship with my mother as I long for the day when we both meet in your arms – freed from all that hinders our relationship on earth. Amen.”

Your faith may be the only way out on the anniversary of your mother’s death — especially when you have unresolved feelings and memories. 

Losing your mother can change your whole world. She raised you, supported you, and taught you from the beginning.

This prayer is comforting after the death of the mother. It will also help her soul to transition to Heaven.

You can also say a prayer for the lost souls in purgatory.

Should I Say A Prayer To Remember My Mom On The Anniversary Of Her Death?

Yes, you should. You must pray for your mother every day since the death of your mother.

Praying on her death anniversary is a custom we must follow. It is for the remembrance of her death to feel what you felt on that day.

It will make you drown in the memories, and you will say the words that will straightly go to the court of Living God.

When we pray to God with feelings and emotions, it is much more likely to be accepted by God than prayers without feelings.

What To Say On The Anniversary Of Mom’s Death?

Eulogies or prayers before God are the first things that must be said on the anniversary of mom’s death. It will help her soul to be near God’s blessings.

Besides prayers, every virtue and good deed she made must be said if you and her other family members are gathered for her.

Saying her virtues will make you do the things she did while she was alive and increase her standard in heaven.

Is My Mother Resting In Peace Next To God?

You should always believe that your mother is resting peacefully with the Grace of Almighty God.

It is up to you what you do after her death. Her book of good deeds and virtues is now open through your good deed.

For her resting in peace next to God, you should carry out the good work left by her. Our God is loving God, and He forgives people for their wrongdoings.

You must pray for your mother before Almighty God for her to rest in peace, even if she already is.

Final Thoughts

Losing a mother can be a difficult and unbearable low point in our lives. We are left alone, we lose someone we treasure dearly, and we become weak. Frequently, we are reminded of our mothers in the simplest things we do every day

Whenever we pray for our mother in heaven, we should also remember our heavenly mother, who accompanies us on our journey through life. Mary’s love is simple but enduring, like that of our mothers.

We may feel alone but we are not alone. We may feel uncomfortable, but we are under the protection of Mary’s mantle, and we may feel that we are not loved, but Mary loves us. She always prays and intercedes for us.

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