8 Prayers For The Forgiveness Of Adultery: Restore the Love

While there is no justification for sinful acts such as adultery, the Almighty God knows we are mere humans who are far from perfect. Don’t forget this phrase – To Err is Human to Forgive is Divine.

There is no perfect human on earth and every human has come short of the glory of God at some point in life.

Below are 8 prayers for the forgiveness of adultery, to restore the love in your marriage and to stop the infidelity.

If you committed adultery against your spouse and are genuinely remorseful about it, the Almighty is ever ready to forgive you because He wants to see your family flourish.

Now, it’s up to you to fight for your relationship!

1) Prayer For Forgiveness Of Adultery

Prayer For Forgiveness Of Adultery
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“Heavenly Father, I thank You for the wonderful partner You gave to me, and I believe you want the best for my family.

Oh Lord, I come to the throne of forgiveness today to seek forgiveness for cheating on my spouse. I am remorseful of my sinful act and I know You are ever ready to accept me back as Your wonderful child.

By Your grace over my life, I will strive to overcome every urge of adultery and stand firm by Your word. It is written in Your word that thou shall not commit adultery and I know You frown on it.

I know You will never give up on me and I will keep fighting the evil force of adultery till I overcome it. Amen.”

No human is perfect — we are only striving toward the mark of perfection.

God knows our weaknesses, and He desires to see us come before Him to seek forgiveness and grace.

Acknowledging that you have sinned when you commit adultery and calling on God to forgive and engrace you is the best thing to do.

The Almighty sees our hearts and He’s ready to take us back as His beloved if we call upon Him in spirit and truth.

2) Strong Prayer To Forgive Infidelity

Strong Prayer To Forgive Infidelity
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“Oh Lord, it is Your desire for Your children to stick to their partners. As I keep fighting the spirit of infidelity in my life, I ask for Your grace to help me through this battle.

Of my strength, I know it’s a lost battle for me, but with You by my side I know I will come out victorious.

Take away the spirit of lust from me. I feel like there’s an evil force always messing with my mind to mislead me on the wrong path.

I don’t want to end my life in destruction and I know You care for me enough to deliver me from the force of infidelity. Amen!”

Infidelity is a strong force that has destroyed many God-ordained unions. It is one of the strongest tools the devil uses to cause marriages to break.

But praise the Lord, God is willing to set you free from infidelity if you come to Him with an open heart.

The grace of God is sufficient for all of us, and His grace is potent enough to destroy any yoke that is preventing you from serving the Almighty.

No matter what you go through, call upon the Lord and He will answer you and grant you whatever your heart desires.

You can also say a prayer for strength during difficult times, as it will help both of you.

3) Prayer For Marriage Restoration After Adultery

Prayer For Marriage Restoration After Adultery
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“Dear God, I know You ordained the marriage institution so that Your children can stay out of adultery. My marriage has almost collapsed because of my careless act of adultery.

Lord, I care so much about my marriage and I believe You have the power to restore my matrimonial home.

I regret my actions and I pray that You touch the heart of my spouse for forgiveness. You said in Your word that there’s nothing too difficult for You to do, and I believe that You can restore my marriage for me.

Glorify Yourself by bringing restoration into my marriage. Amen!”

God hates divorce, and it is His will to see our marriages succeed.

No matter how messy you think your situation is, the one that rules the heavens and the earth is capable to right every wrong.

There are people with worse cases than what you are going through in your marriage and God in His infinite mercy was able to come through for them.

As long as you are not going to give up on your marriage, God is never going to leave you stranded if you believe in His power.

But you must say these prayers with good intentions and do your best to stop cheating on your spouse. Otherwise, God won’t help you!

4) Prayer For A Cheating Husband To Stop

Prayer For A Cheating Husband To Stop
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“Everlasting God, I thank You for the wonderful husband You gave to me and I know You have special plans for both of us.

I know the devil is trying to steal our marriage by causing my husband to cheat on me. Nevertheless, I know the heart of my husband is in Your hand and You can set him free from the spirit of adultery.

I call on You today to show Yourself mightily in my marriage by breaking the siege of adultery in my husband’s life.

I love him so much and I know You love us both together as husband and wife. Thank You, Lord, for answering my prayer. Amen.”

The devil knows that once he can temper with the marriages of God’s children, he’s on track to destroy the body of Christ.

As believers, we have to stand strong for our partners in their weaknesses by committing them to God’s hands.

There is no situation that is bigger than God to take care of and He can set your husband free from the bondage of adultery.

Put your trust in Almighty God and He’s ever ready to see through any situation. Remember, God’s word never fails, you just have to believe in him to see His wondrous acts.

You should also consider saying a prayer to remove any negative energy from your house, as this adultery can be Satan’s work.

5) Short Prayer For Cheating Boyfriend

Short Prayer For Cheating Boyfriend
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“Heavenly Father, You said if I can believe, I will see Your glory in my life.

I believe You can stop my boyfriend from cheating on me and I know You are working on him right away. I love him and I don’t want our relationship, as we only met because of You.

Show yourself in my boyfriend’s life. Amen.”

The Bible says the prayer of the righteous avails much. God’s ears are not deaf that He can’t hear our cries.

Praying this simple and short prayer for your cheating boyfriend can be highly effective if only you believe in the prayer.

Let these prayers and the power of God heal and restore the love and trust in your relationship!

Soon, you and your boyfriend will fall in love again just like the first day. God will fight against the devil to stop him from messing with your partner’s mind.

6) Forgiving Prayer For Partners’ Adultery

Forgiving Prayer For Partners' Adultery
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“Precious Lord, You said we should intercede for our partners in their weaknesses. I come to Your throne today concerning my partner.

My partner has acknowledged committing adultery and feels remorseful about it. I am interceding on my partner’s behalf that You show forgiveness and accept my partner back as Your child.

I know Your mercy is everlasting and You are always ready to forgive us if we come before You confessing our sins.

My partner already feels terrible for engaging in adultery and I want You to search my partner’s heart and forgive my partner if his/her intentions are pure. Thank you, Lord.”

It is a good thing to intercede for our partners and God derives pleasure from seeing people praying and seeking forgiveness for their partners’ shortcomings.

Keep up the good fight of faith and never allow the devil to steal your relationship.

Everyone has at least a weakness, and as children of God, we should always pray to the Almighty to help our loved ones overcome their weaknesses.

Praying for others is one of the fastest ways for God to manifest Himself in our lives.

7) Powerful Prayer For A Cheating Husband To Confess

Powerful Prayer For A Cheating Husband To Confess
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“Father, in the name of Jesus, I commit my marriage into Your hands.

I don’t have the strength to fight this battle alone, therefore, I call on You to destroy every force responsible for my husband’s infidelity.

Whosoever my husband is cheating with, strike the person with restlessness until the person sees reasons to leave my husband.

I am gloriously married and no devil can come between me and my wonderful husband. Open my husband’s eyes to see his wrongs and cause him to realize his sinful act.

Recompense tribulation to anyone that desires to destroy my marriage and set confusion within them, in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

Anyone coming between you and your husband is causing trouble in your life and you have to pray earnestly for God’s intervention.

The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 1:6:

God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you.

As a woman, always stand in the gap for your husband and pray to God for your husband’s total submission.

The devil won’t stop trying to destroy marriages, and we as believers must always be ready to withstand every fiery dart of the wicked.

If your husband has left you for another woman, say this prayer to make sure he returns home. This guide has the best prayer to turn the situation around.

8) Prayer To Fight Adultery In Marriage

Prayer To Fight Adultery In Marriage
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“Dear Lord, every spirit of adultery hovering over my marriage, I destroy it through the blood of Jesus. You said we should speak to any unwanted situations in our lives and You will be willing to hear us.

Be it from me or my partner, I fight against adultery in our marriage and trust in You to help us in this spiritual battle because You are our dependable helper.

You said in one of Your commandments that we should not commit adultery. This can only be possible if you give us the grace to overcome the temptation of lust.

Help me and my partner, oh Lord, and bless our union abundantly. Amen.”

Adultery is one of the greatest menaces troubling families. You must put up a good fight of faith to fight against it in your marriage.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can fall for the sin of adultery if you don’t ask for the grace to remain faithful to your partner.

Therefore, it is expedient that you always engage in prayer to fight adultery in your marriage. 

How to seek forgiveness for adultery?

No sin is too big for God to forgive. In fact, before you committed adultery, God has already forgiven you if only you are ready to confess.

To seek forgiveness for adultery, simply go to God in prayer and confess your sins to Him. God sees our hearts and He is ready to forgive us if we appear to him with a genuine heart.

After praying for forgiveness, believe that God has heard and answered you and never you keep living in guilt henceforth. 

Will God Forgive Me For Cheating?

The mercy of the Lord is everlasting and He is ready to welcome you back into His Kingdom if you will confess your sin.

There is no sin God can’t forgive. Remember, God is your father and you are God’s child.

As a kind father, God is ready to forgive His childs (just like the prodigal son in the Bible) if they come to ask for His forgiveness.

How much more is the Almighty God who even loves you in your sinful act? Only you can hold yourself back from being forgiving if you don’t believe that God can forgive you. 

Will These Prayers Restore The Love Of Our Marriage?

Absolutely! Praying these prayers of fighting adultery in your marriage will restore your marriage by the grace of God.

The only thing that can stop the prayers from working is a lack of faith. The Bible says if only you have faith that is as small as the mustard seed, you can command unimaginable situations to work in your favor.

Trust in the Lord, believe in His power, and you will experience His supernatural manifestation in your marriage.

Final Words

Always remember that the devil is out there trying to destroy your marriage, and one of the tools the devil uses is adultery.

You must always be on guard by constantly praying against the spirit of adultery. Although marriage is a divine institution, we must never leave everything for God to handle.

We have our parts to play and prayer is the key to warding off the spirit of adultery. Always remember to stay in the faith and God will be ever faithful to save your marriage from devourers. 

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