7 Beautiful Daughter’s Prayer For Her Mother: Recovery & Healing

Mothers and daughters have a really special bond between them. Mothers nurture their families with love and care. They give all they had within them.

They devote all of their time and energy to their family. Sometimes they are too busy with you to notice their own self. They prioritize you and forget about themselves.

You are so used to seeing them strong and full of energy all the time that their illness might be a really unsettling experience for you. Watching them so weak and fragile might be a really disturbing experience.

In their time of need, it is your responsibility to devote your time to them and take care of them with devotion.

Here are 7 daughter’s prayers for her mother that you can say in this time of need.

Prayers are another way to show them that you really care. When you beg to God, He will surely respond. Prayers succeed, where medicine fails.

1) Daughter’s Prayer For Her Mother

Daughter's Prayer For Her Mother
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“O Lord the most merciful, my mother has fallen ill. She is so close to us yet so far. Please bring her back to us.

Seeing her all pale and weak is like a blow to my heart. Don’t burden her so much that she could not be able to bear it.

Help her with her struggle to recover. Have mercy upon her, o merciful among all. Don’t leave her to herself even for the blinking of an eye.


Mothers are the backbone of your lives. They keep everything around you in order.

Even the thought of losing them will scare you and actually losing them will cause your universe to go out of balance.

They bring order to your life. They have such a strong bond with you that watching her all broken and sick will make you feel empty.

In this hard situation pray to God to have mercy on her and also on you.

You can also say this prayer for healing any family member.

2) Strong Healing Prayer For Mom

Strong Healing Prayer For Mom
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“O Lord of mankind, give cure, You are the one who cures, and there is no cure except Yours, a cure that will not leave any sickness.

My Lord! Bestow on them Your mercy as they did bring me up when I was small. May Your healing hand touch her and help her recover soon.

Please heal my mother. Amen.”

Mothers give all their love and time to their families with full devotion. When they are weak and needy, now it’s time to return back all that love and time.

Pray to God with full devotion for her health. God is there to protect you and your family, He is the only one who could heal your mother.

As healing takes time, you don’t have to rush things and lose hope. A strong healing prayer will surely be heard and answered.

All you need to do is have faith and believe in the healing hand of our Lord.

3) Powerful Prayer For A Mother To Be Healed Quickly

Powerful Prayer For A Mother To Be Healed Quickly
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“Oh God! The sustainer of the mankind. Remove the illness, and cure the disease.

You are the one who cures. There’s no disease You can’t cure. Grant us a cure to heal my mother. She has always been a believer in Your powers and followed her life by Your rules.

I ask this with a sincere and loving heart, from a daughter and family who are also suffering with her. Please spare her from the pain.

Only You have the power to heal my beautiful mother. Amen.”

Mothers nurture their young ones with so much love and care. Their tenderness and love make a really strong bond with their children.

It is a really unsettling experience to see your mother so weak and fragile, who used to be so strong and filled with energy all the time.

Now watching her pale face might be really disturbing for you. Just pray to God and believe in Him.

Show Him that your mother has always believed in Him and now it’s the time for God to show his mercy and heal your mother.

4) Urgent Prayer For A Mother To Get Better

Urgent Prayer For A Mother To Get Better
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“Oh God! My mother is withering away with this disease. She is losing herself to it. It’s like she has given up. Please give her hope.

Don’t leave us in this time of need. We really need You in this time of need, when we don’t have anyone else.

Make it easy for her. Ease our pain. We won’t be able to bear her loss.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

Mothers often act strong and resilient around their children. They are supermoms for their young ones.

Watching her wither away and lose hope is really unsettling experience. You should pray to God for not to burden her beyond her strength and have mercy upon her.

You should pray for her urgent recovery and repeatedly ask God to ease her struggles.

It’s also important that you say a prayer to give her strength during this difficult time.

5) Beautiful Prayer For Healing A Mother

Beautiful Prayer For Healing A Mother
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“O Lord of the heaven and the earth, my mother is suffering so much. Have mercy upon her. Ease all her pain and struggles. Bring her back to her past self.

It really hurts to see her so helpless and fragile. I really hope to see her all happy and cheerful again.

Please God, touch her body with Your healing hand. Ease her pain and suffering. Give her strength and comfort. Amen.”

Being used to seeing your mom cheery all the time and now watching her silent and grim might cause you disturbance.

In this time of need, you should pray to the most powerful one to help heal your mom.

This prayer asks God to ease your mom’s pains and sufferings. You’re asking Him to show some mercy on your mother.

It’s important that we talk to God in these moments of weakness, it shows Him that we believe in His powers.

6) Strong Prayer For A Sick Mother To Get Better

Strong Prayer For A Sick Mother To Get Better
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“Our Lord, who is in heaven, Holy be Your name, Your will is done in heaven and on earth; as Your mercy is in heaven, bestow it upon the earth.

Forgive us of our sins and our wrong ways. You are the Lord of the good. Send down mercy and remedy from You to heal upon this pain, so that it is healed up.

You’ve succeeded where medicine has failed so I know You’re the most powerful. Please relieve my mother of this heavy burden and clear her body of this disease.


As your mother is struggling to fight diseases, pray to God for her health with this prayer.

Lord is the most merciful one. He cares about every believer. Sometimes an illness might be a punishment for your wrongdoings.

In that time, you must ask for the forgiveness of your past sins. Ask God to have mercy upon your mother and your family.

He is the one who hears and sees everything. Indeed He is the best healer among all. Ask for His will to cure with conviction and you will see miracles happening.

You should also consider saying a prayer to remove any negative energy from your house during this moment. Fill it with joy and grace.

7) Powerful Prayer For Mom In The Hospital To Be Healed

Powerful Prayer For Mom In The Hospital To Be Healed
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“O Lord of humankind, You are the healer and there is no cure except Your cure, with healing that does not leave any disease behind.

My mother is very sick in the hospital and I’m scared. I’m feeling weak and lost at just the thought of losing her.

She has always been there for me when I needed the most. Now it’s my time to be there for her. Please Lord, help my mother to recover and return to her home. Shield her body and protect her from this disease.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Mothers are like the backbone of a family, they give support and strength to the family.

When your mother falls sick then you realize that they also need strength and support.

This is the prayer you can pray for her in times of need. God is the one, who can heal her.

He has all the power of the universe. Only He is the one, who can cure every illness and disease. 

How Long Will It Take For These Prayers To Work?

God responds to His believers in distress and showers them with his favors. God never leaves His believers alone.

He will definitely respond to your invocation sooner or later. It also depends upon your intention, conviction and your deepest desires.

Prayers always work because God is diligent and cares about you. You don’t have to worry, it will happen.

God is the one who hears and sees everything. You just have to keep faith and wait for the miracles to happen. Healing takes time but you don’t have to rush things.

You can also start your week with a Monday blessing.

Will These Prayers Help My Mother Recover Faster?

With the right treatments and praying with the depth of your heart will surely increase your mother’s chances of a speedy recovery.

When you pray with convection from the depth of your heart, you will see miracles happening in your mother’s recovery.

Lord is the one who responds to the distressed ones when they call upon him. He will not leave you alone when you have no one else to call upon.

Lord bestow His favors upon those who truly beg for them. When you call out to your Lord humbly, you will surely be granted, what you truly desire.

You should also have faith in Him that your prayer will be accepted and that your Lord will respond to you one way or another.

You should keep praying repeatedly from the core of your heart. This will increase the chances of your mother to recover quickly.

Does Praying Help People Healing?

God did not send down any disease that He also didn’t send the cure.

While you should make use of medications and nutrition during your illness, it is also recommended to ask for God’s mercy because only He can cure any disease with His will.

When the whole world gets united to heal you, they won’t be able to cure your illness if the God doesn’t wills and if the whole world is against you and you have your Lord beside you, then they won’t be able to cause you harm.

God succeeds where medicine fails. Prayers have strong healing powers, when you ask God for His mercy and cure your illness with true conviction then you will be truly granted with the cure

Job the messenger of God, suffered from some serious illness. He endured his sufferings with fortitude. He suffered greatly and gracefully.

During his calamity, all his family members and friends disappeared. They either died or just abandoned him to his fate. Ultimately he prayed to God for recovery, which was granted.

God restored his health completely and gave him back all his children. Prayer of Job when he was sick:

My Lord, indeed adversity has touched me, and you are the most Merciful of the merciful”.

Sometimes your illness and the calamity that befall you are as the result of your wrongdoings. The universe is trying to warn you. In that time prayers play a great role.

You should ask for forgiveness of your sins and God’s mercy. When you ask God with conviction and true intentions then you will surely be granted with the cure from your diseases.

Final Thoughts

Mothers have such a special place in your lives. Losing them to sickness is such a disturbing experience.

But won’t worry because, with these prayers, you’re showing God that your mother has someone who’s willing to ask Him for His healing hand.

God will never let any of His believers suffer in pain, He will soon heal and help your mother recover.

With proper care and treatment, prayers are also necessary to help them ease their struggles and have them back in your life.

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