7 Healing Prayers For My Dad In The Hospital To Get Better

Our dads were our first heroes, believing in us when we thought we couldn’t make it. When we reached for the stars, they were there cheering us on every step of the way.

We look up to our fathers as hard workers and providers for our families, who are both physically and mentally strong. But just like other human beings, our fathers can get sick.

If they’re seriously ill and need medical attention, we take them to the hospital.

We may be worried and sad when this happens, but through prayer, we can see things differently, realizing that God is in control.

So here are seven healing prayers for your loving dad in the hospital to get better soon.

1) Healing Prayer For My Dad in The Hospital

Healing Prayer For My Dad in The Hospital
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“Dear God, You are the Healer and the Great Physician. I pray that You will heal my father, who is in the hospital now, and bring him back to full health.

Please touch his body and bring healing. Take the sickness that causes his body pain.

I pray that you give wisdom and presence of mind to the doctors and nurses attending to my dad. May his body respond to medicines given to him so that he recovers fast.

Lord, I also ask You to give him comfort and peace; awaken his faith to believe that you can heal him. Amen.”

Nothing is as comforting as knowing that there is a God who listens to your prayers and heals.

When your dad is ill, it is hard not to worry. But you can rest easy knowing that God is there for you and your family.

He is the Healer of all things, and no matter what you are going through, He will never leave you.

We are also thankful for the doctors and nurses who attend to our loved ones’ needs.

So, we ask God to give them knowledge on what to do so that they will provide the proper treatment. They are God’s instruments to extend his healing hands to sick people.

2) Recovery Prayer For My Sick Father

Recovery Prayer For My Sick Father
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“Almighty God, I claim complete healing for my father. Help him to have a fast recovery and that he will be stronger than before.

I pray that whatever is causing his sickness will not stand in Jesus’ name. Bless him with a body that will now function better than it was before, strengthened and with more energy.

Let there be no infections, side effects, or complications from the treatment he received.

Thank you that he will come out of the hospital and do the things he enjoyed. Amen.”

God created us fearfully and wonderfully; each one was made unique.

He knows when we sit and stand, understands every thought we have—and is familiar with our ways! God truly cares for us and wants us to enjoy His beautiful creation.

But how can your father do this if he’s sick? Like every story of Jesus’ healing the sick, He is also willing to heal your sick father.

He is able to restore your father to full health and strength. He can make all things new again!

You can also say a prayer to heal a family member.

3) Healing Prayer For My Father’s Health

Healing Prayer For My Father's Health
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“Lord, I ask forgiveness on behalf of my father if he has abused his body from too much work
or an unhealthy lifestyle. I pray You will guide him to a more disciplined lifestyle as he recovers.

May You give him wisdom on when to work and when to rest. May You give him self-control not to eat and drink too much food and beverages that are not healthy.

May You remind him to take care of himself so that he might live long and celebrate more birthdays with us and that we can share more moments with him.


As it says in Corinthians 6:19-20:

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So, glorify God in your body.”

Our bodies are like a property that was on a lease. We don’t own it. So, we need to take good care of this borrowed body by not overworking and learning to rest.

We need to have a healthy body to enjoy our time with our loved ones.

This prayer is asking God to help your father to look more after his health. He will soon recover and will be more cautious with his body.

4) Prayer To Recover Dad In The Hospital

Prayer To Recover Dad In The Hospital
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“Dear God, I come before You to ask You to heal my dad in the hospital. There is no one else as powerful as You.

Please extend Your healing hands and heal my dad. Heal him from his sickness and let him go home with us.

Heal him from his head to his toes and align his body to your design. Speak to every system of the body and bring to life every malfunctioning part.

I declare that no works of the enemy will prosper in the life of my dad. Amen.”

There is power in declaration! Every time we speak the word of the Lord in faith, the power of heaven is released.

With this confidence, we approach the throne of the heavens to release God’s power so we may see a miracle. For man, it is impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible.

God is our Creator and He made all the delicate inner parts of our bodies. Hence, He knows everything, especially when it comes to our bodies.

He is the best doctor we could ever have, and faith in Him is only required.

You can also say a prayer for a positive outcome.

5) Beautiful Healing Prayer For Dad From Daughter

Beautiful Healing Prayer For Dad From Daughter
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“Dear God, thank you for my dad’s life. He is not perfect, but he is the best. He is very responsible and caring.

He always took care of his family, and I want to show that I care for him through prayer.

He is sick and in pain, Lord. Please heal him. Bring comfort and give him rest from all this pain that is brought by the disease that caught him.

Make him healthy again so that we can create more memories together. Please take care of him and give him a fast recovery. Amen.”

As a child, we want nothing but the best for our parents. We want them to feel comfortable and to rest after all the sacrifices of hard work they have made for the family.

Illnesses are inevitable as people age, but prayer is the best medicine for that.

The prayer of a son and daughter is always a sweet gift to God, as this shows how you love and honor your parents by remembering them in your prayers.

Remember that God said, “Honor your father and mother.”

6) Strong Prayer For My Dad To Get Better

Strong Prayer For My Dad To Get Better
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“Lord, I come to You today with a heavy heart. My dad is not doing well and is in need of Your healing touch. Please bless him with good health and the strength to overcome this battle.

I believe that no sickness or disease can stand against You. I declare that the blood of Jesus has the power to heal and deliver anyone who puts their trust in You—including my dad.

Let Your healing power come upon my father and fill every part of his being until he is restored to perfect health! Amen.”

There’s no room for doubt when praying for healing—we must believe that God has the power to heal our loved ones, even if we don’t know how or when it will happen.

Pray with authority and faith, knowing that you’re a part of God’s healing team. Claim all His promises and hold on to them as you pray for miracles.

Be persistent in prayer, and don’t give up! If you are worried about whether or not your dad will be healed, have faith.

Let go of your anxiety and trust God to heal him. He loves you and wants to restore peace and wholeness in your family.

7) Powerful Prayer For God To Heal My Father

Powerful Prayer For God To Heal My Father
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“Dear God, You said in Your word, ‘ask, and it shall be given to you.’ I come before you, Lord, to ask for Your help in healing my father from his sickness.

Touch him and let Your healing power flow through every part of his body. Strengthen his bones and joints, clean his lungs and kidneys, and make his heart healthy and strong.

Lord, I declare that his laboratories will be negative and clear of complications. You are our Healer, and in You, I entrust my dad’s life.

Let Your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

When we pray to God, we permit Him to control our situation. Sometimes we become impatient to the point that we want the answers immediately.

But God tells us to trust Him because He has His own ways — ways that are beyond our understanding. And yet we know they’re for good.

So we wait for the Lord and keep on believing and praying; do not lose heart while waiting! Do not swerve to the right or left; keep the faith and pray.

For if God is for us, who can be against us?

Saying a prayer to give you and your father strength during this time can also be beneficial.

Will God Help Us To Heal My Father?

Yes, God can and will heal your father. He will do it in His time and in His way.

God’s ways are not our ways. We cannot understand how He works, but we can trust Him and His love for us.

We cannot give up on our father or on God’s promises. We must continue to pray for him and for ourselves.

We must trust that God will work all things together for good, even if we can’t see how right now.

Can I say These Prayers Every Morning?

Yes, definitely! It is always best to start your day in prayer.

God is always attentive to our prayers and He will meet you there no matter what time and wherever you are, even at your busiest moments.

You can say these prayers as many times as possible, whenever and wherever you want.

But do not limit yourself to these words alone: add other petitions when appropriate — let God hear your specific requests!

Will Any Of These Prayers Help To Heal My Sick Dad?

The Bible says that “without faith, it’s impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6).

If you have faith, these prayers will help your dad. They are based on God’s promises in His Word.

You need to know that God can heal your dad and that He wants to heal him. So, as you pray these, believe that you have received the answer.

You can also pray for financial provision because when your beloved one is in hospital, medical bills can be a big concern.

Final Thoughts

Prayer is an act of faith, and God responds according to our faith. However, God doesn’t need the biggest faith. Instead, He requires even little faith, like the size of a mustard seed.

Be confident that as you approach the throne of God for your petitions for your dad’s fast recovery and healing, He will bring it to pass.

Remember, God is a loving Father who withholds no good things for His people, including your dad. So be encouraged and continue to pray, knowing that He hears you.

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