8 Encouragement Prayers for a Friend: Strength and Hope 

Friendships are pillars of joy, hope and strength. Friendship circles help us have a sense of belonging and identity.

They also shape our character; therefore, good friendships make us meaningful people in society

In a life of ups and downs, our dearest friends get discouraged, which can hurt us too. In the most wanting situations, there is nothing we can do to help beyond praying for them.

Sometimes, however, you could lack the right words of hope. 

The following prayers are most poignant in speaking words of strength and hope to your friend. They have helped many, and I hope they will help bring encouragement to your beloved friend. 

1) Encouragement Prayer for a Friend 

Encouragement Prayer for a Friend
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“Dearest Lord, 

I send a prayer of encouragement to my friend [friend’s name] who is down and hurting. I ask that You would help him/her stay strong amid their struggles.

Please remind him/her that his/her struggles only endure for a season, and his/her victory is coming soon. Help him/her to hear Your still encouraging voice as You guide them through [friend’s name] journey.

I pray that You would calm his/her worry, fear and anxiety and replace them with confidence in the promises outlined in Your Word. Amen.”

Encouraging a friend through a challenging time is the test of a genuine friendship. Desiring to be there for your hurting friend shows that you’re being a true friend

In 1 Samuel 18:1-3, Jonathan loved David as himself and even made a covenant with him, putting his robe and armor on David.

This is a prime example of God’s greatest command, to love one another wholeheartedly

Jonathan encouraged his friend David multiple times when his insane father, King Saul, tried to kill David.

May the touching story of Jonathan and David’s friendship help you support your friend in their difficult moments

2) Prayer for Strength and Hope for a Friend 

Prayer for Strength and Hope for a Friend
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“Loving God,

My dear friend is going through trials. I can see their hope and strength waning, and it breaks my heart to watch [friend’s name] suffer.

Lord, I know that You work to restore hope and strength in all situations. I ask that You fill my friend’s heart with hope and renew their strength. Please let them receive a double portion of Your strength that can help them through their trials. 

I thank You for meeting their needs and restoring their strength during this trying time. Amen.”

When you find out that your friend is going through a crisis, it is always good to pray that God restores their hope and strength.

Let them know you are praying for them so they will not feel alone.

You know too well how challenges can make one feel lonely and isolated. Therefore, getting in touch with your friend holds a lot of weight.

Just asking how they are doing can be a big boon in showing you care. 

This is what the Word of the Lord says about friendship in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10:

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.

3) Encouragement Prayer for Today

Encouragement Prayer for Today
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“God of Heaven,

No words can express the pain I feel from seeing my friend suffer. It is hard to watch [friend’s name] suffer, and it seems unfair that this person has to go through so much pain. 

Even though I am limited and can only do so much to help him/her, You are powerful and capable of stepping into the situation. So I commit my friend [friend’s name] to You, humbly asking for Your encouragement in their life today. 

By faith, I respond to the promises in Your Word that You hear our cry and can bring encouragement. Amen.”

There is nothing quite like watching someone you care about endure hardships. You feel even more helpless when your encouraging words do not seem enough to get them through the pain.

You do not have to be downcast about this because seeking God on their behalf is priceless.

There is also the worry of how to say the words and what to ask for on behalf of your friend. When faced with this situation, say what is in your heart.

God in Heaven sees your genuineness. He might not remove the dark situation immediately but will encourage your friend and take them through it.

You can also say a prayer for God to bless your friend during this moment.

4) Prayer for Strength for Someone Else 

Prayer for Strength for Someone Else
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“Heavenly Father, 

My heart is burdened for [friend’s name], who is hurting right now. I kindly request that You would be their pillar of strength and surround them with Your infinite grace and mercy.

Surround them with peace in their dark season. I pray for fresh bouts of grace, new strength and Your mercy over their lives today. 

I thank You for being their refuge and strong tower. No matter what they face, You are in control and will make all things beautiful in their life at the right time. I rejoice in knowing that You are with them in hardship. Amen.”

Praying for others, not only for our friends, is one of the most important things to do.

We were not just placed in this world to fulfill our lives and those of our loved ones. God desires that we pray for and support those surrounding us in our communities, whether we know them or not.

The world is filled with hurting people. Ask God to protect your friend and to stop the pan they’re feeling.

I know how painful it can be to watch our loved ones suffer. We just feel so hopeless, but that’s why we need to turn to God. He knows how to help them.

5) Short Prayer for Support 

Short Prayer for Support
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“Merciful Jesus,

There are low moments in our lives when we need support. My special friend is going through a hard time which grieves my heart. They are burdened by many pressures. Anxiety and confusion wear them down too.

Lord, help me know the best way to support my friend. Knowing that You offer the peace and joy that surpasses all knowledge. 

I speak peace and comfort in their lives, Amen.”

If you belong to a church, you have a few trusted Christian friends. They are the ones you run to when things are rocky.

As a result, they offer support through prayer and visitation, helping you feel less alone.

Prayers for friends for support is a great way to connect with them, reminding you of the power of friendship and love.

Whether your friend is sick, lost a job or needs healing words, supportive prayers can get them through a hard period. 

It is not only your connection with the Lord that is important, but also your relationship with your friends.

A prayer for support can not only make your friend’s day but also remind you how precious your friendship is.

It can also be good to say a prayer for strength in hard times for your friend.

6) Prayer of Comfort for A Friend 

Prayer of Comfort for A Friend
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“Dear Father, today I’m not praying for myself but for my friend.

My prayer for my dear friend [friend’s name] is that You would turn their weeping into laughter. As You comfort them, give them a reason to dance and rejoice again.

See them through this difficult time and comfort in every area of their life. Thank You for coming through for my friend, Amen.”

Having problems pinpointing the friend that need comfort? In my experience, checking in with them and asking what they need prayer for can be helpful.

Try to glean as much information as possible so you can make your prayer specific. 

When it comes to praying for friends you no longer keep in touch with, you could uphold the struggles they were going through the last time you talked and for the Lord to journey with them.

In doing so, you will feel closest to your old friend and God. 

7) Powerful Prayer of Encouragement and Strength 

Powerful Prayer of Encouragement and Strength
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“Creator God,

I beg You to come down to carry my friend during their storm. Encourage them, Lord, as You have been with all Your children in this world. Grant them the strength that emanates only from You and the courage to endure this difficult time. 

In Christ Jesus, I pray, Amen.”

Human beings tend to be very devoted towards someone immediately they face hard times but start to withdraw as time goes on.

You should not encourage your struggling friend only once or a few times and then fall away later. 

Persistent prayer and dedication for your friend are what gives them the strength to hold on. Some problems do not go away immediately.

So don’t stop checking up on your friend and praying for them

Remind them they can reach out to you when they feel overwhelmed and remember to keep up with their welfare

8) Hard Time Prayer for a Friend 

Hard Time Prayer for a Friend
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“Merciful Lord, 

My dear friend is suffering because of the hard time they are going through. Their faith in You is fleeting because they do not understand the reason for their pain and why You seem so far away from them. 

Lord, I am in distress seeing my friend going through this hardship. Please take away their pain, be merciful to them and wipe their tears.

Let them know that weeping might endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Please show that You care for them and will walk them through the storms, Amen.”

We can always trust a loyal friend to lift us when going through hard times. Sincerely crying to the Lord on behalf of our friends is the best way to support them.

Let the Heavenly Father answer your intervention when you pray with a genuine heart. 

It is also important to encourage your friend not to lose hope. Inspire them to keep looking up to the Father with unwavering faith because restoration comes from Him.

Remind them why their hope should be steadfast in the Lord with this empowering Bible verse

1 Peter 5:10, “After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace who has called you to eternal glory in Christ, will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you.”

Can I Say Any of These Prayers at Night?

You can say any or all of these prayers at night or any time of the day you desire. It doesn’t matter the time you pray, but making a sincere prayer in itself. 

Will These Prayers Help My Friend?

Prayers of intervention like these will cause God to intervene for your friend. Such prayers are helpful when your friend is going through so much hardship that they cannot pray for themselves.

The beauty of friendships is holding each other’s hands in prayer, especially during difficult times.

If your friend is grieving the loss of their mother, you can also say this special prayer for a friend who lost their mother.

How Long Should I Keep Praying For?

Never stop praying for your friend. That is the best advice I can give.

Even after God answers your prayers and restores your friend, you can offer thanksgiving to the Lord and pray for them continually. We should always pray in both bad and good moments. 

Final Thoughts 

Friends are God’s precious gifts that we should not take for granted. One way to show your friends you value them is by earnestly praying for them in harsh times when they need strength and hope

Hopefully, these thoughtful prayers will help you on your intervention journey for your friend.

Do not just pray once but persistently until you see a change. And remember to check up on your friend to offer encouragement. The positive impact will be arched in their hearts forever. 

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