6 Short Thanksgiving Prayers for Family and Friends

How amazing it is to share thanksgiving with your friends and loved ones. Families are a gift from God, and we should treasure them through praying communally. 

Short thanksgiving prayers for family and friends are a norm in many families. These prayers can be said in a family gathering, before a meal, in a thanksgiving ceremony or before bedtime.

There is no template on how to make thanksgiving prayers. Some people like to share thanksgiving scriptures alongside prayers. 

Whatever way you choose to follow, below are a few examples of meaningful short thanksgiving prayers to say along with your family and friends. 

1) Thanksgiving Prayer for Family 

Thanksgiving Prayer for Family
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“Dear Lord, 

I thank You for the golden opportunity to meet and share with my family on this joyous day. I acknowledge that we could not have been able to gather if it were not for Your grace. 

We rejoice in Your great works in our lives this special thanksgiving. Thank You for good health and providence upon us. Please have mercy on those who do not have families or cannot be with their folks for various reasons.  

I am grateful for what You are doing and will continue to do for my family. In Your name, I pray, Amen.”

Coming together to pray as a family promotes unity and communion.

It also reminds family members of the good things God has done for them and thank Him for the same.

However, thanksgiving prayers should not only be said when things are going well.

You can also pray in moments of despair and grief. Remember that while you have a family, several others have none or are not on good terms with theirs.

So whenever you have the opportunity, gather with your family to thank the Lord for blessing all of you.

2) Blessing Thanksgiving Prayer

Blessing Thanksgiving Prayer
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“We thank You Lord for the wonderful chance You have given us to gather together as family and friends. The table overflows with Your abundant blessings.

Help us to always acknowledge that all gifts and good things come from You. And may we live according to Your Heavenly will for us. Amen.”

Thanksgiving prayers provoke God’s blessings upon your life.

Take King Solomon as an example. In 2 Chronicles 1:6-15, Solomon sacrificed burnt offerings for the Lord before retiring to bed.

The offering touched God so much that He visited Solomon at night, offering him a black cheque and overwhelming blessings. 

The Lord blessed Solomon so much that silver seemed like stones.

In verses 11 and 12, God told Solomon that He would add to him riches, wealth and honor because he did not ask for these but for knowledge and wisdom to govern the kingdom. 

Focusing on thanking God rather than on your needs will cause Him to add to what you already have and bless you with more opportunities in your life. 

3) Short Thanksgiving Prayer for Family and Friends 

Short Thanksgiving Prayer for Family and Friends
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“Thank You Father for the amazing gift of having family and friends. Thank You for joy, mercy and care and the blessing we graciously share. 

Today we offer our response of praise and thanksgiving for all You have done for us and even more for the gift of Jesus Christ and salvation. 

We promise to follow You in all the days of our lives, Amen.”

Sharing a Bible scripture with your family and friends during thanksgiving prayer is a powerful practice for any time of the year.

Regardless of which Bible verse you choose, they can make it easy to express your gratitude to have everyone you care about gathered together

You could also choose to say a prayer or two for those thanksgiving guests in need of encouragement and strength.

Either way making thanksgiving prayers a routine brings your family together, which is the ultimate goal. 

The book of Psalms is full of encouraging and thanksgiving verses. The following scriptures can be useful for your thanksgiving theme:

Psalm 89: 21, “God’s hand will sustain you. His arm will strengthen you.”

Psalm 34:3, “Glorify the Lord with me. Let us exalt His name together.”

Psalm 119: 164, “Seven times a day I praise You for Your righteous laws.”

4) Simple Thanksgiving Prayer

Simple Thanksgiving Prayer
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“I thank You Lord for my life. For the strength You give me every day, for my friends and everyone around me. Thank You for their presence in my life and for making each day worth living.

May we continue to live our life according to Your path for us. Let us feel Your presence and blessing in every step we take.

Receive my thanksgiving Father, Amen.”

King David cultivated a life of thanksgiving in whatever circumstance he faced. Because of his thanksgiving lifestyle, the Lord was pleased and always favored David. 

From this, we learn that whenever we thank the Lord, He is stirred to perform a miracle for us. Thanksgiving causes God’s enormous power to work wonders in your life. 

When you are a grateful Christian, supernatural forces from Heaven are released to work things for you, your family and loved ones. 

Learn to be a thanksgiver and cultivate that culture among your family and friends.

Be a light, a shining example of the wonders thanksgiving to God can do.

5) Beautiful Thanksgiving Prayer for Family and Friends 

Beautiful Thanksgiving Prayer for Family and Friends
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“Dear Lord,

Accept our praise and thanksgiving for reigning in our lives. Thank You for the gift of family and friends and for Your loving care that surrounds us each day.

Mostly, I thank You for Your son Christ Jesus, for the promises given to us in Your Word and for the gift of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. I pray that we may know You more and make You known to the world at all times and in all places. 

I give thanks to You in all things, Amen.”

When it comes to saying a thanksgiving prayer, the words to say best come from the heart. It may seem easy for some individuals but can be intimidating to others

It can be difficult to find the right words for thanksgiving prayer during a gathering.

It is normal to be scared but do not sweat the words. Just let your heart speak.

Prayer should never be mechanical but a sincere expression from your heart.

Take 15 to 30 seconds before praying to think about God’s goodness and you will see there are lots of things worth mentioning. 

You need to overcome worrying about what to say in your thanksgiving prayer. It is an authentic expression of whatever you feel in your heart.

So if your heart is filled with gratitude, it will automatically reflect in the words you express.

If you’re feeling anxious, say a prayer for anxiety before praying, as it will take away all of your worries.

6) Thanksgiving Prayer for Friends

Thanksgiving Prayer for Friends
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“Heavenly Father,

I thank You for my friends. They have been there for me in ways I cannot explain. My heart is full of gratitude for the friends you gave to me. 

I proclaim Almighty blessings over them and their families. May You increase their territories and grant their heart’ desires. Let our friendship continue to blossom as we continue to do the work that brought us together. 

Make me wiser so that I can stand with them through thick and thin. And if there be anyone of them I have wronged, please show me that I may seek their forgiveness. Because our friendship means more to me than grudges or disagreement. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

When you acknowledge and pray for your friends, your life becomes more enriched.

These days life keeps getting busier and we are constantly rushing from one activity to the next. All this leaves something to be desired in our friendships as many people give up catching up with friends for their busy lives. 

I urge you to make more time to say thanksgiving prayers for your friends.

Take time from your schedule to remember them in prayer. You could also send the prayer to them through text, email or a thoughtful card.

Such a meaningful gesture could make a world of difference in their lives

It is okay if you no longer keep in touch with some friends. It is part of life.

When you grow up, responsibilities such as work, kids and family come up, which can make it hard to maintain some friendships. 

Drifting apart from friends who were once a big part of our lives is sad but normal. The good thing is if you remember the good old friendly closeness, you can thank God for them and trust that He will bless their lives

Should I Say These Prayers Before Eating?

You can. You can say a thanksgiving prayer to thank God for the day you had, for His daily protection and blessing of the food He has provided for you.

Remember that others are not lucky to have a daily meal. So whenever the Lord provides for You, it is good to be grateful.

Also, do not forget to pray for needy people. It is not that they are any less special than you. Ask God to have mercy and remember them.

Can We Say These Prayers Together?

Yes! It is recommendable to say thanksgiving prayers with your friends and family as it enhances closeness and unity.

Families that pray together are naturally happier and less likely to separate than families that do not because God is the center of their communion. 

You can also say a good night prayer for your loved ones.

Will These Prayers Bless My Family and Friends?

Yes, they will. As you say a thanksgiving prayer for your family and friends, you ask God to enrich their lives, which causes the heavenly realms to open blessings for them.

God is pleased when you thank Him for your family and friends rather than focus on your life alone. 

Final Thoughts 

It is in proper standing for families and loved ones to express devoutness and thanksgiving towards the Lord in all circumstances.

Thanksgiving prayers help family and friends build a culture of gratitude, which prompts God to release His blessings. 

Please remember that thanksgiving prayers should not be recited out of duty but be made from the heart. If your heart is truly grateful, the words of your mouth will be a melody of thanksgiving to the Lord.

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