8 Money Prayers That Work Immediately (Less Than 24 Hours)

Your money problems are about to come to an end! Don’t be surprised by that audacious statement. It is because I have found a solution to your money worries. 

I have discovered that prayers are spiritual weapons. They can bring the hand of God down from heaven. 

In this article, we will discuss the powerful money prayers that work immediately. Within 24 hours, you will get the answer to your prayer requests. 

1) Powerful prayer for money

Powerful prayer for money
Prayer For Printing

“God the Father, Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible, take care of me, my soul, my thoughts and my whole life that is not easy due to my financial problems that are laying me down like nothing ever laid me down before.

God, dear Father, I’m praying in your faith because I have something to ask to you, something I really need to be able to move forward and be happy.

I need you to help me in my financial life, to make more money, to be able to take advantage of it and to spend it where I really need it, to pay my debts, all the bills and all the basic necessities of my life.

I don’t ask for much, I don’t ask for little, I just ask for enough to guide my whole life, to pay my bills and to keep going with my head held high.

God, I want to follow your path, the path of Goodness, purity and freedom and that is why I pray to you with such faith, because I know that you will help me earn urgent money in the right way.

This special prayer for money attracts good luck to your life. For example, if you need an urgent financial miracle, using this prayer releases the miracle. 

With this prayer, God steps into the situation, clears out negative energies preventing your wealth from coming to the surface, and brings the answer to your request for money.

You should say this prayer early in the morning to attract early morning blessings for money

Furthermore, faith is needed to enjoy the power of this spiritual exercise. 

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2) 2 minute prayer for money blessing

2 minute prayer for money blessing
Prayer For Printing

“With the miraculous powers of Our Lord Jesus Christ I embrace all the faith of this world and ask that my financial paths be opened.

I ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to free me from all evils, all envy, all the spells and all the bad things that are preventing my financial life from being opened.

Open my way to money, Open my way to fortune, Open my way to prosperity, Open my way to new financial opportunities and for money to come into my life, now and forever!

God our Lord, free me from all evil and attract to me only good and positive things. Allows me to manage my life without bad interceptions and without evil.

Don’t let anything or anyone harm me and make me feel bad. Do not allow anything or anyone to negatively influence my financial life.

Help me make and attract money into my life so that I can pay my debts and solve your financial problems.

I trust in You God our Lord, I trust in You Jesus Christ, I trust in the powers and miracles of heaven.

Within 2 minutes, you can say this special prayer for money blessing

This special prayer takes you before your heavenly father. Saying this prayer tenders to your request for money before God. 

You need to believe that God desires to grant your financial requests. He wants to put an end to your money struggles. Having faith is crucial to making this prayer work.

Therefore, approach Him with boldness and faith. 

When you offer this prayer to the universe, the response comes without delay. It is believed that you will see the result within a few days (3-5).

Several people have prayed this powerful prayer for instant money, and gotten results.

3) Financial miracle prayer that works immediately

Financial miracle prayer that works immediately
Prayer For Printing

“Oh St. Hedwig. You, who on Earth were the support of the poor, the help of the helpless and the help of the indebted, and, in Heaven, you now enjoy the eternal reward of charity that you practiced in life, supplicant, I ask you to be my advocate, so that I obtain from God the help I urgently need:

(Make your wish)

Obtain for me also the supreme grace of eternal salvation. I trust, I believe, I have faith. Saint Hedwig, pray for us.

This financial miracle prayer helps you to manifest wealth. As you say this prayer, be positive in your mind. Refrain from complaining or resorting to negativity. 

As you round up this prayer, express gratitude and thanksgiving. 

With this prayer, your money troubles will come to an end. Saying the financial miracle prayer helps you to overcome your financial worries. 

The miracle prayer for money is potent enough to grant your money desires. It attracts good luck to you.

The prayer for immediate money will open up the spiritual portal of wealth over your life.

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4) The most powerful prayer for wealth

The most powerful prayer for wealth
Prayer For Printing

“Dear God, we thank you for your generous blessings and kindness. We’re grateful to you for providing our daily needs and for our spiritual and physical nourishment. We thank you for guiding all beings here on earth towards righteousness and nobility.

It’s with this thankful heart that we come once again to ask for your all-encompassing love. We affirm that you’re omniscient, all powerful and loving. We affirm your power and might, we affirm your all-abounding generosity and we come before you with thankful hearts to pray for abundance.

Abundance for people of all races, creed or color, Abundance for our friends, abundance for our families and abundance for ourselves.

Grant that we, not only, acquire wealth and money but spiritual and moral wealth, as well. May all divine spirits support us in our prayer for abundance.


With the most powerful prayer for wealth, you can ask God to meet all your financial struggles

This special prayer can be made in the morning, afternoon, or night. Without a doubt, this is the strongest prayer for good fortune. 

When you say this prayer, expect your financial worries to come to an end.

Praying to God for wealth brings peace to your heart. It restores confidence and fills you with the doggedness and consistency to stay focused on your business or career.

From the testimonials of people, we have recorded massive success with this type of prayer. It is time for you to become debt-free as well.

5) 24 hour financial miracle prayer

24 hour financial miracle prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Just as the cock crows, the donkey squeaks, the dog barks and the cat meows, my wealth will increase, my fortune will multiply and money will enter my life!

With the help of St. Cyprian I will achieve, with the help of St. Cyprian I will get money, all the wealth and financial help that is in front of me.

I don’t ask for a little, but a lot! I don’t ask for any, but a lot! St. Cyprian I ask for a lot of money, a lot of wealth and a lot of prosperity. May I wake up tomorrow rich, with opportunities, with money and with prosperity in my life.

Saint Cyprian, attract money into my life, overnight, in a way it never happen before.

As the cock crows, the donkey squeaks, the dog barks and the cat meows, my wealth will increase, my fortune will multiply and money will enter my life!

I truly believe in the strengths of Saint Cyprian.
So be it,

As its name suggests, expect the answer to your prayer within 24 hours.

Start this prayer with thanksgiving. It fills you with the positive energy to pray effectively. 

As you conclude, end it with thanksgiving and the result will begin to come within a few hours after saying this powerful prayer. 

Have your urgent need written down on a white paper while offering the prayer. By doing this, the universe will see your desperation and give you quick money within 24 hours.

From my experience, this prayer has never failed. It will grant you the exact amount of money that is needed to attend to an urgent need within the 24 hours’ time frame.

6) Prayer to attract luck and money

Prayer to attract luck and money
Prayer For Printing

“St. Cyprian, I am a desperate soul who prays to you and asks for your help right now. I am a poor person, with nothing and I need your help.

My life is complicated, I have no money, no wealth or financial stability. I need help, to be able to have more money, to be able to spend more and to be able to enjoy my life better.

I just want to be happier, but for that I need prosperity, I need money, I need immediate wealth in my life.

That’s why I pray to you, that’s why I turn to you and your powers.
I ask you for help to call money into my life, to call wealth into my life and a lot of prosperity.

St. Cyprian, make me a rich person, with a lot of money, a lot of wealth and prosperity.

Make money come into my life, in every possible and impossible way, as quickly as possible.

Please St. Cyprian, help me!

Please give me all the help I need as I really need it!
So be it,

It takes luck to attract wealth. With this special prayer, you will enjoy good fortune and wealth

To make this prayer effective, you can make use of a honey jar spell. It attracts good luck, prosperity, and abundance to your life. 

Furthermore, say this prayer in the morning. Doing this releases the power of God to work all through the day.

Whenever you desire wealth and good luck, using this prayer brings your desire for money to pass

With faith, all of these desires will come to pass shortly. 

The prayer to win big money will grant you your desires within a short period, and take you out of poverty and lack.

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7) Powerful prayer for miracle money angels

Powerful prayer for miracle money angels
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, today I kneel before You to ask You to release a miracle over my life. As you know, I have been struggling with money and financial stability.

I no longer can provide for myself and for myself. The bills are piling up and I don’t know where to turn to anymore. Help me, Father. Release your money angels over me and my life. Release them upon me so I can have more money and wealth.

I just want to be happier and to be able to spend a little more so I can enjoy a better life. I want to be able to help my family and those around me. With you by my side, I know I am capable of everything. So, God, guide me to a path full of prosperity and financial abundance.

I ask this in your name Father, Amen.”

There are miracle money angels. You can attract them through prayers. 

One of the ways to achieve this is by asking God to send His angels to bring financial abundance to your life. 

List the different needs you have and ask God to bring an end to your financial struggles

To make this effective, say this prayer with incense. 

Make this prayer at midnight

8) Money prayers that work instantly

This money prayer works instantly and all you need is faith. Without it, your prayers won’t work.

You can say this prayer in the morning or at night. Ask God to release a financial miracle over your life. Seek His help to release this worry from your mind and to provide for your family.

This prayer works in less than 24 hours. But it doesn’t mean you should only say it once or twice.

If God doesn’t see you have a pure heart and good intentions while praying, He won’t release His miracles.

What is the most powerful prayer for money?

These 8 money prayers are all-powerful. When it comes to rank, they are all effective and dynamic in their workings. 

To make these prayers work, you need faith, focus, determination, and consistency.

Saying the money prayer brings good luck and fortune to you. It also opens you up to numerous opportunities to make good money. 

Can I Pray all the Prayers?

Yes, you can pray all of the 8 prayers above to ask for your financial miracle.

However, each prayer has its reason. If you want money in less than 24 hours you won’t receive a big amount of money, only enough to provide for your need.

But, if you expect to be rich because of these prayers, you must say one each day consistently. Always with a kind heart.

Don’t ask for a financial miracle just because you want to be rich. Ask for it because you want to provide for your family and help those in need.

When should I say these Prayers?

These 8 money prayers that work immediately should be said in the morning and night.

Especially, in the morning. Because your mind and heart haven’t been contaminated with any negative energy or negative thoughts.

  • In the morning: you will attract money blessings into your day.
  • At night: you will keep an atmosphere of money, wealth and good fortune around you.

You must remain consistent in using these prayers every morning and night to get instant results.

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Final Words

Final words about the prayers

In less than 24 hours of saying this prayer, your money worries will come to an end. All that is required is faith. 

God is interested in your financial wellbeing. Trust in Him enough to answer all your prayers. 

If you stay consistent with these prayers, you will be amazed at the miracles that will happen in your financial life. 

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  1. I have been praying everyday for a financial blessing and I ask God right now to bring me a financial blessing for enough of money so I could be able to get off these streets right now to get away from this area that I am in I really need this financial blessing real real quick and real soon I need enough of money to be able to get a room for not for days in Jesus name I pray amen

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    • Listen to yourself, Your saying your praying every morning and still nothing?, therefore your speaking nothing into existance? leave the negative comments out of your head and posts, because if you keep saying “still nothing”, then that is what your calling into your life and exsistnce, remember thoughts become things.

  4. Am in desperate need of money right now ,I just started this prayer few days ago. And I believe in miracles and know it work for in jesus mighty name Amen

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    • Hello,

      Your prayers will be answered very soon. God is very thankful for your faith and He knows you didn’t have an easy path until now.
      He will soon relieve your financial problems to give you some comfort in your daily life and basic needs.

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    (I will definately keep this website for my testimony).

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