5 Prayers For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone

Sometimes we hurt the people we love. This does not make us evil. It simply means we are humans.

Things can go deeper than we expect and if it is not properly managed, a lot can be destroyed. 

At this point, it takes the intervention of God. The Bible makes it clear that God tries the hearts of people.

He knows what goes on there and ensures that things align in our hearts. This is why it is important to involve God in this situation.

Now, this does not exclude taking physical steps like seeking forgiveness and so on. However, as much as taking those steps is paramount, you also need to involve the power of God.

Commit the heart of the person into God’s hands through prayer.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 prayers for forgiveness when you hurt someone

1) Prayer For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone

Prayer For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone
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“Father, today I come to You with a heavy heart. I’ve hurt someone that I care about, [person’s name]. I have this weight of unforgiveness in me.

Help me to leave this in the past as I’m carrying this guilt for far too long. It was never my intention to hurt anyone, especially this person I care about so much.

Forgive me, Father, and may You reach [name] hearts. Wash me from my guilt and cleanse me of my sins. I am remorseful of my sinful act and I know You are ever ready to accept me back as Your wonderful child. Amen.

The best time to say this prayer is when you feel remorseful for what you have done to that person. That is the best emotional state to make this prayer effective.

When you offend someone, it is not just necessary to only seek forgiveness from the offender. You should also seek forgiveness from God.

This is why prayer is important. With this prayer, you will receive forgiveness from God and be free to live your life without guilt. 

In addition to this, prayer for forgiveness reveals the loving nature of God to you. It opens your eyes to see the ability of God to forgive, which inspires you to also forgive people who might hurt you in the future.

You should say this prayer 3 times.

After doing that, check your heart to see if you still feel condemned. If you feel condemned, then, keep saying this prayer until your guilt is taken away.

You can also say a prayer to remove negative energies around you.

2) Christian Prayer For Forgiveness When You Hurt Someone

Christian Prayer For Forgiveness When You Hurt Someone
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“Mighty redeemer, I’m praying to You today to ask for Your forgiveness and for You to reach someone close and dear to me. I have deeply hurt and offended [person’s name].

I value our bond so much that I can’t live knowing that I’ve caused him/her so much pain. My acts are driving us apart and I can’t imagine my life without [person’s name].

I know I was wrong when I: [explain what you did].

Father, help him/her see that I’m truly sorry and that I can be redeemed. That this was just a rock in our path and we can move one.

In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

As Christians, we are meant to ask for forgiveness when we hurt someone.

This is one of the most powerful Christian conducts according to the Bible. God wants us to live in true love and compassion for other people

This Christian prayer for forgiveness is a way to ask God to whisper forgiveness into the heart of the person you hurt.

Sometimes, we don’t intend to hurt people. However, accidents can happen. 

Therefore, this prayer is one of the spiritual remedies you can deploy for the issue at hand. Keep saying this prayer till you get the result you desire. 

You can also finish this prayer with this Bible verse:

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” — Colossians 3:13.

3) Repentance Prayer For Forgiveness

Repentance Prayer For Forgiveness
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“God of Justice, thank You for everything you’ve done for me. Thank You for every time you showed me Your mercy, love and grace. As You’ve said before, we must forgive one another.

I’ve acted poorly to someone I care about so much, [person’s name], and I know I was wrong when [explain what happened].

Father, I’m asking You to forgive me and for [person’s name] to forgive me too. I understand that no matter my emotions, I need to control my words and actions. Please Lord, guide me from now on so that I don’t make the same mistake again.

In the Name of the Father I pray, Amen.”

Start this prayer by thanking Him for his mercy, love and grace toward you.

This builds the right foundation for the prayer of repentance for forgiveness. It also inspires faith in your heart even as you begin to pray.

After thanking Him for His mercy and grace, speak to Him on this premise and remind Him of His words concerning forgiveness

Furthermore, speak about the issue at hand and ask Him to step into the situation. Ensure you clearly state that you have repented of the wrong you have committed. This shows your sincerity.

You should also say a prayer for inner peace and calm so that you can don’t lose control of your emotions and actions again.

This prayer can be said either in the morning, afternoon, or night. Just ensure you feel truly sorry for what you have done. With this, you can expect answers instantly from God.

4) Powerful Prayer To Ask For Forgiveness

Powerful Prayer To Ask For Forgiveness
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“Father in Heaven, please show Your mercy on me. Let me feel Your endless love and compassion as I’m suffering. Wash me from my guilt and cleanse my body and soul from my sins.

I did something bad and I’m so sorry, Father. I’m praying to You to ask for Your forgiveness. Shine Your light on me so I can see what to do and where to go as I’m worthless without Your presence in my life.

Heavenly Father, You said if I can believe, I will see Your glory in my life. Amen.”

This is another powerful prayer to ask for forgiveness. You can make use of certain bible verses like Psalm 51 and so on. 

Ensure that your heart is in the right state. This puts you in the mood for this powerful repentance prayer.

Just like the previous prayer, start with gratitude before tendering your supplications before Him. Make this prayer count by reaching out to the offended and using constant positive affirmations.

After saying this prayer for one week, talk with the person who you hurt and ask for their forgiveness.

5) Prayer For Repentance And Forgiveness

Prayer For Repentance And Forgiveness
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“Lord, I’ve kept You out of my life for too long now. I admit before You that I am a sinner and only You can save me. I pray to You today because I need Your help and forgiveness.

I wasn’t seeing things clearly and I hurt someone I care about, [person’s name]. Let him/her know that I regret what I did and how much it has hurt me too.

I know Your mercy is everlasting and You are always ready to forgive us if we come before You confessing our sins. Thank You for hearing my prayers and for shinning Your light on me, even in times like this when I sinned. Amen.”

Through this prayer, you are repenting of your sins and seeking God’s forgiveness

This prayer shows that you have acknowledged your wrong and seek to make amends

While praying, include the offended’s name in the prayer. If you have anything belonging to the person, you can use it as a point of contact. 

With this powerful prayer, expect reconciliation to happen. Expect everything to change for the better.

You should also say a prayer to thank God after he helps you.

Will Praying Help The Person I Hurt To Forgive Me?

Yes, this prayer will help the person you hurt to forgive you

Through prayer, God will speak to the person you have hurt. He will encourage such an individual. Through this prayer, there will be easy reconciliation.

No matter how much has been done, prayer can rectify the situation thereby restoring peace to the relationship. 

Can I Pray To Ask For Forgiveness?

Yes, you can pray to ask for forgiveness

It is a biblical principle to seek the face of God for the forgiveness of sins. Whenever you offend someone, these prayers will help to solve the situation at hand. 

All you need is faith and true repentance.

These are important virtues to have before saying these prayers effectively. 

How Many Times Can I Say These Prayers?

You can say these prayers as many times as possible

The aim is to restore the friendship and also get rid of the condemnation in your heart.

Therefore, keep saying these prayers for as long as you can. I will recommend praying every day till the reconciliation happens. 

Final Thoughts

No matter how wrong you are, the power of God is strong enough to restore things. Don’t feel condemned.

Refuse to be stuck in the rut of self-guilt. Take action by seeking forgiveness from the offended. 

In doing this, you are taking an act of faith. With these prayers, you are involving God, which will bring forth the miracle of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

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