7 Powerful Prayers For My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

It’s every woman’s nightmare to find out that her husband is having an affair.

Apart from feeling infuriated and hurt, you can’t help but question what caused him to cheat on you especially if your relationship was rosy.

I feel for you woman of God! Before packing your bags and calling it quits, take a break and pray for your marriage first.

Commit your frustration to God in prayer. Most importantly you can pray for your man to leave the other woman immediately because it is the Lord’s desire for your marriage to last. 

I pray that you find these seven prayers helpful in snatching your man from the other woman.

1) Prayer for My Husband to Leave the Other Woman

Prayer for My Husband to Leave the Other Woman
Prayer For Printing

“Mighty redeemer,

I come to You with a heavy heart and a downcast spirit. I present my husband [husband’s name] to You who has strayed away from our marriage values and started an affair with another woman.

Please drive a wedge between by husband and this other woman and bring him back to me. Remind him of the eternal love we share and that his gross affair is a dangerous path to destruction.

In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.”

Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool to use when faced with a possibly broken marriage.

It breaks God’s heart to see a marriage crumble due to adultery and infidelity.

His Word shows how harmful cheating can be not just to a marriage but to an individual. 

Hebrews 13: 4 says that everyone should respect marriage and that the matrimony bed needs to be kept sacred because God will judge those who commit adultery.

So, as you pray for your husband to leave the other woman, ask God to lead him to repentance and reformation.

2) Powerful Prayer Against the Other Woman 

Powerful Prayer Against the Other Woman
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“Lord, please look upon this other woman [her name — if you know] that my husband is having affair with. I am truly angry and displeased with her heinous act but I choose not to seek revenge against her.

Oh Lord Father, I humbly ask that You avenge for me and give this woman the punishment that You see fit for her. Open her eyes to see the errors of her ways and decide to reform. May she never dishonor another marriage.

In Your Holy Name I Pray, Amen.”

It’s normal to want to seek revenge against those who wrong us.

In this case, your instincts may drive you towards insulting or fighting this other woman. But stop to think about how God would want you to handle the situation

Here’s what the Lord says about revenge in Romans 12:19:

“Beloved, never avenge yourselves but leave it to the wrath of God. For it is written, “vengeance is mine, I will repay.” 

Therefore, praying and leaving it to God to give this adulterous woman her due diligence is the best way to deal with infidelity in your marriage.

You can also tell your husband to say a prayer for forgiveness of adultery, to show you and God that he regrets sinning and hurting your marriage.

3) Prayer for the Other Woman to Go Away Now

Prayer for the Other Woman to Go Away Now
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“God of Justice, Please drive this other woman who is having a love affair with my husband [husband’s name] right now. Let their unworthy relationship crumble in Jesus’ mighty name.

This woman may please my husband temporarily but I pray that she sees how her selfish act is breaking my marriage and family. May You terminate all communication between her and my husband immediately and let my man loss interest in their affair.

I trust and pray, Amen.”

Perhaps the biggest pain a married woman can go through is finding her man with another woman.

You can try your best to shower him with love, but he does not seem to take his eyes off her.

Your efforts might have been feeble because you never involved God in what you’re going through.

Saying this prayer to drive the other woman away will touch God to come through for you in a great way.

The scripture indicates in 2 Chronicles 20: 15:

Do not be scared or panicked because of this big crowd, for the battle is not yours but God’s.

The “big crowd” in your situation applies to your husband’s love affair. But God reminds you to leave the battle to Him and He will surely fight for you.

4) Strong Prayer for the Other Woman to Leave

Strong Prayer for the Other Woman to Leave
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“Dear Lord, I am on my knees because this issue of my husband’s infidelity is beyond me. I lift my eyes to You. Please grant me comfort, healing and justice. 

I beg You to shine the moral light on this other woman so that she may leave my husband and never return to him. Give her wisdom and discernment to see her erroneous ways and decide to end her affair with my husband.

In the Name of the Father I pray, Amen.”

You might be asking what else you can do apart from praying for the other woman to leave your husband.

Your marriage could be hanging on a thread as your man has neglected his husbandry and fatherly duties. 

The first thing to note is do not beat yourself down over the affair.

It is not your fault that your husband cheated, he made the decision himself.

If there were cracks in your relationship, he could have communicated with you rather than finding comfort in another woman’s arms.

As you continue to pray, calmly approach your husband about the affair and see if it’s something you can work on together. Seeking the help of a marriage counselor is a great start. 

5) Prayer to End My Husband’s Affair 

Prayer to End My Husband’s Affair
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“Father in Heaven,

I come to You on behalf of my husband’s affair. He has broken our sacred marriage vows and betrayed my love and trust. Dear Lord, I pray that You guide him towards the truth and end his affair immediately. 

Please convict his heart that he may repent for his sin and come back to You and our family. Let Your light lead him to see the great plans You have in store for him and our marriage, if only he turns from his infidelity.


Solving adultery issues can be complex. Not only has your husband broken your vows but your trust as well.

As you pray for your husband to come back to you, allow God to mend your broken heart

Essentially, purpose to forgive your husband no matter how hurtful it feels.

I know it doesn’t make sense as he has been selfish and considerate. But if your marriage is to work, you can’t continue with a grudgeful heart.

The Lord instructs us in Galatians 3:13-14 that we should bear with each other in forgiveness just as He forgave us. And exercise the virtue of love, which binds us in perfect unity. 

6) Prayer to Tear Down the Affair with The Other Woman 

Prayer to Tear Down the Affair with The Other Woman
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“Lord, You have given me authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to crush all the forces of the enemy.

I come in all boldness tearing down my husband’s affair with this other woman. It is a snake and scorpion sent by the devil to poison my marriage and I refuse it in the mighty name of Jesus.

By Your name, my relationship with my husband is made whole again.

In Christ Jesus, Amen.”

Marriage is a beautiful thing.

The wedding day is one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life. But as we get carried away with the “happily ever after”, we might overlook the possible challenges of a marriage such as adultery.

Not to say that every woman will face infidelity in her marriage because difficulties come in different forms. 

Take heart blessed prayerful wife and remember that you have the power to refuse and tear down the affair.

It is God’s will for your matrimony to last. So be strong and say this prayer without doubting.

You will soon notice a change in your husband’s behavior indicating that he is no longer seeing the other woman.

You can also say a prayer to give you strength in this difficult time. So you don’t lose the hope in your marriage and can continue to pray.

7) Powerful Prayer for My Husband to Stop Cheating

Powerful Prayer for My Husband to Stop Cheating
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“Father, I am saddened by my husband’s cheating behavior, which is affecting our marriage and family. I am paying the consequences of his irresponsible behavior because he allowed the devil to take control of his mind. 

Take away his lust oh Lord as it is the root cause of his cheating. Purify his thoughts and intentions that he will only have eyes for me, our family and You. 

Holy Spirit transform my husband and make him a new person who thirsts for You. Amen.”

Matthew 5: 28 says that if a man looks at a woman lustfully, he has committed adultery with her in his heart.

From this you learn that though your husband has been with another woman physically, he had contemplated it long before deciding to commit adultery.

It all began with perverse thoughts before perverse actions. 

As much as you pray for your husband to stop cheating, ask God to renew his thoughts.

Without purification of his mind, nothing can stop him from falling for another woman after this current affair ends. 

How Many Times Do I Need to Say These Prayers for it To Work?

You can say these prayers as many times as possible until you see a change.

Pray consistently and persistently until something happens.

Ephesians 6:18 says, “Pray in the spirit at all times and on all occasions. Stay alert and persistent in your prayers.”

Therefore, there is no number of times you should recite these prayers. Simply pray without giving up hope and God will work wonders for you and your straining marriage. 

Will These Prayers Scare Away the Other Woman?

Well as I have mentioned before, prayers are powerful spiritual tools we use to fight unseen battles.

Bear in mind that God is your fighter in times like these because the battle belongs to Him

So, committing the issue of the other woman to the Lord will cause Him to avenge for you and terminate your husband’s affair with her.

You might be tempted to reach out to threaten her to leave your husband but it almost always never ends well

Take the issue to God and trust that He himself will scare the other woman away

Don’t forget to say a prayer to thank God after the other woman leaves your marriage alone.

Do Any of These Prayers Stop My Husband from Cheating?

Yes. Heeding that you need to pray with faith, the prayers will work in stopping your husband from cheating

However, take notice of more ways to help him curb the unhealthy behavior such as getting to know what made him start cheating in the first place.

Confront him about it and seek therapy sessions. 

Final Thoughts 

It is never a joy finding out that your husband has another woman on the side. I believe that this not only breaks your heart but also the heart of God because marriage is ordained by Him

You might have prayed several times but haven’t seen any change in your husband and on the verge of giving up. Please don’t grow weary of praying. Your answer might just be at the corner! 

7 thoughts on “7 Powerful Prayers For My Husband To Leave The Other Woman”

  1. I believe my husband has been having an affair at least 10 years she will not leave him alone I am suffering from depression because of it.i have asked him but he says no I have been faithful to him since we were 19 I have a few it’s some one he knows or a cop please pray I was just diagnosed with lupus this is hurting she won’t leave him alone and he won’t either we have been married for 35 years God is showing me but just won’t leave us a lone

    • Hello,

      Say one of these prayers every morning and God will make sure the other woman leaves your husband alone. He won’t let anyone destroy your marriage.
      Your husband and God will be present during this hard phase to support and comfort you.

      God bless you.

  2. Of our 27 years of marriage we’ve been so great until just a few years ago. His attitude change. He’s been using harsh words to me. No respect, manipulated, he says I’m toxic to name a few. He says he’s not cheating. Oh yeah he lies, but will never admits it actions. He’s always on social media, texting someone but then says he not that I’m delusional. Oh my goodness. I’m so hurt, betrayed, etc..we just had a big fight because he keeps lying after another lie of being caught on a web. HELP ME! what should I do.

    • Hello,

      I am sorry to hear about that. If your husband doesn’t seem like himself, I believe that the other woman might have done a love spell on him and it is DEFINITELY working! Besides saying one of these prayers for him to leave the other woman, take a look at these 8 powerful prayers for a cheating husband to stop and these 10 prayers for a broken marriage to restore love and trust.

      Say one of each prayer every day for a whole week. Make sure to open Your heart to God and invite him to come to your house and fix your marriage. He will reach your husband’s heart and remove any spell or curse that the other woman might have done. Your husband will come to himself. Have big faith right now and don’t lose hope. I will pray for you.

  3. My marriage of 20yrs has been broken because my husband is having an affair with another woman.Please pray for my husband to leave her.Please pray for restoration of my marriage and family.
    In Jesus name .Amen.

  4. Please pray for the other woman to leave my husband alone this girl has cast a love spell on him he doesn’t want to leave the girl and the girl won’t leave either please I need prayer, I’m suffering alone with our kids. the girl is so wicked.


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