9 Miracle Prayers For St. Joseph To Sell A House Urgent (+Buying)

St. Joseph, the father now in heaven, the husband of Mary. He is a man of holiness, reverence, and forgiveness. 

A very interesting fact about this patron saint is that he is not only the patron saint of fathers, families, and expectant mothers, but also of house sellers and buyers.

Indeed, the holy St. Joseph is a heavenly entity that will undoubtedly assist you in selling or buying a home

If you think that all hope is lost, and that your home will never sell, or that you’ll never find a good home to buy, a strong prayer to St. Joseph that will erase all of your troubles.

Here are 9 miracle prayers for St. Joseph to sell your house. Let’s get started!

1) Prayer For St. Joseph To Sell A House

Prayer For St. Joseph To Sell A House
Prayer For Printing

“Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade and saw that he was always well, hear my prayer. I need Your help now to sell my house.

In You I trust to help me with this difficult situation, as I’m starting to feel hopeless because I’m not even getting any offers for my house. Please St Joseph, listen to my prayer and show me Your grace.

I want to sell my house quickly and with some profit. I beg You to find a suitable buyer who will love this house as much as my family did.

In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.”

This is a prayer to our patron saint of house sellers and buyers. A beautiful prayer that calls on St. Josephs’s guidance, wisdom, and courage.

This prayer will call on the power of our lord to bless you with the knowledge and strength, as well as the patience, to sell a house in these tough times. 

Although selling a house can be very difficult, especially in such tough market conditions, with the heavenly hand that is St. Joseph, you will be able to:

  • Sell your house;
  • Make a profit;
  • Have enough money to buy a new house — the house of your dreams. 

You need to say this prayer with all of your faith, because it will work to sell your house when all else has failed. 

2) Miracle Prayer to Sell a House

Miracle Prayer to Sell a House
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord, I come to You today because I need Your intervention in my life. I thought I could do it by myself but I’m struggling to sell my house so I’m asking for Your help.

I need my house to be sold by [say a date] and for at least [say the amount].

Show me Your mercy and grace and guide me in this situation. I place all my trust in You God because I know You can do anything and I know You can find the right buyer soon.

Nothing is impossible with You by my side. Amen.”

If you have tried everything else, and nobody has managed to sell your home, then what you need is some heavenly guidance. This is exactly what you get with this particular prayer. 

We absolutely love this prayer, as it calls on God to bless you with a miracle.

The miracle that someone will buy your home. Just like the lord almighty provided St. Joseph with a miracle, his son, Jesus Christ, so will St. Joseph shine his light down on you in your time of need. 

Don’t give up hope, as the hand of God is eternal and benevolent.

When our lord is called upon in a time of need by a true believer, he will always help, and thus your home will be sold. 

As it says in Joshua 1:9 we don’t need to be afraid or discouraged. Because God is with us wherever we go.

3) Prayer To Sell My Property

Prayer To Sell My Property
Prayer For Printing

“O St. Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I lift my heart and hands to You today to ask for Your help and intercession in my life. I need to find a buyer for my property soon.

I put my trust in You to find the right buyer. Remove any obstacles and problems so that they can fall in love with this property and complete the purchase without unexpected issues.


St. Joseph is well known as being the patron saint of house sellers and buyers. But in your time of need, you may also call upon him to sell your property.

No matter how nice a property is, sometimes it can be hard to sell it

Our Lord in heaven is capable and willing to help you through your troubles, so that you may sell your property, receive compensation, pay debts, and build a new life for yourself. 

You must not despair. With this prayer, the lord in heaven will guide you on the journey of selling a property.

As long as you call out to him with honesty and humility in your heart, your wish of selling your home will be granted

You can also say a prayer for strength during difficult times

4) Prayer To Sell My Flat

Prayer To Sell My Flat
Prayer For Printing

“Dear St. Joseph, please help me find the right buyer for my flat as Your kindness as no limits to those who have faith in Your powers.

My family has created so many memories there and I hope the family who purchases it will cherish it as much as we did. May You shine Your light on my house during any visits of potential buyers.

May the buyer fall in love with it just as we did and may You illuminate their path ahead from the moment they enter the flat.


St. Joseph is a very benevolent and kind being, one who only wants the best for his followers and all creatures on the earth

Although St. Joseph may have started out as just the patron saint of house sellers and buyers, this role has since changed to include all sorts of properties, such as land, apartments, and flats.

If you have a flat or condominium that you need to sell, then St. Joseph will answer your call

With this simple prayer, you’re calling upon the heavenly wisdom and power that is St. Joseph to illuminate the path ahead.

He will shine his light on your flat, so that potential buyers may see your flat in all of its heavenly glory

5) Strong Prayer To Sell My House Quickly

Strong Prayer To Sell My House Quickly
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Saint Joseph, I pray to You today with goodness and belief in my heart. I need Your help and intervention to sell my house quickly.

I know You’ll help the right buyer to show up soon. I’m not worried because with You by my side anything is possible. I need to sell my house by [say the date] and I need an offer of at least [say the amount].

In Jesus’ name I say this prayer, Amen.”

If you are in a desperate time of need, and you require financial assistance right now, then you can call on St. Joseph to help sell your house quickly.

Sometimes, selling a house can take months or even years. But St. Joseph knows that you need his assistance immediately, or else your well-being will be put into jeopardy. 

With this prayer, you can call on St. Joseph to ensure that your house will be sold quickly. So that you may use your financial earnings to pay off debts, survive, and build a good life for yourself and your family. 

If you call on him with this prayer, St. Joseph will make sure that our lord in heaven expedites the sale of your home

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never allow the righteous to be shaken” — Psalms 55:22.

6) Catholic Prayer For Selling A House

Catholic Prayer For Selling A House
Prayer For Printing

“Father, come to my aid now as You’re the Father of mercies and giver of all good gifts. I pray to You today to ask for Your help in selling my house.

Lord, You know we are struggling and I have no choice but to sell my house. As You said, those who ask will receive. So I’m asking You to bless this house so I can find the right buyer quickly.

I place all of my trust in You and Your powers. There’s nothing impossible to You Lord. May my house be sold soon, Amen.”

If you are in dire need to sell your home, then you should call on St. Joseph.

St. Joseph will invoke the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. 

Together, the holy trinity will use their heavenly might, wisdom, and light, to ensure that your house is sold in a speedy and righteous manner

This prayer illustrates that all you need to do is opens your heart to our lord and saviors. You will receive heavenly assistance whenever the lord is called upon.

Our God in heaven is a benevolent being, and if you open your heart to him, he will open someone else’s heart to your home

7) Beautiful Prayer to Find The Right Buyer

Beautiful Prayer to Find The Right Buyer
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty God, who takes care of His followers and faithful, I’m praying to You today because I know only You can help me in this moment.

I need to find a buyer for my house, but I want it to be someone who is also dedicated to You and will continue to seek Your blessings for the house and their family. May they take care of this beautiful house the same way we did.


This prayer helps you not only sell your home but to sell it to the right person

Your home is a special place, a home of God, a home that has always adhered to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Now that you are selling your home, you want it to go to someone who is also dedicated to the lord

With this prayer, you can ensure that your house stays in the hands of God, and does not fall into the horns of the devil

This prayer will shine the light of God onto your home. It will deter any evil beings and unfaithful heathens from purchasing your home, so that it may remain in the domain of good and light. 

You can also say a prayers for financial breakthrough

8) Powerful Prayer for Blessing A New House

Powerful Prayer for Blessing A New House
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Jesus Christ, I know my life has been full of many sins. Pardon me for all the sinful things I have done. Cleanse my house and protect us from evil souls by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I request the Holy Spirit to come into this place, my heart, and my soul, forever and ever. Jesus, bless this house and all who enter it in this house.

Bless every room, every closet, and every corner. I pray that your blessing is upon this home because it is a place of peace, love, and joy.


When a new house is bought, it must first be cleansed and blessed in the name of God.

You do not want to enter a new home when you do not know who the people living in it before were or if they lived their lives according to the word of God

If your new home is unclean and unholy, it may cause you to stray from the path of God and his salvation

With this prayer, you can call on St. Joseph and God to bless your new home. So that it itself may become a place of God and unquestioning faith

You can also say a prayer to remove the negative energies from your home or this prayer for house blessing and protection.

9) Prayer For Buying A House

Prayer For Buying A House
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty Lord, You say that it’s not a sin to ask for Your help in moments of need. Today, I pray for my family’s well-being and for You to help us find a home.

Please guide us to an appropriate realtor who will show us the house we’ve been looking for in our price range. Give us guidance and wisdom to make the right choice.

I ask you to be present in our lives and help us with our search. We need a house in a safe place to raise my children. Amen.”

If one wishes to buy a new house, one requires strength, patience, and wisdom.

With this prayer, you can call on the guiding hand of St. Joseph and our God in heaven to shine a light on the path that is your journey of buying a new home for your family. 

You can ensure that God will provide you with the required knowledge, strength, patience, and compassion to purchase a new house. 

This prayer will help you find a home that will allow you to continue to follow the word of God.

It will help you find a home that your partner and children will love. A home where your family can be warm and safe. 

St. Joseph is the patron saint of house buying, and with some words of dedication to him, you can ensure that his ever-guiding light will shine on you in your time of need

Who is St. Joseph?

St. Joseph was married to Mary, who was the mother of Jesus.

He was a holy man who is the patron saint of:

  • Families;
  • Expectant mothers and fathers;
  • The universal church;
  • Immigrants and travelers;
  • Craftsmen;
  • Working people;
  • House sellers and house buyers;
  • Many others.

St. Joseph is a holy entity who when called upon will always assist his followers in whatever needs they may have. St. Joseph is a saint that has the power to help his followers stay on the path of God

Will St. Joseph Help Me Sell My House?

Yes, absolutely will St. Joseph help you sell your house. House selling and buying is one of the things that he is a patron saint of.

St. Joseph will help any one of his followers so long as their intentions are just, true, and pure.

If you call upon the guiding light of St. Joseph, if you have goodness in your heart, he will always assist you no matter the issue. 

How Long Will It Take For This Prayer To Work?

St. Joseph never ignored the people who pray to him. So, if you say your prayer, it will begin to work immediately.

Just have some faith, because although you may not see the results right away, our human eyes cannot always see the heavenly miracles working in the moment.

Rather, we must have faith that the result will reveal itself when God believes the time to be right. 

Final Thoughts

With the prayers as laid out above, there is no doubt that St. Joseph and our lord in heaven will shine their light on your journey of selling and buying a home.

Remember to have faith and patience, as God is loving and benevolent to all creatures on this earth. 

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