7 Prayers for House Blessing and Protection (With Images)

Before you move into your house, it is important to release the blessing of God there. The reason is that you don’t know who lived there, or what went on in that environment before your arrival. 

In this article, we will discuss the 7 powerful prayers you can use for house blessing and protection

Through these prayers, you can cleanse your home of negative energy, evil spirits, and so on

Therefore, read this article till the end to find out about these prayers.

1) Prayer For House Blessing And Protection

Prayer For House Blessing And Protection
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“Dear God, I thank You for this home. I pray that You would come and protect this home against the enemy’s attack.

I pray against any evil that tries to enter this home and the strength to overcome temptation. And I pray that You will leave no opportunity for the devil to enter.

Instead, fill this house with Your presence, Lord, fill it with Your grace, mercy, love and protection. You are the only one welcome in this home.

Bring peace to us as You bless and cleanse every corner and inch of this house.

In Jesus’ name,  Amen.”

When you say this prayer, the power of God will protect your home from evil spirits.

Before you begin this prayer, express gratitude to God for giving you a new home. Thank Him for the beautiful and serene environment you have moved into. 

Afterwards, start saying this prayer with faith in your heart. Talk to God about your new home, and express your faith in God to cleanse and bless your home. 

Through this prayer, everything you desire will be granted. You will live in your home with peace. Everyone in your home will enjoy safety.

Therefore, start saying this prayer right now. 

You also should say any of these smudging prayers to remove negative energy from your home.

2) House Blessing Prayer

House Blessing Prayer
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“With all my strength I ask God Our Lord to help me, at this precise moment, at this precise time, and right now!

I ask that God our Lord enter this house, enter this home where I live, and bless this house from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

God Our Lord, take away from this house of mine all negativity, all bad energy, and all bad things.

Don’t let anything bad enter my house, now and forever,

As you say this special house blessing prayer, the angels of God will surround your home

Through the presence of these angels, the blessing of God will be released over your home.

The house blessing prayer is one of the ways to cleanse your home of every negative energy. With this prayer, demons will find it hard to penetrate your home

Start by thanking God for the home. Afterwards, begin to say this prayer with faith and determination

Ask for God’s blessings to come upon your home. Talk to Him about other plans you have and ask for His guidance even as you live in your new home. 

3) Prayer For New House Blessing And Protection

Prayer For New House Blessing And Protection
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“With the powers of Christ and all the saints, I ask You to enter this house of mine and take away from it all the evil, all the sadness, all the negative energies, and all the negativity that it may have.

With the powers of Christ, my house will be cleansed of negativity, it will be blessed, and it will be full of good energies.

Only God will be able to be present in this house of mine. Only Our Lord will be able to inhabit this house because there is no room for evil or negativity.

So be it,


While saying this prayer, ensure your mind is fixed on your desire. Faith is also needed to make this prayer work as you want.

Irrespective of what you’ve heard concerning the house you just moved into, you can be rest assured of experiencing the delivering power of God – taking out every curse, danger, or negative energy present in this new house. 

You can say this prayer before moving into the house, or after moving into the home. 

Ensure you say this prayer within the 1st month of moving into the house

4) Simple House Blessing Prayer

Simple House Blessing Prayer
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“Oh Lord, I pray for Your blessing on this home. I don’t want anything to arise in this house that won’t come from Your plans for us.

I ask You to cleanse and bless this house so we can have peace and rest knowing we are under Your care and protection.

Attract nothing but good luck and good energies to us. Remove any demons or evil entities that may try to lurk in this home or family.

Father, give me peace to know that Your blessing is here even in the midst of uncertainty

I ask this in Your name, Amen.”

This simple prayer is powerful enough to bless your home. It is not complex to say; neither does it require additional activities like candle lighting, and so on. 

Once your heart is connected to God, your prayer will be answered

The benefits of saying this prayer are as follows:

  • It releases the peace of God into the home;
  • It attracts good luck;
  • If any demon is lurking around your new home, this simple house blessing prayer fishes out the devil and expels it;
  • It brings down God’s presence into the home. 

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5) Christian House Blessing Prayer

Christian House Blessing Prayer
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“My Jesus, bless this house and let no evil enter. Keep away the bad things, come with us to stay. My soul belongs to You, only to You and Your Father.

I surrender us and this house to You. I promise, from the bottom of my soul, I only live by Your law and guidance.

I think of You all the time, You are above everything, and because of the love I have for You, I am blessed every day with a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Without You, I am nothing. I ask You to continue to bless and protect us every day of our lives. Cleanse this house from any evil and negative energies right now.


This prayer is targeted at Jesus Christ. The reason is that He is the Lord of the House. Through this prayer, you are inviting Him into your home

Wherever the presence of Jesus is, peace, love, and blessing are present. 

This is why you should say this special Christian house blessing prayer right now.

This prayer is so powerful that it will remove even old curses from the house itself or the land.

But, you need to say it once a day for at least a week. I can assure you will start to feel immediate results.

6) Catholic Prayer For House Blessing And Protection

Catholic Prayer For House Blessing And Protection
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“Heavenly Father, I trust You and all Your powers, because I know You are very powerful. That’s why I pray to You because I know You can help me bless my home, my family, and my whole life.

Heavenly Father, I am praying this prayer to You because I need Your help and Your protection.

I need Your help to remove all evil in this house and I need Your protection to protect me and my family from all the evil that may exist in this house.

Please Heavenly Father, help us and protect us.


This catholic prayer for house blessing and protection can be said on the day you move in. Now, if you’ve moved into your home, you can still say it. 

Mostly, for effectiveness, this prayer should be said early in the morning

Through this powerful prayer, God’s blessing will be released upon your home. 

You are inviting Him to come to your house and shield it from any negativity in it and in your family.

7) Prayer For House And Family Protection

Prayer For House And Family Protection
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“Father in Heaven,

Today I pray to You to invite You to come to my house. Come to us and cleanse and bless this home. Fill it with only Your love, power and protection, as You are the only one we trust to take care of us.

Shield us from any evil entities, curses and the devil that might try to attack us. I place this house, this land and my family under Your care, Lord.

With Your presence in this house, I know that no evil shall prosper. No evil will enter my house anymore as it’ll be filled with the power of our Lord and Savior.

In Your name, I pray. Amen.”

When you move into the wrong home, you put yourself and your family at risk. To avoid this, you should say this prayer constantly

It does not matter if you recently moved into the home or not. This prayer works both for a new house and an old one. 

You should say this prayer in the morning and at night to release its full power. 

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Should I Pray Indoors?

These prayers are meant to bless and protect the entire house. So, only staying indoors might not be as effective.

You can start indoors and move outside as you pray. This way, you will be blessing the entire house and land around you.

By praying you are creating an external barrier outside of your house against any attacks from the devil or enemies.

You are also removing any old curse that might be in the lad itself. So, it’s really important that you bless everything around you.

Should I say these Prayers whenever I buy a new house?

Yes, you should say any of these prayers whenever you buy a new house.

Not only when you buy a new house but even after living in it for a year, as the strength of the prayers starts to weaken.

Saying these prayers is a way of protecting yourself, your family and your house from any type of spiritual attack or old curses and entities that could be living there.

With these prayers, even ghosts will be forced to leave your new home.

Never ignore the power of these 7 prayers for house blessing and protection.

Before you leave, read these prayers to St. Anthony for lost things and miracles.

Final Words

As you pray, God will answer you. All you need to do is have faith and trust in the Lord.

Never neglect the importance of saying these prayers. They are the best forms of prayer you can find for your home blessing and protection. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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