6 Prayers To God For Stolen Items To Be Returned: Works Instantly

Someone has taken what is yours. You feel angry, frustrated, and helpless. Especially if it was a big item like a new car or other big purchase. Can you pray for the recovery of stolen items? Yes, you can. 

But you don’t even know what to pray for at that time. When you find something you lost or get it back, you probably thank Jesus and pray to bring that thing back into your life.

Read these prayers for lost or stolen items when you need to stay centered and calm when you lose something special to you. 

We encourage everyone to pray for the person who took your belongings, as Jesus reminds us, “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”.

1) Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned

Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned
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“Lord Jesus, I believe in your power and that nothing is impossible for you. I believe in the possibility of being reunited with my stolen items.

I can’t believe someone took my stuff! I’m so desperate right now, it’s hard for me to pray, but I know you hear even the simplest of prayers.

I ask you to somehow return my stuff to me. I would like my items returned to me, and hopefully undamaged. Amen.”

It is upsetting to lose something you had a special attachment to and call your own.

That is why it is important to pray because it is the most powerful tool in finding stolen goods and gives us hope to find them.

God will make sure the person who took your items feels the need to return them.

As God is fair and tris to understand both sides, but stealing something that doesn’t belong to you isn’t correct.

You can also say a prayer to calm yourself during this moment.

2) Strong Prayer For Lost Or Stolen Items

Strong Prayer For Lost Or Stolen Items
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“Dear Lord, we pray to you today for the return of our lost or stolen items. We ask that you bring them back to us safely and quickly and that you guide those who have taken them to return them to their rightful owners.

We are grateful for your help in this matter and pray that you bless those who have been so kind as to return our goods.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers and answering them with your grace and mercy. Amen.”

You can pray this prayer for lost or stolen items. Losing something precious is a painful and sad experience.

You may feel anxious, depressed, and even angry with yourself for not protecting this item appropriately.

In the event of a lost or stolen item, you may be concerned about the safety of your belongings and whether they will be found or returned to you.

But they will soon show up at your house or where they were stolen.

3) Prayer To God To Recover Stolen Property

Prayer To God To Recover Stolen Property
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“Heavenly Father, I beg you to ask the person who stole my property to return it to me. I ask that you banish the thief from my life at any cost.

I beseech that you make the thief obedient to your will. I ask, by the power of your intervention, that you will be able to restore what was taken from me.

My heart is heavy and full of anxiety over the loss of my belongings. Although I try not to focus on material things but this object has a great personal connection to me.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

It is a disturbing thing when you lose your property. Having something stolen from you is an invasion of your privacy

Stolen property, whether trivial or essential, brings a sense of desperation and perhaps even panic as we look desperately to find them.

So you can find help from God through this prayer and He will listen.

4) Short Prayer For Finding Stolen Or Lost Items

Short Prayer For Finding Stolen Or Lost Items
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“Almighty God, Heavenly Father, I ask that you hear my prayer today. I know you have taught us to renounce our material things for eternal life.

I request you help me reunite and find my items, as they have more than worldly value. I beseech Thee to strike fear into the hearts of those who have stolen my thing that they may see fit to return it to me.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

When looking for lost or stolen items, prayer is one of the most effective instruments at your disposal.

This prayer promises that if you ask God for help, He will provide it.

Additionally, it can help you stay hopeful during this difficult time. But God is going to make sure that the thief feels the urge to give back your belongings.

The person who did it could be influenced by some evil spirit and wasn’t thinking straight.

5) Prayer For Finding Something Lost

Prayer For Finding Something Lost
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“O Holy Saint Anthony, God has chosen you to be one of his most powerful advocates for us. You have been selected to return our lost and stolen items.

I pray to you with all faith and hope that you will help me to find what I have lost, just as you have helped countless members of God’s flock.

I place what I have lost in your care so that you may bring it back to me. I pray that through God, you will be able to find what I have lost and that He will find a way to return it to me. I ask this via our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

If you are not finding your lost thing, even if things are never restored to you, let these prayers help ease your anxiety and bring peace to your heart.

You can also focus on moving forward and praying for a better tomorrow.

Because it’s always important to be thankful to God every day, not only in moments of need.

6) Recovery Prayer For When You Lose Something

Recovery Prayer For When You Lose Something
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“Dear Lord, I know that the devil is always trying to turn us away from you and to do his will. I know that the devil takes pleasure in pain, suffering, and trouble.

I pray that you remind the person who took my thing that he needs to stay away from the devil. If I don’t get it back, I pray you to take away my stress about losing it.

Open my heart to be okay with the possibility that I may never get my thing back and make peace with it. Amen.”

Have you lost something in life, suffered a setback, or are there things in your life that you still need divine intervention for? If yes, these are the prayer points for you. 

All you know is that the Lord knows what the thief will do; next, He knows what is in their heart.

As soon as you call upon the God of restoration, he will arise and help you overcome your enemies, and you will recover all your stolen goods in Jesus’s name.

You can also say a prayer to protect yourself from negative energies. This way, you won’t have things stolen anymore.

Who Do You Pray To When You Lose Something?

During these moments we should pray to God. Losing something can be devastating for anyone. Whether you are rich or living your life hand to mouth, everyone in this world holds something dear.

Losing your beloved items can bring you to the court of Almighty God for recovery.  We pray when we lose something because only God can return it.

He knows if we have left it anywhere or if someone has stolen it from us. Praying to God means we are admitting that we cannot recover these items, and only He has the power to get these things back.

Will God Help Me Recover My Stolen Items?

God will surely help you find your lost items. God always helps his people to find lost items or peace. When you pray to God that you have lost something, he will help you find the lost or stolen items.

Also, when you lose something and don’t get it back, it is a blessing from God.

It means He is going to give you a replacement more than you have lost. He knew that the thing you have lost has come to an end of life, and He is awarding you with a great replacement.

Should I Keep Praying Until My Items Are Given Back?

You should keep praying until the stolen or lost items are returned and keep praying after that.

Praying to God gives you a sense of faith that you have no control over finding the lost items, and you ask the Higher Power to return the items.

He is testing your faith, and you will soon be rewarded with the best.

So, praying until you get what you want is common, and you should not get disheartened if prayers take long. You should not leave your prayers mid-way if answers to the prayers are delayed.

Final words

We are sorry that someone took something from you. It seems they’ve taken more than just the item – they’ve also taken a measure of confidence.

It may be easy now to choose to be cynical or suspicious of other people, but heed Jesus’ teaching, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”(Matthew 5:44 NIV).

We serve the God of supernatural restoration, and He said to David in 1 Samuel 30:8, “Recover all without fail” As you point this prayer to the recovery of all today, you shall recover all your stolen blessings in Jesus’s name.

The God you serve will hear your prayers today, and you will recover all your testimonies in Jesus’s name. Read this prayer today with faith. Our God is not an idol. He hears, sees, speaks, feels, and answers. Call on Him today in faith and expect immediate answers in Jesus’ name.

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