6 Prayers To God For Stolen Items To Be Returned: Works Instantly

When something we value is stolen, we feel lost and unsure of how to react or where to go to get it back. If we spend a lot of time looking for a solution, we become even more hopeless.

This is where prayer comes into play, you don’t need to do anything other than pray consistently. God will only assist you in recovering your priceless object quickly.

After a brief period of prayer during which you have a firm belief that God is working miracles to return your item to you.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 6 prayers to God for stolen items to be returned in a short time. All you need is to have some faith in the power of our Lord and Savior.

1) Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned

Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned
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“Oh God, today I pray to You to ask for Your help. I believe in Your powers and that nothing is impossible for You.

Please Lord, guide me in the search to find what belongs to me. Someone stole from me [say what items were stolen].

I’m so desperate right now, not because of the value of my items but what they meant to me. After all, You were to one who provided me with the money and power to buy them.

You are capable of everything, I ask You to somehow return my stuff to me and hopefully undamaged.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

When we have something that is worthy of us in our lives it is God’s gift to us.

So when we lost it we have to pray by mentioning it. Ask Him to give it back to you since you had it in the first place because you were deserving of it.

This prayer will help you recover your stolen items quickly, as God will find a way to return them to you.

He knows that you had a special attachment to that item and you’ve been feeling upset because of it. God will talk to the person who took your belongings so they feel the need to return them immediately.

It’s important that you trust in His powers when you say any of these payers or they won’t work!

You can also say a prayer to calm yourself during this moment.

2) Strong Prayer For Lost Or Stolen Items

Strong Prayer For Lost Or Stolen Items
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“Our Lord, By your vast might You created the skies, and I proclaim that nothing is too difficult for You. So today I pray to You because I don’t know what to do.

I lost something of mine, [say the items].

I am aware of Your kindness toward me, which I am grateful for, and I am depending on it today to help me locate my objects wherever they may be.

I pray that You also bless those who took my Items, they need Your help and Your blessings in their hearts.

Thank you, God, for hearing my prayers and answering them with Your grace and mercy. Amen.”

You can say this prayer for lost or stolen items. You’re putting your faith and your belongings in the hands of God now.

He is greatly capable of doing anything. This prayer will strengthen your relationship and connection with God because you’re showing Him your gratitude for everything He has done for you.

You’re also asking to bless those who took your items. So, you’re showing Him that you forgive those people who have sinned.

He will open doors and straighten ways for you. So that you will go directly to where you left your item or who took it.

Have some patience, it could take a few days. But your items will soon show up at your house or where they were stolen.

You can also say a prayer to thank God after he answered your prayer.

3) Prayer To God To Recover Stolen Property

Prayer To God To Recover Stolen Property
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“Oh God, the creator of mankind and our world! I’m praying to You today because I’m sad for those whom You haven’t reached yet.

Someone stole my property. Someone who I believe hasn’t met You and Your love yet. So, today I pray for those who don’t know the warmth and power of Your presence in their lives.

Please Father, may Your guidance reach the person who stole my things. Show them that You’re forgiving and help those who sin too.

Someone stole my [say the items].

Please bring my lost things back to me. Guide me and show me the way so that I might retrieve my lost objects.

My heart and mind are full of anxiety over the loss of my belongings. But I believe in Your powers and protection that I’ll recover them soon.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Sometimes we don’t know what to say or how to put our words together. We feel afraid of saying something inappropriate.

Here is an effective prayer that will help you on your hard days to ask God for help in returning your l stolen property.

Having our things stolen is like having a part of us gone. Especially if it was something we were really attached to and priceless.

But, with this powerful prayer, I promise you will recover your property soon! With help from God, nothing is impossible.

4) Short Prayer For Finding Stolen Or Lost Items

Short Prayer For Finding Stolen Or Lost Items
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“Almighty God, although I try not to focus on material things I had a strong connection with the stolen/lost objects.

I need Your assistance, my Lord, to discover where my lost property is. I admit my carelessness in front of You.

Please forgive my irresponsibility and assist me in locating this object since it is too important for me to get it back.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

When we lose or get stolen something important to us, praying is the most effective tool we have.

By saying this prayer you admit in front of God that you were unwise in paying attention to keep His gift to you.

By admitting your mistakes and asking God persistently and faithfully, He will use His power to help you in recovering your stolen property.

You need to stay hopeful during this difficult time. It’s very important that you don’t lose your faith in the Lord’s power.

Also, you can’t be mad if someone took your belongings. The person who did it could be influenced by some evil spirit and wasn’t thinking straight.

5) Prayer For Finding Something Lost

Prayer For Finding Something Lost
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“Heavenly Father, You are the One who will demonstrate the correct path out of misdirection. I was irresponsible and lost something very important to me.

Please, I beg You to have mercy on me. I need your guidance in this time of trouble. With Your power, help me return my lost property or to trace my steps back to where I left it.

I’m asking You to help me since it is a gift from You, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to provide for myself alone.

I pray to You with all my faith and hope, as I know there isn’t anyone more powerful than You, my Lord. You have helped me countless times before, so I know You hear my prayers.

Thank you, Father, for Your blessings and love. Amen.”

By saying this prayer you’re showing God that in times of need, you always count on His powers for guidance.

You need to ask Him to clear paths for you so that you will be directed to the thing that you lost wherever you left it.

If you said this prayer with an open heart while believing that God will never give up on you and that he will aid you in locating your last thing. You will in days get the help you asked for by God’s grace.

You can also say these prayers to help ease your anxiety and bring peace to your heart. So you don’t start to question Lord’s power until your items are returned.

6) Recovery Prayer For When You Lose Something

Recovery Prayer For When You Lose Something
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“My God, I feel so helpless and I need your aid to recover this item I lost by bringing it to me back or giving me patience till I get it back.

Heavenly Father, assist me in this moment of need. I place my faith in You, that You’ll help me recover the items I’ve lost.

I pray to You to bless me with guidance and strength to find [say the items you lost].

If I don’t get it back, I pray you to take away my stress about losing it and bless me with something to replace it.


This prayer will help you put into words some of the pain that you feel because of what you lost.

God knows everything that is happening in our lives and feels everything we feel. So, we must put what hurts us into words and ask for his help.

After this prayer God will help you recover your emotional and physical health even by turning your thing to you, replacing it with something better, or making you forget about it for once.

You can also say a prayer to protect yourself from negative energies. This way, you won’t have things stolen or lost anymore.

Who Do You Pray To When You Lose Something?

When you lose or have something stolen you must pray to God. When we are feeling lost, when we attempt many different things but nothing seems to work, we must pray.

We shouldn’t give in to the sense of defeat. Since there is still God’s door to knock on, and we may accomplish that by saying prayers with our hearts open.

When we lose something, we have to constantly pray to God using the prayers above. God will always answer our prayers.

He will assist us in finding whatever we lost or got stolen from us in a way that will bring us joy.

Because God is able to work miracles. Even if there is no way for that item to return to us, a way will be made by God’s grace.

Will God Help Me Recover My Stolen Items?

God will surely help you find your lost items. He will make a way for your item to find its way back to you. As long as you are a devout person who believes in God and His will in the lives of his people.

Especially if you repeated these prayers over a period of time with an open heart and faith. He will help you no matter what you lost or who took it.

You don’t have to read them all. You may pick a few or even one and repeat it every day to experience God’s miracles working in your favor.

As long as you are requesting something that is entirely yours and something you earned by your own means without asking for someone else to get harmed, there is nothing that God cannot do to assist His people in getting through their difficult times which is in your case finding whatever was taken from you.

Should I Keep Praying Until My Items Are Given Back?

Yes, you should keep praying until your items are given back! It won’t do any harm to pray continuously in hope that God would answer by bringing back anything you have lost undamaged.

Praying to God to retrieve Your lost stuff won’t take more than a quarter of an hour of your time every day.

God is always willing to aid His loving people with anything they lost. Especially if it is something worthy to them or something they obtained through their own hard work.

Just have confidence that God will lift your hand to the light and restore what you lost. In order to bring you back your happiness and emotional health.

In conclusion, God’s mercy will always behold to you and protect you. As well as anything that matters to you even if it is taken away from you he will take care of it till you get it back.

Therefore, believe in the process and hold to these prayers for a period of time without getting bored. Recite them every day, and you will get your lost or stolen things undamaged back in a short amount of time as you hold to your faith in God and pray with an open heart.

He will unlock doors and straighten ways for you to assemble with whatever you lost. And also bring along with them your happiness back to you by calming the anger that you felt during that period of loss.

Even if it will not return to you He will replace it with what is better a thousand times. So that you will be satisfied of the results of your prayers, and don’t forget after getting what you truly wanted thank God for helping you.

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