7 Prayers for My Dog Who Passed Away: Rest In Peace in Heaven

Losing your dog can be truly heartbreaking. People may not understand how deep the pain feels, but the Lord in Heaven does. 

If you’re mourning the loss of your dog or know someone who is, you can say these seven incredible prayers amid this challenging experience. 

1) Prayer for My Dog Who Passed Away

Prayer for My Dog Who Passed Away
Prayer For Printing

“Everlasting God, 

Thank You for bringing a precious pup into my life. I am grateful for all the wonderful moments we shared until its last day. 

(Mention pet’s name) was a bundle of joy and we hate that it had to go so soon.

My beloved dog was a source of happiness, and I’m disheartened that You took him away, even though we knew that one day (mention pet’s name) would go on to be with You as it is a natural order for every living thing to die.

Dear lord, I ask that as (mention pet’s name) goes through the journey of the afterlife, that You guide, protect it, welcome it to Your bosom, and look after it just as we looked after it here on earth. May You welcome him into Your warm and loving arms.

Thank You, God, for hearing my cry. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

A dog is man’s best friend and so losing them can leave a gap in your family, which comes with deep frustrations.

It’s challenging to untie all the memories you had with your dog when he or she is no longer with you. 

You may talk to a friend, colleague, sibling, or parent about it, but the impact may not be as substantial as with prayers.

The above devotion seeks to fill your heart with comfort and peace as you mourn the loss of your dog.

Feel free to personalize the prayer to suit the unique relationship with your late furry buddy. 

2) Short Prayer for Dog Passing to Go to Heaven

Short Prayer for Dog Passing to Go to Heaven
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“God of Heaven, 

My doggie is about to pass away, and I am so hurt! Losing (mention pet’s name) will be very hard and my life already feels kind of empty right now. I have no one to turn to except You.

I lack words, but I just pray that You help (mention pet’s name) pass peacefully and without any pain. May You open the Heavenly gates for (mention pet’s name). Still, I am grateful for the opportunity to take care of such a special animal.

May it rest in eternal peace of Your loving hands. Allow it to be free, running with happiness across the enormous fields of Your comforting Kingdom. 

I pray this through Christ the Lord. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Despite honoring the vet checkups and purchasing healthy foods, losing your darling dog remains inevitable. It’s a sad truth of death.

It hurts even more knowing that dogs have a shorter life span than humans meaning they are prone to leave us sooner than we imagine. 

As hurtful as it feels, the best thing to do when you lose your dog is to pray. Ask God to open the doors of paradise for her or him so you may rejoice together one day.

Remember, your furry friend is forever in the Lord’s love and care. 

You can also say a prayer for anxiety and worry, to calm yourself and help with the process of grieving.

3) Dog’s Prayer For Grieving Humans

Dog’s Prayer For Grieving Humans
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“Dear God, 

Thank You for our beloved dog and all our days together. It has been more than a pet to us, it has been a best friend, a companion, and a protector. I’ve never imagined myself grieving so much about its death. 

May You let (mention pet’s name) death be a daily reminder of the great moments we shared here on earth, not sadness and guilt. Wipe our tears, my Redeemer, and those of any parent mourning the loss of their pet. 

I hope we can reunite once more again by Your side.

In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Using prayers to grieve the loss of your loving dog is the most remarkable way to celebrate their loyalty and presence in your life.

You may not find the right words to say during this frustrating moment but this prayer will help. 

God created every creature on the planet including your dog and loves them unconditionally. It’s very much okay to pray for your pet when he or she dies, asking Him to allow them to rest peacefully.

When you acquire or adopt another doggie, pray for them even when alive and well, for God will sustain them. 

4) Prayer for My Dog in Heaven 

Prayer for My Dog in Heaven
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“Creator God, 

You blessed me with a beautiful friend, but now it is no longer with me. As I celebrate my pup’s life, may You let them continue resting in peace. 

I pray that (mention pet’s name) finds eternal peace and that You protect and look after it as it departs from us to be with You. I know You are the Father of all and You will take care of (mention pet’s name), as You have promised us in Your word.

In Your incredibly amazing Kingdom, embrace (mention pet’s name) tenderly and bestow endless happiness into its innocent soul.

May You continue filling our hearts with comfort, hope, and strength as we strive to heal. 

(Mention pet’s name), I promise you’ll always be in our minds and hearts. As you took a piece of us the day you passed away. We’ll cherish and keep every memory of you.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of my dog. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

The bond between a dog and its parent is so enormous that losing him or her can be depressing.

You can say this heartwarming prayer during this challenging time on behalf of your doggy in Heaven. 

As you remember their birthday or the day you first adopted your beautiful pup, this prayer offers the best way to commemorate your deceased special friend and to ask God to continue embracing them in Heaven. 

You can also say a prayer to thank God for answering your prayers. You’ll show Him that you know He’s taking a close look at you and your family.

5) A Dog’s Prayer At Death: Peacefully Go To Heaven

A Dog’s Prayer At Death: Peacefully Go To Heaven
Prayer For Printing

“Loving God, 

Letting (mention pet’s name) go is the most painful thing in the world. In this unexplainable pain, please let my dear dog die peacefully.

I’m worried that after (mention pet’s name) death it won’t find its way to You and Heaven. Please, God, I ask that You guide its soul to Heaven where it can find everlasting rest and peace. Shine Your everlasting light on it so it can find its path to be by Your side.

Thank You for creating a place like Heaven where I know (mention pet’s name) will be happy to be with other dogs.

I also pray that You may help me feel better and understand that it was bound to occur. May we meet again in Your loving Kingdom. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Did you know that pets have an afterlife too?

When your doggy dies, they follow the same pattern as humans, from a resting soul that hasn’t progressed to paradise to judgment, then Heaven. 

It’s not guaranteed that your pup will go to Heaven after judgment. That’s why it’s important to pray for their transition.

Remember to pray for your smooth healing process by speaking Psalm 31:24 into your life:

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” 

Psalm 31:24 (NIV)

6) Dog Prayer For Dogs Who Have Died

Dog Prayer For Dogs Who Have Died
Prayer For Printing

“Merciful God, 

I come before You in prayers for all the dogs that have died in whatever circumstances. May You continue comforting them in Your arms and caring for their little, jumpy souls. 

Creator of Heaven and Earth, maker of the universe, I come before You today as I stand on behalf of (mention pet’s name), who just passed on to be with You.

I ask that You help (mention pet’s name) to find Heaven, the amazing place You have created for everyone and animals to rest after death, so they can spend the rest of eternity with You.

Please strengthen and encourage every dog parent that has lost their pet. Grant them peace of mind and the confidence they need. 

O God of all creations, hear me. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Statistics show that approximately 1 million dogs die every year in different scenarios like old age, accidents, illnesses, adverse weather, and many others.

That translates to many dog parents who mourn their lovely doggies yearly, and it’s pretty heartbreaking. 

As you say your daily prayers, don’t forget to pray for dogs that have died and their parents or caregivers, too.

Your prayers will help to reduce the impact of the pain felt during grieving and grant a comfortable resting place for the pets. 

You can also say this prayer to guide its soul to Heaven after 40 days.

7) Memorial Prayer for My Dog That Died 

Memorial Prayer for My Dog That Died
Prayer For Printing

“Gracious Father, 

Thank You for matching me with (mention pet’s name). I also thank You for making it a blessing in my life while it was alive.

I bow before You this moment in remembrance of my lovely doggo who died. As I remember the happy days we had together, let me be comforted in the fact that my little one is in paradise and we shall meet one day. 

It hasn’t been an easy walk because I haven’t healed from the loss. Let my heart be at peace in this challenging period. I can only find some peace and comfort knowing that (mention pet’s name) is resting peacefully in Heaven, as it deserves to be.

I ask this in Your loving name. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

God knows how much you love your doggie and wouldn’t wish to lose him or her. However, death is just unavoidable.

Whenever it knocks, you can be guaranteed that this prayer is the reassurance that your dog is in a better place, surrounded by warmth, love, and care. 

These prayers should, however, not be substituted for constant efforts to take good care of your pets while they are still alive.

Like James says in his letter, James 2:26:

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” 

Psalm 31:24 (NIV)

Ensure that you follow every practice regarding nurturing dogs for an extended lifespan

Know that you have made the right decision by praying to ask for guidance from God to help guide your pets to the bosom of beautiful things and enough goodies for your pet.

Will These Prayers Help My Dog Find Heaven?

The answer is, yes, these prayers will. Dogs cannot pray on their own and if they do, we have no idea about that.

The best thing to do for a dog that just passed away is to say a prayer on its behalf.

By praying, you’re also showing God how much your dog meant to you.

The next thing for you to do is to let go and always remember that they wouldn’t have been a better place for your dog to be than the place you have sent it to. Doing this makes you the best dog parent in the world.

Will I Be Able To See My Dog After Death?

The answer is, yes, humans can see their late loved ones and pets after they pass away and this means you get to see your dog too.

But don’t be in a hurry to see your dog, not unless you wish for death. Make sure you live life to the fullest and when the time is right, you will see your dog again.

Is There A Heaven For Pets?

This is the most common question dog parents ask. Though it has been said that animals have no soul and cannot go to Heaven this has not been proven.

The truth is, according to the biblical passage that says, “we shall all reunite with him (the creator) on the last day” this includes everything God created.

So yes, there is a heaven for pets and it’s the same heaven we will all go to on the last day. So be rest assured that you will meet your pet because it will be there in heaven waiting for you.

Final Thoughts

Watching all the cuddles, play times, training, nature walks, and the silly doggie moments slide between your hands can be heartbreaking.

If you lost your pet, you might be going through an experience that you think nobody understands.

There’s someone who sees your pain and will keep you strong through the above prayers- that’s God!

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