7 Beautiful Prayers For The Loss Of A Dog: Find Heaven

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend and having a dog as a pet is usually a beautiful experience you wished would never end.

They’re such loyal and lovable pets that it’s hard to grieve when they pass away. It’s like they leave a void in our lives when they’re gone. After all, they’re just like another family member — or better.

I believe that it’s one of the most difficult phases to go through in life because you create so many good memories together.

It wasn’t just a pet, it was there in your ups and downs. Always ready to cheer you up with a smiley face and doing silly things!

Even though some people don’t believe that animals go to Heaven, I like to believe they do. They cross this beautiful rainbow to a place where there’s no pain or suffering and you’ll reunite again someday.

In this article, we’ll be covering 7 different types of prayers to pray for your dog’s loss, and we’ll also be answering the possible questions that might be bugging you concerning their afterlife.

1) Prayer For The Loss Of A Dog

Prayer For The Loss Of A Dog
Prayer For Printing

“Dear heavenly father, thank You for the great gift you blessed me with a few years ago. Thank You for creating [pet name] and for giving me the ability to look after it and care for it as I did when it was alive.

[Pet name] was a bundle of joy and we hate that it had to go so soon. We knew that one day [pet name] would go on to be with You as it is a natural order for every living thing to die.

Dear lord,  We ask that as [pet name] goes through the journey of the afterlife, that You guide, protect it, welcome it to Your bosom, and look after it just as we looked after it here on earth.

Thank you, Lord, for I know that you will answer my prayer. Amen.”

Whether it’s now or later, our pets die too — just like any other living being. But losing a dog is one of the most difficult phases to go through in life

Believe in this prayer and as you say it, know that your pet which you recently lost will be resting in the bosom of God.

Trust in God to care for your pet just like He cares for and looks after every soul that journeys to be with Him.

Your dog is now in a better place, running around in the gardens of Heaven and playing with other animals!

2) Comfort Prayer For Losing A Dog And Relieving Pain

Comfort Prayer For Losing A Dog And Relieving Pain
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“Dear Lord,  this has to got to be the most painful thing I have experienced in a while and I got to admit that it hurts, and You know where it hurts.

I know You can help me and that’s why I am coming to You, please comfort my heart and help me relieve this heart-aching pain I feel.

Losing [pet name] has been very hard and my life feels kind of empty right now. I have no one to turn to except You.

I know that you’re the kind of father who comforts His child in time of pain and mourning and I ask that You touch my aching heart and take away this burden I feel.

I understand that [pet name] has come to be with you and I cannot change that.

Please lord, help me feel better, relieve me of this pain and help me understand that this was bound to happen and there’s nothing I can do to change this. Amen.”

Pain is often associated with losing a loved one, and it is very normal for you to feel like there’s a void in your heart.

This prayer will help you in cushioning the effect of the pain you feel. Remember that God is always ready and available to take away your pains and burdens once you go to Him.

Remember that it’s okay to feel sad and to miss your dog just like it was a sibling. Your pet has been present in almost every laugh and tear.

These prayers help you to find some comfort knowing that your dog is now resting in peace. He has now crossed to Heaven and is joying its time there!

You can also say a prayer for anxiety and worry, to calm yourself and help with the process of grieving.

3) Strong Prayer For A Dog Who Died

Strong Prayer For A Dog Who Died
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“Our father, I pray that today, You take the soul of [pet name] and take it to Your bosom.

[Pet name] has always been a good dog! As its parent, I know it’s going to be scared and alone as it transitions into the afterlife.

I ask that You guide [pet name] and keep it safe from all harm as it transitions into Heaven. May its soul rest in peace by Your side. I hope we can reunite once more again by Your side. Amen.”

The loyalty they give, the sense of belonging, feeling loved, the memories and most importantly, the companionship they give, you just wish it wouldn’t end.

But in reality, just like every other creature on earth, dogs too are mortals and they are all bound to die one day.

This prayer will not only help you in healing faster but it also assures you that your pet is in good hands.

You’re asking God Himself to divinely guide your dog to the gardens of Heaven. This prayer is especially good if your dog suffered with anxiety separation.

God will reach your dog and help it find eternal rest and the path to be by His side!

4) Short Prayer For A Dog From Its Owners

Short Prayer For A Dog From Its Owners
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“Dear Heavenly Father, today I stand as the custodian and parent of [pet name] who just passed away to be with you.

I pray that it finds eternal peace and that You protect and look after it as it departs from us to be with You. I know You are the father of all and You will take care of [pet name] as you have promised us in Your word.

[Pet name], I promise you’ll always be in our minds and hearts. As you took a piece of us the day you passed away. We’ll cherish and keep every memory of you.

Thank You heavenly lord for I know You will answer my prayers, Amen.”

While saying this prayer, know that God loved and still loves your pet. Before you became its parent, God was its first parent.

And if there’s anyone out there who’s going look after your pet with so much love and care, then it’s God. All you need to do is trust Him.

Our Lord will take care of your dog until you can reunite again one day. And, in this prayer, you’re also sharing a couple of words to reassure your dog that it will always be loved and remembered.

You can also say a prayer to thank God for answering your prayers. You’ll show Him that you know He’s taking a close look at you and your family.

5) Beautiful Prayer For A Dog Dying And Find Heaven

Beautiful Prayer For A Dog Dying And Find Heaven
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“Dear lord, I’m worried after [pet name] death that it won’t find its way to You and Heaven.

Please God, I ask that You guide its soul to Heaven where it can find everlasting rest and peace. Shine Your everlasting light on it so [pet name] can find its path to be by Your side.

Thank You for creating a place like Heaven where I know [pet name] will be happy to be with other dogs. May Your name be praised. Amen.”

By saying this prayer, you already acknowledge that there’s no better place for your pet to be than to be with God in Heaven.

You do not have to worry anymore, there are angels in Heaven who will take care of your pet for you, and it will be having its best time there.

It’s okay to feel worried and sad after your dog has passed away. This is usually because of the attachment, the beautiful memories and the time spent together.

But remember that it’s not in a better place and playing with other dogs and animals!

6) Help Doggie Find Heaven Prayer

Help Doggie Find Heaven Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Creator of heaven and earth, maker of the universe, I come before thee today. I stand on behalf of [pet name] who just passed on to be with You.

I ask that You help [pet name] to find Heaven — the amazing place You have created for everyone and animals to rest after death, so they can spend the rest of eternity with You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

While saying this prayer, believe that it will guide your dog and lead them to the great beyond.

Praying for your dog to find Heaven is the best thing any dog parent can do, it shows that you do not only care about its life here on earth but where its soul goes too.

And if you’ve asked God to help your pet find heaven, then He will. He loves your pet and wants the best for it just as He loves you.

You can also say this prayer to guide its soul to Heaven after 40 days.

7) Blessing Dogs’ Prayer For Grieving Humans

Blessing Dogs' Prayer For Grieving Humans
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“Heavenly Father, thank You for matching me with [pet name]. I also thank You for making it a blessing in my life while it was alive.

Dear lord, I humbly ask that You bless [pet name] and lead it to a beautiful place even in my moment of grief.

I pray that You help me heal and find some comfort in this grieving moment. You can do it by providing all the needs [pet name] will need as it travels beyond. Amen.”

Talking to God in your time of grief is the best thing to do. Understand that God hears you and He will give you the comfort that comes with peace.

Also, He will grant your heart’s desire and take care of your pet just as you asked him to.

By saying any or all of these prayers, you admit to God that He did a great thing and blessed you by bringing your late pet into your life.

Saying any of these prayers also helps you and assures you that your pet is in good hands. Your dog will be properly taken care of, just as you took care of it while it was still alive.

Know that you have made the right decision by praying to ask for guidance from God to help guide your pets to the bosom of beautiful things and enough goodies for your pet.

Will These Prayers Help My Dog Find Heaven?

The answer is, yes, these prayers will. Dogs cannot pray on their own and if they do, we have no idea about that.

The best thing to do for a dog that just passed away is to say a prayer on its behalf.

By praying, you’re also showing God how much your dog meant to you.

The next thing for you to do is to let go and always remember that they wouldn’t have been a better place for your dog to be than the place you have sent it to. Doing this makes you the best dog parent in the world.

Will I Be Able To See My Dog After Death?

The answer is, yes, humans can see their late loved ones and pets after they pass away and this means you get to see your dog too.

But don’t be in a hurry to see your dog, not unless you wish for death. Make sure you live life to the fullest and when the time is right, you will see your dog again.

Is There A Heaven For Pets?

This is the most common question dog parents ask. Though it has been said that animals have no soul and cannot go to Heaven this has not been proven.

The truth is, according to the biblical passage that says, “we shall all reunite with him (the creator) on the last day” this includes everything God created.

So yes, there is a heaven for pets and it’s the same heaven we will all go to on the last day. So be rest assured that you will meet your pet because it will be there in heaven waiting for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a dog parent who recently lost a dog you might be feeling confused about the type of prayers to say for your recently lost buddy.

If you’re unsure if your dog will go to heaven or not, be rest assured that you are helping it find the path to Heaven.

These prayers are very powerful and they show how much you loved your dog. God has seen how you took care of it until the last day so He will guide it to Heaven and keep your dog so you can reunite again one day!

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