7 Prayers when Starting a New Job & First day of Work

In this article I’ll show you the best prayer when starting a new job and to get luck in the first day of work.

Starting a new job comes with its challenges. The new responsibility will demand a new level of expertise and dedication. This is why you need the help of the universe. You cannot succeed alone. 

I remembered when I got my first job; it was a mixture of emotions for me. I was sad and happy at the same time. I was happy because my dream had come true. However, I was sad because the responsibility was not something I prepared for or anticipated.

I had to seek the help of the universe, and I was marvelously helped. In the space of 3 months, I was promoted, and I resigned successfully and happily. It is possible to start a job with success and end with the same tempo. However, this has to be accomplished by prayer.

In this article, I am going to release the 7 powerful prayers I used for myself before I started my job. These 7 powerful prayers will help you to become successful in your new job.

Here are the 7 powerful prayers that can make you a superman on your new job.

1) Prayer when Starting a New Job

Prayer when Starting a New Job
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“Almighty God, I pray You for help. Please help me in this new job. My new job means a lot to me, because I need it, my salary and everything it offers.

That’s why I pray to You, God our Lord, to help me succeed in this new job. To help me get lucky in this new job and to help me get all the tasks I need done.

God our Lord, bless this new job of mine. Give me luck. Give me the patience and positive energy to keep working, day after day, night after night.

God our Lord give me all the energy in the world so I can succeed. Accompany me throughout my day and bless me with Your miraculous forces.

Accompany Me now and forevermore.


Whenever you are starting a new job, you should say this prayer to the universe. The prayer for starting a new job is the fundamental way to secure your spot in that organization.

When I made this prayer, I enjoyed favor. This was tangible and evident. After my first day at work, I kept saying this prayer, and the favor I enjoyed was too overwhelming. When I could not take it any longer, I had to stop.

This prayer will surround you with favor. The people around you are going to like you, and help you to learn the ropes easily. This prayer will affect the perception of people about you. Your colleagues and superiors in your new organization are going to fall in love with you. With this, you will not have a problem in your new organization.

From your first day at work, you will begin to experience ease and favor, which will lead to promotion and efficiency.

2) Prayer for First Day of Work

Prayer for First Day of Work
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“Almighty God, accompany me on my first day of work. This first day of work is very important to me and I need everything to go well. I need you to drive away the negative energies, the evil eye and the bad spirits from my life.

Almighty God, let me succeed in this new job, make new real friendships, and let luck be on my side.

Almighty God, bless me, Almighty God, bless this new job of mine.

Always stay by my side, protect me, accompany me and don’t let anything go wrong. I am counting on You, on Your strength and on Your miracles.

So be it,

This prayer should be made on the morning of your first day of work. The first prayer in this article can be made before you resume work. However, the prayer for the first day of work must be said on the morning of your first day at work.

By saying this prayer, you will release the positive energy into your day, which will align everything to your favor.

In addition to this, the prayer for the first day of work will take away every fear in your heart. apart from the favor, I enjoyed on my first day at work, I was confident. Although I felt new and inexperienced, I did not feel inferior because I have said the prayer for the first day of work.

Saying this prayer will make you confident. In addition to this, the prayer for the first day at work is going to help your assimilation process. The prayer for the first day at work will help you to easily understand your roles and fit in properly like an expert. 

If you don’t want to experience disappointments on your first day at work, this is the best way to tackle the situation. Before the sun rises on your first day at work, say this prayer.

3) Prayer for Getting a New Job

Prayer for Getting a New Job
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“Jesus, open my doors and all my opportunities. Jesus, open my paths, strengthen my body, my soul and give me strength to keep fighting.

Please, Jesus, I need strength to keep fighting, to keep working and luck to be able to change my life. I, with a lot of love and a lot of faith, I ask you:

(Your special request here)

You know well Lord, the hope I have in You in all Your Divine strength.

In You I trust blindly, to guide me on the path of success, opportunities and happiness that awaits me right in front of me.

May Your help come to me, now and forevermore.

Every job seeker should say this prayer.

If you have been looking for a job, this prayer is the perfect way to secure a spot for yourself. With this prayer, you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • The universe will open up your inner intuition to understand how the day will go. While praying, it might come in the form of a spiritual vision. You have the responsibility to pay attention to this vision. You will catch a glimpse of how the interview will go, which will help you to prepare yourself and stand a chance.
  • This prayer will open up several opportunities for you to get a job. Therefore, you must be prepared for this.
  • The universe will give you the wisdom to answer every question posed to you during the interview process.

With this prayer, you will receive guidance on how to get a job. In addition to this, you will enjoy good luck, which will open several opportunities for you.

4) Prayer to get Lucky in the New Job

Prayer to get Lucky in the New Job
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“I ask for the divine help of my Heavenly Father and all the Angels in heaven to protect my position (job name) in the company (company name) with the address (company address).

I depend on this job, I depend on it to support me, to support my children and to take care of those I need most.

That’s why I can’t lose it. That’s why I ask for the divine and merciful help of my Heavenly Father and all the Angels in heaven to sustain you.

I ask that luck be on my side, that good results chase me and that this company keep me for as long as necessary.

So be it,

From my story, it is obvious that I got lucky to be promoted within 3 months, This can also be your story. Whenever you start a new job, always ask the universe to make you lucky.

Luck will promote you quicker.

Luck will smear you with favor. When you say this prayer, you are going to enjoy several benefits in your new job, which are above your current level. In addition to this, there will be divine occasions, which will align for your good.

The prayer to get lucky in the new job needs a strong focus and concentration. Therefore, the best time to say this prayer is at midnight on Sunday. 

5) Prayer to Ward off Bad Luck in the New Job

Prayer to Ward off Bad Luck in the New Job
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“Saint Cyprian, I pray today with great faith in you and in all your miraculous powers. I pray to ask you for help, to ask you for help and protection.

I (say your name) today pray to you, Saint Cyprian, that you will help me never again to leave my job (say job name) with address (say full employment address).

This job means a lot to me, my life and my happiness. Therefore, I ask with all my strength that you help me.

It helps me to ward off the negative energies of my job, protect my position, and be lucky to be more productive during my shift.

I just ask you that, nothing more.

Bad luck can spoil a lot of things. Bad luck will take away what is yours, and give you what is beneath your destiny. This is why you must pray against bad luck in your new job. The atmosphere of your workplace can be contaminated.

This is why you should always say this prayer.

The prayer to ward off bad luck in the new job must be said in your place of work – before you start working every morning. This prayer will keep away bad luck from your life. It will ward off every negative energy that might be targeted against you.

This is a prayer of protection, and it will serve as a spiritual covering in your new job. With this prayer, you will be protected from making terrible mistakes that might cost you your job and freedom.

6) Short Prayer for Protection when Starting a New Job

Short Prayer for Protection when Starting a New Job
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“Heavenly Father, I pray You to ask for help, to ask for your blessing, and to ask for Your divine protection in this new job of mine (say job name).

Heavenly Father, I need help keeping bad luck out of my life. I need help keeping negative energies away from me. And I need help attracting luck into my professional life.

Heavenly Father, I’m starting a new job and I need to be lucky. I need luck on my side for everything to go well.

Heavenly Father, remove all evil from my body and soul. Heavenly Father, allow me to be happy, to be successful in my job, and to achieve everything I desire.


You need to protect yourself at all times – especially when you are starting a new job.

You are entering a different environment, which might be filled with vile people. Therefore, you must be spiritually fortified. Fortification comes when you say the short prayer for protection when starting a new job.

With this prayer, you will become immune to every evil attack or plan against you.

Several people have lost their beautiful jobs as a result of betrayals and implications. However, with this prayer, all the evil plans of your enemies will backfire. You will not be affected by their plan.

Always say this prayer in the morning, when you get to work and when you are about to sleep. This short prayer for protection carries a strong defensive and offensive energy, which will shield you from evil attacks in your new job.

7) Prayer for Strength to Work

You need physical and mental strength to work. This prayer is necessary whenever you have gotten to your limit in your job.

I have utilized this powerful spiritual tool countless times, and I always feel refreshed after saying this prayer. The prayer for strength to work will refresh your mind, and give you a clearer vision, which will motivate you to work harder.

The prayer for strength to work will multiply your effectiveness and make you productive than ever before. Therefore, it is important to always say this prayer.

You don’t need to get to your limit before making this prayer to the universe. You can utilize this prayer every day of your life. It will serve as a guide against the day of frustration at work.

When should I say these prayers?

There are no specific times to say these prayers.

However, from my experience with the 7 prayers when starting a new job, you should make use of these prayers at the midnight. Praying at the midnight carries a strong spiritual essence, which generates powerful results within the shortest possible time. 

Furthermore, it is believed that whenever we pray at the midnight, the universe will give people dreams about you, which will cause them to love you whenever you show up in their office.

The best time to say these prayers is at the midnight. Another time you can say these prayers is at work – before you start working.

Can I say the Prayers Every day?

This is the best way to get results with prayer.

Prayer is not like magic or incantation. Prayer takes time to work and it requires your consistency. Therefore, you should say these prayers every day. By doing this, you will be releasing spiritual energy for your benefit. 

Consistently saying these prayers will also speed up your answers. 

Final Words

About the prayers

With these 7 prayers, you will never be frustrated on your job anymore. The universe will support you. With the universe’s backing, you will not fail in your new job.

What did you think about this powerful prayers for your new job? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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