5 Prayers for Husband to Come Back Home Today (Powerful)

Relationships can go sour at times – and it is okay! That’s why you need the prayer for your husband to come back home.

It is simply a sign that we are all humans, and we see from different perspectives.

However, there can be an extreme to the different issues we face in our relationships or marriages. An instance is when your husband leaves your matrimonial home due to any reason, and refuses to return.

This case has escalated beyond normal and must be addressed in the best way possible – which is the supernatural.

5 powerful prayers will bring your husband back home. This is not going to manipulate his emotions, but it will trigger a lot of things in his mind, which will influence his positive decision to come back home.

What are these prayers?

Are you in this situation, and you desire your husband to come back home?

Then, read on to discover the powerful prayers to say for your husband to return to you.

1) Prayer for Husband to Come Back Home

Prayer for Husband to Come Back Home
Prayer for printing

“Dear God,

I pray that my husband returns back to me. I pray that you remove all bad things that influence his thinking and restore him with the rightful thinking of you. I ask that he returns back to you with open hands and builds his relationship back up with you.

Lord I know that there are some bad spirits in him right now and I ask that you bind them up and get rid of them in Jesus name I pray. Lord you are an awesome God and I know that you will bring my husband back to me, I am waiting patiently and I am understanding more everyday.

Lord I pray that he comes back with an open heart and open arms. Please God I am asking that you bring my husband back and get rid of all the bad things going on with him. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Anyone who prays for me, my spouse, and marriage are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.”

When your husband leaves home due to a quarrel, this is the prayer to make to the universe to make him return. However, before you make this prayer, you have to be sure that your heart is free of any form of hatred, malice, or unforgiveness against him. The moment you notice all of these negative emotions, don’t make this prayer.

Settle all of these emotions in your heart, and get rid of them. You have to make this prayer with love and forgiveness in your heart. this is how you are going to trigger forgiveness in the heart of your husband, which will cause him to come back home.

This prayer is very powerful and can generate results within a few days of consistently saying it.

2) Powerful Prayer for my Husband to Come Home

Powerful Prayer for my Husband to Come Home
Prayer for printing

“Oh Lord of heaven’s armies, I declare Your Word over my marriage right now. I declare that “no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

Lord, please help my husband to return to his family. Please destroy the spirit of lust, adultery and sexual immorality operating in his life.

Use Your mighty power to turn him from sin. Let every tongue that rises against us be condemned. In Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

Whenever the reason has a lot to do with your mistakes and imperfections, this prayer will work wonders. Although, it works for any reason. This powerful prayer should be made at the midnight with 2 candles and the name of your husband boldly written in red ink on white paper. 

When you say this prayer, you have to imagine your husband telling you that he forgives you. You have to dwell on that vision and allow the feeling of joy to engulf you before releasing the words of prayer 7 different times.

By offering this prayer, your husband will come home, and all unresolved issues will be fully dealt with and taken care of.

This powerful prayer has brought results for people between 7-14 days. In exceptional cases, we have seen results from people within a few hours. Therefore, this tells you how powerful the prayer is.

Make that prayer for your husband right away.

3) Prayer to Bring my Husband back

Prayer to Bring my Husband back
Prayer for printing

“Lord i ask that you forgive all the mistakes I’ve made, please restore my marriage. Remove anything stopping my husband from being right with you lord, that he may surrender to you because your worth all the honor and praise. I give you the glory, for I know you’re working in both of us at the moment, 

I just ask you help him find his way home to be the father and husband your word says he is. I trust you Lord and I ask that you give him the strength to overcome this battle and stand for your word and come home. Fill us with Love and respect for each other. Touch his heart like you have touched mine. Bless us and our home. In Jesus name, Amen”

This prayer will lead to reconciliation. Your husband is your soul twin. Therefore, you can leverage that to knit your souls together. Whenever you want to say this prayer, your vision has to capture your husband telling you that he wants to come back home.

There is a belief that whenever you see your soul twin speaking to you in a vision about his/her desire to return to you or find you, there is a high possibility that your soul twin is also seeing a vision of you as well.

Keeping this vision in your head while saying this prayer will trigger the emotions of your husband, and make him miss you so much. The universe will bring back sweet memories of your marriage to his mind, which will suddenly make him to desire have you back.

With consistent prayers, your husband will come back home within 4-12 days of prayer. This prayer has a positive energy that fuels reconciliation in marriages.

4) Dangerous Prayer to get my Husband back

Dangerous Prayer to get my Husband back
Prayer for printing

“Lord, I repent of my sins and beg for your redemption

Loving God, I can of my own do nothing; So I need your power today

Lord, soften my husband’s heart and let him fall in love with me again

Lord, I remove every distraction from the mind of my husband. Henceforth, I am his priority. Amen

Gracious Father, I ask that you let him love me as I am

Lord, I pray for my husband to leave any woman that has taken his attention away from me

Lord, in times of his excesses, protect him from snooping eyes and remove the thoughts of cheating from his mind. Amen.”

This prayer is termed dangerous because it can be very offensive.

This type of prayer should be used only on special occasions. There are times when you should pray these prayers:

  • When your husband has refused to return because of extra-marital affairs with other ladies.
  • When your husband is proving adamant after several trials of apologies.
  • When your husband is at fault, but proving he is not.
  • When your husband cheated on you and ran away to avoid you.

These are instances, which are perfect for this type of prayer. The prayer is dangerous because it will bring a level of calamity into the life of your husband, which will make him see your importance and want to return to you. Therefore, it should not be done occasionally.

5) Prayer for my Husband to Love me again

This prayer can be made with a red candle. This [prayer will trigger your love in the heart of your husband and cause him to be full of love and passion for you afresh. Whenever you begin to feel unloved, pull out this prayer. Lay bare tour desires to the universe by making this prayer, and watch the miracle unfold within the shortest possible time.

The universe will grant your request and cause your husband to love you like never before. Most times, this prayer leads to a fulfilling and blissful marital relationship.

Can I Light a Candle while I pray?

It is okay to light a candle whenever you want to say these prayers. Using a red or pink candle will work just fine. The candle will release positive energy, which will fuel your love power, and cause the prayer to work faster.

The candle will create the perfect atmosphere for love and romance, which is needed for the prayer to be effective.

How Long Should I Wait for the Prayer to Work?

This cannot be determined.

You have to understand that this is not a manipulative prayer. Therefore, you must be consistent in prayers for the power of the universe to have total control of your husband’s emotions.

For this prayer to work, the emotion of your husband must be positively geared towards you, and this might take a while. Therefore, the amount of time to wait cannot be determined. 

Your consistency in prayer is what brings quick answers.

Final Words

About the prayer

By saying these prayers, you are going to enjoy a blissful marital life, and your husband will love you more than ever before. The 5 prayers in this article will bring your husband back home, and give you joy and true love again.

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27 thoughts on “5 Prayers for Husband to Come Back Home Today (Powerful)”

  1. Please help me to bring my husband back home I need him back he’s been gone a long time for 2 years now he is on my mind deeply I can feel his present it seems like he is crying out from me I do not know then I come in my house I’ll call his name

    • I pray you get your husband home soon I would also like you to pray that my husband comes back to me and we can be friends again he’s forgiven everybody else including his brother so please let him come back to me and my daughter amen

  2. Please prayer worriors pray for my daughter and I that my husband comes back home and forget about all the girls she’s cheating or currently dating

  3. Please pray that my husband will come back to me and our kids. He’s been gone for over a year now and is living with another woman and very far away. I love him deeply and I pray daily for him to love us and come back home where he originally belongs… , God ordained… The devil must not win this battle, he is going around stealubg, destroying and killing. Enough is enough… God is able to do this…. Amen

    • Hello Flori,

      God will answer your prayers and will help you. He knows how much pain you have in your heart and mind at this moment. We’re all praying for you and your family.

      But remember to never judge and question God’s actions. The Lord does everything for a reason, even when we don’t see it at first.

      May God be with you,
      Guardian Angel.

  4. Please pray for me so my husband will leave the influence of his family and all the strange women especially Chinwendu Blessing Nweke and come back to me and being to serve God Amen

  5. Please pray for my husband, Evris to return to our home, that we reconcile with God as the third cord in our marriage. I pray that he is willing to work on our marriage. I pray for God’s forgiveness and that we forgive each other and move on to work on our marriage. I love him and miss him.

  6. Plsss pray for my husband that God should restore peace and love in my marriage…And that God should plsss draw him close to serve him

  7. Please pray for my husband to be delivered from the spirit of the devil. He no longer communicates with me and he does not come back home any more . It really hearts and I feel am dying in side of me . Am four months pregnant now but he no longer cares . I pray for God’s forgiveness and may God help me in this situation and I want him to come back to me with a soft heart .

  8. I AM the one that has hurt my husband and he is in PAIN. I broke his trust with a financial addiction that I am working on myself. He has moved out and I want desperately for him to find forgiveness and know that I adore and love him and will work tirelessly to repair the damage I have caused. PLEASE HELP me bring him home. Home to me and home to our two daughters.

    (can I find prayer 5 written out so I can print and say all 5 prayers constantly?)

  9. Pray me that my husband comes back home soon in Jesus’s name Amen. He left the house its 2 weeks now. I need him back in the house very much.

  10. Please pray for my husband that God should restore our love in seven Ford. God should touch him wherever he is and come back home.

  11. I’m Francisca kanini and my husband Sylvester Arada And I need you to pray with to bring my husband Sylvester Arada to return home and to love me again.

  12. My husband has been gone since Mother’s Day and just the other day mentioned divorce. Please pray that my husband comes home whole soon.


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