10 Miracle Prayers for Cancer Patients and Families 

Everyone dreads receiving a cancer diagnosis because it feels like a death sentence. No one wants their spouse, sibling, parent or relative to be diagnosed with this deadly disease.

From emotional to financial to mental stress, cancer is the worst medical report in the world today

Not only do cancer treatments drain your pockets, but the condition also sucks the joy out of your life as you watch your loved one languish in pain.

During such hard times, you can turn to the Almighty, the healer of all diseases, for a miracle upon your ailing loved one.  

Say these miracle prayers with faith for cancer patines and families and wait patiently for a miracle from God. Take courage and be strong!

1) Prayer for Cancer Patients and Families 

Prayer for Cancer Patients and Families
Prayer For Printing

“God of comfort, 

Please remember cancer patients and their families. You know them by name because You shaped them in their mother’s womb. Their names are scribed on Your palms. Therefore, hold them dearly with everlasting love.

I ask that You extend their number of years and make their life rich and richer. Do not turn Your face away from them, oh Lord. Hear their cry and come to their aid. 

I ask and believe in Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Cancer patients need all the help and encouragement they can get. Sicknesses can affect anyone, which means we should support each other in the battle against this notorious disease. 

The rapid rise of cancer cases can leave you feeling helpless, anxious and afraid. Fortunately, with advanced medical technology, mortality rates due to cancer are declining.

Thank the Almighty for giving medical practitioners wisdom and knowledge to find a cure for cancer.

As the cancer patient undergoes treatment, ask God to help their bodies to respond positively, leading to healing.  

In Matthew 25:40 says:

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’.

God will hear your prayers to ask for mercy and healing of those who need and He will help them!

2) Powerful Prayer for Cancer Patients 

Powerful Prayer for Cancer Patients
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“Mighty Healer,

The disease of cancer might be fatal for human beings, but to You, it is minor. I pray for Your healing touch on the life of cancer patients and the tumors that are beginning to spread through their bodies.

I lift their hearts to You in their lowest moments when they cannot pray that You would console them. Please renew their strength and faith in You by healing them of this disease. Amen.”

Cancer victims are everywhere in our communities. It could be your colleague, a church member or a loved one at home.

We must make them feel included because our compassion and sympathy are what gives them the strength to wake up every day.

Some of them might have lost hope of restoration. Praying for them will show great support and care for them.

Always make time to visit and pray with them. While praying in our own time is effective, but laying your hands on them in devotion releases more power. 

You can also say a prayer for strength in difficult times.

3) Inspirational Prayer for Cancer Patients 

Inspirational Prayer for Cancer Patients
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“Redeemer of all life, be with those living with cancer. Take away the pain and loss that cancer has brought into their lives. Grant their families strength to endure the loss and pain.

Journey with their caregivers and all those who provide their treatments. Give them understanding and use them as Your healing vessels.

Lord Jesus, I plea that a way to permanently cure this disease is found. Grant knowledge, expertise and persistence to all those involved in cancer research. 

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.”

The whole world is frustrated by the menace that is cancer. Many people have been affected or lost a loved one to the disease.

Researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure for cancer to reduce death rates.

Let us join hands in praying that long last, a permanent solution will be found to relieve all cancer patients and their families. 

Through the Scriptures, we see that God is the giver of knowledge. Proverbs 2:6 says that the Lord gives wisdom and His utterance bears knowledge and understanding. 

4) Family Member Prayer for Cancer 

Family Member Prayer for Cancer
Prayer For Printing

“Caring Father, my beloved family member [name of the family member] is not well and their body is in immense pain from cancer. I come to You in prayer for healing. 

Please extend Your powerful hands to [name of the family member] and deliver them from this disease that is keeping them down. 

In their fear, grant with faith. When they start to worry about their condition, please calm their thoughts and give them peace. In the name of Christ, I pray, Amen.”

Emotional support for family members with cancer can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

People are often afraid of saying the wrong thing around those living with cancer. But trust me, even your presence around them is enough to grant comfort.

Aside from that, you can pray for God to reveal how else to support your loved one. Perhaps they need someone to talk to.

Be kind enough to offer a listening ear.

You may not have the solution to their problems, but just listening to them talk about their worries can be extremely helpful.

You can also say a prayer for healing a family member.

5) Catholic Prayer for A Chemo Patient 

Catholic Prayer for A Chemo Patient 
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord, I present [patient’s name] to You. Finding out they have cancer has been immensely stressful for them and their family. 

Please take away any pain and discomfort from the chemo. Let the treatment be effective in bringing wholeness to their body, mind and emotions. 

Melt away all abnormal and cancerous cells and arrest the further development of new tumors. Proclaim new life into their bodies and heal all their wounds.

I pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost through the intercession of Mary, mother of Jesus, Amen.”

Having a loved one go through chemotherapy can be tough. Aside from the numerous adverse effects they experience, chemo can take a toll on their emotional and mental stability

While you might try your best to be there for them, do not assume you know what they need.

It is always best to ask what they want or need. At times they might not even want to talk about cancer.

This is a great opportunity to cheer them up with funny stories or jokes

There are many ways to offer practical support to cancer victims. But be sure to check in with them.

Some people like to maintain their independence and find it hard to accept help. Do not take it personally but respect their decision and let them know you are willing to help if they change their mind. 

6) Miracle Prayer for Someone Dying of Cancer 

Miracle Prayer for Someone Dying of Cancer
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“God, thank You for Your presence in our lives. I confess that I do not understand why things happen the way they do, like the state of my loved one dying of cancer.

I may not understand why diseases come into our lives, but I do know that You walk with us every step of the way. Remind this cancer patient that You are with them right now.

I beg that You rescue [mention name of patient] from death and speak the miraculous healing over his/her body in Jesus’ name. You are the healer of all sicknesses, and I believe You can cure him/her of cancer. 

Do it for us Father, so that we might testify of Your wondrous power. But above all, give us the grace to accept Your will for our lives. Amen.”

Death is painful to come to terms with, and when someone is on the verge, we pray for the slightest hope of their revival.

You are not alone in seeking even the smallest chance of survival for your loved one. I pray that God will hear your plea in that crucial hour and extend His saving grace.

Even so, may He give you the grace to accept whatever outcome He has planned.

Sometimes, though we pray for a miracle, the Lord may still decide to call our loved ones home. Lord help us to understand and accept when things do not go our way.

His will is always perfect. Maybe if your loved one keeps fighting it will only be worst and could leave them constantly in pain.

We must not question His path for us or for our loved ones.

7) Powerful Prayer to Give Strength During Chemo 

Powerful Prayer to Give Strength During Chemo
Prayer For Printing

“Heavenly Father, I come to You asking that You would give [name the victim] the strength they need to undergo chemo.

There are many side effects of chemo treatments and so I humbly ask that You grant this cancer patient extra strength to endure it all and recover as soon as possible.

Please take away the pain, weakness, nausea and other effects of chemo and let their body respond well to the treatment. I also beg for their quick healing so that they can go back to their normal self. 

I believe and ask in Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.”

As Christians, we cannot leave cancer patients on their own, especially during chemo, which causes side effects such as hair loss, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and weight loss, among others. 

Cancer victims are our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

God’s Holy Word outlines in 1Corinthians 12:12-31 that if one part of the body suffers, the entire body is affected

Similarly, if one of our members suffers from ill health, we suffer together.

And we should do whatever it takes to see their health restored. 

8) Blessing Prayer for Cancer Patients and Family 

Blessing Prayer for Cancer Patients and Family
Prayer For Printing

“Father God, 

I humbly pray for all those fighting cancer and their families. I cannot begin to imagine the stress and turmoil they are going through. Please give them hope and courage to face each day. 

Comfort them in their sorrow, bless the cancer victims with healing and provide them with everything required for the patient’s recovery. 

In their desperate time, have mercy and hold them in Your wings. Let them rejoice every day in Your goodness as they witness little victories over their lives and that of their dear cancer patient. Amen.”

During His period on Earth, Jesus often visited homes marked by pain.

He certainly had the power to heal the sick but chose to visit personally to comfort and lighten the burden of the needy

Because of His willingness to mingle with the lowly and “unclean”, He often got into trouble with the religious leaders.

As such, he explained that His mission in the world is to save the outcasts. He said in Mark 2:17, “The healthy do not need a doctor but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Therefore, when your church invites you to visit the sick, heed the calling and perform this transforming act of love

If you know someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer you can also say this prayer to St Agatha for breast cancer.

9) Prayer for the Healing of Cancer for A Family Member

Prayer for the Healing of Cancer for A Family Member
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord,

I sincerely commit my family member [family member’s name], who is going through a hard time with cancer to You. Send Your power of healing and restoration to him/her. Renew his/her spirit so that his/her joy may be full as it was before the cancer diagnosis.

Lord Jesus, guide his/her doctors and nurses and let them know the best care to give my family member. Use them as instruments to get my dear one through this disease.

In Your mighty name, I pray, Amen.”

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it can impact the whole family.

Cancer can test a family in unexpected ways and demand emotional commitment. If there is already some emotional strain in the family, the mixed feelings can cause aggravation. 

On the other hand, cancer can unite a family as they channel their energy toward helping their sick loved one.

During this time, it is important, to be honest with your family about your feelings.

Sharing about the issue can be a great way to help you cope.

10) Prayer for the Families of Cancer Patients

Prayer for the Families of Cancer Patients
Prayer For Printing


“Lord Jesus,

Remember the families of cancer patients as I uphold them in Your presence. Let them know You are near and that You hear their cry for mercy on behalf of their loved one who is battling cancer.

Please do not let them continue to bear the anguish brought on by this disease. May they see Your victory in their lives and testify of Your goodness in every challenge they overcome. 

Also, give them wisdom Lord to know how to be there for the cancer patient until their recovery in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Visiting the sick is one of the kind deeds God rewards when we depart this world.

Read Matthew 25:34-40. The Heavenly King invites His faithful servants to take their inheritance in His Kingdom because of their selfless deeds while on Earth.

He says in verse 36, “I was naked, and you gave me clothes. I was sick, and you looked for me, and came to visit me in prison.”

So, when helping cancer patients and their families, do it as if for God in Heaven, and He will reward You richly. 

Will These Prayers Bring Comfort to Cancer Patients and Their Families?

Yes, they will.

Even better, you can compile the prayers and send them in a card so that they know you are thinking of them. It will encourage and comfort them greatly. 

How Many Times Should I Say These Prayers?

Whenever you think of your loved one battling cancer, you can always be keeping them in your prayers.

It is also good to pray for the many other cancer patients and their families. 

Which One is the Most Powerful Prayer?

Every one of these prayers is extremely powerful.

It does not matter how big the words are or how long the prayer is. What is most important is praying from your heart with faith. That is what releases the most power in prayer. 

Final Thoughts 

The cancer journey is extremely terrifying for victims and their families.

It is one of the hardest tests of humanity. With this in mind, it is essential to uphold cancer patients and families in prayer. Pray that God comforts and renews their faith and strength. 

Encourage them through prayer, scriptures and being there physically. It is not only the humane thing to do but Biblical as well. And God who sees everything will bless you mightily. 

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