4 Santa Muerte Love Prayers With Candle: Very Powerful

The Santa Muerte love prayers with the candle are effective for arousing love in the heart of another individual. Therefore, if you desire to fall in love with someone, you can offer this prayer on behalf of the person involved.

Are you in the phase of love?

Have you been looking for the perfect Santa Muerte prayers for love?

Do you want to meet your soul twin?

There are 4 powerful prayers, which can get you the result within a short while. In this article, we are going to observe all of these prayers and learn how to offer them to Santa Muerte to grant us the desires of our hearts.

The Santa Muerte is a female goddess. Therefore, this is the best spirit to look up to for love. It is believed that feminine spirits or goddesses have the power to give love to everyone who seeks it. Therefore, you are in the right place for this.

Offering prayers to the Santa Muerte will lead to a blossoming relationship between you and your spouse, it will also protect you from external influences, which might attempt to destroy the beautiful relationship you have built with your spouse.

Let us dig in to find out more about the 4 Santa Muerte love prayers.

1) Santa Muerte Love Prayer

“Love called to my door, dear and Holy Death, but it behaved capricious with me. I find myself afflicted because I love and I am not reciprocated.

The pain of impotence seizes me when I know that I don’t have the solution to my problem in my hands. I beg you sadly to hear my prayer. I hope you feel how my being throbs when I’m talking to you, my beloved girl.

The person I love is an impossible love, but I want the miracle of having her with me, that it’s possible. That’s why I come to you, who are miraculous and kind.

I want (mention your impossible love’s name and surname) to become mine (bride, wife, lover) and be returned with all your love. I will be grateful to you and to her, faithful believer in her creed.

I’ll beseech you as long as it takes for my wish to be fulfilled, while I will prove my loyalty by offering to your grace (mention what your offering will be) during (mention a deadline). So be it.”

The Santa Muerte love prayer will open your heart to see the possibilities in love. Whenever you feel like shutting yourself out of love, you can offer the Santa Muerte prayers to open up your mind to the possibilities of love. 

In addition to this, the Santa Muerte love prayer will help you to find your soul twin within a matter of days. It is believed that whenever the Santa Muerte love prayer is made, your soul twin will have a vision of you, which will stir up curiosity in him/her to locate you by all means.

Therefore, finding love with the Santa Muerte love prayer is easy and always successful. Whenever you seem lost, the Santa Muerte love prayer should be offered for direction concerning how to find your true love and not fall into the error of falling for the wrong person.

2) Santa Muerte Yellow Candle Prayer for Love

Santa Muerte Yellow Candle Prayer for Love
Prayer for printing

“Being of the roads, being of the paths
be from the alleys, be from everywhere
be of my most holy death I ask you
bring me (name of your love) as possible
what peace there isn’t, what tranquility isn’t
that by my side is
you who can be a thousand
you who could be a million
bring me (your love’s name) from the hardest corner!

I ask your horse to run him over
that your spear reach
let your eyes see you
may your soul reach you
so you can’t be calm
if not by my side.
I ask that your spirit love no one but me
I ask that your body only wants me
if you’re not for me
you won’t be for anyone else.

In the name of the most holy death
holy death i call you
holy death do not forsake me
and holy death don’t despise me
Holy death bring me (name of your love)
in the name of the most holy death, I light these three candles
a red one for your heart
a white one for her spirit
a black woman if you had witchcraft or evil
I call you to be with me in 7 days.
So be it.”

The yellow candle is an emblem of love and passion. Therefore, it will create a romantic atmosphere to bring your prayers to pass. Whenever you offer the yellow candle prayer to Santa Muerte, your soul twin will locate you.

Furthermore, if you are in a marital relationship, the yellow candle prayer is believed to rekindle the lost love and desire in the marriage. It is believed to create a new and strong romantic atmosphere around couples for deeper love and intimacy.

Therefore, this is the best prayer for love. Always learn to offer the Santa Muerte yellow candle prayer for love. The results are always going to be evident within a short time. 

If you are single, the yellow candle prayer for love is going to create an atmosphere around you, which will make you romantic and attractive to the opposite sexes. Therefore, finding true love will be possible with the Santa Muerte yellow candle prayer for love.

3) Santa Muerte White Candle Prayer for my Relationship

Santa Muerte White Candle Prayer for my Relationship
Prayer for printing

“Most Holy Mother, Lady of my Heart, 
I surrender myself to you,
Chosen by the Father, Immortal and Divine,
You may dwell in the Shadows, but you are the Angel of life,
Ushering in the light, and Dawn of the Resurrection.

My Beautiful Bony Lady I call upon you, before thee I stand, 
I humbly ask that you grant me Mercy, Keep me free from sickness & evil, and protect all that I love.
Through your Owl of Wisdom, please enlighten me,

Santisma Muerte, gracious daughter of death, known by many names, I call upon you in my hour of need,
I ask you to grant me intercession,
Please hear and answer my petition, …….

O Holy Death, I exalt you, Divine Mother, Keeper of infinite Mysteries, 
Chosen by God to do his most important work,
Hear and answer my prayers. Amen.”

If you desire to restore peace into your relationship, then this is the best prayer for you. The white candle prayer is going to flush out every negative energy that might have been affecting the progress of your relationship

Most times, this prayer is always offered to the Santa Muerte for a healthy relationship that is full of commitment, loyalty, and true friendship. If you observe a rift between you and your spouse, it is time to offer the Santa Muerte white candle prayer. This prayer is going to seal every rift among you and establish a healthy friendship, which will lead to a stronger bond and love.

The white candle prayer is going to help you learn how to understand your spouse much more, forgive all of his/her imperfections and make effort to give the relationship all of your best to make it work.

In addition to this, it is believed that when you offer the Santa Muerte white candle prayer for your relationship, the blessing and benediction of Santa Muerte are going to rest on your relationship for fruitfulness.

4) Santa Muerte Prayer in Spanish

Santa Muerte Prayer in Spanish
Prayer for printing

“Oh, Santísima Muerte
el amor ha tocado mi puerta, pero querida Santa Muerte,
se ha portado caprichoso conmigo,
me encuentro abatido porque amo y no soy el correspondido.

Se apodera de mí el sufrimiento de impotencia al ver que no tengo
en mis manos la solución a mi problema,
te ruego con mucha tristeza para que escuches mi oración,
espero que escuches y sientas como late mi ser al estar hablando mi niña blanca,
la persona que quiero es un amor imposible
pero quiero que suceda el milagro de tenerla a mi lado, de que se vuelva posible
por eso acudo a ti, que eres bondadosa y milagrosa.

Quiero que esa persona se convierta en mi pareja y sea correspondido
con todo su amor, yo estaré agradecido contigo y con ella
soy fiel creyente de tu credo.

Te rogaré el tiempo necesario para que se cumpla mi petición
mientras espero, probaré mi lealtad dando mis ofrendas
durante un largo tiempo para usted mi querida Santísima Muerte.

Oh, Hermana Blanca,
en ti confío y pongo toda mi fe en ti,
espero me escuches y cumplas mi deseo.
Así sea.


In Spanish, you can offer the Santa Muerte prayer for love. The feminine spirit of the Santa Muerte will give you the tender heart to truly love people.

In addition to this, you will be able to love people for who they are. In addition to this, the Santa Muerte prayer will bless your love life by making you a perfect husband for your wife, and a perfect wife for your husband. 

Furthermore, the Santa Muerte prayer in Spanish will offer protection to you. It will protect you from self-inflicted mistakes and errors, which might affect your life in the future.

Can you pray to Santa Muerte in Spanish?

Yes! You can. The Santa Muerte prayer in Spanish is powerful. You will get instant results.

Can anyone pray the prayers?

Anyone can offer prayers to Santa Muerte. 

Therefore, you can pray the Santa Muerte love prayers with candles at any time. 

There is no restriction to the sect of people that can offer prayer to the Santa Muerte.

Is it bad to pray in English?

Speaking in English is not bad, but praying to Santa Muerte in Spanish is the best. The reason for this is that majority of the Santa Muerte prayers are in Spanish. While the interpretation can be found in English, using the original prayer language will generate power for answers and results.

Should I always light a candle to Santa Muerte?

Whenever you offer prayers to Santa Muerte, candles are important. This will create a spiritual atmosphere for your prayers to be answered. Therefore, you should always light candles to the Santa Muerte whenever you are praying.

Final Words

About the prayers

Santa Muerte is ready to grant you your desires as you pray. Therefore, the 4 Santa Muerte love prayers with the candle are powerful enough to attract love into your life and open up your heart to love.

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