4 Santa Muerte Prayers For Love, Forgiveness, And Guidance

The Catholic doctrine boasts many saints whom we believe we can pray to. One of these saints is Santa Muerte, translating to Our Lady of Holy Death.

This female deity is associated with many positive attributes despite her contrary description. Some blessings you can seek from her include guidance, forgiveness, and love. 

If you desire love or a specific person, these prayers ask Santa Muerte to intercede for you.

Below are four prayers for seeking favor in your love life

1) Santa Muerte Love Prayer

Santa Muerte Love Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Santa Muerte, thank you for coming into our lives.

Today, I pray that you may surround me with love in all forms possible. I will not be lonely or unhappy due to a lack of love or suffering at any point in my life. 

Let everyone I show love to reciprocate it with the same energy or even better. I find myself afflicted because I love and I am not reciprocated.

The pain of impotence seizes me when I know that I don’t have the solution to my problem in my hands. I beg you sadly to hear my prayer. I hope you feel how my being throbs when I’m talking to you, my beloved girl.

The person I love is an impossible love, but I want the miracle of having him/her with me, that it’s possible. That’s why I come to you, who are miraculous and kind.

I want (mention person’s name) to become my husband/wife/lover and desire me with all his/her heart and soul. I will be forever grateful to you, Santa Muerte.

I’ll beseech you as long as it takes for my wish to be fulfilled, while I will prove my loyalty by offering to your grace (mention what your offering will be) during (mention a deadline).

Santa Muerte hear my prayer. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

We can all agree that everyone desires to be loved.

Even though some people may show repulsion towards love, many times, it’s either they are lying to themselves or battling a profoundly hurtful experience.

Still, they wish someone would love them better. 

If you’re like many people, you’ll find yourself hurt and worried when nobody wants to love you back.

Do not give up because Santa Muerte can clear the stumbling blocks and open your doors to find love again.

All you need to do is mention the name of the person you are in love with.

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2) Santa Muerte Prayer For Love

Santa Muerte Prayer For Love
Prayer For Printing

“Santa Muerte, 

I come before You with a worried heart and mind because I cannot find love. I’ve tried to remain patient enough to see the right person, but things don’t seem to be going my way. 

I hope you hear my cry today and send someone to love me. I also pray that I may attract compassion, not hatred, in everything I do.  

I ask you to bring me (mentions person’s name) as soon as possible. Make him/her not feel peace, tranquility and happiness until he/she is around me.

I ask your horse to run him/her over. I ask your spear to reach him/her, let his/her eyes only see you and me. May your soul reach his/her soul, so he/she can’t be calm if not by my side.

I ask that (mentions person’s name) love no one but me. I ask that his/her body only wants me. And if (mentions person’s name) is not for me then he/she won’t be for anyone else.

Powerful Santa Muerte, bring me (mentions person’s name).

In your name, I light these three candles: a red one for his/her heart, a white one for his/her spirit a black one to remove any evil spirit or witchcraft he/she may have.

Santa Muerte, I call you to make (mentions person’s name) fall in love with me and desire me in 7 days.

Let it happen, O Santa Muerte, I know that this is what you want for me. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

When praying for love from the holy Santa Muerte, you must understand what kind of love you desire and specify it in your devotions.

For instance, just say it if you want a deeper relationship with your best friend or someone you’re romantically attracted to. 

The good thing is that the saint can grant every form of love you pray for. However, you must portray godly intention alongside your requests.

This means you shouldn’t pray for love with the aim of using it wrongfully, like revenge on a friend or hurting them. 

3) Santa Muerte Prayer for Forgiveness

Santa Muerte Prayer for Forgiveness
Prayer For Printing

“Gracious Santa Muerte, 

I surrender myself to you this moment, praying for forgiveness in ways that I may have acted against your will, knowingly or unknowingly. May you shower your mercies upon me and pardon my inadequacies. 

I pray that you may also touch the hearts of those I may have wronged so they can forgive me. Above all, keep me safe from wrongdoings so I may win your blessings. 

Santa Muerte, gracious daughter of death, known by many names, I call upon you in my hour of need. Please hear and answer my petition.

O Holy Death, I exalt you, Divine Mother, Keeper of infinite mysteries, chosen by God to do His most important work, Hear and answer my prayers. So be it. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Whether you’re seeking forgiveness from Santa Muerte, for yourself, or for others, the above prayer is the way to go.

We commit many sins in our daily lives, some knowingly and others by mistake. Therefore, you must always ask the Lady of Death to forgive you. 

Furthermore, seeking pardon from someone you may have wronged is difficult because sometimes they may ignore or decline your request.

When you say this prayer, the goddess may soften their heart and make them forgive you. Even so, you should always intend to stay without hurting others rather than constantly praying for forgiveness.

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4) Santa Muerte Prayer for Guidance 

Santa Muerte Prayer for Guidance
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Santa Muerte, Lady of the Death, 

Thank you for always being by my side. At this moment, I seek your guidance in life because I cannot succeed by myself. 

May you strengthen me in this journey and go before me so I may take the proper steps. Please give me the wisdom to make the right decision and teach me to rely on you and no one else. 

Love has knocked on my door, but I’m feeling down because my love is unreciprocated. I ask you, Santa Muerte, to take away my suffering and guide me to make a wise decision.

All I want is for (mention person’s name) to fall in love with me, that’s why I come to you, Santa Muerte. Guide me and (mention person’s name) to cross paths and fall in love deeply. I know that he/she won’t be happy unless he/she is with me.

So, I will be praying for as many days or weeks it will take for you to hear my request. I will be offering to your grace (mention what your offering will be) during (mention a deadline).

Santa Muerte, I trust in you with all my heart and soul and I know you will help me as soon as possible.

May it be so. Amen.”

Original Prayer From FromTheAngels — Prohibited copying without source.

Every day, we are reminded that we need God’s guidance. If we did things by ourselves, we might fail in many areas.

The Lord has a good plan for us and will surely guide us to the right path if we ask of Him. 

The above prayer seeks guidance from Santa Muerte for different areas of life, all you need to do is just say the first two parts of the prayer and mention your request after.

If you have something you’re working on currently, you can state it in your prayers, and the goddess will work it for you.

Most importantly, I ask you to pray for guidance but you need to trust Santa Muerte to lead you and not rely on your understanding. 

Who Is Santa Muerte?

Santa Muerte is an Aztec deity of death, appearing as a skeletal figure dressed in colorful, old Spanish garments.

She is often portrayed holding a globe, scythe, or set of scales.

Although the goddess is slightly connected to Catholicism, the official Vatican doesn’t support her worship.

Praying to this goddess is considered more of a personal decision than a religious tradition. 

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Should I Light a Candle As I Pray?

Yes! You can light a candle as you pray to Santa Muerte for love, forgiveness, and guidance.

Candles are essential to worshipping Santa Muerte because they establish a strong relationship with her. They also offer a positive and peace-filled atmosphere for prayers.

Hence, you can light a candle (or two) while saying the above prayers. 

Will Santa Muerte Help Me?

Undoubtedly, Santa Muerte will surely help you with your requests when you pray to her.

However, as highlighted earlier, you must show trust in her through your prayers and actions to receive desirable outcomes.

Additionally, you can learn more about practices that please the goddess and honor them to increase the chances of getting your prayers answered. 

How Many Times Can I Pray?

You can pray to Santa Muerte for love, forgiveness, and guidance as often as possible.

Therefore, you can make these prayers a part of your daily routine alongside your other devotions.

Praying is more about consistency than quantity. That means it would be less effective to say so many prayers today and none tomorrow. 

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In Conclusion…

Though Santa Muerte originated from Mexico, her powers to grant your heart desires know no boundaries.

This goddess will never turn you away if you’re searching for love, guidance, and forgiveness.

Just use the above prayer samples and watch positive results unfold before you. 

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