5 Short Daily Devotional Prayers For Today: God Will Help You

Prayer should be on your lips the moment you rise in the morning and just before putting your head on the pillow at night.

It is a blessing to wake up with the grace of God because He is the one who gives us life every day

However, sometimes you might not know what to say to the Lord or what to pray for. No worries, these short daily devotional prayers will clue you in.

The fact is you can never run out of things to say to God, just like you can never miss something to say to your best friend. And the Father is our closest friend, so we can be free to say anything to Him.  

1) Short Daily Devotional Prayer

Short Daily Devotional Prayer
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“Dear Lord Jesus, 

I thank You for giving me life today. Waking up is an assurance of Your love and the great plans for me.

I request for the grace to conquer all today. Please give me the strength to accomplish the tasks ahead of me. Discouragements may come my way, but I refuse to let them put me down because I am more than a victor in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

Daily devotional prayers are integral to Christian life because they offer a regular means of communing with the Lord.

It is something we should eagerly look forward to engaging in every day.

As 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says that we ought to, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Praying and being thankful in all circumstances may be hard sometimes when faced with difficulty. Nonetheless, we are encouraged to cultivate a prayerful life to grow our relationship with the Lord.

Say this prayer every morning, it will give you the strength and wisdom for the day, as you invite God to be by your side.

2) Powerful Daily Devotion Prayer 

Powerful Daily Devotion Prayer 
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“Loving God,

I rejoice in another glorious day You have blessed me with and the overwhelming gift of love over my life. I submit to You, Lord because I am a mere human being, here today and gone tomorrow. Though I do not deserve Your favor, You have bestowed it on me and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Instruct me in Your ways, dear Father. Help me to rely on Your faithfulness. Let the words of my lips and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You always. May my actions align with Your perfect will for my life. Now and forever, Amen.”

Did you know you should have a daily devotional prayer routine?

Regular devotion is different for every person because God created us uniquely. Resultantly, we interact with God in various ways, and He communicates with us individually

Despite individual prayer being distinct for everyone, there are universal points to consider for an effective prayer life.

The first is to start somewhere. Simply start talking to God in your own way and trust that He will communicate with you.

Next is to open yourself to God. Share your vulnerability and be truly honest with your thoughts and desires. The most important is to know your identity in Christ.

Remember that you are a child of God, and that will never change. Therefore, you can approach Him for anything in prayer.

You can also say a good night prayer for God to bless you also as you sleep.

3) Short Powerful Devotion Prayer for Today 

Short Powerful Devotion Prayer for Today
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“Holy Father, 

I direct my prayer to You this day. I do not know what lies ahead today, so I commit it to You. Let the Holy Spirit guide and direct me for Your work.

As I step into the world, I proclaim Your sovereignty over every area of my life. I put myself in Your caring hands and ask that You mold me for the work of salvation.

Please help me to quit striving and trust that You will provide me with all I need today and always. All that I am is Yours, oh Lord. Amen.”

We live in a world full of anxiety, fear, stress and worry.

Life can push you to the wall so much that you can carry your stress to bed and wake up with the same burdens the next day. It is human to worry about life. 

Whenever you find yourself battling with life struggles, remind yourself what Jesus shared with His disciples in Luke 12:22-34.

He tells them not to worry about their lives, what they will eat, what they will wear and their bodies. He continues to explain that we should first seek the kingdom of God, and all we need will be provided for us.

With this in mind, let your daily prayer be for the Lord to help you seek His kingdom above all else. He knows what you need and will provide for you and much more. 

4) Daily Devotional Prayer 

Daily Devotional Prayer
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“Thank You, Lord, for this day You have made. I am joyful and glad about it. I approach this day with gratitude for Your immense love for me.

Throughout the day, let me feel Your presence in everything I do. May I be a bright shining light of salvation so that people will see Christ in me.

Many people are hurting in this world. I desire to be a blessing to someone today in a way I cannot imagine. I humbly ask for bountiful wisdom to deal with the people that cross my path with gentleness and fairness. I also pray for protection from evil and harm throughout the day.

To You be the honor forever and ever, Amen.”

People often assume that prayer is about asking God for things. But did you know there is more blessing in praying for others than yourself?

Whatever you are going through, someone else is experiencing more difficulty.

Bear this in mind in your daily devotion and ask God to reveal to you the people who are hurting and need your help in one way or another.

Being there for others takes your mind off your issues. In so doing, God will increase your territories.

So as you pray every day, always tell the Lord that you desire to bless someone, and He will connect you with that person.

And our Lord loves when we pray for our friends and family, it creates an even deeper bond.

5) Quick Devotional Prayer For Today

Quick Devotional Prayer For Today
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“Savior God,

Thank You for another amazing day to live for You. I may be going through a lot, but I choose to stay positive and focus on Your goodness.

I ask that You would help me have a great day and be a good part of someone else’s day. Encourage me to think of others before myself. 

And at the end of the day, I shall not forget to thank You for Your blessing and favor over my life. Let me take delight in every small and large blessing from You. Amen.”

One of the key things to keep in mind in daily devotionals is intimacy with the Almighty.

The outcome of the time we dedicate toward studying God’s Word and praying should be to draw closer to God. As a result, we will see the fruits of a life that reflects Christ’s influence over our lives.

It can also be helpful to pray alongside scriptures during daily devotionals. The Word of God contains a plethora of Scriptures to quote in your life.

Speaking the Lord’s Word back to Him releases great power in our lives

Here are some verses to meditate on in your quiet time. Pray over them and experience God’s divine intercession in your life.

Colossians 1:9-12 (prayer and thanksgiving) and Ephesians 3:14-21 (Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians).

Should I Say These Devotional Prayers in the Morning?

The truth is there is no right or wrong time for daily devotional prayers.

Sure, many people prefer to pray in the morning because it is the best time to avoid disruptions such as work, phone calls and noise. 

Morning devotional prayers also help to start your day with the Lord, asking for His blessing and protection throughout the day.

Conclusively, spending time in devotion in the morning will make your day go smoothly

However, I encourage you to select a time that works for you, as long as it allows you to have quiet time with our Father.

Some folks enjoy lunchtime daily devotionals while others enjoy evenings. Whatever time you choose, let it be beneficial for your communion with the Lord

Can I Send These to My Friends and Family?

Yes, you definitely can. You can customize the daily devotionals to suit your friends and family and send to them via text, email or prayer cards.

Letting them know they are in your thoughts and prayers will encourage them.

You can also say a prayer to thank God for taking some time to listen to your prayers.

Will These Daily Devotional Prayers Give Me Strength?

Yes. There is nothing sweeter and more empowering than to connect with our Maker every day.

Surrendering to His will and allowing Him to take control of our day gives us the strength to conquer what lies ahead. 

Final Thoughts

Daily devotional prayers are a great way of showing God that you trust Him to care for you throughout the day because He knows what is best.

It also enables fellowship with Him as you meditate on His Word and listen to Him speak to You in a still gentle voice.

Think of daily devotion as communicating with your best friend. If you imagine that, you will always look forward to it. So learn to cultivate a habit of daily devotion.  

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