7 Prayers to Archangel Michael Before Bed: Protection Against Evil

Prayer before bed is as important as breathing. It is one of the first prayers a child in a Christian household learns growing up. 

When we sleep, we are not assured of waking up because tomorrow belongs to God. So the essence of praying before going to bed is to entrust the Lord with our lives.

As we sleep, He will send Archangel Michael to protect us from seen and unseen dangers until we wake up the following day. 

If you would like to fortify your nighttime devotion, say these effective prayers to Archangel Michael before bed for protection as you sleep. 

1) Archangel Michael’s Prayer Before Bed 

Archangel Michael’s Prayer Before Bed
Prayer For Printing

“Powerful Archangel Michael, 

Defend us in battle tonight. Shield us against evil and the snares of Satan. 

O prince of the Heavenly host, I humbly pray that You would cast into hell the devil and all his demons who roam in darkness seeking to devour the souls of God’s people. 

By the divine power of God, I pray, Amen.”

Archangel Michael is among the closest angels to God.

The Word refers to him as the “Chief Prince” of the Heavenlies. He is also the patron of justice, who opens doors for us. 

The book of Daniel mentions Archangel Michael several times.

In Daniel 12:1, he is called “Michael, the great prince“, who protects the Israelites. We may not be direct descendants of Israel, but we are God’s chosen people through the salvation of Christ, just like the Israelites. 

So as you make this prayer, believe that you are eligible to receive Archangel Michael’s protection as you sleep.

He will fight the battle for you against the devil and his evil spirits who seek to wreak havoc at night.

You can say this prayer for yourself or for your family and friends.

2) Archangel Michael’s Prayer for Protection

Archangel Michael’s Prayer for Protection
Prayer For Printing

“Almighty Archangel Michael, Though I cannot see You, I believe You are with me and can hear my prayer. 

Tonight, I plead Your protection for me and my loved ones. With your power, no harm will befall me and my household as we lay our heads to rest. 

Bestow Your blessings on me this night and guide me along the path of light as I hope to face another day tomorrow. 

In Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.”

God endowed Archangel Michael with great power. He can fill us with light, protect us against evil and help us resolve life conflicts.

He also provides us harmony and peace and can make us invisible to our enemies. That is why we communicate with him through devotion.

Before making the prayer, channel out all distractions and thoughts and then with deep faith, call upon Archangel Michael.

He will listen to you as long as you pray from your heart. Let your prayers come from the depths of your soul.

If you want extra protection, you can also say a prayer to remove negative energies from your house.

3) Prayer to Archangel Michael for Protection Against Evil 

Prayer to Archangel Michael for Protection Against Evil
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“Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly armies, 

I call upon You today, seeking Your protection against all evil forces that are out to consume me as I sleep.

Protect me with Your shield and surround me with Your sacred mantle so that I may sleep soundly. 

Radiate Your light in all corners of my home, protecting my family from all danger. Command our sleep, that it will be filled with peaceful dreams, and you would nourish our bodies and souls.


Prayers release power when you say from your heart, believing in what you think and ask.

Having an enlightened mind and envisioning Archangel Michael while praying is a sublime act that enlarges the spirit.

Practicing this behavior rather than merely reciting the prayer will enhance your energetic vibrations, raise your spirituality and create a deep connection with Archangel Michael

Praying to Archangel Michael is an attitude that benefits many believers.

Do not forget that he is among God’s favorites, and his powers can destroy the evil one and his forces that may prevent you from having a peaceful night.

4) Bedtime Prayer For Protection 

Bedtime Prayer For Protection
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“I plea with You, Archangel Michael, to protect me tonight as I sleep. Tuck me in with Your mantle and watch over me, that no harm may befall me at night. 

I place my body and soul in Your hands as I take refuge in your power. Please grant me a good night’s rest, free of bad dreams and nightmares. 

Awaken all my positive energies to attract only good opportunities and keep me far away from bad influences and those who wish me destruction. 

I trust in Your protection and company, Amen.”

Making bedtime prayers can change your life. Statistics indicate that people who pray before going to bed experience less anxiety, depression and pain and are generally more joyful. 

You can also say a prayer for anxiety and worry if struggle to fall asleep because of negative thougts.

Prayer before sleeping is also paramount for our spirituality as it brings us closer to God, entrusting our lives to Him.

Remember that as you sleep, you become unaware of what happens around you.

Committing your life to the Divine before sleeping causes God to surround you with protection and send Archangel Michael to fight evil beings that lurk in the darkness.

As you pray, declare the words of Psalm 4:8:

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

5) Powerful Prayer For Protection While Sleeping 

Powerful Prayer For Protection While Sleeping
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“Divine Archangel Michael,

Please grant me a Heavenly night full of Your presence. May I dream only with Your protective arms surrounding me. Protect my home, my family, my mind, body and soul while I am sleeping. 

Bless my night that my devotion to You will grow stronger and that I will wake up in the morning with renewed energy and faith. 

I am grateful because You never let me go, Amen.”

Prayer at night helps to relieve restlessness. When you pray for a considerable length of time, the body transforms to get to a more relaxed state.

The heart slows, blood pressure optimizes and we become calmer. So nighttime prayer not only has spiritual benefits but health ones as well.

Regardless of whether you pray for yourself or others or simply sit in silence meditating on God, prayer before bedtime can actually enhance your general health. 

Here are a few Bible verses to help with your nighttime devotion:

Of what benefit is it to wake up early and sleep late, toiling anxiously for food. For the Lord gives sleep to His beloved” — Psalm 127:2.

The Lord will not let your foot slip. He never sleeps because he watches over you in your slumber, as He watches over Israel” — Psalm 121:1-4.

When you put your head to rest, you will not fear. When you sleep, your dreams shall be pleasant” — Psalm 3:24.

6) Short Prayer To The Archangel Of Protection 

Short Prayer To The Archangel Of Protection
Prayer For Printing

“Mighty Archangel Michael, sustainer of my mind, body and soul. I ask that I may find peace and rest tonight through Your power.

Shine Your divine blue ray of protection over my home and illuminate the corners of my mind so that I may have beautiful dreams. Grant me a wonderful rest that revives my energy to carry out my tasks with vitality and enthusiasm.


If bad dreams and nightmares prevent you from a good night’s rest, it can affect how the next day will go.

Praying to Archangel Michael invites him to watch over you, helping to overcome these obstacles at night.

The good night prayer to Archangel Michael is crucial for individuals of every age and can positively impact your overall well-being. 

To please Archangel Michael and make your prayer more effective, it is worth noting that he likes to be venerated by salutations.

These are the summoning of his intervention with the Heavenly realms, consisting of nine petitions. For each one, you must say the Lord’s Prayer and close with three prayers to the Virgin Mary. 

Archangel Michael promises that whoever approaches him in prayer will receive a guardian angel to assist them in all areas of their life. 

7) Night Prayer For Protection Against Evil

Prayer before going to bed invites God to bless and protect you as you rest peacefully.

It brings protection to you and your family so that no evil entities or energies can attack you during the night. You can say this prayer every night before going to bed.

The devil is always waiting for an open door to enter your life and your home. Don’t let it happen by protecting yourself every night.

Will Archangel Michael Protect Me During the Night?

Archangel Michael, the Lord’s most powerful warrior, is always ready to stand at your bedside to protect you and your family from harm

Saying bedtime prayers invokes the supreme protector to guard against any evil that might befall you as you sleep.

his way you can rest in peace, knowing you are safe in the hands of Archangel Michael and our loving Father. 

You can also say these prayers for your family and loved ones.

Should I Say These Prayers Every Night?

Certainly. Most people have busy schedules every day.

By nighttime, you find yourself too exhausted to remember your bedtime prayers.

However, praying every night is important because it gives you the chance to focus on God and Archangel Michael’s protection while you sleep.

Praying at night also allows you to decompress from the activities of the day and express gratitude to the Divine for His protection.

Ending the day with prayer is a great way to let go of stress and derive peace before sleeping while connecting with the Lord.

Can I Say These Prayers for My Loved Ones?

Yes! Prayers shouldn’t only be for yourself but for those you value and love as well.

You can pray for Archangel Michael to keep them safe from harm and protect their dreams. They need it just as much as you do. 

Final Thoughts 

praying with bible in bed

We are most vulnerable at night when sleeping.

Your home might be surrounded by bodyguards and high-tech security systems, but these do not assure protection from the devil’s tactics such as nightmares, nighttime health attacks or notorious robbers.

Only God and His host of Heavenly angels can protect you while you sleep.

As you wind down for the night, take time to ask for Archangel Michael’s intercession because it is in him that protection can be found. 

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