How to make a Money Spell Jar? The best Ingredients

In this article, I am going to reveal the best ingredients and how to make a money spell jar, and even how to combine these ingredients for the best money result.

The fact that you are reading this article shows your interest to make money. 

If this is true about you, then you have come to the right place. Wealth and prosperity have spiritual backings, which can be triggered for your benefit. One of the ways to trigger the spiritual energy of prosperity is through the spell jar.

Just like every other spell jar, the money spell jar is made by putting together all the ingredients, which have corresponding spiritual energies that attract wealth. Therefore, you have to understand how this work. Using the wrong ingredient will corrupt the spell jar, and attract negative energy into your life.

What Ingredients do I need for a Money Spell Jar?

Ingredients for a money spell jar

Making a money spell requires a lot of ingredients. Let us look at these in more detail.

In order to make a money spell jar, you need the following:

  • A closed-lid jar;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Basil leaf;
  • Cinnamon;
  • A strand of your hair;
  • Your local currency note or a lucky coin;
  • Gold magnetic sand;
  • Green candle;
  • A piece of paper and golden marker;
  • Allspice;
  • White sugar.

These ingredients are useful for producing a powerful money spell jar. 

What are the spiritual significances of these ingredients?

Cinnamon for money spell jar

Why are they important?

Let us look at the aforementioned ingredients and their individual spiritual significance.

A closed-lid jar

A jar with a closed lid
A jar with a closed lid

This is an important ingredient for a money spell. Without the jar, it is impossible to successfully mix all of the ingredients together. Therefore, the jar is a spiritual container that keeps all of the money energy from other ingredients together.

With the jar, all of the ingredients will form a spiritual charge that will attract good luck and prosperity into your life. The spell jar derived its name from the jar. Therefore, this is the most important ingredient for the money spell because it is a house that accommodates every other spiritual items.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf
Bay leaf

The bay leaf is important for money jar because of its positive energy and qualities. Several protective and good luck charms make use of the bay leaf for positive energy and prosperity.

Therefore, having this ingredient in your spell jar will clear your environment of negative energy that repels good luck. The bay leaf will purge you of every negative energy, and attract good luck to your life, which will bring money.

Basil Leaf


The basil leaf is believed to make your wish come true. It is believed to have a spiritually enhancing power, which increases the magical powers in other ingredients. Therefore, while making your money spell jar, this is an ingredient to consider. Just like the bay leaf, it will attract good luck into your life. However, it is best known for its positivity.

The basil leaf will fill your mind with positivity and optimism concerning the future. This positive mindset will open you up to constructive ideas that will bring you money in a short while. The basil leaf should be added to the spell jar.



The cinnamon stick is known for its beautiful fragrance. Whenever I burn the cinnamon incense, it brings good luck and love into my life.

Therefore, having this item in your spell jar will fill you with an aroma that attract good luck. The smell of cinnamon is believed to fill you with joy and happiness because of the wealth you are about to experience. The cinnamon stick is an effective tool for attracting money, and it works well with other items in the spell jar.

A strand of your hair

Hait piece
Hait piece

This is necessary for point of contact. Without the strand of your hair, you might not get the right effect. Putting a strand of your hair into the jar is an expression of how you are surrounded by money energy.

Spiritually, this will make the money spirit come into your life, and fill you with the atmosphere that continuously attract money. You need to put a strand of your hair into the spell jar for effective functioning.

Your local currency note or a lucky coin

Lucky coin
Lucky coin

This is important for a spell jar. Putting the currency of your nation is a point of contact for wealth. This represents physical money, which you wish to have. Therefore, pick the highest denomination of your local currency, and add it to the ingredients in the money spell jar.

Gold magnetic sand

Gold magnetic sand
Gold magnetic sand

This is a representation of spiritual magnet that attract money. If you cannot get the gold magnetic sand, you can opt in for a magnet. This will attract you to money. It will also attract good money opportunities into your life.

Green or white candle

White candle
White candle

The green color has a spiritual significance of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, you should have this around you whenever you want to make the spell. It will enhance the magical powers in your money spell jar for quick delivery of results.

If you don’t have a green candle, you can use a white candle instead.

A piece of paper and a golden marker

A white paper
White paper

This is needed for you to write your desires. You can either use a white or brown paper. However, ensure that the marker is golden.

The gold color is a spiritual color for elegance, wealth and class. Therefore, using this color marker to write your desires will attract wealth to your life, and make all of your desires to come to pass.



This will speed up the powers in your spell. The allspice can supply additional positive energy to help you carry out the spell jar faster. It will accelerate the effect of the magical powers of the money spell jar for quick result.

White sugar

White sugar
White sugar

This will attract joy into your life. With the sugar, you are indicating that the money will come with happiness and not sorrow. Therefore, it is important to have the white sugar in your money spell.

How to make a money spell jar? Step by Step!

How to make a money spell jar

Follow these steps to successfully make the money spell jar:

  1. You must purify your environment from every form of negative energy. Smudging white sage will work perfectly for this act. 
  2. Purify your jar. You can either use the smoke from the smudging sage or the green candle smoke.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in wealth. Once this overwhelms you, write all of your desires on the paper with the golden marker. Ensure you specifically write the amount of money you need as well.
  4. Place the strand of your hair in the midst of the intention paper and fold it up.
  5. Sprinkle the white sugar and magnetic sand into the spell jar while using positive affirmations.
  6. If you have a magnet, place the magnet on the hair and warp them together in the intention paper before inserting them into the spell jar
  7. While placing the intention paper into the jar (alongside the stand of your hair and the magnetic stone), ensure you create a vision of holding money in your hands. This will fill up your intention paper with your desire to bring it to fruition.
  8. Add the other ingredients one after the other while chanting prosperity and money spells, or simply stating out your desire for money.
  9. If you have water, ensure to sprinkle a little bit of water into the jar. This will connect your money spell jar with nature.
  10. After all the ingredients are inside the spell jar, pour out the remaining white sugar into the jar. The exact amount of sugar to be used is determined by you. Therefore, ensure you use a lot of white sugar.
  11. Close the jar with the lid, and use the wax from the green candle to seal up the lid for permanent closure. This is also a sign of the completion of the money spell.
  12. Keep it in a safe place – your room is the best place for this.

Does this Money Jar Attract Money for my Life?

Attracting money with spells

The jar will bring money into your life. You should be assured of this. Whenever you use the spell jar, you are going to be prosperous. All the ingredients in the jar carry spiritual power to bring money into your life.

The spell jar will open you up to spiritual energy, which will make you rich. In addition to this, the spell jar will open up your mind to different money ideas.

Therefore, never doubt the potency of the powerful spell.

Final Words

The spell jar is powerful enough to change your financial life. Therefore, never look down on the power in this spiritual exercise because of how easy and foundational it sound. If you desire to be rich, the spell jar is the best magical practice to speed up your accumulation of money.

If you also have an urgent money need, the spell will provide you with the money you need within the shortest possible time.

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      Don’t burn anything. Just keep the jar in a safe place and let it stay there until you receive the amount you needed.

      After you put all the ingredients inside the jar, fill it all the way to the top with white sugar.

      But remember, these kinds of spells are meant to be done with faith and when really in need. Don’t use it for foolish needs or it won’t work.

      Best Luck,
      Guardian Angel.


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