5 Prayers for Depression and Loneliness That Work

Read on to find more concerning the different prayers for depression and loneliness.

Whenever you go through difficult situations, praying to God is one of the best ways to help yourself out of this situation. This is why you should pay attention to all the details in this article. 

I have had my share of depression and loneliness, and I can testify to the negative effect it has on the mind. It will disorganize your thoughts and open you up to negative energy. In addition to this, depression and loneliness can lead to committing suicide if it is not properly managed.

What type of prayers can you say for depression and loneliness?

There are 5 powerful prayers for depression and loneliness. This article seeks to address all of these prayers in more detail. It is time to get out of depression and loneliness because it is not the will of the universe for you.

1) Prayer for Loneliness

Prayer for printing

“Dear God, I feel alone. Please bring the warmth of relationships into my life. Please cover my thoughts with hope.

Dear God, please send your love into my heart. I know you are alive in all I experience. May the birdsong speak to my soul, May the trees remind me of life, May the bread I eat nourish my soul with its goodness, As I connect with the world around me. I give thanks for all those who love me, For all those who care.

Help me to receive your hope in my heart, To embrace your life flowing in mine. I know I live and breathe as part of your family And dwell safely in you. Dear God, I know you understand me. I am not alone.

Whenever you are lonely, praying to God is the best option out of your loneliness. Whenever you pray for loneliness, you are going to be comforted by the holy spirit. This is the belief of Christians, and it works every time I put it to work. The spirit realm wants to relate with the physical realm, and we can become the conduit through our prayers.

Whenever you are lonely, there is a superstition that you are not lonely because there are several beings around you, who seek to communicate with you every time. Therefore, whenever you pray, your spiritual senses will become heightened enough to sense the presence of angels or the spirit of your lost loved one. This will trigger hope in your heart and constantly remind you that you are not alone.

In addition to this, whenever you pray for loneliness, the universe will send someone into your life to keep you company and give you comfort.

2) Prayer for the Lonely and Depressed

Prayer for the Lonely and Depressed
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“Our Lord, I am desperate, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to think and not knowing how to act. My thoughts are negative, my will to live is fading and my happiness doesn’t exist.

I turn to you, to Our Lord, for spiritual help. I need the help of Our Lord to start feeling better and I need the help of Our Lord to have more hope for the future.

Our Lord, fill my heart with strength, fill my heart with will and determination. Help me to get through this loneliness and depression right now.

Help me with Your strength and with Your powers in this moment of great difficulty. Our Lord, I believe in You, I believe in Your powers and Your strengths.

I know you will help me. Our Lord, please hear this prayer of mine and help me.


Are you lonely or depressed?

This prayer is the best way to get out of this negative feeling. Loneliness and depression is the common reason for suicide in the world today. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to get out of loneliness and depression.

In the bible, God makes it clear to us that it is not his will that any of his children live a life that is lonely or destitute of help. Therefore, with faith in your heart, you can pray to God concerning this situation of yours, and he will grant the request of your heart.

It is time to pray against the spirit that causes loneliness and depression. This is peculiar to you if there is no external source that is triggering the negative feeling of loneliness and depression. It must be a spiritual attack. Therefore, you should pray against the evil spirit. Once you do this, there is going to be a wave of joy and comfort that will fill your heart.

3) Prayer for Feeling Alone

Prayer for Feeling Alone
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“Almighty God, help me in this moment of great difficulties, in this moment of sadness and in this moment of loneliness.

Father God, help me feel better, help me feel stronger, more willing to live and more willing to be happy.

Take this loneliness out of my heart, my body and my soul.

God, fill my heart with love, joy, happiness, peace and will to live. Take this depression out of me. Take this unhappiness from me. Help me to be happier and more willing to live.

I believe in Your powers and Your strengths. Father God, help me, right now.


This type of feeling might be due to a lot of factors. It might be due to a breakup, betrayal, or relocation to a new environment that is far away from your friends. Therefore, if you are in this situation, this is the best prayer for you.

Whenever you offer this prayer to God, you should expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The wisdom on how to make new friends in a new environment.
  • The emotional strength to get over the breakup and betrayal.
  • The best relational skill that will help you to learn how to relate with people faster and make new friends.

This prayer will equip you to become a better friend to the people around you. Therefore, apart from the fact that the universe will take away the feeling of loneliness from you, there is also going to be a divine equipping, which will help you to learn how to relate with the people around you for communion.

4) Prayer for when you are sad and lonely

Prayer for when you are sad and lonely
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“The darkness has taken hold me and I can’t find my way back to the light. In this moment, ending it all seems like the best option, the only option, the only way to escape.

Yet, there is something in me that wants your light to snuff out the darkness. So I ask, Lord, that you would do just that.

You are the only light that can shine in the darkness. I know when I’m consumed with thoughts of death I’m believing lies from the enemy.

I ask Lord that you would remind me of these truths: when I feel alone, you are with me; when I feel invisible, you see me; when I feel worthless, my value is knowing you and being known by you.

Beth Ann Baus

When we lose our friend or lost one, there is this combination of sadness and loneliness that comes into our hearts. This feeling can become intense to a point of depression and suicide. Therefore, we need to take advantage of the power of prayer to wage war against these negative emotions.

The prayer for sadness and loneliness will take away every form of sadness in your heart. it will relieve you of every form of sadness and loneliness. This prayer will fill you with the assurance that you are not alone. The feeling of loneliness will be eradicated as you pray to God. Therefore, you should always offer this prayer whenever you are sad and lonely. 

Loneliness is not good. God does not want us to live a life of loneliness. This is why you should not be scared of telling God to take away every lonely feeling you are having. He is always ready to answer your prayer.

5) Prayer for feeling lost and alone

This was the prayer that changed my life drastically. I remembered some years ago when I was lost. I found it hard to discover who I was and what I was destined to achieve with my life. This made me sad because there was nobody around me to show me the way. I sought help from various quarters, but all to no avail. I had to look up to the universe for guidance and direction.

After a few days, all of my questions were answered and this assured me that I am not alone. Whenever you feel lost and alone, pray to the universe. The universe will help you to find your way into the light. It is this discovery that will assure you that you are not alone. 

Feeling lost without anyone to help you out is a terrible situation to find yourself. This is why you should pray to the universe whenever you are in that situation. This is the best way to be restored to wholeness and joy. 

Therefore, whenever you are lost and lonely, say this prayer to the universe.

Can I pray whenever I am sad?

You should pray to the heavens whenever you are sad. Most times, this will help you to properly express how you feel to the universe. Whenever you are sad, always pray to God. However, you must be careful to not allow doubt, fear, and depression to contaminate the energy that comes from your prayer. When the sad feeling is properly channeled, it can become a powerful force that will generate an answer to your prayer.

Praying to the universe whenever you are sad is a good way to express your feelings to the universe about a situation in your life that is unpleasant to you. Therefore, don’t stop praying to the universe whenever you are sad. However, you must ensure that it is mixed with faith and confidence.

Can I pray for someone else’s sadness?

Praying for someone else’s sadness is a show of love and care, which is acceptable to the universe. In the Christian faith, it is called intercession. Therefore, it is good to pray for someone else’s sadness. God will answer this type of prayer as well.

Final words

About the prayers in this article

By offering these prayers, you are never going to feel lonely, depressed, or sad anymore. The universe will give you joy, and bring quality relationships into your life that will take away every lonely feeling from your life.

So, what did you think about out prayers for depression and loneliness? If you still have any questions or recommendation, feel free to leave your comment below.

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