How to make a Protection Spell Jar? The Best Ingredients

How to make a protection spell jar? This jar is a powerful form of protective spell that can protect your home from evil. Whenever you are moving into a new home, it is advisable to have the protection spell jar in your home protection.

New environments can have negative energies around them. Therefore, you have to be prepared for this. The protection spell jar is one of the most powerful forms of witchcraft spells and practices for protection.

Several people have attempted to make this type of spell but got stuck along the way. Therefore, I have decided to provide the best solution to this problem. In this article, we are going to see the best ingredients for a protection spell jar, and how you can make a protection spell jar for your home.

You will learn how to effectively use this practice to protect your home and household from every form of evil.

Have you been looking for answers concerning the protection spell jar?

Then you have come to the right place. The protection spell jar can be made within the confines of your home without the supervision of anyone. All you have to do is to have access to the right ingredients for this practice.

Read on to find out the best ways to make the protection spell jar from the comfort of your home with so much protective energy flying around your house every day.

What Ingredients do I need for a Protection Spell Jar?

Lavender for a spell protection jar

This is the commonly asked question in the heart of people. With my experience in spiritual consultation, I have been faced with these questions countless times. I have proffered solutions to everyone who has asked this question, but the need to make this mainstream is the purpose of this article.

You have to understand that the perfect ingredients must be used. Without the perfect ingredient, your protection spell jar will not be effective. There are specific items that must be added to your spell jar to generate the most powerful protective energy around your house. 

These items must be present in your protection jar spell to generate the necessary spiritual energy for protecting your house, family, and belonging.

Have you ever wondered what these items might be?

You need the following items for a protection spell jar:

  • A jar with a closed lid;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Crystal;
  • Rosemary;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Salt;
  • Incense;
  • Black candle;
  • A sigil or an intention paper;
  • Lavender;
  • Sage;
  • Cloves;
  • Chamomile.

Each of these items has its spiritual powers and significance, which qualifies them to be a part of the items for a protection jar spell. Let us look into their spiritual powers and significance.

A jar with a closed lid

A jar with a closed lid
A jar with a closed lid

This is an important item for a protection jar spell. Without the jar, the spell cannot be successful. The jar is the container that holds all of the items together for a perfect combination of spiritual power for protection. In the spiritual realm, the jar is a symbol of security and perfection.

Without the jar, your spell will not work because there is nothing to hold the other spiritual items together. Therefore, you must have a jar.

This jar must have a closed lid. This lid must be sealed after all the items have been put together. Without the lid, the spell will not be successful.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf
Bay leaf

In the spiritual world, the bay leaf is used for purification. Whenever an atmosphere is filled with negativity, the bay leaf is responsible for purging every environment of negativity.

Therefore, it is an important item to be added to the protection spell jar. The bay leaf will turn every situation around for good in your life and family.

Therefore, you should not do without this item in your protection jar spell. This leaf is a common ingredient that is used for money charms, protection spells, and good luck charms. You should have the bay leaf in your protection jar spell for purification.



This is necessary for protection. It is believed that crystals contain protective qualities that can cover an environment.

The crystal will protect your house from evil. It is believed that the crystal is always full of positive energy, and will dispense all of this energy by absorbing negative energies from your environment. Therefore, it is important to have the crystal in your protection spell jar.



The rosemary plant is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Whenever you are experiencing nightmares, it is time to make a protection spell jar, and you will not be able to achieve your aim without the rosemary plant.

By adding the rosemary plant to your protection spell jar, you will be able to protect yourself from every form of nightmare.



The fragrance of cinnamon will drive away bad luck from you and bring good luck to your life. Therefore, it is an item to be added to your protection spell jar. Cinnamon is a plant that is best known for bringing good luck to the life of anyone who keeps it around.

Therefore, having the cinnamon plant in your protection spell jar will attract good luck to your life, while driving away every form of bad luck.



The salt is good for protection and cleansing. Adding the black salt with other items will provide a strong protective charm, which will cleanse your environment of every form of negative energy.

Therefore, when you get to a new house, making a protection spell jar needs black salt for purification of the atmosphere and protection from negative energy.


Incense for a Protection Spell Jar

The smoke of incense is a great purification material. Therefore, you should have incense around you whenever you are making the protection spell jar. The incense will purify the jar, and ward off negative energy around you.

I will suggest frankincense incense. This incense is strong enough. The smoke and fragrance repel negative energy and purify your jar from getting contaminated.

Black candle

Black candle
Black candle

This item is important. With the black candle, you are giving a sign of defense. The black candle is an item that is often used for defense and protection.

Therefore, you should have the black candle with you. You don’t need more than 1 candle for a protection spell jar. While reciting the spell into the jar, the black candle will be lit for an extra fragrance and energetic charge.

A sigil or intention

A sigil for protection
Sigil for protection

This will be drawn on a white piece of paper. This drawing is a representation of your intention. If you cannot draw a sigil (if you are a beginner), then it is okay to write down all of your intentions on a white piece of paper. This must be placed in the protection spell jar. It will give the energy a focus, and protect the crucial aspects of your life from harm or negative energy.

You can copy the sigil above or even print him.



The peaceful atmosphere around the lavender is beautiful. Therefore, if you desire peace in your life, lavender is the perfect plant for this effect.

Add the lavender in your protection spell jar for peace. This is going to grant you inner peace, and help to maintain emotional stability when things don’t seem to be going well.

Protecting yourself from inner turmoil will be possible with the power of the lavender in your protection jar spell.



This is an important item for every protection spell jar. The sage leaf is used in smudging, which offers temporary protection to your environment.

However, if you want to make a protective spell jar for a permanent solution to negative energies, you must add the sage leaf.

This leaf will protect you from a negative situation and help you to maintain an inner balance and tranquility during times of turmoil. In addition to this, it brings good luck into the lives of everyone who uses it.



This will bring prosperity into your life. The clove plant is a spiritually fortified plant that brings good luck into people’s lives.

Therefore, if you desire prosperity, this should be added to your protection jar spell. With this, you will be able to achieve promotion at your job, profitability at your business, and general excellence in life.



This will create positive energy around you. Whenever you don’t have positive energy to emit, the chamomile will supply you with positive energy to keep you motivated, relaxed, and hopeful. Adding this item to your protection jar spell will create a permanent positive atmosphere around you.

In addition to these, you can also add feathers, eggshells, money, and other spiritual items. This must be dependent on your intention or desire.

How to make a protection spell jar? Step by Step

How to make a protection spell jar

Follow these processes to make a protection spell jar.

Simple protection spell jar

This does not require any complicated materials. You can create a simple protection spell jar by following these processes:

This type of protection spell jar has a definite intention. Therefore, you don’t need many ingredients for this type of spell jar. Let us look at 3 simple protection spell jar methods:

Follow these simple processes to make this type of protection spell jar:

  1. Write down your intention on a piece of paper.
  2. Light up your black candle.
  3. Turn your jar upside down over the candle and let the smoke fill the jar.
  4. Add your ingredients into the jar.
  5. Place your written intentions into the jar.
  6. Cover the lid of the jar and use the wax from the black candle to seal up the jar.
  7. Shake the items together to recharge the energy.
  8. Place the jar somewhere safe for effective functionality.

All of these steps are simple to follow. Therefore, you can create a protection spell jar from the comfort of your home, there are complex ways of making a protection spell jar. Let us look into this:

Complex protection spell jar

Follow these steps to make a more complex protection spell jar

Ensure that all of your ingredients are placed together in a single place. Once the process starts, you must remain in that location until the jar has been properly set up. Therefore, ensure that everything you need is available.

Before you start making the protection spell jar, perform a cleansing ritual. You can do this by smudging sage or burning incense for protection. This is going to protect you from harm. In addition to this, it will clear every negative energy in the environment that might contaminate your protection spell jar.

1) Draw a circle around you

In witchcraft, it is called a spiritual boundary. It is believed that this boundary will keep every negative energy away from you while performing the protection jar spell. Therefore, draw a circle round about you. Using white salt is powerful. Ensure you draw the circle three times. It will prevent every evil energy or spirit from coming at you. In addition to this, it will keep the positive energy around you.

2) It is time to prepare the protection spell jar

However, before you do this, you must set your intentions right. You have to focus on what you want to protect. In this case, you can combine every aspect of your life in one jar. This will require several ingredients and a bigger jar. Therefore, state out the different things you are looking up to the universe to protect. This focus must not be distracted to make this work perfectly.

3) Purify your jar with black smoke

This is the smoke that comes from the black candle. Turn your jar upside down and allow the smoke of the black candle to fill up the jar. This will purify the jar, and also fortify the jar with strong protective energy. You can also use ritual oils to purify your jar. You can use both ingredients to purify your jar.

4) Make sure you arrange your items properly

Your intention or sigil paper must be placed beneath the jar. Therefore, ensure this is arranged in the same pattern. Several people burn their intention paper for quicker manifestation. However, it is okay to not burn it. Place your intention or sigil paper beneath the jar and other ingredients should come over it. Include the crystal as well for a powerful magical charge.

5) Cover the spell jar with its lid and begin to shake all of these items for activation

While shaking the protective spell jar, imagine yourself in the middle of bright light. In the spirit world., this bright light is a spiritual boundary that protects you from evil. Furthermore, this light will attract only good things in your life. Therefore, let this imagination settle in your heart. You can also speak out positive affirmations if you desire to. 

6) Place the candle on top of your protection spell jar

Allow the wax to seal the jar for permanent protection. In doing this, the spell jar will be completed and the energy will be released around your home. 

After this, you can get out of the circle you have drawn, and place the protection spell jar in a safe place. Hanging the protection spell jar in the center of your home is perfect. The energy will move freely into every part of your home.

These processes will lead you to the successful creation of a protection spell jar. You can combine all of your intentions into one protective spell jar. All you have to do is to have all the necessary ingredients for all of your intentions. It is okay to mix several ingredients in a single protective spell jar. 

How to Protect Yourself with a Protection Spell Jar

Protect yourself from enemies and spiritual danger

After making the protection spell jar, all you have to do is find the best location to place this jar. There is nothing else to do to enhance protection. If you follow the right process, you will be able to protect yourself from harm without stress.

Making use of the protection spell jar does not require additional spells. As long as this jar stays in your house, you will enjoy purification and protection.

I strongly recommend burying your protection spell jar if you live in your own house. By burying it, you are connecting your jar with the source of all magic, which is the mother earth. This will fill the protection spell jar with the energy that is required for effectiveness.

What will the Protection Spell Jar do for me?

Jar with a spell

The protection spell jar will protect you from negative energy, and attract good luck into your life.

Whatever your intentions are, the protection spell jar will grant them to you. As long as this jar remains closed and charged, you will continually enjoy its protection, and all of your wishes will come true. 

Furthermore, the protection spell jar will ward off evil spirits from your home. This will also affect every member of your family (those living in the fortified house).

Final Words

It is time to protect yourself from every form of negativity. Take advantage of the information in this article right now by making a protection spell jar for yourself.

In doing this, you will get rid of every negative energy and evil spirit that wants to contaminate your environment and bring bad luck to your life.

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