Clove Spiritual Meaning: 9 Benefits And Magical Properties 

Tracing their origin to the Maluku Islands, Indonesia, cloves are one of the popularly used spices in food production.

The tiny dark brown and hard substances have also extended their application into spiritualism.

When dried, cloves boast powerful and extraordinary energy, which makes them effective in various magical and spiritual practices.

Besides that, cloves also hold a soft spot in many cultures thanks to their physical benefits. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the magical properties of cloves alongside various spiritual benefits

Cloves Spiritual Meaning

Cloves Spiritual Meaning

Many spiritual experts believe that cloves contain a potent spiritual power that can help to improve your focus and intuition on different matters.

Using the products as a spice or essential oil guarantees a high level of clarity, especially for students or anyone faced with a situation that requires critical thinking

Cloves are also believed to have the ability to protect one against the evil plans of the devil and his agents.

Having a touch of this product can eradicate every negative force directed at your life, creating a sense of immeasurable calmness and harmony. 

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Clove: 5 Magical Properties 

Clove: 5 Magical Properties 

As highlighted earlier, cloves have certain magical properties, and here are five of them. 

1) Grounding

Many cultures and traditions embrace the use of cloves for grounding. These aromatic products are believed to initiate a high level of stability by balancing one’s energies.

Cultural experts believe that meditating upon cloves will guarantee a greater sense of balance in one’s emotions. 

During meditation or visualization, one should reflect upon any negative forces that might have been distracting them from achieving their goals.

As you hold the cloves, speak or condemn these undesirable forces and replace them with wishes for stability.

Some people decide to bury the cloves after meditation to symbolize grounding, while others keep them in their bags. 

2) Relieving anxiety and stress 

Another popular magical property of cloves is their power to relieve anxiety and stress.

Cloves are linked to reducing stress and anxiety directly through their aromatic scents and indirectly through clove essential oils and candles. 

Meditating through these products can help reduce stress and anxiety, hence elevating relaxation and comfort.

You can also enjoy the effectiveness of cloves for stress and anxiety reduction by burning clove candles or eating clove-baked foodstuffs. 

3) Healing

Some traditions believe that cloves have the magical power to heal some diseases and conditions.

Therefore, they are used in healing rituals accompanied by particular enchantments to eradicate ailments. 

Other traditions wear cloves as charms to protect themselves from negative energies that would result in diseases.

This magical property was mainly exercised in newborns, infants, and children to protect them from ‘evil eyes’ and other misfortunes

4) Prosperity in love and friendships 

To keep love and friendship relationships alive and well, one can meditate upon a piece of clove declaring positivity and an extended lifespan for the union.

Cloves have been associated with love and friendship spells from years back until today

It can also be used in spells or rituals that seek to attract love or friends or strengthen bonds between a couple or a group of friends.

Traditional and cultural experts believe that one will likely experience harmony and productivity in their relationship after embracing cloves. 

5) Breaking spells  

Cloves can magically break spells, especially negative ones, that may have been cast upon your health, love life, relationships, career, or profession. 

Experts believe that cloves have the power to reverse negative forces and unwanted influences.

Therefore, if you wish to break a spell, you can burn dried cloves during smudging, visualize yourself breaking the spell, or wear a clove talisman. 

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Clove Essential Oil: 4 Spiritual Benefits 

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oils have been associated with several spiritual benefits, and here are the common four. 

1) Protection 

One of the leading spiritual benefits of clove essential oil is protection.

For years, clove essential oil has been used in homes because they are powerful enough to protect the inhabitants against negative forces

Some spiritualists believe if you carry clove essential oil in your bag when attending a party or event, none of the food will affect you negatively.

This essential oil is effective at helping to eradicate every negativity around you, including those that you don’t acknowledge. 

2) Increase spiritual focus  

Another spiritual benefit of clove is to attract high spiritual concentration.

Scientifically, these products are filled with eugenol, a compound that helps to increase focus while eliminating any possible discomforts in the human body. 

Therefore, clove essential oil makes the best oil to visualize your spiritual journey.

You can use it during prayers, Bible study sessions, meditation, or other spiritual practices and enjoy maximum concentration and productivity. 

3) Attracts good luck and blessings   

We all need good luck and blessings in our different paths of life like career, marriage, parenting, or spirituality.

Many spiritual experts believe that clove essentials can bring good luck and favor in nearly all fields of life

For instance, if you wish to achieve a financial breakthrough, you can store a tiny bottle of clove essential oil in your handbag or smear a few drops on your wallet, and you’ll be blessed.

Besides good luck, clove essential oil can protect you against any amulets and spells spoken against your spiritual prosperity. 

4) Spiritual guidance    

Clove essential oil is popularly known for its positive influence on spiritualism by guiding believers towards the right path.

According to spiritual experts, this product opens doors of communication with the divine world where one can receive more direct enlightenment through their spiritual journey. 

Embracing clove essential oil in meditation or other practices is likely to give believers a clear intuition regarding various spiritual or general life matters.

Spiritualists believe that your life will positively change if you use clove essential oil, as it’s strongly associated with spiritual growth. 

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3 Ways to Enjoy Clove’s Magical Properties and Benefits 

cloves on bowl

There are various ways you can incorporate clove’s magical properties and benefits into your life. Here are the main three. 

Burning Cloves:

The most popular way of using cloves for magical and spiritual purposes is by burning them.

This method often involves burning actual cloves by holding them above a source of heat until they start to crackle or spark.

Ensure to have the right supplies like tweezers or tongs and a heat-resistant dish (to place the cloves) to avoid burn accidents. 

As the cloves burn, they release an aromatic smoke, which is believed to deliver the above spiritual benefits.

You can let the burnt cloves smolder and pack the entire space with great aroma. Remember to dispose of the charcoal or source of heat appropriately away from children and pets. 

Clove essential oil:

Another way you can enjoy the magical properties and benefits of cloves is through clove essential oil.

These oils are naturally extracted from dried clove flower buds through steam distillation.

Other methods of extraction include using an alcohol or cold pressing, although the former is the most preferred

You can attract abundance, spiritual growth, and other benefits of clove by using clove essential oils.

Besides their specified purposes, clove essential oils will likely welcome nearly all of the above magical properties and benefits into your life. 

Clove in foodstuffs:

You can also embrace cloves in your life through foodstuffs. There are a lot of foods that blend well with cloves and actually taste great.

Good examples are the assortment of baked goodies such as cookies, gingerbreads, biscuits, cakes, or muffins

Cloves can also be used as a flavor in various drinks such as tea and smoothies, which, when consumed, bring good luck, guidance, and a lot more into your life.

Other people add ground or whole cloves to rice as a garnish, achieving a magical taste with plenty of spiritual benefits. 

The majority of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines often include cloves in their curry spice blends.

Lastly, you can enjoy the magical properties and benefits of cloves by adding them to desserts such as custards, rice pudding, and poached fruits. 

Are Cloves Used in Witchcraft?

dried cloves on sun

Cloves have been used to practice witchcraft or cast evil spells in some communities.

However, many spiritual experts believe that such practices have been outdated since many people in the 21st century have chosen to embrace the positive uses of cloves. 

Spiritualists counter-attack this belief by teaching that cloves can be used to cancel an evil spell or any negative forces that may have been directed your way. 

Should I Use It or Is It a Bad Spiritual Thing?

clove seed for cooking

Cloves aren’t a bad spiritual thing. They can be used to attract various benefits thanks to their magical properties.

Spiritualists believe that using cloves can enhance one’s spiritual well-being and provide insights into multiple matters of life. 

However, you should seek to understand the spiritual or cultural context of cloves in your community, family, or religion to avoid attracting undesirable results. 

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Final Words

Cloves are powerful herbs that reveal their importance not just in spiritualism but also in the food industry and oil production.

While the significance of cloves varies within various religions, cultures, and traditions, the above ones are the most commonly shared and effective. 

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your spiritual well-being and mental stability, consider using this product in your prayers, meditation, and rituals.

Hopefully, you’ve received a better understanding of what benefits to expect alongside various ways to use cloves. 

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