Hanging Roses Upside Down: 5 Spiritual Meanings

If you’ve attended high-end celebrations like weddings and burials, you may have noticed the numerous rose flower varieties used for decoration. 

Well, it’s not only about beauty and love but peace, harmony, cleansing, and change; that’s why roses are used.

If you look around, you may notice some bunches of roses hanging upside down. Why is that? If you observe closely, you will realize they have already withered.  

Yes, this is part of the decoration. But, spiritually, it is used to cleanse the area. The roses are used to attract positive energies in the surrounding, which is why those hanging upside down are there.

This way, the event will turn out successful. Apart from that, what else do you need to know? Let’s find out.

What Does Hanging Flowers Upside Down Mean?

flowers upside down

Hanging flowers like roses upside down have symbolic meaning and significance in our lives. Generally, it shows a period of transition and transformation

Spiritually, this symbolizes spiritual evolution and personal growth. The same way flowers undergo the drying process, it’s the same way humans transcend from life to death

Also, it is one way of connecting with the ancestors. Some people believe hanging a flower this way helps them gain wisdom and guidance from their ancestors. 

This is one way of appreciating the past and maintaining a connection with the spiritual world

Flowers are believed to possess some positive energies that can be obtained even when they are withered. 

So, hanging flowers upside down is one way of preserving their energies. These energies can work and be used in spiritual practices, meditation, and healing

Ideally, these energies assist in getting rid of negative energies and opening ways for blessings and positive energy.

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Hanging Roses Upside Down: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Hanging Roses Upside Down: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Before we discuss various meanings of hanging roses upside down, it’s essential to know that these meanings vary depending on what you feel and believe in

So, whatever meaning you choose, it’s deeply personal. While roses are known for their scents and love symbolism, they can bring about transformation and change in your life.

Nothing on this earth is permanent. So whether you are struggling in life or your troubles are becoming endless, you need to bring positive energies into your surroundings. 

Hanging roses upside down will help create the atmosphere that you desire. Your past will not be your present. You can meditate around the hanged flowers and allow them to guide you with their energies. 

So, what is the spiritual meaning of hanging roses upside down

1) A symbol of an energy reversal

When roses are hung upside down, they will eventually dry. Ow to humans, this symbolizes life and death and’s also about the reversal of energy

This is a sign of transformation. For instance, if you come from a humble background, you know what it takes to get on top. 

Though your family, friends, and relatives were used to you being poor as normal, everything is going to change.

You are basically turning everything upside down for new beginnings. 

2) You’re letting go

As earlier said, hanging roses upside down helps release negative emotions and energies

We all have different paths in our lives, and each phase can bring joy or sadness. Maybe you have regrets about going against your parents’ wishes. 

Or you regret doing something that hurt someone. You will change your ways when you understand life is like a circle.

Maybe you’ve been grieving about broken relationships or the loss of someone. Whichever the case, when you hang roses upside down, it’s a sign you have finally let go of all this

You are setting yourself free from these negative energies that have lowered your self-esteem and built fear and disappointment in you. 

3) Increased spiritual connection

Most traditions believe hanging roses upside down is one way to communicate with spirits or ancestors.

It’s believed the upside position of the roses closes the gap between the spiritual and physical world. 

So, as a spiritual person, you understand that this is one way to seek guidance and wisdom from the ancestors. If you are taking a new path in life, you need guidance and wisdom.

You can invite such energies by hanging roses upside down. More so, if there is a message from the spiritual realm, it will be easy to understand.

4) A sign of healing and purification

This is also a cleansing sign. When you hang roses upside down, you gather energy around your home.

This means that you will be able to deal with any negative energy around you.

It’s because of this energy that you got fired, your marriage broke, and you lost faith.

So, by hanging these flowers upside down, you will be able to cleanse your house and self and find healing again.

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5) You are finding a balance

To some people, hanging roses upside down means they are trying to correct their imbalances.

Maybe everything in your life seems to be going the opposite way. That is because your surroundings seem to have no balance and peace.

Peace of mind, body, and soul are essential for things to work out. So, you may just be trying to bring positive energies into your surrounding by hanging roses. 

This way, you will have a balanced energy flow promoting a peaceful environment

How To Hang Roses Upside Down?

dried pink rose

It’s quite an easy process to hang roses upside down, but it does take patient!

To hang roses upside down, you first have to choose one with healthy petals and stems. Create a small bouquet of five to ten branches of roses, then tie them together using a rope. 

Just like flowering companies work, you will have to store the roses in a dry, dark, and ventilated room

In your house, unused rooms or closets will work just fine. Now ensure the unused room has low humidity to prevent uneven drying. Take each bouquet and hang them on a study rod

These roses should hang freely and not touch any surface or each other. At the upside-down position, roses will maintain their shape but wither as time goes by.

You can leave them for up to three weeks, which may vary.

Once they dry, you can remove them or still leave them to assist in warding off the negative energies in your house.

As mentioned earlier, roses attract positive energies, so your situation will reverse or change to something better. 

Should I Hang Roses Upside Down? Will I Invite Negative Energies?

roses upside down

If you believe in spirituality, then you should hang roses upside down. You will not invite negative energies but rather ward off the negative energies

Well, in many cultures, it’s believed hanging roses brings about protection, transformation, spiritual connection and preservation. 

For instance, if you receive red roses hung upside down, it means your love relationship is over. As we all know, roses are associated with love. 

People give out to express their feelings and admiration. So, whenever the roses are hung upside down, there are some energies connected to them.

But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be negative energies.

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Final Words

Hanging roses upside down is a common practice in many traditions and is symbolic of human life.

Roses associate with love, so they not only assist us in engaging with its beauty but also embrace its energies. 

It also helps us reconnect with our spiritual being for our well-being. Also, you will learn to appreciate the sacredness of life. The same way roses are admired before withering, it’s the same way your life can be. 

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