Coconut Spiritual Meaning: 5 Healing Benefits And Properties

When last did you have a coconut? You might want to look for one after reading this if it has been long. Well, the coconut is one fruit whose life cycle has earned it a throne in the spiritual realm.

It is among the most spiritually revered fruits with healing properties you do not want to miss.

Let’s now take a look at the coconut’s spiritual meaning and its incredible symbolism and healing benefits.

Coconut Spiritual Meaning

open coconut

Did you know that in the Philippines, the coconut is known as the “tree of life”? While in Sanskrit, the coconut is called kalpavriksha, meaning “the provider of all necessities of life”?

They are known for that because of the coconut’s origin, journey, and benefits. That is how the coconut’s spiritual meaning also came about

You see, from the word coco (a Spanish and Portuguese word), the word coconut was born. Since the word coco means “skull” or “head,” the coconut spiritually represents your conscious and subconscious connection to the unseen realm

Moreover, spiritually, the coconut’s life journey represents your soul’s trail from darkness to light.

The coconut sprouts anew by falling from the tree, breaking open, going through germination, and finally yielding a new tree

The coconut’s outer shell represents your ego that must be cracked to reveal inner wisdom and purity. Also, the coconut’s water and flesh represent the cleansing and nourishment of the spirit.

Finally, the oil derived from the coconut carries the spiritual meaning of the healing and anointment the soul undergoes to see the light. 

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Coconut Symbolism 

coconut drink

When you see a coconut, what thought springs to mind? Perhaps its tender, delicious flesh or its sweet juice.

Beyond this lies more profound symbolism derived from its structure and life journey. Here is what the coconut symbolizes:

  • Life: The coconut’s flesh and water provide life and sustenance to the consumer. This symbolizes the capability of the spirit to nurture and nourish;
  • Purity: The coconut’s water and flesh signify clarity, innocence, and purity. That is why they are used in purifying and cleansing rituals;
  • Transformation: From its journey to its processing to its ability to thrive in different conditions and environments, the coconut symbolizes the essence of transformation. Spiritual change and adaptability allow you to see life from different angles and accept the numerous life changes that come your way;
  • Unity: The structure of the coconut is well adapted to sustain its life cycle. The parts making up the structure work together to ensure the coconut keeps giving rise to new life without the involvement of a third party.  

What Is The Meaning Of The Coconut Tree In Life?

coconut tree

The coconut rarely requires human intervention to grow. Naturally dependent on the ocean current and mother nature, the coconut tree grows, reproduces, and thrives for years.

Even after finding a workaround to survive on its own, the coconut retains its selfless nature as it ensures most of its structural parts can sustain the life of other species.

One part that stands out is the coconut fruit. And from all these, this is what the coconut tree means in life:

  • Creativity and resourcefulness are critical for survival: A coconut knows how to navigate the wonders of nature to keep going in life;
  • Flexibility and adaptability can keep you going for long: Even when the conditions and environments change, the coconut knows how to adapt;
  • Generosity can come from anyone: You do not have to look down on anyone simply because of their current situation. They can help you at some point (just like the coconut fruit can save you when stranded on an island);
  • Strength and resilience can be developed at a personal level: Just like the coconut develops resilience and strength on its own, so can you. 

Why Is The Coconut Tree Of Heaven?

palm tree on beach

Being linked to gods and goddesses makes the coconut a tree of heaven.

For example, the Hindus offer coconuts to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of new beginnings and wisdom. Lord Ganesha grants them blessings and removes obstacles from their paths.

Besides being linked to goddesses and gods, the protective and healing powers of the coconut have made people believe it is heavenly.

Some even believe it can ward off evil spirits and bring blessings and good luck

Moreover, the coconut is heavenly because it “provides all the necessities of life.”

The coconut is a source of survival and sustenance because it can provide you with drink, fuel, food, and various materials from its structure. For example, when stranded on an island, finding coconut trees can keep you going before being rescued. 

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Coconut: 5 Healing Benefits And Properties 

Coconut: 5 Healing Benefits And Properties 

Besides being spiritually revered, the coconut is also a powerful and healing food. The coconut’s connection to the spiritual world supercharges its healing properties and benefits.

Here are the healing merits you can get from a coconut:

1) The coconut is ketogenic and blood sugar-friendly

Since the coconut is more fiber and less carbs, it is ketogenic and blood sugar friendly. Therefore, it can aid your system in avoiding insulin spikes and promote ketosis.

Ketosis is the process in which your metabolic state burns fat for energy and not glucose. This helps with diabetes management, brain health, and weight loss. 

2) Get rid of oxidative stress and inflammation

The coconut contains phenolic compounds like ferulic acid, caffeic acid, and gallic acid, which are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

So, they work on eliminating oxidative stress and inflammation, primarily associated with chronic diseases, including cancer and diabetes. 

3) antiviral and antibacterial properties

The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconuts, like caprylic, capric, and lauric acids, are antiviral and antibacterial.

These acids power your immune against infections, including flu and colds. 

4) Enhance your hair and skin’s beauty 

Rich in vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin E, the coconut is suitable for extracting products to enhance your skin and hair’s beauty, especially coconut oil.

Coconut oil can help treat or avoid skin conditions such as sunburn, eczema, and acne as it moisturizes, soothes, and heals skin.

Moreover, coconut products can nourish and strengthen your hair. 

5) Strengthen your dental and bone structure 

With the help of the minerals in the coconut, you can strengthen your bone and dental structure. The essential minerals include phosphorous, copper, and manganese.

They support the formation and maintenance of your bones, protect your teeth from bacterial growth and decay, and protect your gums from infections.

Is Coconut Good For Energy?

woman cutting coconut

Yes, coconut can refuel your body whenever you run out of energy.

The two core energy suppliers in a coconut are the coconut oil and the water. These are fuels within the coconut fruit; one is naturally obtained while the other is extracted. 

You can extract oil from the coconut’s meat. The oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), like capric acid, caprylic acid, and lauric acid.

Due to its properties, coconut oil can bypass the digestive system and get absorbed directly into the liver. The liver converts it to ketones, a super energy booster for muscles and the brain

Moreover, coconut water contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium electrolytes.

These electrolytes boost energy by enhancing oxygen delivery to various body organs, sustaining muscle function and blood circulation. The water also hydrates and replenishes the body after exercise or when you feel dehydrated. 

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Final Words 

You sometimes buy it and just enjoy its yummy meat and juicy water without considering its spiritual significance or healing properties. All that has changed for good.

Do you feel like getting a coconut right away?  Go ahead and do it! Enjoy all the spiritual and healing benefits it holds and more. 

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