Burning Cedar Spiritual Meaning: 9 Spiritual Benefits

Are you planning to connect spiritually with the other world? If yes, it’s time you consider burning cedar.

For centuries, cedar has been associated with spiritual ceremonies such as smudging ceremonies. 

In fact, these plant is considered sacred by most traditions. Others have been using it to seek spiritual wholeness cleansing and use it for healing purposes.

There is so much positivity associated with burning cedar, and we’ll explore it in this article.

Burning Cedar Spiritual Meaning 

green cedar tree branch

Burning cedar has had spiritual significance for ages now. It’s said that cedar plays a major role in connecting the metaphysical and physical realms.  

Spiritually, it is associated with purification and cleansing and brings about balance in mind, body, and soul. Also, it has been associated with spiritual enlightenment and growth.

For instance, some traditions associate burning cedar with smudging ceremonies for cleansing purposes. Other traditions regard cedar as a sign of divine connection, resilience, and wisdom. 

Burning cedar has also been associated with bringing divine protection and guidance.

Some believe that the emitted smoke can carry someone’s prayers and intentions to heaven. So, the cedar smoke is a bridge between celestial and earthly realms.

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Burning Cedar Smudge: 9 Spiritual Benefits 

Burning Cedar Smudge: 9 Spiritual Benefits 

Now that the spiritual significance of burning cedar is clear, these are the spiritual benefits associated with it.

1) Purification benefits

It’s believed that cedar has purification benefits, and this explains why it has been used in spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

When you burn cedar smudge, the smoke produced can be used to promote spiritual purification.

Now, when using it in spiritual ceremonies, it’s best to remain focused on your intentions. 

2) Cleansing negativity

As already mentioned, burning cedar can assist with the purification of objects, places, and people. Additionally, the smoke produced can be used for cleansing purposes

So, if you feel there are negative energies in your home or place of work, you can burn cedar to cleanse it.

The smoke will create a more conducive and bring positivity to your surroundings.

3) Divine connection

Some traditions also associate burning cedar with creating a path to divinity.

As mentioned earlier, cedar is considered sacred. So, when you burn, it will help connect you with divine beings and the spiritual world, especially during spiritual ceremonies. 

4) Protection from negative influences

As already mentioned, cedar is believed to have both cleansing and purification properties.

So, when you burn it, it can offer you protection against negative energies and influences.

The smoke can create a positive barrier around you. So, even if someone wishes you evil, you are already protected

5) Healing properties

Apart from having divine and spiritual benefits, burning cedar has proven healing properties.

Cedar leaves are sometimes burned and used as incense in rituals as it’s believed to provide emotional, spiritual, and physical healing

We have discussed more about the healing properties of cedar in the article, so continue reading.

6) Offering of gratitude

Some traditions use cedar leaves in rituals and ceremonies as an offering of gratitude.

Maybe they had asked or prayed about rains, and it fell. So, cedar smudge can also be an offering of gratitude to deities, ancestors, and spirits.

7) Enhance intuition

There are people who believe that burning cedar smudge enhances their psychic abilities and intuitions.

If you feel you are far from your spiritual path, you can use it to enhance your intuition

So, when burning it, focus on your intentions, and it will help you fall back. 

8) Releasing negative emotions

Burning cedar smudge creates an aroma in your surroundings that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

If there are some negative thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stressed and awake, burning cedar will help you release these emotions

9) Increased wisdom and knowledge

Cedar trees can thrive in adverse conditions. Many cultures associate this with wisdom and knowledge.

So, when you burn cedar smudge, you may acquire more wisdom and knowledge through your life experience and adapt to these changes.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Burning Cedar? 

Cedar tree leaves

Burning cedar has physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. Some researchers refer to it as a natural sedative

Inhaling cedar can help release stress and keep your mind relaxed. It’s because it contains natural oil, Cedrol, which, if inhaled, has the following properties:

  • Improve sleep quality;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Promote relaxation.

Also, inhaling smoke from burning cedar has respiratory health benefits. For those with respiratory health issues, inhaling cedar can help clear the airways. 

That is why, for ages now, cedar has been associated with treating respiratory diseases such as congestion, bronchitis, and coughs. 

Lastly, cedar is also associated with having anti-inflammatory effects. It’s believed to have positive effects on arthritis. Also, it has been associated with massaging to reduce pain and in aromatherapy.

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How To Make A Cedar Smudge Stick? 

cedar smudge stick

Making cedar smudge sticks is an easy process. This is what you need to do:

  1. Gather the cedar leaves/sprays from their branches. Two leaves are enough to make one stick;
  2. Roll the two leaves into a bundle;
  3. Tie the bundle. You can use something like cotton string as it burns easily and doesn’t contain toxic elements like nylon;
  4. Use the cotton string to tie the smudge stick in a secure position, then wind the string around all the bundles to the further end. Your smudge stick is ready;
  5. After that, dry your stick out. Cedar leaves dry at a quicker rate as compared to other leaves, so this won’t be problematic. It can take anywhere between two days and three weeks to fully dry, depending on your location, moisture content, and so on;
  6. Once it dries, your cedar smudge stick is ready;
  7. Store it in a dry, dark, and cool place. 

How To Burn Cedar Smudge? 

making cedar smudge

As mentioned earlier, burning cedar has both healing and cleansing properties. That is why it’s a popular alternative in smudging ceremonies.

So, to burn cedar smudge, do the following:

  1. Choose a location: You should prepare a specific location for the smudging ceremony. Ensure the door and windows are open to enable free air circulation;
  2. Light your cedar smudge stick: You can use a match stick or a lighter;
  3. Fan the emitted smoke: You need to direct or control the smoke to channel it in the direction you want. So, you can use your hand or feather;
  4. Focus on your intention: While smudging, continue focusing on your real intention for cedar smudge, whether it’s attracting good luck, positive energy, and more;
  5. Extinguish the cedar smudge: Once you are done smudging all spaces and everything in your house, extinguish the stick by pressing on the sand or fireproof dish.

Is Breathing In Cedar Good For You? 

green cedar in Japan

Breathing in cedar is good for your health. As already mentioned above, there are so many healing properties associated with inhaling cedar. 

In addition to its anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, and stress relieving properties, breathing in cedar can assist in:

  • Air purification: Cedar can purify air by absorbing and neutralizing any harmful particles. This is essential, especially for those with respiratory issues. It also emits a fragrant aroma, thus creating a pleasant environment;
  • Antimicrobial: Cedar also has some antimicrobial properties, which makes it effective on fungi, bacteria, and viruses. So, if you have skin conditions or respiratory infections, you can benefit from this property.

So, when you burn cedar in your home, there is so much positivity associated with it. Inhaling cedar is good for you.

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Final Words

The spiritual meaning of burning cedar is rooted in tradition, as it symbolizes eternity, strength, and resilience. When you burn cedar, you will harness its powers to promote your overall well-being. 

So, if you are seeking to find spiritual grounding and mental clarity, inhaling cedar can help improve your concentration and focus and relieve you from depression. 

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