Spiritual Meaning Of Cinnamon In The Bible: 7 Benefits

Did you know that cinnamon can bring you good luck and prosperity? I’m talking about the same aromatic spice you use on any dish. There is more to it than you imagine.

Besides its aroma, cinnamon has spiritual properties with different purposes in religion and rituals. A good example is the incense Catholic priests use during mass; cinnamon is one of its ingredients. 

It’s believed it wades away evil and clears negative energies. So, imagine what you will invite into your home when you use it appropriately.

There are so many approaches you can use. Read on to learn the benefits of cinnamon

Spiritual Meaning Of Cinnamon In The Bible 

Cinnamon In The Bible

“Take the finest spices-12 pounds of liquid myrrh, 6 pounds of sweet-smelling cinnamon, 6 pounds of sweet smelling cane, and 12 pounds of cassia (all weighed according to the official standard). Add one gallon of olive oil…”

Exodus 30:23-25

In this verse, cinnamon is mentioned as an ingredient in anointing oil. The holy anointing oil was used in anointing sanctuary vessels, tabernacles, and furniture. 

In Exodus 40:9-11, Aaron and his sons were anointed with the holy oil while being consecrated as priests. The purpose of the oil was to sanctify wherever it was used for holy purposes

So, cinnamon in the holy oil symbolizes its power to purify and cleanse whatever it’s touched. This way, cinnamon plays a major role in making things sacred.

Additionally, cinnamon has great spiritual significance. So, when you add it to your food and drink, you can think of it as sanctifying your meal.

The oil can even be used for anointing and prayers

I believe you will also enjoy learning about the clove’s spiritual meaning and benefits.

Cinnamon Symbolism In The Bible 

cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is mentioned in different instances biblically, each with a different meaning and symbolism. While in some cases, it was used as God’s offering, it also symbolized healing. 

  • In the context of Exodus, as mentioned above, cinnamon was used as an offering to God as a sign of honor and respect;
  • In Proverbs 15, cinnamon symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The same way cinnamon adds flavor to food is the same way wisdom adds flavor to your words;
  • In Revelation 18:11-13, cinnamon is among the ingredients used in temple incense to worship God and as an ingredient in anointing oil. The oil was used up to date for priests and kings anointing. 

The same ingredient is still used today in most religious activities.

For instance, Catholics use incense during church mass to worship God, whereas the Chinese use it in New Year celebrations.

Biblical Meaning Of Smelling Cinnamon 

bowl of cinnamon

As mentioned earlier, cinnamon has a pleasant scent and numerous spiritual meanings. However, the effectiveness and the meaning depend on the context you use

“I’ve perfumed it with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.”

Proverbs 7:17

In this context, cinnamon is used as a metaphor for its alluring and tempting nature

“ of saffron, calamus, and cinnamon, or incense of every kind. Myrrh and aloes grow there with all the most fragrant perfumes. ”

Song of Solomon 4:14

But, in this verse, cinnamon is considered a sweet-smelling spice.

In 1 Kings, it’s amongst the gifts that Queen Sheba presented to King Solomon as gifts. So, biblically, cinnamon has spiritual purposes. 

7 Spiritual Benefits Of Cinnamon 

7 Spiritual Benefits Of Cinnamon 

1) Attract good luck and wealth

Cinnamon is a good charm for attracting good luck and wealth and doing away with negative energy. Carry a stick of cinnamon in a purse or wallet. 

Better still, add some drops of cinnamon oil outside your purse. If you do so, it’s believed you will attract prosperity on your physical and spiritual level. 

There are also herbs such as cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg that, if combined with cinnamon, increase your chance of attracting more wealth

So, consider combining your stick of cinnamon with such herbs to maximize the power of cinnamon.

2) cleansing

As mentioned earlier, you can use cinnamon for cleansing or driving away negative energy. You can burn the cinnamon stick or burn it incense.

Cinnamon has been known for its purifying abilities for ages now

So, light your incense, then walk around every room so that the smoke can enter all corners of the room. Through this process, you will increase your spiritual awareness and promote physical success, healing, and love. 

Or, wash your house with cinnamon-infused water. It will help drive away negative energies from your surroundings. 

Also, take a look at these smudging prayers to remove negative energies from your home.

3) raise your spiritual level

Cinnamon has high spiritual vibrations. So you can maximize its use to increase your spiritual vibration. This way, you will achieve a higher understanding. 

Besides that, this will be a great addition during meditation.

Raising your spiritual vibration brings along positivity, and you will feel strong enough and fulfilled to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Cinnamon essential oil has an attractive aroma, which will motivate you to view situations positively. This means it’s a good herb for those who feel anxious, depressed, and pessimistic. 

To use the oil, simply add it to your bathing water or in a diffuser. Then, take deep breaths for the scent to help you calm down and promote self-confidence. 

4) Take cinnamon tea for healing

It’s believed that when you take cinnamon tea before divination, it will increase your spiritual awareness.

So, in the same way you are used to taking tea or coffee during breakfast, consider cinnamon tea, too. It will boost your mood and make your conscience relaxed, receptive, and confident. 

This is how to prepare it:

  1. Boil an inch of cinnamon stick;
  2. Leave it for a few minutes to infuse your drink with its scent;
  3. Drink it.

It’s that simple!

5) manifest your desires

As mentioned below, the cinnamon blowing ritual is one way of bringing success and prosperity to your life. Through this ritual, you will be able to attract positive vibrations. 

While performing the rituals, you can include some statements to solidify your heart’s desire. These words should be powerful and be able to attract positive vibrations.

After focusing your energy on what you want, like financial stability, good luck, or physical healing, blow the cinnamon.

6) cinnamon in moon rituals

Traditions that perform rituals during the full moon believe it adds power. They also believe cinnamon is harvested from a tree ruled by the moon, making it a perfect herb for moon rituals.

When cinnamon is used to perform moon magic spells, it brings wealth, success, and joy.

Its magical properties are directly linked with prosperity. Its use in moon rituals symbolizes your intentions for the month to come.

7) improve your relationship

A burned powdered cinnamon can help improve your relationship. However, for it to work effectively, you have to combine it with other herbs like sandalwood and myrrh.

Now, show the smoke in the room the both of you spend time together. You can even recite a prayer as you show the smoke in your bed or room.

Cinnamon can also work as an ingredient in protection and spell jars

How Can I Enjoy The Benefits Of Cinnamon? 

Enjoy The Benefits Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has long been associated with spirituality in different biblical contexts. But, there is still more to its spiritual and biblical benefits.

There are also therapeutic and healing benefits of cinnamon. Let’s discuss them below.

Cinnamon Blowing Ritual:

Cinnamon Blowing Ritual

A cinnamon-blowing ritual has gained popularity with people seeking to attract wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in their homes

The cinnamon blowing ritual is also called the cinnamon abundance ritual. It’s performed on the first of the month to attract good vibrations.

For this ritual, you blow a small amount of cinnamon in your front door from outside as you imagine the prosperity and success it will bring.

You can even state this mantra:

“When this cinnamon blows, prosperity here will enter. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. And when this cinnamon blows, abundance here will live!”

After blowing it, leave it on your door for 24 hours. Don’t sweep or vacuum before this time elapses. You may ruin the abundance and prosperity coming your way. 

Mind you, perform the cinnamon-blowing ritual on the first of the month to experience the difference. 

Also, learn how to make a protection spell jar using cinnamon.

Cinnamon Essential Oil:

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Biblically, cinnamon is mentioned as an ingredient in the holy oil Moses used during priesthood ordination. It was used to sanctify the anointed. 

As an essential oil, cinnamon is extremely versatile. It offers support to the vascular, digestive, and respiratory systems.

It also assists in alleviating pain and discomfort of aching joints and muscles and preventing pain. 

Cinnamon holds great significance in various traditional medicinal systems.

Because of its potency and strength, cinnamon essential oil is a useful antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and astringent agent

Cinnamon Prayer:

Cinnamon Prayer

Cinnamon has existed for ages now, and many traditions believe in its application. As mentioned earlier, cinnamon was used as an ingredient in holy anointing oil

Even religious ministries have adopted the use of cinnamon in prayers. There are lots of spiritual benefits that come with cinnamon in prayers.

Its benefits include:

  • Attracting good luck and wealth;
  • Protection when you feel things are not working as it should be;
  • Cleansing to dispel negative energy;
  • Can raise your spiritual vibration;
  • For healing and raising intuition;
  • For manifesting your desires.

Burning Cinnamon Sticks:

Burning Cinnamon Sticks

As mentioned earlier, cinnamon is used for cleansing. So, burning cinnamon sticks is also beneficial to you and the things and people around you

Burning cinnamon sticks can help cleanse an area or object of negative energies. To cleanse the area, light the cinnamon sticks and walk around your house. 

Once it’s smoking nicely, use your hand or fan to channel the smoke to the area you want to cleanse. 

The burning cinnamon sticks will help clean the negative energy and attract positive energy. Apart from removing negative energies, there are also health benefits involved. 

It will promote your physical health. Also, your spiritual awareness will increase, thus increasing your intuition. 

Final Words

Cinnamon has its roots in the bible, and many believe in its spiritual and healing properties. From its role in divination and medicine to versatile spice, cinnamon can make a difference in your life

So, whether you use it as an essential oil, blowing rituals, or burning sticks, it brings good luck and prosperity. 

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