Spiritual Meaning Of Menstruation In A Dream: 9 Signs!

Menstruation in a dream can be so disgusting, considering the thoughts we all have about period blood. But, I want you to forget about your understanding or definition of menstrual blood.

This is a common dream, and I know most females experience it.

However, did you know that even males can experience menstruation in a dream? I was also surprised to learn that men can see periods in dreams. This is weird, but it happens. 

You may already know the meaning of period blood in your dream, but did you know it has spiritual significance?

Well, I will explain all this in this article. So, if you are looking for the spiritual meaning of menstruation in dream, this is it.

Spiritual Meaning Of Menstruation In A Dream

menstruation concept

I know you understand that when a woman is in her period, they discharge blood and other materials from the uterus. 

The same concept applies to our lives: menstruation in a dream is a sign you are getting rid of something within you that’s your fears, pain, and other negativity

In spirituality, menstruation in a dream symbolizes growth, purity, and enlightenment

We all have a past that sometimes we don’t want to talk about it, not even think about it. But again, the universe finds its ways to communicate with us.

So, mensuration in a dream is a sign you should let go of your past, no matter how dark it is.

It could be because of that darkness that your success is being hindered. But, when you let go and open up about it, you will find healing

Also, you can dream of menstruation if the choices you have been making are from your heart. Well, it’s good to do so, but it’s best to always think before acting.

So, you should be in control of your emotions for this to work out. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of Menstrual Blood In A Dream 

menstruation pad with rose

Dreaming of menstrual blood is tied to so many spiritual meanings. Generally, menstrual blood in a dream could mean you have broken down, or you feel unclean

For instance, you could be anxious or tense in your waking life. This clearly indicates that something is not right, and you need to work on it

It may be an incident from your past haunting you. Menstrual blood is a sign you have to confront these impending issues. 

Dreams are symbolic, and they do not just happen. There is power in such dreams, and you better get ready for the message. If something is bothering you, speak out

Speaking your mind out is the best ways of getting rid of these emotions. So try all you can to release the negativity harboring your progress in life. 

Seeing Period Blood In Dream Spiritual Meaning

menstrual blood on pad

There are different contexts of menstrual blood in dreams, and one of them could be seeing your menstrual blood.

Have you noticed that in this Gen-Z, people are finding it difficult to accept their femininity?

When you see period blood in a dream, it is a reminder of your femininity.

Even though there is this stereotype of looking down on women, this dream is a reminder that you should never allow someone or look down on yourself.  

Everybody has a purpose on earth. And even when people turn their back against you, you should stand firm in your decisions and choices. Don’t leave to impress others, be yourself. 

Period Blood On Face Spiritual Meaning 

looking in the mirror

Spiritually, period blood on the face is associated with feeling unattractive.

In most traditions, when a woman is on her period, they are considered unclean. This theory has made women feel ashamed and despised. 

But, as much as we consider this traditional perspective, you will realize that this meaning has existed since ancient times. 

Leviticus 15:19 says:

When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.”

So, biblically, any woman who doesn’t abide by this principle is unworthy and impure. Some religions, like Muslims, consider women unclean when menstruating so that they can’t get into the mosque. 

Now, these traditions and perceptions have affected women’s self-esteem; they feel unwanted and unattractive during this period.

But this should not be the case. You should offer them support during this period and support them emotionally.

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Dream Of Someone Else’s Menstrual Blood 

washing menstrual cup

This is one of the most disgusting dreams you can experience, whether male or female. Now, there are two concepts of this dream, and the meaning differs.

  • Male: For males, this dream is always associated with having issues in life. Ideally, your life is a mess. This is the same concept that women have been associated with during their periods. 

Men see them as unclean, a problem, and a mess. So, if you are a male and have experienced this dream, take this as a sign to work on your path and issues. Consider it a heads-up and put more effort into overcoming them.

  • Female: For females, menstrual blood in a dream means someone you know needs your help. Now, as mentioned earlier, dreams are symbolic, and they carry messages. 

So this dream has become so clear that you can even recognize whose blood it is. Well, if your friend, partner, or family member needs a helping hand, assist them the way you can. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Period Blood? 9 Signs 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Period Blood? 9 Signs 

Now that we have already discussed the spiritual meaning of menstrual blood in dreams before we wrap up, let’s look at the possible signs the dream could be delivering.

1) You are in a transition phase

Traditionally, when a woman is in her menses, it’s believed they undergo growth, purification, and fertility in their lives.

So, if you are undergoing a major transition, such as a career deal in your life, this dream shouldn’t surprise you.  

When a woman experiences this in dreams, it could be because a period of change has come. She could be conceiving, and soon, she will transition to motherhood

For a man, in this case, it means they will also experience a significant change in their lives. They could marry, land high-paying jobs, become a father, and so on.

So, whether male or female, this dream is a sign you are in a transition phase.

2) New beginnings await you

When new things come your way, the universe always gives you a sign.

So, the dream of the blood period could be a sign of new beginnings for you. Ideally, you are breaking free from your worries and struggles. 

New things like relationships or job opportunities are coming. You can also take it as a sign of hope. Everything you have ever wished for in life is coming. So, it is a good thing for you

3) You feel anxious and worried

You feel worried and anxious in your waking life, which is why this feelings are manifesting in this dream. For most women, menses bring pain, anxiety, and discomfort.

During this period, their self-confidence and self-esteem diminish because they are afraid of odors and stains that may embarrass them

Now, this also applies in your waking life. You may be feeling that what you are up to will cause embarrassment, but you just don’t know how to get out of it.

That is why you are anxious and worried, even in your subconscious. 

But this dream is a sign that you are releasing your stress and anxiety. So, you need to let go of this negative emotion.

4) Your sacrifices are coming to Life

If what you see in your dream is heavy-period blood, it means whatever you have been working on is becoming a reality.

Remember the phrase, “You reap what you soar,” this is it. In real life, heavy bleeding causes discomfort and pain to most women. 

So, you might have been going through all kinds of pains and suffering, but not anymore. Period blood in dreams is a sign that your sacrifices are paying off.

So, for all the troubles and discomfort you went through, you will soon be rewarded with abundance. 

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5) You are obsessed with your past

Menstrual blood in dreams can, at times happen when you insist on holding on to the past. This text contains two contexts: fresh and dry period blood.

In most cases, when you fail to acknowledge the reality of your life, you will experience this dream. Dry period blood in a dream is a sign that you are obsessed with your past, no matter how dark it is. 

Generally, you don’t want to change this reality of your waking life even though it’s already dried. At this point, you may be wishing things to get back to normal, but it will never happen.

So, you need to let go. Besides, holding onto the past brings more harm than good

6) You desire to be a mother

A woman who experiences her monthly period is said to be fertile. So, when you dream of period blood, it could be a sign you desire to enjoy motherhood just like your peers.

What you should never forget is that dreams are often associated with our feelings

So, if you have been trying all you can to conceive but to no avail, this dream reflects that desire. Your time to be a mother has just arrived, and the universe is signaling you to get prepared

7) You have suppressed emotions

Menstrual blood in your dream can also be linked to having repressed emotions. You have suppressed this emotion that they are burning you on the inside, and you can no longer hold it. 

Now, when a woman is in her menses, she doesn’t have the words to express how she feels. So this is the exact situation that you are in.

As mentioned earlier, some traditions and cultures consider women unclean during this period, and they are even forbidden from cooking. 

This is also the time when some husbands don’t support nor get cozy with their wives.

So, when you see menstrual blood in a dream, it is a representation of the anger and resentment within us that the community has denied us to express.

8) A sign of cleansing and purification

Period blood in a dream could mean something is about to change. In most cases, things are changing for the better side.

So, if you have been feeling overburdened in your waking life, this is a sign that a phase is coming to an end

When periods end, something different can start. You could get pregnant immediately after that or even enter menopause after this phase.

So, your body is just completing this life cycle and preparing you for new things.

9) Something bad might happen

Though this dream is associated with various positive aspects, it can also have a negative sign.

Now, when the period blood in the dream is bright red, something bad will soon happen. When it’s thick and dark brown, it indicates your past coming back to you

If the blood is milky white, then there is a chance your loved one is hiding something from you. Whichever the case, you should not ignore any aspect of this dream because you can prevent it from happening. 

Is Dreaming About Menstruation A Bad Spiritual Sign? 

happy woman smiling

Dreaming about menstruation isn’t a bad spiritual sign.

As mentioned above, menstrual blood in a dream symbolizes purity, growth, and enlightenment. This dream is more about our lives and the choices we make

When you become spiritually enlightened, you can distinguish between the good and bad in your surroundings.

This dream often comes as a warning message against toxic people in our lives. It could also be asking us not to hold onto the past.

So, you should get ready to receive and understand the message that the blood symbolizes. I also hope the meanings above enlighten you more.

But, before you leave, uncover the Biblical meaning of a ring in dreams.

Final Words

Menstruation in a dream can happen to males and females, so there is nothing wrong with it.

No matter your religious stand on this dream, you should find out what the dream truly means. Don’t let your ego destroy your future because of ignorance.

Remember, menstruation in a dream is about all aspects of our lives. The universe is sending you this dream as a warning, so focus more on its positivity rather than negativity. 

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