What Does It Mean When A Fly Is Always Around You? Be Careful!

I know how it feels having Mr. Buzz around you. The disgust and annoyance can sometimes get to your nerves, hindering you from considering another perspective.

Yes, flies are generally associated with unsanitary conditions, dirt, and diseases. They are mostly attracted to rotting garbage, organic matter, and unclean environments. So, I do feel for you.

The embarrassment and doubts resulting from a fly always buzzing around you can lower your self-confidence. 

Despite all the negativity surrounding flies, with the common fly being the housefly, I want to let you in on a little secret! Flies hold a deeper spiritual meaning, far beyond the negativity people hold towards them.

Some flies might buzz around you consistently while some might choose to follow you. All in all, these flies are executing their spiritual duties. Think about it!

Why would a random fly act in an unconventional way like sticking around you yet it knows the risks of being a nuisance?

Allow me take you through this journey to understanding flies beyond uncleanliness and destruction. Delve deep into the spiritual significance of these fragile and bothersome pests!

What Does It Mean When A Fly Is Always Around You?

macro fly

It means you are spiritually protected or shielded from harmful spiritual elements such as evil, dark, or negative energy. The universe supercharges your spiritual shield to ensure you get to fulfill your life mission or purpose. 

Since flies are mostly related to annoyance, diseases, and dirt, they serve as a symbol of the dark or evil entities that might be surrounding you.

The fly buzzing around you persistently is a reminder of the chaos and challenges these entities might bring.

However, the small size of the flies indicates that the evil or dark entities are nothing against the divine one

The divine one reigns supreme and can fend off any spiritual bug. That is why the fly can be around you for a prolonged period but can rarely harm you directly.

And if it harms you indirectly like transmitting a disease, there is a quick solution. A solution provided by the divine one. 

Remember, swatting the fly that’s always around you solves the problem easily. This is also a spiritual symbol of how evil or negative energies are always inferior in the eyes of the divine one.

The divine one is the ultimate protector and you have nothing to worry about.

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Why Do Flies Follow Me? Spiritual Meaning 

housefly on flower

Spiritually, flies following you means the spiritual realm is trying to communicate with you. In most cases, flies are attracted to light, food, moisture, smell, and heat.

However, they can also sense your vibrations and energy.

Here are critical messages the universe is delivering to you through the flies:

  • Embrace growth or change: Flies have a very short life cycle and span. They go from a larva to pupa to adult in a short while and kick the bucket mostly in less than 30 days. Despite the rather sad life situation of flies, their species are still thriving. This serves as a reminder of the need to embrace change or growth to evolve and become a better version of yourself;
  • You are about to set out on a life altering adventure: Even though flies are mostly found on decaying matter, they are also known for being great explorers. They sometimes land on sweet products like jam and more. This symbolizes the possibility of you also going on a life  altering adventure.

Why Are Flies Attracted To Me? 3 Spiritual Reasons

fly on hand

Attracting flies is definitely not a pleasant trait. Nonetheless, looking at this trait from a spiritual perspective can help with the feeling of embarrassment or disappointment.

Compared to how friends and family might react to your trait of attracting flies, the spiritual realm uses the flies for specific reasons.

Here are three common spiritual reasons as to why you attract flies:

1) You have an unresolved or hidden issue

Flies are mostly attracted to garbage, wounds, corpses, or decaying matter. At some point, the wound was fresh, the corpse was clean, and the decaying matter or garbage was fresh.

It is just that people kept them hidden or did not use them leading to their current state. In this case, the corpse, wound or garbage symbolizes the hidden or unresolved issue with you

What are you hiding? Is it a conflict, fear, guilt, trauma, or secret? It is time you work on resolving the issue before it gets harmful or worse.

Seek help when necessary to cleanse yourself from these negative influences.  

2) You have a unique or strong aura

What is the aura? This is the energy field around you characterized by your vibration and essence.

Flies can sense your aura and get attracted to it due to their spiritual duty.

Since your strong or unique aura says a lot about you including your health, character, mood, talents, and potential.

The spiritual world uses the flies as antennas to study and help you navigate life.

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3) The universe has a special mission or message for you

Have you ever considered whether flies could be your spirit animal? Flies being attracted to you could be a sign that your spirit animal is a fly.

So, the universe can use the flies to deliver a special message to you or instruct you to go on a special mission. 

The flies represent the angels or spiritual guides watching over you. They are supposed to help you while undertaking the special mission.

If there is a message for you, listening to your intuition helps capture the message in time.

Spiritual Meaning Of Flies Around You

Spiritual Meaning Of Flies Around You

At a deeper level, flies can have different spiritual meanings depending on how they behave around you. Let me elaborate: 

A Fly Lands On You And Stays:

When a fly lands on you and stays, it means the universe desires to have a word with you regarding your inner peace.

The universe has had a look at your inner peace and realized that you are not doing well. So, it wants to guide you on how to resolve your turmoils

A Fly Keeps Landing On Me:

If a fly keeps landing on you, it means the spiritual world is trying to warn you about impending danger.

So, the fly’s act of landing on you repeatedly serves as a reminder to persistently prepare for what might be coming. 

A Fly Won’t Leave Me Alone:

If a fly won’t leave you alone, it means you are not paying attention to the universe’s instructions.

You are losing sight of the ultimate goal in life.

So, the universe is using the fly to reach out to you consistently and remind you to stick to the plan

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Flies Follow You:

Flies following you around means the universe is close and watching you. It is accompanying you in your life and spiritual journey to ensure you achieve your life mission. 

Flies Always Around Me:

Flies always buzzing around you means you are corrupt or rotten from the inside. It is time you dropped all the negative acts you have been participating in.

Change your ways to experience an elevated sense of spirituality. 

Do Flies Mean Someone Is Watching You?

housefly on leaf

Some people believe flies buzzing around you could mean someone is watching you.

Flies are seen as spiritual surveillance or spy devices used to monitor your movements and actions. The flies serve as the eyes of the universe or witnesses of your behaviors

Here are reasons as to why someone might be watching you:

  • To love or admire you;
  • To manipulate or harm you;
  • To challenge or test you;
  • To help or protect you.

Why Won’t Flies Leave Me Alone?

adult black fly

Before you think about swatting the flies that won’t just leave you alone, it is critical to understand why they won’t stop bugging you.

Here are some reasons as to why flies won’t leave you alone:

  • The universe is teaching or testing you: It takes patience to watch flies buzzing around you and still react calmly. Sometimes, you might be tempted to be aggressive. That is why the universe uses flies as the best subjects to teach you a lesson or test your emotions;
  • The universe is trying to tell you something: Flies are also spiritual messengers. So, when you see a fly persistently nagging you, there might be a message you need to pay attention to;
  • The flies are attracted to you due to your current spiritual state: Flies not giving up with their annoying buzzing might also mean that your spiritual state is either under attack or needs your attention. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check on this. 

Should I Be Worried?

black fly on wooden surface

No, there is no need to be worried once you realize that flies are consistently flying close to you. Calm your nerves and quit swatting the flies if this is what you are trying to do.

Why? If the spiritual realm desires to reach out to you, there is no way you are stopping it

Now, listen to your intuition keenly. You can also meditate. The universe will let you know what is going on and the next action to take.

Once the instructions come in, make the right choices and act. Eventually, you will observe change in your life and the flies will not keep coming back. 

But, before you leave, uncover the spiritual meaning of crows cawing in the morning.

Final Words

Yes, flies are annoying and pesky, especially when they fly close to you nonstop. However, it is crucial that you do not let anger get to you to the point of trying to kill the flies.

Sometimes, the whole scenario is spiritual, meaning the solution is also spiritual. 

Now that you are more than enlightened about the spiritual significance of flies, take your time and listen to your inner voice to find a suitable solution to your troubles.

Let the flies know you understand what they are doing and know what to do. Execute and the flies will be on their way. 

11 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When A Fly Is Always Around You? Be Careful!”

  1. Wow thank you so much for the insight and information I’ve never had problem with flies before and now that I’ve bought tarot cards the Flies are more intense I can’t even take a nap on my couch without them constantly buzzing by my ear they tend to fly in my face when I’m driving I think they’re telling me to slow down and pay more attention I’m not sure but flies have really been I guess you can say getting on my nerves lately and I would have never thought that it would be any type of spiritual message at all. They always land on me in my home when I’m just trying to do normal activities like the dishes or sweeping anything now that I’ve come to the real Asian that maybe so the Flies aren’t trying to attack me maybe I am getting a message….And I feel like I’ve been trying to receive a message for it a couple months now and I’ve been ignoring it not knowing what to do or where to go from there maybe the Flies are trying to guide me

  2. I meant I’ve come to a realization that may be so the Flies aren’t trying to attack me sorry huge typo please forgive me I meant to say I come to the realization not I’ve become the real Asian I was using my microphone to type oh my gosh please forgive me.

  3. Ever since I saw two flies in our house last year and knew it’s meaning. I had developed a dislike for flies. When I was in my previous workplace I mostly see flies
    like there must be something but I just ignore it. When a trouble happened on that same day I saw a fly, I hated them for getting into trouble. Although after several months, when I forgot something a fly was buzzing around before I try to remember what I forgot. So I am now trying to accept that maybe the fly is my spirit animal and is warning me from a certain trouble that is about to come.

    • Hello,

      Sometimes it may take a while to understand the meaning of certain things.
      But, in your case, it does seem like the fly has always been present a few moments before something was about to go wrong.
      You should try to learn a little more about the fly as a spirit animal. As it will make you more conscious of how powerful flies are.

      Thank you,
      Guardian Angel.

  4. I don’t understand housefly always follow me around when I kill one two or three will replace it. Please what should I do

  5. I can say throught out my vasity years.. i have noticed at times i will see flies mostly two or one will be after me the whole day. some days they disapear and re appear again later. always wondered even if im from the shower putting on clean clothes or smelling nice nice but still the flies will follow me. most of the time 2 or 1. sometimes i will run and try to even get in the car thinking i left it.. but after a moment sometimes a window is opened another shows up. i always use to wonder i will even ask my friends to smell me maybe i have a body adour or something but no. so up to now i still have those 2 flies which appears and disappears. today i searched and came accross this. now i understand and surely believe what is happening. how to get my spritual msg is still a question mark. pls help


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