Fly Won’t Leave Me Alone: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Today we are going to talk about flies in spirituality. Let’s reveal what your presence represents in our life and in our home.

  • What are the 9 spiritual meanings of flies flocking around you?
  • When flies won’t leave you alone, what does this mean?
  • Is this a sign of good luck or bad luck?
  • Does it mean that someone is going to die? Or is it a sign of sickness?

Find out in this article.

Spiritual Meaning of Flies

Spiritual Meaning of Flies

It is believed that flies are associated with dirt. However, that is not to know about flies. Flies are known as a messenger of forgiveness.

People who find it hard to forgive others will occasionally find flies around them.

For these people, seeing a fly helps them to let go of the things they have suffered in the past. The energy from the fly spirit animal will strengthen them to let go of what was done to them.

In addition to this, flies are also carriers of inner contentment.

There are times when we feel pressured. We want to be like others, blend with them, and copy their lifestyles.

However, we need to realize that the universe has mapped out our lives, and we must look for this blueprint and stick to it.

Anytime we suddenly lose our peace because of a lack of contentment, God will send the fly to us.

Therefore, seeing a fly means that you should embrace contentment. There is no need to be under pressure. Embrace who you are meant to be and make peace with yourself.

Additionally, flies are also a bringer of harvest. They are believed to be special messengers from God concerning the harvest.

Spiritual Meaning of Flies around you

Fly around you meaning

Whenever flies become your close allies, don’t become an expert at only chasing them away or avoiding them.

Develop an inner instinct that sees beyond the physical flies around you. Anytime flies suddenly stay around you, learn to observe what happens.

As you do this, you will get certain spiritual messages like the following:

  • It is time to plan for the future: Lack of planning attracts flies. Therefore, seeing them tells you that the time to make plans for the future has come.
    • Lack of planning leads to failures.
    • This agrees with the popular saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.
    • When flies become too much around you, they are telling you to make plans for the future. 
  • Another spiritual meaning of flies around you speaks about numerous opportunities.
    • The spiritual world can detect a shift in our lives even before we know it.
    • Once they detect this shift, the next thing is to communicate it to us through spiritual signs.
    • One of those signs is through flies. Once you find flies around you, it is a sign of numerous opportunities.

Why are Flies attracted to me? 3 Spiritual Reasons

Attracting flies in spiritual world

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you cannot go anywhere without flies? It almost looks like you were hexed with flies, and they are bent on following you till the very end.

This can be very disturbing.

I have experienced this countless times, and I tried so hard to stop them, but it was futile.

One thing you should know is that flies will not be attracted to you without a spiritual reason. Therefore, what are the possible reasons for flies’ attraction to you?

1) Your Spirit Animal

When a fly is your spirit animal, you will find it around you all the time.

This is a common characteristic of our spirit animals and guides. They follow us everywhere we go and ensure that we are kept safe from harm.

Therefore, whenever flies flock around you, one of the possible reasons is that flies are your spirit animal.

Now, will they remain around you forever? No, they won’t.

A time will come for their departure. However, they have come to announce their presence, and awaken your consciousness.

This will mostly happen to people who don’t know about their spirit animals

2) Something good is about to happen

Flies will flock around you when something good is about to happen.

Always watch out for this. Anytime a shift wants to take place in your life, flies will suddenly become attracted to you.

The same way flies are attracted to you is the same way you are attracting good luck, opportunities, and positive energy to your life.

A myth says that “the more the flies around you are the closer the manifestation of good luck”.

Therefore, as embarrassing as flies can be (when they flock around you), it is a sign of good luck that spurs up hope.

3) Caution sign

Whenever God wants to caution you, flies will be sent to you. It is believed that several people have been warned by flies.

Do you know why? There is a general belief that flies are only attracted to dirt and rotten materials.

Therefore, when flies begin to perch on you or follow you around, people believe that something is wrong with you spiritually.

Well, this is true.

Anytime flies constantly perch on you and make funny sounds around you, it is a caution sign from God. It is telling you to check yourself and make adjustments where needed.

Fly won’t leave me alone: 9 Spiritual Meanings

Fly won’t leave me alone: The spiritual meaning

When flies refuse to leave you alone, there are 9 spiritual meanings to this situation. Let us look at these messages to see what they say concerning our lives.

1) Your friends are loyal to you

The spiritual world can reveal the intentions of your friends to you through flies. This is why you should not be in a hurry to chase off the flies that refuse to leave you alone.

The reason is that they are your friends and the spiritual world is revealing that your friends are loyal to you.

They are committed to you and are not willing to let go of the friendship.

Therefore, settle every unresolved conflict amongst you, and make peace with yourselves. Seeing flies that refuse to leave you alone shows that your friends are not willing to let go of the beautiful friendship you have created. 

If you decide to let go of the friendship, they will try to come back into your life as proof of their commitment to you. Flies won’t leave you alone to strengthen the bond you share with your friends.

2) Your past 

Everyone tries to deny his/her past. The bitter truth is that “Our pasts are parts of who we are’‘. The sooner we accept this, the better.

Whenever you realize that flies will not leave you alone, it is a message from your past.

No matter how much you deny the existence of your past, it is a part of you.

Therefore, the best action to take is to make peace with your past by accepting it as a part of you. Once this is achieved, you will begin to experience freedom.

This denial of past actions and experiences mostly happens to people that made terrible mistakes in the past that they are not proud of. However, flies have decided to not leave you alone until you agree to make peace with your past.

3) Pay attention to your spirit animal

If your spirit animal is a fly, you need to accept it and pay attention to it.

This is the only way to enjoy what it has to offer. However, if you fail to pay attention, you are going to experience a disturbance from flies.

This is not bad luck; it is only a call for attention. Therefore, whenever flies refuse to leave you alone, it is telling you to pay attention to your spirit animal.

4) You are not paying attention to a message

This is another meaning of seeing flies around you.

Several methods can be deployed to get your attention. No matter how long it takes, the universe will always win the war of attention because of its unique ways of getting results.

One of the ways is by sending flies to stay around you.

Anytime you see this, it is an indication that a message has hung for so long in the spirit world, but you have not paid enough attention to get it.

Therefore, you should become spiritually sensitive, and watch out for the signs around you.

Flies will only leave you alone after you have gotten the message from the universe.

5) You are not alone

Flies have decided to not leave you because they were sent to keep you company.

Whenever you feel lonely, flies and other spirit animals can come around you, and stay for a while.

Why does this happen? It happens to create a consciousness within you that God is with you at all times.

Therefore, when flies refuse to leave you alone, embrace them. They have been sent from God to keep you company and remind you of his ever-abiding presence with you.

6) Pay attention to your inward intuition

Spiritually, flies are an omen of wisdom and great intellect. Through them, we can learn the ways of wisdom, and apply them to our lives.

Therefore, anytime you find flies flocking around you, it is telling you to look inwardly.

There is a wealth of knowledge and intuition that you have left untouched.

However, as you pay more attention to your inner self, you will become more confident to bring out the wisdom within and this will also inspire creativity.

7) Goodness and Mercy

The bible makes it clear that Goodness and Mercy follow all of God’s children.

Flies can be a symbol of that.

Anytime you dream of flies following you, it is saying that goodness and the mercy of God are following you.

In the spiritual world, this is a sign of good luck.

Flies carry an omen of good luck. Therefore, you can enjoy fortune and wealth with their presence around. 

  • Have you had a tough time?
  • Are you going through one challenge or the other?

Then, this is a message of hope. Flies will not leave you alone because God’s goodness and mercy follow you and will soon become a reality in your life.

8) Avoid Distraction

Whenever flies come to disturb you at work, at home, or in a meeting; this is not a good sign.

If you realize that flies only come around to disturb you during an important event, this is a caution sign.

The universe is warning you against distraction.

Therefore, you need to watch out for this.

You should learn to focus on what matters. Avoid the flies and focus on what needs to be done. Flies can come as distractions, and you should avoid them.

9) A Spiritual Attack

When you dream of thousands of flies all around you, this is not a good sign. Especially when the flies are so much that they form thick darkness.

This is the sign of a spiritual attack. That is, someone is trying to harm you, or an evil spirit is trying to come into your life.

Start chanting incantations or protective spells to prevent this from happening in real life.

A spiritual attack can be staged against you with flies. Therefore, be on the lookout.

What does it mean when a fly lands on you?

Fly landing on you

It has the following meanings:

  1. When a fly lands on your head, it imparts wisdom.
  2. If a fly lands on your right hand, it encourages you to see the good in everything.
  3. Anytime a dead fly falls on your feet, it reveals that you are taking the wrong step.
  4. Finding a fly on your left shoulder reveals that the people in your life can be trusted. They can be relied upon, and there is nothing to fear concerning their loyalty.
  5. Finding 2 flies on both hands is a sign of strength. That is, God has blessed us with the capacity to take responsibility.

Should I be Concerned?

Flies and spiritual problems

Yes, when flies land on you or refuse to leave you alone, you should be concerned.

This is not a normal sign.

Therefore, your spiritual senses must be awakened to probe the situation and get insights into it.

Final Words

Trust in flies to guide you, bless you, and warn you of negative events. No matter how scary they are, always allow yourself to relax in their energy. This is the only way to truly understand their essence, and what they represent.

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  1. Wow thank you so much for the insight and information I’ve never had problem with flies before and now that I’ve bought tarot cards the Flies are more intense I can’t even take a nap on my couch without them constantly buzzing by my ear they tend to fly in my face when I’m driving I think they’re telling me to slow down and pay more attention I’m not sure but flies have really been I guess you can say getting on my nerves lately and I would have never thought that it would be any type of spiritual message at all. They always land on me in my home when I’m just trying to do normal activities like the dishes or sweeping anything now that I’ve come to the real Asian that maybe so the Flies aren’t trying to attack me maybe I am getting a message….And I feel like I’ve been trying to receive a message for it a couple months now and I’ve been ignoring it not knowing what to do or where to go from there maybe the Flies are trying to guide me

  2. I meant I’ve come to a realization that may be so the Flies aren’t trying to attack me sorry huge typo please forgive me I meant to say I come to the realization not I’ve become the real Asian I was using my microphone to type oh my gosh please forgive me.

  3. Ever since I saw two flies in our house last year and knew it’s meaning. I had developed a dislike for flies. When I was in my previous workplace I mostly see flies
    like there must be something but I just ignore it. When a trouble happened on that same day I saw a fly, I hated them for getting into trouble. Although after several months, when I forgot something a fly was buzzing around before I try to remember what I forgot. So I am now trying to accept that maybe the fly is my spirit animal and is warning me from a certain trouble that is about to come.

    • Hello,

      Sometimes it may take a while to understand the meaning of certain things.
      But, in your case, it does seem like the fly has always been present a few moments before something was about to go wrong.
      You should try to learn a little more about the fly as a spirit animal. As it will make you more conscious of how powerful flies are.

      Thank you,
      Guardian Angel.

  4. I don’t understand housefly always follow me around when I kill one two or three will replace it. Please what should I do

  5. I can say throught out my vasity years.. i have noticed at times i will see flies mostly two or one will be after me the whole day. some days they disapear and re appear again later. always wondered even if im from the shower putting on clean clothes or smelling nice nice but still the flies will follow me. most of the time 2 or 1. sometimes i will run and try to even get in the car thinking i left it.. but after a moment sometimes a window is opened another shows up. i always use to wonder i will even ask my friends to smell me maybe i have a body adour or something but no. so up to now i still have those 2 flies which appears and disappears. today i searched and came accross this. now i understand and surely believe what is happening. how to get my spritual msg is still a question mark. pls help


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