11 Meanings of Crows Cawing in the Morning: Good or Bad

Today I will reveal what is the spiritual meaning of hearing crows cawing in the morning.

Crows are famous in movies. You will find them closely associated with witchcraft practices and dark magic.

They are also used to communicate between one kingdom to another, or one individual to another.

Are we to base our conclusion on movies? No, we should not.

However, crows are famous for magic in movies because they are famous for magic in real life. The spiritual world use crows a lot – especially when they need to send a message.

This is why understanding the spiritual meaning of crows is essential. It will help you to easily get what it has come to tell you.

Amongst the numerous traits of crows, we will be focused on the cawing of crows.

This harsh sound is not common. Some people might never have this experience. However, if you fall among those who will hear the cawing of crows, take it as a sign to never trivialize. 

Several beliefs have been coined about the cawing of crows, and each of these has its root in spirituality.

However, this article seeks to bring a balance to all of these beliefs, and narrow them down to 11 spiritual meanings. Therefore, read till the end to understand what it means to hear the cawing of crows (especially in the morning).

What does it mean when you hear crows?

Hearing crows meaning

It means that you are privileged to get a message from the crow spirit animal.

Earlier on, we saw that it is not everyone that will hear a crow or see a crow.

Those who experience this have been specially chosen by the spiritual world to experience this rare sign.

Once you hear crows, see it as an opportunity to tap from the crow’s spiritual energy.

In addition to this, hearing crows also means that the crow is your spirit animal and guide. Everyone has a spirit animal or totem. One of the ways to know your spirit animal is the animal you hear consistently.

Therefore, if you consistently hear crows, it means that you have found your spirit animal. This should further foster a deeper connection between you and the crow.

Whenever you hear crows, it means that God is saying something. Therefore, pay close attention. The voice of crows can be used as the voice of God, and it brings several messages (which we will see later on).

What does it mean when a crow caws at you?

Crow cawing

This is an indication that you are not paying enough attention to the crow.

Now, this message will make a lot of sense if the crow is your spirit animal.

Can the crow caw at you even if it isn’t your spirit guide? Yes, it can. However, whenever a crow begins to caw at you and flap its wings, it is a sign that you are not paying attention to your spirit animal.

The loud cawing of the crow is meant to get your attention.

Once this is achieved, the intensity of the cawing crow will reduce, and the message will be delivered as it should.

Furthermore, a crow will caw at you as a sign of warning.

When danger looms ahead, God will send special messengers like bats, ravens, and crows to warn you. Amongst all of these messengers, crows are the loudest.

Therefore, they will use their loud voice to call out to you.

Anytime this happens, ask yourself “What is the wrong step I am about to take?”. Furthermore, say a prayer of clarity to the universe when things don’t seem clear enough.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Crows Cawing in the Morning

Spiritual Meaning of Crows Cawing in the Morning

Before we get into the 11 spiritual meanings of crows cawing in the morning, you must first understand that crows can caw at any time of the day.

Therefore, don’t discard the cawing of crows at night as well. However, the following messages are only associated with hearing crows caw in the morning. 

1) It is going to be a good day

Did you feel energetic after waking up? Watch out for the loud sound of a crow to fully believe what you feel.

A combination of crows cawing with an energetic feeling in the morning is a sign that you are going to have a good day.

Crows can also speak about good things, and this is one of them.

Once you hear crows cawing in the morning (after waking up with so much energy), simply release words into the atmosphere, and prepare to have an amazing day.

2) You are going to have a rough day

Black crow

Having headaches in the morning after the cawing of crows is not a good sign. It clearly tells that the day is going to be a bumpy ride. What are the things you should expect during the day?

  • A friend disappointing you.
  • A client canceling an appointment with no explanation or apologies.
  • Someone getting on your nerves.
  • Losing a huge of money.
  • Getting queried at work.
  • Having a heated argument with your spouse.

All of these are the different things that could make your day quite a rough one, and the crow spirit animal will give you a clue through its loud voice.

Therefore, anytime you have a headache after hearing a crow caw in the morning, [prepare for the challenges you will face during the day.

3) Your desires will be granted

After praying in the morning, whenever you hear a crow caw, it is a message from God that your desires will be granted.

The cawing of crows in the morning can be a sign of answered prayers.

Watch out for this sign after prayer.

Once you notice that crows begin to caw after your prayer moments, be happy and full of faith. This is saying that your prayers have been answered, and your desires are coming to reality.

4) Protection

Spiritual protection

Crows can become a protective sign from God. They can come into your life to protect you from danger, spiritual attacks, and the disloyal people around you.

The cawing of crows can create an atmosphere of protection all around you.

With this, you will be able to walk around freely without any feeling of vulnerability or being exposed to harm.

The black color of the crow releases strong defensive energy that sends a warning signal to negative spirits.

It is almost like saying “Touch not my anointed”. Anytime a crow caws in the morning, it creates a protective shield around you and this shield will remain throughout the day.

5) Attention

Anytime you refuse to pay enough attention to the spiritual signs around, God will send a crow to caw at you in the morning.

According to our research, nobody has ever resisted the crow cawing sign.

The loudness of the crow has made it an irresistible spiritual creature.

Once a crow begins to caw at you in the morning, it means that you should pay more attention to the things that happen around you.

God is saying that there are several messages and spiritual indications you have missed, that need to be regained; However, this will only be possible by paying more attention than ever.

6) Someone is missing you

Crow cawing

In movies, you will find out that the crow is used to send messages from one person to another.

This is also possible in the spiritual world.

Whenever you are thinking of someone in the morning and the crow caws, it reveals that the person is also missing you.

This mostly happens between two lovers, and it also happens only when one of the lovers’ spirit animals is a crow.

Once all of these criteria are met, you will have this experience. Whenever your lover mises you, expect a crow to caw at you in the morning.

7) Go back home

Some months ago, I was going to get something at the grocery store, and a crow began to caw at me while flapping its wings.

I felt this hunch to return home, which I obeyed.

Do you know that the grocery store was never opened? If I had gone, it would have been a wasted effort.

This is the same with everyone. Whenever you are leaving home in the morning and a crow suddenly begins to caw at you, it means you should go back home.

This superstition has held for years, and people have testified to its authenticity.

8) A new season

Single black crow

If a crow begins to caw at 5 am, it brings a prophetic sign from God.

This is a prophetic message concerning the season of your life.

The crow has come to tell you that a new season of your life has begun. You will be very lucky to get this message.

Do you know why? Getting this message at such a moment gives you the opportunity to speak words into your new season and shape it as you desire.

Once crows begin to caw at 5 am, it means that you have entered a new season of your life.

9) Watch out for traps

The dark crow’s caw speaks about traps. If a crow caws at night, it is saying that you have entered into a trap.

However, if it caws in the morning, this is still irreversible.

Therefore, spend the rest of the day carefully watching out for loopholes, traps, and negative patterns.

Do all you can to avoid falling into errors. If you don’t trust in your intuition enough, seek counsel or pray to God for guidance.

10) The spirit of your loved one is trying to communicate

It is believed that the early hours of the day are times of communication between the living and the dead.

Therefore, if you hear crows cawing between 3 am -4:45 am, it could be the spirit of your loved one. Spirits use crows to communicate with the living.

11) Trust in your intuition

The cawing of crows in the morning encourages people to trust in their intuition.

Whenever you hear crows cawing in the morning, it should inspire self-confidence in your core. With this, you will lead to trust the decision you take – irrespective of people’s opinion or the consequences.

Crows cawing outside my window meaning

Crows cawing outside my window

Whenever this happens, it is not normal.

Crows cawing outside your window is a deep spiritual sign that nobody should take for granted. I have experienced the power of this experience, and I must admit that it has its roots fastened in deep spirituality.

Now, I don’t want to sound too spooky or mystical; therefore, I will break it down for you into the following messages.

If a crow keeps hitting your window while cawing at 6 am:

This is saying that you need to open your mind to creativity.

This reveals that you find it hard to embrace other people’s ideas. This is not a good attitude to life, and the crow has come to change that.

Should you open your window for the crow to fly into your room? No, don’t do that.

However, you should spiritually open up your mind to creativity, which will be achieved by allowing other people’s opinions to matter.

When you’re enjoying listening to the crow:

You are enjoying the protection of the universe if a crow caws outside your window at midnight. It is believed that everyone will experience this at one point or the other.

However, most people are asleep when it does.

You see, several spiritual things take place at night, and we should all be watchful during such auspicious hours.

Anytime a crow begins to caw outside your window at midnight, it means that evil spirits cannot gain entrance into your life.

The closed window that serves as a barrier to the crow signifies the protective wall that God has built around you.

You are refusing the spirituality:

Crows will caw outside your window whenever you refuse to embrace your spirituality.

We live in a world that refuses to embrace spirituality as the higher realm. In a bid to sound logical, several people have abandoned the spiritual side of life.

If you fall in this category, expect to have an encounter with crows cawing outside your window

What does it mean when a crow caws 2, 3, 4, and 5 times?

Black crow

The frequency of crow’s caws helps us to understand the urgency of its message. Furthermore, it also gives us additional clues about what the caws of crows mean in the spiritual world. Therefore, what does it mean when a crow caws 2, 3, 4, and 5 times?

Crow Cawing 2 times Meaning:

When a crow caws 2 times, it speaks mostly about our emotions. It teaches us to become masters of our emotions rather than losing control of it.

For example, if a crow caws at you 2 times, and you feel fearful, it is telling you to embrace confidence.

If you hear a crow caw 2 times and you feel pressured, this is telling you to embrace peace and put yourself in charge.

Furthermore, if a crow caws at you 2 times, it only seeks to get your attention. It wants you to know that it is present and ready to help you when needed.

Crow Cawing 3 times meaning:

Anytime a crow caws at you 3 times, it means that God is saying something.

Odd numbers are known to speak about God.

Therefore, hearing a crow cawing 3 times means that God is saying something through the crow. The 11 spiritual meanings in this article should help you understand what God is saying concerning your life.

However, if you don’t seem to find an answer to those meanings, then take the following messages.

  1. Embrace unity: Your soul and spirit have been torn apart for a long time. It is time to align your soul and spirit together. This will help you to attain a higher level of spirituality.
  2. Something good is coming: Therefore, be prepared and full of faith. 
  3. Concerning your relationship: It is telling you to keep your hopes up. Nothing will go wrong.
  4. About your finances: Crows cawing 3 times warns against unnecessary spending. 

Crows Cawing 4 times meaning:

This encourages you to embrace people’s ideas.

The world has 4 major cardinal points. Therefore, crows will caw at you 4 times to tell you that embracing other people’s opinions is the best way to see things from a broader and clearer perspective. 

Crowing Cawing 5 times meaning:

Anytime this happens, it means that you are not paying enough attention.

Furthermore, crows will caw at you 5 times to establish a connection with you. Most times, this will happen only when the crow is your spirit animal.

Are Crows Cawing a good sign or a bad sign?

3 Crows together

Crows cawing does not bring bad luck. It brings good luck and warns you against making mistakes.

Therefore, don’t be scared of hearing a crow’s cawing.

The 11 spiritual messages in this article should help you further on this.

Final Words

As scary as crows can be, we must build confidence enough to sit back and listen to their cawing sound. Through it, wisdom can be gotten, and we can also avoid several loopholes.

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4 thoughts on “11 Meanings of Crows Cawing in the Morning: Good or Bad”

  1. After praying this morning for the love that I have for a man and prayed to remove the evil witch out our lives and giving God thanks for everything he has done for me. I heard crows constantly crawling outside my apartment. Now I have read this article I have clear understanding my prayers I prayed this morning will be answered.

  2. A day before my brother died, a crow has cawed.Never got the message.
    I wish I could have done what my heart says.
    Today also as I was having very bad dream and woke up heard cow cawing.
    I have no clue.
    Just pray to god everyone to be safe.

  3. I don’t wanna say this…
    It feels strange..
    I changed three-four places, but the bats are always around my house wherever I stay.
    I sleep late in the recent days. But, in the morning, I hear a crow crawing repeatedly since few days until I wake up. Once I wake up, surprisingly, it stops.
    Few days back, I was going on my bike, some bird has touched my head and I was wearing a cap.
    I think of a word and I see it in a time.
    One day, one of my sandals was worn out while walking on a pavement and was having tea at a shop in a while. A dog came to me with a pair of sandals. Is it cuz I fed the dog and cared about it in the past. But how!
    My life has been miserable these days in all probable ways without love, money, passion, affection and no one around. I don’t feel a real deal of interest in this life. Is it a sign of an upcoming death?

    • Hello,

      First of all, there’s no need to worry because it isn’t a sign of an upcoming death. It means that you’re not alone and someone above is watching over you. They’re protecting you and doing as much as they can from up there. But if you hear a crow in the morning, it means that good things are coming into your life.

      Take some time to pray or meditate. Let your guardian angel guide your path on Earth as it has been doing so far. Your life will soon be filled with many blessings.


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