Gargoyle Spiritual Meaning: Are They Angels?

Set high on different buildings, including cathedrals and churches, gargoyles can be confusing as to what they spiritually stand for due to their looks.

Why have a demonic, monstrous, and grotesque statue in a holy and sacred place? You may wonder. 

Well, believe it or not, that horned, winged, and animalistic creature in the form of a statue was endorsed by ancient societies. 

The ancient societies commissioned the designs because they believed the precise cuts and curves represented the guardianship power. Therefore, the gargoyles would serve the purpose of protecting holy places from impending evil powers.

Besides serving as spiritual protectors, gargoyles have more spiritual meanings. Moreover, you do not have to visit sacred places to benefit from their spiritual nourishment. Read on!

Gargoyle: 5 Spiritual Meanings And Benefits

Gargoyle: 5 Spiritual Meanings And Benefits

Whenever you are in the presence of a gargoyle, you can tap into its spiritual aura through meditation or visualization, letting its divine aura communicate with your intuition.

In response, your intuition will let you know the spiritual meanings you can benefit from based on your spiritual foundation. 

Having jewelry, home décor, or garden sculpture gargoyle gives you the same spiritual advantage as the ones in sacred places. So, do not worry about missing out on any significant spiritual meaning because you are not in church. 

Take note of the following spiritual meanings whenever you are in the company of a gargoyle:

1) You should not be afraid of looming dark energy 

Gargoyles protect their beholders from negative energies and spirits. Therefore, if you are close to it, do not be afraid of looming dark energy. 

The gargoyle’s spiritual ring surrounds you, blocking numerous dark spirits from interfering with your spiritual aura.

Guess what? The gargoyle’s grotesque look serves as a weapon too, scaring the evil spirits away.

You can have a gargoyle in the house to protect your family and other occupants.

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2) Straying away from your spiritual path can lead to chaos 

A gargoyle can see what is going on in the world of sin and temptation. Therefore, it has a monstrous look to remind you about the consequences of embracing temptations and sin

Since the gargoyle can foresee the consequences of your actions, it warns you on an earlier note to avoid the possibility of you experiencing the chaos born out of your decisions.

It is your responsibility to avoid being a victim of the chaos born out of sin by acknowledging and appreciating this spiritual meaning.

That way, you would make the right decision when tempted to sin.  

3) You can request for divine balance  

Gargoyles oversee the divine balance between evil and good. That is why they are placed outside divine places and situated at high points.

They know what is happening in light and darkness, allowing them to correct different aspects whenever the equilibrium is at risk. 

Whenever you are within the sphere of a gargoyle, it means you can request for divine balance if you have any spiritual unrest. The gargoyle’s spiritual purpose kicks in to save the day. 

4) Spiritual transformation is amidst you 

Besides protecting divine places, gargoyles remind believers about the existence of peace in the church despite the chaos in the world.

Therefore, whenever they feel troubled, they know the place to visit

Just like the gargoyles keep Christians believing in the chance to transform, so does it release spiritual vibrations to allow you to channel into any transformation you desire.

For example, if you want to avoid vices, this is the perfect time to seek a life-changing transition.

5) You can request for spiritual purification 

Besides offering spiritual protection, Gargoyles are water spouts that direct water away from a building. Doing so protects the building’s structure from erosion

The act of the gargoyle diverting water from its initial goal to a renewed one represents its power to purify spiritually.

Hence, you can be a part of the purification through believing and spiritually requesting purification.

What Is A Gargoyle?

Gargoyle in notre dame

A gargoyle is a uniquely carved statue with a spiritual or practical purpose. Some are just decorations.

However, the original idea of a gargoyle was rooted in carving a grotesque statue with both spiritual and practical purposes.

Due to the Gothic architecture system, some of the original gargoyle pieces have been traced back to Medieval Europe.

Most of the gargoyle structures were utilized as water sprouts and for spiritual purposes. Here are different types of gargoyles you are likely to see out there:

  • Animal Gargoyles: Statues of animals, including dogs, eagles, lions, and griffins, serving practical, spiritual, or decorative purposes;
  • Grotesque Gargoyles: They are the most common types. They are built to frighten people through their fierce expressions or distorted faces. The quality of fright signifies their ability to fend off evil spirits;
  • Humanoid Gargoyles: Resemble human beings or some religious figures. They serve the purpose of reminding people about the power the person held or their spiritual significance; 
  • Religious Gargoyles: Usually found in religious buildings, especially churches and cathedrals. They are statues of angels, saints, or some religious figures. They serve the purpose of strengthening the believers’ faith or reminding them of the right spiritual path. 

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What Do Gargoyles Represent?

gargoyle pouring water

Gargoyles represent three critical aspects in our lives:

  • Spiritual protection: Gargoyles have the spiritual task of protecting us from dark energies and guiding us towards the light. They do this by fiercely scaring dark forces off our spiritual path or fighting them;
  • A reminder of the evil in our lives: The grotesque look of a gargoyle reminds you about the chaos lurking in your vicinity and tries to warn you about it;
  • Symbolizes the evil you have committed in life: A gargoyle is believed to have the power to reminisce all the evil you have committed.

Are Gargoyles Angels?

dragon gargoyle

Some gargoyles can be carved into different types of angels. However, gargoyles are traditionally not angels.

They are statues that serve a spiritual purpose, especially in the context of beliefs and spirituality. That is separate from their other practical purposes. 

Gargoyles Mythology 

gargoyle in mythology

According to Christian mythology, gargoyles result from holy water pouring on demons.

The holy water’s spiritual power turned the demons into stone, leaving them trapped in the church and other divine places. 

Through the defeat of the demons using the holy water, Christians get to believe in its powers. Additionally, they get to use it for purification and to ward off dark spirits

Are Gargoyles Evil or Good?

gargoyle in Paris

Gargoyles are either good or evil in the eyes of the beholder.

Some people believe carrying a gargoyle is good luck because you are not afraid of dark spirits negatively impacting your life.

While some believe gargoyles are the bringers of trouble due to their demonic look

It is critical to note that your belief impacts how you view gargoyles and respond to their spiritual messages.

For many, the gargoyles can represent their personal demons, shadow aspects, or negative emotions. Therefore, you are supposed to scrutinize yourself and take control of your spiritual aura

Are Gargoyles Used For Protection?

gargoyle in valencia

Several people use gargoyles in different ways to protect themselves against dark powers.

Here are some ways you can emulate:

  • Some people have built amulets and talismans resembling gargoyles to protect themselves; 
  • Some people have included gargoyles in their spiritual or meditation rooms to boost the spiritual relevance of their desires and for protection;
  • Some cultures believe gargoyles hold healing powers;
  • Some people keep gargoyles outside their homes, believing they will fly at night and protect their homes. 

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Final Words

Figuring out the spiritual significance of gargoyles can be quite confusing because they look like demons but symbolize spiritual protection.

How is that even possible? You might ponder. Well, this post has demystified it all for you

Go ahead and reap the spiritual benefits of being in the presence of a gargoyle.  

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