Lower Back Pain: 5 Spiritual Meanings

When your lower back begins to pain it can mean a number of things. Outside of medical reasoning or injury, in some spiritual belief systems, physical pain manifests as a result of emotional distress.

Studies have shown that there may be a strong correlation between physical health and emotional health as the two are interlinked.

In this article, we will explore alternate meanings behind physical lower back pain as a manifestation of emotional distress and how noting and addressing our emotions can be important to healing from lower back pain.

From how our emotions affect our physical body, to how negative energy sits within our lower back/root chakra manifesting and presenting as pain. 

  • Have you ever thought your back pain was tied to something spiritual?
  • Experienced consistent back pain that flares up after an emotional trigger or highly emotional situation?

Then this article is for you

Back Pain Spiritual Meaning

Back Pain Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, experiencing lower back pain could have many interpretations. When you are experiencing lower back pain keep the following in mind:

  • Sign of a lack of support physically or feeling unsupported emotionally;
  • Reflection of your emotional and spiritual state;
  • Result of instability;
  • Time to pour more light into self-love and self-care;
  • Your chakras may be blocked/aren’t functioning properly;
  • You are neglecting emotional wounds/traumas;
  • You are scared or anxious about something;
  • You need to spend more time being grounded by nature.

The manifestation of our emotions as physical pain in the body, particularly the lower back is a clear sign that you are not grounded and out of alignment with yourself.

Be it past, current or future emotions the universe is trying to tell you that you are not living in accordance with the right connection to your highest self or at your full potential or emotional intelligence.

Use the opportunity to make positive changes in your life that will lead to physical and emotional well-being, growth and change. 

Take the time to dive deep within yourself. Explore how you are feeling, what you are feeling and why you think your body is reacting to it. 

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Are My Emotions Causing My Lower Back Pain?

emotions connect to back pain

When we are stressed, anxious, overly emotional or harboring negative energy our bodies may respond in kind by presenting a physical response to those emotions with pain in the lower back.

Emotions can cause our muscles to tense by redirecting suppressed emotional impulses to parts of the body such as the lower back causing pain.

Suppressing your emotions causes them to present and manifest physically as lower back pain.

Disruption of sleep due to high emotional distress can also contribute to back pain due to your back tensing its muscles.

Your root chakra, which is associated with fear-based emotions is contributing specifically to that energy center in your lower back.

Physically, negative emotions can cause your body to construct, reducing blood flow throughout your body and to your lower back.

Lower Back Pain: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Lower Back Pain: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Are you unsure of how or in what ways your emotions may be causing your lower back pain?

Below are some reasons and spiritual meanings for why you may be experiencing that lower back pain:

1) You Are Suppressing Emotions

By having and creating energy blockages in your body, you are unintentionally creating tension in your body.

Suppressed emotions store themselves in your body, often your lower back and manifest physically as pain.

By recognizing and processing your emotions you will allow yourself to release the blockages in your body and allow energy to flow out of your lower back and ground you once again.

It is important to be self-aware. Suppressed emotions can build up in our bodies, create patterns of tension and build inflammation over time leading to lower back pain.

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2) You Are Feeling Disconnected

A sense of disconnection creates a blockade between our spiritual and physical selves.

This may often bring about feelings of disconnection, purposelessness and emptiness.

When we are disconnected from our physical body, we lost touch with what our physical body is doing and how it is moving.

Feeling disconnected also leads to less physical activity and pain management awareness.

3) Your Root and Sacral Chakras are Blocked

The sacral and root chakras are the two chakras associated with your lower back. When these chakras are out of balance it can lead to physical discomfort and pain in your lower back

Your sacral chakra, known as the energy center or as The Swadhisthana, is found in the lower abdomen.

It holds your creativity, desire, pleasure and feelings of abundance. When this is blocked you may be struggling with intimacy both physically and emotionally.

You may find yourself having had recognizable toxic relationships, low self-esteem and emotional and physical experiences.

Your root chakra, The Muladhara, found at the base of your spine is responsible for grounding. It is connected to your confidence, survival, stability and ability to feel secure.

Feeling like you are sluggish and tired.

Take note of the above as a sign, because if these two chakras are blocked they’re the cause of your back pain.

4) You lack spiritual connection/practice

A connection to one’s self or to beliefs and practices is important in order to have a sense of belonging, connection and purpose.

When we lack spiritual connection, it can lead to the physical manifestation of discomfort and pain in one’s lower back.

It is important to cultivate spiritual practices to promote natural healing, well-being and connection. This could include practices such as mindfulness, prayer and meditation.

Being attuned to your body may help you identify pain before it becomes extreme as well as its causes. 

5) Unresolved emotional trauma

Much like most heavy emotions, unresolved emotional trauma can be very distressing and disturbing to our peace and physical being.

Emotional traumas and wounds may trigger the body to be stressed or enter fight or flight responses.

That results in continuous tension, an attack on the nervous system, the release of stress hormones and severe discomfort.

By addressing the cause of your pain, you will allow yourself to begin healing and promote well-being in both the physical and emotional spheres of your life.

It is important to seek help and support in healing and uncovering emotional trauma and wounds.

This may include seeking out a therapist or healthcare professional in order to aid in healing and healthy coping mechanisms for the rest of our lives and growth. 

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What Can I Do To Relieve My Lower Back Pain?

Reiki for healing

There are many things you can do to relieve your lower back pain. All of these will help you understand what is causing your negative emotions and leave them behind.


As a form of alternative healing therapy reiki can be used to promote physical and emotional well-being.

By transferring healing energies into your body, specifically your lower back, Reiki will help to promote:

  • Relaxation;
  • Reduce stress;
    Help your body with its natural healing processes.

It will also be great for pain management, reducing anxiety and stress. If anything, reiki will definitely help you relax and release tension in your muscles.


Meditation will also be great for zoning into your pain, sensations and your body’s awareness.

By focusing on the pain you will be able to channel healing energy. Make use of the right stretches as well as link your mental state and disruptive emotions and thoughts to the existence of your back pain

Meditation will also help you to connect with your inner feelings and emotions as well as tap into your inner voice and power.

By being in touch with yourself and your emotions you can begin to find spiritual healing, peace and fulfillment which may relieve the burden of your lower back pain.


In the past years, many people have been looking for alternative ways of healing, which lead to crystal meditation.

Crystals interact with and influence the energetic field within and surrounding our own energies.

With each one having a unique, constant vibrational energy they are able to change and affect our energy field.

Crystals are a great way to relieve lower back pain both spiritually and physically.

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By helping you clear your root and sacral chakras, allow them to cleanse and clear energy blocks as well as transmute negative energy around and within your physical body.

Should I Be Concerned?

morning back pain

If your back pain is severe and then yes you should seek medical help immediately. As the underlying cause may be more serious than you know

Spiritually, it is important to dedicate time to find the underlying cause of your back pain in order to begin healing from it.

Particularly, if the pain is linked to emotional and spiritual energy forces, the good news is it certainly can be healed.

You will be happier and better off physically, emotionally and spiritually

It’s important to note that healing lower back pain spiritually can be helpful and prove to be successful.

However, if you suffer from extreme pain, spasms and discomfort, you should seek medical treatment and advice from a trained healthcare professional.

Rule out any serious, potentially dangerous underlying medical conditions.

As well as seek further professional help for any psychological traumas or emotions that may need your light, attention and healing. 

Final Thoughts

It is as important to consider releasing stagnant energy in your lower back when experiencing back pain to relieve physical pain as it is to seek out professional help through a doctor.

When your back begins to pain it can provide a great chance to take note of your emotions and the spiritual and emotional triggers around you and within yourself.

Remember that you are never alone and don’t need to carry physical or emotional pain alone. 

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