Rainbow Around The Sun: 5 Spiritual Meanings

If you’re reading this, then the chances are, that you have seen a rainbow at least once or twice in your life.

And you’ll agree with me that each time you saw a rainbow, you stopped to admire the beautiful display of colors in the sky

According to science: “rainbows are produced by a combination of refraction and reflection and involve the dispersion of sunlight into a continuous distribution of colors.”

If this sounds a bit complicated for you, don’t worry, this article is not going to be about the scientifical meaning of a rainbow, instead, we’ll be focusing on the spiritual meaning of seeing a rainbow around the sun.

Now, it’s one thing to see a rainbow after a heavy rainfall and it’s another thing to see a rainbow around the sun.

This is otherwise known as a Halo, and unlike the rainbow, it’s not every day you get to see this beautiful sight, but if you have, then it’s time for you to learn about its spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow

Spiritual Meaning of Rainbow

Spiritually, a rainbow signifies a lot of things.

First of all, whenever you see a rainbow, it represents God’s promise to us that he will never destroy the world again by a flood: a promise He made in the days of Noah

And that’s why whenever people see the rainbow, it reminds them that God has not forgotten His promises in their lives.

Everything God promised will always come to pass after a storm, just like the rainbow comes after the rain.

Apart from that, spiritually, the rainbow also indicates a beautiful life and a life of abundance.

Seeing the rainbow after a while, especially in the season that you’re going through so much also signifies hope.

The hope that things will get better, and the things you want out of your life will surely come to pass.

You should know that the rainbow also signifies positivity and happiness in one’s life, and it could mean that your life is about to get very colorful.

Also, seeing a rainbow could represent a new dawn for you or the beginning of something great for you.

Meaning that the storm of your life has passed away and it’s time for a season of flourish, love,  positivity and abundance.

Learn more about what the rainbow means in the bible.

Sun Spiritual Meaning

Sun Spiritual Meaning

First of all, you should know that when God separated night and day in the book of Genesis, the sun was one of the heavenly bodies in charge of the light.

This is to say that the spiritual meaning of the sun has a lot to do with light. Even at night, the sun collaborates with the moon and reflects light (moonlight) on the Earth.

Spiritually, the sun is known to be a life giver and a regenerator. For instance, it helps in recharging your spiritual energy.

Also, spiritually, the sun is a sign of hope and it could also signify our desires.

You’ll agree with me that a day without the sun may look cool and cozy at first, but if the sun is gone for a whole week, a lot of things might fall out of order.

And this is because almost everything on Earth depends on the sun for survival, including the plants. 

Other spiritual meaning of the sun includes clarity, divine wisdom and positivity.

In terms of choosing a life partner or going into a new career, the sun represents divine navigation and since the sun is associated with light, you could gain direction and precision from the sun.

Rainbow Around The Sun: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Rainbow Around The Sun: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Seeing a rainbow around a sun is much rare than seeing a rainbow after rainfall, and it is otherwise known as a Halo.

Though there are some scientific explanations for seeing a rainbow around a sun, there are also spiritual meanings associated with seeing a rainbow around the sun.

Before we get down to that, consider how lucky you’d be to see a rainbow around the sun, knowing that the two of them on their own have strong and positive spiritual meanings. 

I guess you haven’t considered that yet, but if you see a rainbow around a sun, then you should consider the five spiritual meanings below.

So, if you never knew the spiritual significance of seeing a rainbow around the sun, you should start paying attention to it.

1) A Sign Of Abundance and prosperity

Did you know that seeing a rainbow around the sun could be the beginning of something great in your life?

This is because, spiritually, the rainbow on its own signifies abundance, positivity and beautiful life

The sun is a giver of life, recharges our energy and shines light in our paths and life.

So when you see a rainbow around the sun, then you should think of how transformed your life would become when the two of them become one. 

You should know that seeing a rainbow around the sun is a symbol of abundance and prosperity coming to you. And from the moment you see this, you’ll begin to see major changes in your life.

If you used to struggle before you got something good for yourself, you’ll notice that you no longer have to do that and things will begin to come easily and in abundance to you.

2) positive changes

Believe it or not, seeing a rainbow around the sun is a sign that your life is about to change positively and transform for the better.

Already, by merely seeing a rainbow, it signifies a new dawn, positivity and a transformation in every wheel of your life.

If you’re going through difficult times and you see a rainbow around the sun, you could consider it as God’s way of telling you he has not forgotten you. He is about to do a new thing in your life. 

Once you see this rare occurrence, rest assured that it’s a sign for you. Very soon you’re going to experience all-around changes.

Also, you should know that it will also have a good impact on your:

  • Relationship with friends/marriage;
  • Health (mental and physical);
  • Career or business;
  • Desires;
  • Perception of life.

3) balance, harmony and stability

You’ll agree with me that everyone wants a life of harmony, balance and stability. But to different people, this means different things.

The harsh reality is that, as humans, it’s a bit difficult to have all 3 of these at once and that’s why we always depend on divine help.

You should know that seeing a rainbow around the sun represents balance, stability and harmony.

And if for any reason, your life is lacking any of these 3, seeing this rare occurrence is an indication that you’re going to have a balance, stable and harmonious life soon

Have in mind that seeing the rainbow around the sun is not something you see every day.

So, if you’re lucky to see this view, then it’s a sign that very soon, your life is going to be balanced in all areas, and you’ll also enjoy stability and harmony from that day onward.

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4) Good fortune

Though some people think seeing a rainbow around the sun is just some scientific occurrence, you should know that spiritually, seeing this is an indication of good fortune.

But, it’s also important to note that good fortune doesn’t always mean more money!

Maybe you are going through a difficult time or things are not just going the way you wanted.

So, seeing the sun wrapped in a rainbow is a sign that something good is about to come your way and things will begin to fall into place for you

You might begin to experience this good fortune as:

  • You’ll create a deeper bond with your friends and family;
  • Getting a life-changing contract;
  • Getting your dream job;
  • Someone will surprise you with something you’ve been wanting for a long time;
  • People will be kinder to you.

When you begin to see and experience all of this, know that things are going to keep changing for the better.

5) a sign of hope

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the rainbow is a sign of hope.

So, if you’re lucky to see the halo, then rest assured that everything will be ok and things will begin to work together for your good.

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving up on life already. Seeing a rainbow around the sun is the universe’s way of telling you to keep hanging in there.

In no time, every bad thing you experienced will be history, because a new dawn has begun for you.

Is It A Good Spiritual Sign To See A Rainbow Around The Sun?

praying hands

Yes, it is. It’s a very good spiritual sign.

In fact, most people look forward to seeing a rainbow around the sun because of its good and powerful spiritual significance.

It also means that you have a strong connection with the universe and God.

So, take some time to appreciate that you’re not alone and there’s someone protecting you from above.

You can also say a prayer to thank God for this moment or take some time to meditate.

Should I Be Concerned?

halo sky

No, there’s nothing to be concerned about because it is a good thing.

If you saw a rainbow around the sun, you should be happy because a lot of good things are about to happen in your life.

It’s a true blessing to see something as beautiful as that. Those who have had the luck to watch such a rare moment said that it feels like a weight was taken from them.

It brought them peace and saw it as a sign that things would get better, and they did!

Final Thoughts

If you saw a rainbow around the sun but you neglected it because you didn’t think it meant anything, you shouldn’t do that anymore.

Seeing a rainbow around the sun is a good spiritual sign that has transformed a lot of lives.

From now on, be ready to interpret and expect all the good things that will happen in your life after you see the halo. 

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