Numbers of Crows Meaning 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Up To 13 Crows

Seeing a crow or many crows flying or cawing around us is not uncommon. But have you ever thought about their spiritual meanings

Well, crows carry different meanings depending on their numbers. It could be both bad and good omen from the spiritual world.

Seeing them in real life or your dreams could be about upcoming changes, transformation, fulfillment, and prosperity.  

So what does seeing single or five or 13 crows mean in your life? Read on to learn more

1 Crow Spiritual Meaning

1 Crow Spiritual Meaning

Seeing one crow flying around you signifies a message from your loved one who recently passed on.

Maybe there is a message they had to tell you or warn you against it, but death took them away.

It is also an omen of destruction. Meaning there is impending destruction that will befall you. Because of the destruction, your life will take a new turn and lead you to new beginnings.

From this destruction, you’ll learn and start afresh. 

Other meanings include:

  • Bad luck: Many cultures see crows as bad luck, and seeing it could be a warning that you will face a lot of negativity in the coming days;
  • You are not alone: Crows are spiritual animals, and when you see a single crow flying around you or in your backyard, the universe lets you know you’re not alone. You’ve mother earth’s support, and your life ahead will be more fruitful and easier;
  • Spiritual guidance: Seeing one crow symbolizes a spirit guide from the angel. Your guardian will lead you to the solution when you go through challenging times.

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2 Crows Spiritual Meaning

2 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing two crows flying around you symbolizes good news and new beginnings. Good news awaits you if you have just finished an interview for your dream job.

The universe is assuring you will get the job.

Also, it could be the start of new things. This could be a new relationship, the birth of your first child, or starting a new business.

If there is something you’ve always prayed for, it’s time for it to get fulfilled. 

We all have the light and dark sides of us. So, when a pair of crowns surrounds you, it shows your weakness, love, hatred, sorrow, happiness, and strength.

So, there is a need to balance the two aspects of yourself to find peace and harmony.

If you’re disturbed, seeing a pair of crows means you will soon enjoy a peaceful life. Your body and mind find peace and harmony when your conscience calms down.

So, when you are ready to receive the message, you need to open your mind and body

3 Crows Spiritual Meaning

3 Crows Spiritual Meaning

3 crows flying around you or your home signify good health and celebration. Not everyone is financially stable, and some sicknesses are too expensive to pay for. 

If sickness has been from one person to another in your family, seeing three crows is a spiritual sign that all your family members will be in good health and live in harmony.

It could also symbolize an upcoming celebration in your family. Maybe you’ve landed the scholarship you’ve always wanted, or your loved one has healed after a severe illness. 

Such news deserves celebration. That is why the universe is sending you this message

Other meanings of 3 crows flying in your homestead include:

  • Your guardian angels have visited you: Angels guide us through tough times. They motivate us to focus forward in the right spiritual path. So by seeing them, you need to focus more on your inner voice to listen and understand the message;
  • Transformation: Seeing three crows could also mean transformation. It can be an emotional or spiritual transformation. Whichever the case, be ready for more growth and change.

4 Crows Spiritual Meaning

4 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 4 crows symbolizes wealth and prosperity. This is a good omen meaning you will soon experience a job promotion or unveil a new income source. 

Some traditions also believe that you may get money without straining. You may win the lottery.

Besides, good things always come in fours. So whatever way the four crows manifest themselves, luck is by your side. 

It could also mean you need to maintain balance in your life. To live happily, you need to have a balance that includes a healthy mind and body.

It’s one way that God wants you to live a balanced life, both emotionally and physically

Four crowns flying together or surrounding your home could also mean stability. The four crows deliver a spiritual message that you should remain strong and stable.

This is true, especially when you feel like you’re not in control and you’ve lost hope. 

5 Crows Spiritual Meaning

5 Crows Spiritual Meaning

5 crows flying around you or your home have both positive and negative meanings. If you’ve experienced sudden changes in yourself or loved ones, it could be the reason behind it

Seeing five crows can also be a bad omen. It could signify bad health or illness in your family.

Your loved one could suffer mental illness or catch other diseases. It could also be a warning sign. So, if you feel concerned about your family’s health, consult with the doctor.

If you see five crows, it could also be because of increased spiritual activities around you.

This is the best time for spiritual development. The time to start meditating and reflecting on your spiritual journey starts now. 

 Trust what you feel and allow the five crows to lead you to your spiritual growth journey

6 Crows Spiritual Meaning

6 Crows Spiritual Meaning

When 6 crows fly around your house or eat grains together, positive and negative meanings are attached to it. This is an indication of bad luck

Many traditions see it as a sign of bad luck, meaning there could be difficult times ahead. So, be cautious in the days ahead. 

Another meaning is your desire to become popular. Seeing those six crows means your desire is almost being fulfilled.

You will now become unstoppable, but you should be cautious. Follow a positive desire to avoid being led astray.

It could also be an upcoming warning of theft or robbery in your home. To prevent this occurrence, try to keep your valuables away and be weary of new faces around or on your property. 

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7 Crows Spiritual Meaning

7 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 7 crows is fully associated with positivity in life. So, when you see them flying, cawing, or picking grains around your home, be prepared for financial abundance.

Seeing 7 Crows is a ray of hope if you’ve been bankrupt or struggling financially. It’s a sign of abundance.

And when you have hope for something, the universe will definitely fulfill it. So be on the lookout for the seven crows.

It could also mean you should be ready for migration or a journey. A time is coming when you will go for that vocation you’ve always wished for overseas.

This will be a chance to refresh your mind and body.

You may even migrate due to job locality or even a promotion to a new branch. This is a chance to understand yourself, socialize, and interact with your new surroundings.

8 Crows Spiritual Meaning

8 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Well, seeing 8 crows flying in your locality shows repetitive activities and sorrowful events in the surrounding

By saying repetitive activities, you’re stuck in a cycle of good or bad activities. So, if you have good habits, you will continue that way.

But bad habits will remain the same unless you break the cycle. Seeing eight crows flying could also mean an upcoming sorrowful event.

It is a bad omen sign, and you should be ready to face the dark times ahead of you. Do not lose hope. Tough days are always there, but it can also be a breakthrough for the good days coming ahead. 

9 Crows Spiritual Meaning

9 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Generally, when you see 9 crows, it symbolizes fulfillment and satisfaction. We all have a desire in life. Some of our wishes need more effort and capital to achieve it. 

So, when you have such plans, and you see nine crows in your homestead or flying, it means the universe supports your plans. Your wishes will get fulfilled. 

When your wishes are fulfilled, you’ll be satisfied that what you’ve always wished for has finally happened.

If all you ever hoped was for a child after ten years of marriage, it’s finally fulfilled with twins. 

You are now satisfied that what you wish for is what you get. That satisfaction will heal your heart, mind, and body. But it only happens if you believe it

10 Crows Spiritual Meaning

10 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 10 crows is associated with positivity. It signifies a complete turnaround in life. Luck is by your side.

Sometimes we don’t know how we manage to achieve certain aspects and things in our lives. 

The reality is that the universe has decided it’s time; nothing can stop that.

Crows are known as messengers for this world from the spirit realm. So, when you see them, you should be optimistic

Your life could take a new turn financially, educationally, or career-wise. So be ready to embrace the upcoming changes.  

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11 Crows Spiritual Meaning

11 Crows Spiritual Meaning

When you see 11 crows surrounding your home or flying over you, it means something new or your secret is being revealed

Soon you may be receiving good news about the job opening you applied for. You may also get overwhelmed because of the news coming to you. 

The news you will receive can either be positive or negative. So the 11 crows are here to prepare you for what is ahead.

Seeing this number of crows could also mean you need to keep your secrets hidden.

It could also be; your secrets are being revealed. So, whichever the case, be weary of those you share your secrets with.

12 Crows Spiritual Meaning

12 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 12 crows is a sign of good luck and fulfillment.

When competing against people but don’t know what to expect, seeing 12 crows means luck is on your side. You are going to emerge victorious.

And once good luck is on your side, you will achieve anything you wish for or hope for. When this happens, you will feel fulfilled. 

If someone promised you something, then it is time for them to fulfill it. The bottom line is anything you wished for is coming your way.

13 Crows Spiritual Meaning

13 Crows Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 13 Crows means it’s over. It’s the end of an era. If your loved ones have been sickening consecutively, this could be coming to an end.

Nothing hurts when you struggle daily with your 9 to 5 job only to pay for hospital bills. The 13 Crows bring a message of hope.

Seeing them means that the chapter of your life is closed

If you were tasked with caring for homeless kids, it could mean you’ve completed and fulfilled your responsibility here on earth. So, the universe appreciates what you’ve done

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Crows Gathering In Large Numbers?

Crows Gathering In Large Numbers

Crows are social creatures, and they live in large groups called murder.  They are known to be interesting and intelligent birds you can come across. 

Many traditions believe crows are messengers of this world. Seeing it as a single crow or in large numbers could be a special message from the spiritual world

Spiritually, every number of a crow or crows has a symbolic meaning.

For instance, seeing two crows symbolizes good luck and fortune, whereas seeing six is associated with danger or bad luck.

Others also believe the number of crows indicates how severe the message is.

So, a single crow can warn you of something minor, whereas crows in large numbers could mean something big is almost happening.

I believe the spiritual meaning and superstitions of seeing a single or large number of crows have been fully covered above. 

Go through each to understand what it means when the crows fly around you. If not, you seek spiritual advice from your spiritual leaders. 

Also, take some time to read the prophetic meanings of flies in your house.

Final Words

Animals and birds appear in our lives in distinct forms, each carrying a different method. Though crows are mysterious and beautiful, they are a reminder of one’s self.

It reminds us to be open to changes, self-reflect on our inner self, and listen to the message it has to deliver. 

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  1. Almost daily, I will be sitting outside on my swing coffee in hand and at least 3 to 5 crows will show up. And squawk till I say enough already. Within half an hour my son shows up.. why is that?

  2. I have lost 3 of my dogs & 2 of my close friends all in the last 10 months, then pretty much the day after I had to put down my 3rd dog is when the 5 crows showed up. They’ve been here everyday, almost all day long ever since, it’s been almost 5 months now ‘ they’re still here everyday. They have brought me gifts as well. What do you think it means? Thank you

  3. Just now looking out into the back yard there were 10 crows on a wire and the 11th just landed on top of the tree. They are silent. Their silence is what gave me pause to look. They just flew off 1 by 1 which I also thought interesting. Can you tell me what this means? Your article ends at 9

  4. My husband passed away 11/11/22 and yesterday morning after I prayed I heard a crow cawing and when I look it was on the power line on the side of my house cawing for awhile. Then today during the middle of me praying and asking God for help and thanking him the crow started cawing like three or four times. I noticed that but I continue to pray but when I went to look it was there. But all morning I noticed One or two crows flying pass my house, it made me nervous I don’t want to be because I believe in my Heavenly Father but what is the meaning and the odds of that happening to me.

    P.S. also yesterday a flock of white birds were flying in a circle over my house and when I go places or come home I always see a flock of birds flying in circles what is the meaning of that please

    • Hello,

      You can also check our article: “11 Meanings of Crows Cawing in the Morning: Good or Bad”, as it will help you to understand the presence of the crow only showing up in the morning.

      A flock of birds means a lost loved one is protecting you from harm or evil spirits, and they do it by sending a flock of white birds.

      I believe that your husband found his way to God and is now protecting and watching over you. The crow is also a way of him thanking you for praying for his soul and peace.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Guardian Angel.

  5. Since Winter Solstice a flock of dozens and dozens of crows have been in the trees and fields around my work in the afternoon. I’ll watch them flock in the distance over the farmers fields. Some days they are in the trees right across the road. They like to play on the street and peck gravel for their gullets. In February they one or two, sometimes three would come explore the parking lot right out my big picture window. Last week I left mushed banana pieces on the ground to thank them for their companionship. A few were brave, then suddenly a flock of 15 decided to all come down at once, only a few feet out my window. A crow calls out to me at my home as well. They have been guiding me on my twin flame journey.

  6. I saw 13 crows in a tree this morning, not that Crows are unusual in our area, because we have many. But the Crows appeared to be in a meeting, they were all talking with each other, making strange clicking sounds and other odd noises I’m not use to hearing. What does this mean do you think. ?

  7. This moring i was out by a lake and seen 20+ crows over the water on a pole that went out over the lake. They were lined up on both sides of the pole that connected to a dam. What would this mean?

  8. I saw 3 at first an then on my way home from work 4 more then 5 then saw 6more by time I got home, so I guess I’m done cause that means sudden destruction coming


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