Number of Crows Meaning: 1, 2 Crows, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

What is the spiritual meaning of 2 black crows? And about 3 crows, 4 crows, 5 crows or even 9 crows? Let’s find out!

One of the ways to decipher the spiritual meanings behind crows is to pay attention to the number of crows. Several meanings are attached to crows based on their numbers. This is one of the easiest ways to understand the message from the universe to you through crows.

Generally, crows have been associated with death, and evil in the past. Several people also maintain this opinion now. However, that is not all to a crow.

The spiritual meaning of a crow is not limited to the things you see in movies or documentaries. There are some hidden messages in crows that people have not discovered, and they will be unveiled in this article. 

However, you must first become liberal in your mind to not write off a crow as bad. Crows can bring good messages as well. They can also bring caution signs, or further instructions to help you on the journey of life.

  • What is the secret behind crows, and how can they influence your daily activities?
  • What are the spiritual meanings of seeing 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 crows?

Read on to find out more about the number of crows meaning.

What does it mean when you see 1 crow?

What does it mean when you see 1 crow

The presence of a single black crow is associated with spirituality. It is believed that the universe will send a crow into your life as a sign of the spiritual realm. Whenever you see a crow, be reminded of the spiritual world. Pondering on this will make you spiritually sensitive.

Furthermore, you will be able to understand spiritual signs.

Another spiritual meaning of seeing 1 crow points to the presence of a spirit. If you recently lost a friend or relative, a black crow will always show up in the morning. This is a message of solace that you are not alone. It is a message of comfort that the spirit of your lost loved one is watching over you.

Your guardian angel will come to you through a crow. For example, you might see a crow or the feather of a crow as a sign that your guardian angel is around. This is a good sign because your angel will protect you from evil; furthermore, your angel will guide you at every point of confusion and indecision.

These are the spiritual messages of seeing 1 crow. Now, what about 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 crows? Does this mean something different? Read on to find out.

What does it mean when you see a group of crows, spiritually?

Group of crows spiritual meaning

Seeing a group of crows can deliver several spiritual messages. Therefore, it is best to look into this. Having a proper understanding of the spiritual meaning of a group of crows will facilitate a proper understanding of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 crows.

Whenever a group of crows is sleeping:

This is a sign that your friendship is peaceful.

Seeing a sleeping group of crows is a sign that you have no issues with your friends. It is a message of confirmation and encouragement from the universe. It inspires trust in your heart that all is well in your friendship circle.

Whenever you see a group of playing crows:

This is a beautiful scene to behold. However, don’t get carried away by this scene. Pay attention to the spiritual message of seeing playing crows.

Whenever you see a playing group of crows, it is believed to be a sign of activity. This means that you should be deliberate about acting on your dreams.

If you are struggling with activity, then, this can be a spiritual message to you. In addition to this, a group of playing crows is a sign of happiness. It means that you should learn to be happy irrespective of what comes your way. 

Whenever you see a group of crows talking to each other:

This means that the spirit world is trying to communicate with you.

Furthermore, it is a message to encourage communication with other people. If you don’t have sound communication skills, seeing a group of talking crows will teach you how to communicate effectively with people.

You can leverage the effective communication skill of crows to build yourself in this aspect. 

Whenever you see a group of crows in the night:

This is a sign of confusion. Night times are synonymous with confusion. The black color of crows also correlates with confusion.

Therefore, seeing them at the night describes your heart. It reveals that you are at a point in your life where you don’t know what to do. This sign should inspire a desire to pray for direction. As you learn to trust in the universe, you will get into the light.

Number of Crows’ Spiritual Meaning

Number of Crows’ Spiritual Meaning

2 Crows spiritual meaning:

Whenever you see 2 crows, the following messages are for you:

  • It is pointing to a new season of your life: The number 2 is a sign of a new beginning. Therefore, accept the changes that come afterward.
  • 2 crows also point to having a dual personality: Whenever you see 2 crows, it is revealing your dual personality. This is telling you that you can act in different ways. This can be a strength or weakness. However, 2 crows reveal your dual nature.
  • Whenever you see 2 crows in the night: It is also a sign that you are unsure of what to do. The universe is revealing that you have different options, which have contributed to your state of indecision.

3 Crows spiritual meaning:

3 Crows

The next time you see 3 crows, pay attention to the following spiritual messages:

  • This is a sign of an angel: One of the spiritual meanings you can get from a crow is an awareness of your guardian angel. Whenever your guardian angel is around, 3 crows will fly over your house. Therefore, pay attention to this.
  • Another spiritual meaning of seeing 3 crows is transformation: This means that it is time for a transformation to begin. Now, this is a process that starts in the mind, before it reflects in your action. Therefore, seeing 3 crows is an inspiration to work on your mindset, which will reflect in your activities and decisions.

4 Crows spiritual meaning:

4 Crows

The following spiritual messages can be gleaned from the appearance of 4 crows around you.

  • This is a message of stability: Everything that stands on four legs is believed to be stable. Therefore, you have to embrace this message to attain emotional stability. When you begin to lose stability and control of your emotion, four crows will fly over your house. In some cases, they will make certain sounds while passing by.
  • Four crows also mean balance: God wants us to be balanced in life. He does not want us to be extreme. Therefore, four crows will stand on your window frame whenever you are beginning to lose balance. They will remind you of the need for balance, and show you the way to achieve this.

5 Crows spiritual meaning:

5 Crows

Whenever 5 crows show up around you, there are certain messages to expect. Therefore, your heart should be opened to this type of sign. The universe will communicate with you through 5 crows. This is why you should hold the following spiritual messages closely.

  • Seeing 5 crows is a sign of change: These changes cannot be predictable. Therefore, you should expect sudden changes. You should expect a sharp interruption in your life. This is not a bad sign. It is only meant to prepare you for what lies ahead.
  • Whenever you see 5 crows in the morning: It is a sign of keeping secrets. 5 crows mean you should be careful of what to say to the people around you. It is a sign that someone in your inner circle cannot be trusted. Take this as a sign of caution. 
  • Another spiritual message to expect from 5 crows is good luck: If you find 5 crows flying in circles, it is a sign of good luck. This means that you will begin to enjoy good things. For example, if you have been suffering from disappointments and bad luck, seeing 5 crows is a sign that things are going to change. Therefore, be full of hope and expect good things to happen.
  • Another spiritual message to get from seeing 5 crows: Is meant to prepare you for action. After deciding on what step to take, you need energy for immediate action. Therefore, allow this spiritual sign to help you master the art of taking action whenever it is needed. With 5 crows, you will learn to not procrastinate.
  • Seeing 5 crows is also a sign of high spiritual vibration: It is a sign of high spiritual activity around. Whenever you begin to see 5 crows around you consistently, it means that your spiritual energy is high. Apart from this, it means that your environment is full of spiritual beings. The fact that you can’t see them does not deny their presence.

6 Crows spiritual meaning:

Six crows

The following messages can be gotten from seeing 6 crows:

  • Seeing 6 crows is a sign of peace: This means that you are going to enjoy peace in your relationship. The number 6 is a number of harmony. 
  • Another spiritual message to get from seeing 6 crows is an insatiable desire to be popular: Whenever people desire to attain a high level of influence, 6 crows will constantly flock around them. The reason for this is that the energy that comes from 6 crows is strong enough to fulfill your desire for fame.

7 Crows spiritual meaning:

Whenever you see 7 crows, it is a sign of abundance. This is a message to predict what will happen in your future.

This has a lot to do with financial abundance. If you are suffering from financial scarcity, 7 crows might be the perfect sign of hope.

With 7 crows, you will understand what lies in your future (which is a good sign of abundance). It will also help you to channel your expectations properly.

8 Crows spiritual meaning:

When you see 8 crows, it means that you are about to repeat a cycle. This can either be good or bad. If this cycle is a result of a mistake, then, it is a bad sign. However, if it came naturally, then, it is a good sign. 

9 Crows spiritual meaning (or more):

A lot of crows

Seeing 9 crows is a sign of fulfillment. Whenever 9 crows fly over your head, it means that your desires will be granted. It can also be an indication that you have attained a level of satisfaction. It could point to the fact that you are satisfied with your life at the moment.

I keep seeing a lot of crows: Could it be a message from God?

I keep seeing a lot of crows

Yes, it is a message from God.

Seeing a lot of crows is a spiritual sign. It means that God wants to communicate with you. There is nothing ordinary about seeing a lot of crows around you.

It is rare to find crows.

Therefore, seeing a group of crows can only be divine.

Do crows mean death is near?

A lot of crows and death

No, crows don’t mean death is near. Crows can bring a bad sign of danger; however, they don’t predict your death. 

Should I be concerned?

Single black crow

Yes, you should be concerned about seeing a crow. The reason behind this is due to their scarcity. When a crow gifts you its presence, it is according to the wish of the universe, and for a purpose. Therefore, you should be concerned about it.

Final Words

Because of the different messages attached to seeing crows, it might be hard for you to understand which message resonates with your life. However, your inner self will bear witness to the message when it is yours.

This is why you should be open in your heart to the presence of crows whenever they are around you. Doing this will open your eyes to see the message delivered, make use of it, and enjoy the benefits.

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  1. Almost daily, I will be sitting outside on my swing coffee in hand and at least 3 to 5 crows will show up. And squawk till I say enough already. Within half an hour my son shows up.. why is that?

  2. I have lost 3 of my dogs & 2 of my close friends all in the last 10 months, then pretty much the day after I had to put down my 3rd dog is when the 5 crows showed up. They’ve been here everyday, almost all day long ever since, it’s been almost 5 months now ‘ they’re still here everyday. They have brought me gifts as well. What do you think it means? Thank you

  3. Just now looking out into the back yard there were 10 crows on a wire and the 11th just landed on top of the tree. They are silent. Their silence is what gave me pause to look. They just flew off 1 by 1 which I also thought interesting. Can you tell me what this means? Your article ends at 9

  4. My husband passed away 11/11/22 and yesterday morning after I prayed I heard a crow cawing and when I look it was on the power line on the side of my house cawing for awhile. Then today during the middle of me praying and asking God for help and thanking him the crow started cawing like three or four times. I noticed that but I continue to pray but when I went to look it was there. But all morning I noticed One or two crows flying pass my house, it made me nervous I don’t want to be because I believe in my Heavenly Father but what is the meaning and the odds of that happening to me.

    P.S. also yesterday a flock of white birds were flying in a circle over my house and when I go places or come home I always see a flock of birds flying in circles what is the meaning of that please

    • Hello,

      You can also check our article: “11 Meanings of Crows Cawing in the Morning: Good or Bad”, as it will help you to understand the presence of the crow only showing up in the morning.

      A flock of birds means a lost loved one is protecting you from harm or evil spirits, and they do it by sending a flock of white birds.

      I believe that your husband found his way to God and is now protecting and watching over you. The crow is also a way of him thanking you for praying for his soul and peace.

      Thank you for your comment,
      Guardian Angel.

  5. I saw 13 crows in a tree this morning, not that Crows are unusual in our area, because we have many. But the Crows appeared to be in a meeting, they were all talking with each other, making strange clicking sounds and other odd noises I’m not use to hearing. What does this mean do you think. ?


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