Seeing 2, 3, 4, 5 And Up To 8 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Were you busy cleaning your backyard when you noticed 4 ravens flying over you? Well, they can be in any number, but each figure has its own meaning

Now, this doesn’t happen often, and you know it. How many times have you seen this blackbird in your lifetime? I thought so, too. 

The universe always sends us messages. And when God wants to communicate with us, He can use a black raven to do so.

Seeing a raven has spiritual meaning. Let’s go ahead and get to it.

number of ravens meaning

raven looking

Each number of ravens carries a different message and sign for you. Let’s now take a quick look at each one.

But, if you want to learn more about each number, just keep on reading!

Number Of RavensMessage
1 RavenChanges are coming into your life.
2 RavensAn indication that your relationship is in trouble.
3 RavensYou should be careful when close to your friendships of the past.
4 RavensYour family bond has been broken. Do what you can to bring it back.
5 RavensYou are going to have a good and profitable day.
6 RavensA reminder of the punishment for your wrongdoings that awaits you.
7 RavensSomeone in your surroundings has cast a spell on you.
8 RavensYou are going through a profound transformation in life.

Seeing 1 Raven Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 1 Raven

Seeing 1 Raven is an indication that you may soon experience transformation. This transformation can be spiritual, physical, or emotional. But, you will have to be keen on observing these changes.

When changes are coming into your life, you may experience a heightened connection with the higher being. You will also start communicating with divine entities. 

Also, when you see 1 Raven, it means you have a purpose here on earth.

So, what you have to do is focus on this purpose. When you experience a heightened connection, you will be able to interpret your purpose. 

Though there are so many things that cause distraction, the universe plays its role by sending us a Raven. 

So, what does 1 raven symbolize? A raven is a symbol of unity and singleness. There is a purpose attached to it that if you embrace it quickly, your life will change for good.  

So, whatever plans you have, move one step at a time. Break those plans, then work on each of them progressively. If you do so, you will achieve and fulfil your purpose with ease. 

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Seeing 2 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 2 Ravens

The spiritual meaning of seeing 2 ravens has negative and positive connotations.

When you see 2 ravens and are having troubles in your relationship, this is a confirmation sign that your relationship is in trouble. It may be because :

  • You are falling out of love;
  • You are no longer putting much effort into it;
  • One of you have become toxic, jealous, and insecure;
  • Your priorities have changed.

Such things bring misunderstanding and pride in relationships. So, seeing the two ravens is a sign you should handle your differences before things get out of hand

Another thing about seeing two ravens is related to love.

When you are in a season of finding true love, you may see two ravens. Or, if you are in a relationship or marriage, it’s an indication your relationship will be blossoming.  

If you feel you are drifting away from your spouse, then the two ravens are encouraging you to show love to your partner through kind words and acts.

But, it’s also believed that 2 ravens staring at you are the spirits of your deceased loved ones checking up on you. The universe is offering you comfort and alerting you that you are not alone in this. 

Lastly, seeing two ravens also means there is a friend in your circle you can trust. Don’t be worried because you will definitely find who your true friend is when the time comes. 

Seeing 3 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 3 Ravens

Whenever you see 3 ravens flying or sitting together, it’s more about your friendship of the past

This is time for you to look out for your primary, secondary, or college friends because they may be planning revenge. Maybe you did something to them, and up to date, they have not come to terms with it. 

What you did left them heartbroken, shattered, and great loss. So, they will only be at peace when they get revenge.

So, seeing the three ravens in this case means you should be careful when close to them because you never know the outcome. 

You are also seeing 3 ravens because you have become spiritually sensitive. This happens when you see the ravens at night. 

Your three compartments, the soul, mind, and body, are working together at this time. So, you should establish this connection to be led to spiritual sensitivity.

Other spiritual meanings of seeing 3 ravens are:

  • A sign of a new beginning as a premonition of what you had;
  • Increased spiritual knowledge that may open you up to more opportunities;
  • You will soon find love in this new phase.

Seeing 4 Ravens Spiritual Meaning

Seeing 4 Ravens

Seeing 4 ravens sitting on a tree is a sign that your family bond has been broken, and you need to bring it back.

The ravens have appeared to you because the universe believes you are the right person to reunite with your family. 

All you have to do is let go of your ego, start seeing things from a different perspective, and reunite with your family. 

4 ravens appearing in your dream is a sign of witchcraft. It may be that one of your family members is practicing witchcraft.  Remember, even the Bible warns us against witchcraft.

So, seeing the four ravens indicates you need to seek God’s protection through prayers.  

Another interesting spiritual meaning of seeing 4 ravens is that all the friends in your cycle can be trusted. They all have your best interest at heart. 

Also, you have not been paying attention to the signs the universe has been communicating to you. The 4 ravens are warning you not to be ignorant and careless with the signs around you. 

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Seeing 5 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 5 Ravens

The spiritual meaning associated with seeing 5 ravens is good luck. The luck is most commonly associated with luck in your business.

f you saw these creatures early in the morning, then you are going to have a good and profitable day in your business.

5 ravens is also a reminder of the past commitments you made. You are seeing the raven because you have not fulfilled the commitments you made. So, they are reminding you of your commitments.

In African tradition, 5 ravens are associated with leadership. That is why you will find chiefs having 5 feathers on their head ties. So, the 5 ravens are preparing you for a leadership position

Seeing 6 Ravens Spiritual Meanings

Seeing 6 Ravens

Spiritually, seeing 6 ravens is a reminder of the punishment that awaits you. This may be a punishment for your wrongdoings. All the things you did in the past are going to repeat themselves. 

In this life, it’s good to do to others what we would like to be done to us. So, if you show hatred towards others, the time is coming when you are also going to be hatred. 

Aside from that, there is also God’s punishment for our sins. So, if there are things you did with no regret, it’s time to seek forgiveness. Repent and turn back to Christ.

Seeing 7 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 7 Ravens

Seeing 7 ravens is often associated with a witch spell. This is a sign that someone in your surroundings has cast a spell on you. This spell is going to have a negative influence on your life. 

So, if you are in a romantic relationship, you may feel drawn from your spouse. Misunderstanding may start arising even on things that don’t need that.

This spell can affect your mental, physical, or spiritual self.

Or, it may be a spell that draws you close to a specific person. Maybe the person using the spell has tried their best to get your love and attention to no avail.

So, when you see 7 ravens, someone casts a spell on you. 

Seeing 8 Ravens Spiritual Meaning 

Seeing 8 Ravens

When you see 8 ravens, it means you are going through a profound transformation in life. Also, there could be changes coming to you. 

This can be a change in your marriage, family relationship, workplace, spiritual belief, and so on.

Talking about the upcoming changes is often associated with the interconnectedness of everything. 

Some people, especially in America, believe ravens are tricksters. That is why they are often associated with significant changes. 

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What Does It Mean When You See A Raven During The Day?

common raven

When you see a raven during the day, it is a clear sign that changes are coming into your life. The raven appears to you to awaken your inner realms. 

We have already discussed what ravens mean when you see them in your waking life.

I hope the ideas shared above help you understand what seeing this creature means and how you may apply or interpret it in your life. 

What Does It Mean When A Raven Visits You? 

raven on wood

A raven visiting you is a sign there are spirits in your surroundings. When a spirit visits you, it can come in any form, and a raven is one of them.

So, you need to seek guidance and protection. You never know the true intentions of such spirits. 

Also, a raven visiting you means:

  • You have a message from the universe;
  • You should be ready to forgive and move on from what caused you pain;
  • The spirit of your deceased loved one is with you;
  • You should seek divine providence through prayers.

Whenever a raven visits you, meditate over it. Meditation will help you harness its power, and you will understand its message. 

Is Seeing A Raven A Good Omen? 

raven on park

Ravens are a good omen. Forget about those associating a raven’s black color with bad luck.

In fact, seeing a raven is a good luck sign. These creatures do not have bad energies. 

In most cases, their appearance in our physical and subconscious state is because it’s warning us against something or bringing about luck. I hope the meanings above can clear all these thoughts. 

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Final Words

Now that you understand what seeing a raven means, there is something else you should know. You will not see ravens like you see hawks and other birds always. A raven is where it’s because God has sent it to deliver a message or warn against something.

So, try hard to get this message. Still,  you can pray and meditate on it to find answers.

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