Spiritual Meaning Of Coughing: Dream, Dry Cough And Mucus

Have you ever coughed consistently when talking to someone? Do you remember what you wanted to say after that? Actually, it’s rare to remember.

It’s possible what you wanted to say was negative; that is why you coughed. It once happened to me as I wanted to disclose to my friend about my plans. I didn’t speak after coughing again; I just said, “Anyway”.

This can happen to anyone. However, coughing is scientifically associated with illness, and its spiritual meaning changes.

There are physical, emotional, and spiritual attachments that trigger it. Let’s explore the spiritual messages it sends

Spiritual Meaning Of Coughing: 7 Messages 

Spiritual Meaning Of Coughing: 7 Messages 

When you cough, there are spiritual meanings surrounding this irritable experience. Here are the messages it could be sending:

1) You are stressed or anxious

Coughing is one way the human body releases build-up tension. Through cough, you let go of so many tangible and intangible things. So, you are just stressed or anxious about some things.

The best thing to do is apply relaxation techniques. When you use the correct tactics to manage your stress levels, you will end this persistent coughing. If need be, seek medical attention.

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2) You’re undergoing emotional healing

Persistent coughing can be painful and embarrassing. Even if it’s caused by an illness or cold, you will feel weak, and it may take some time before it ends. 

Even with thinking from that perspective, this could also be a sign your body is healing from your past

When you cough, you’re not only expelling infections but healing from your past trauma. If you had suffered psychologically, then this could be you’re healing from it.

So, by coughing persistently, you are undergoing a deeper healing process. Your body is just working towards emotional growth and 

3) You need change

When you cough up blood, it symbolizes the need for change. This is a sign you are ready for new beginnings.

Maybe there is something you’ve been asking God to do for you, and it’s finally happening.

Maybe you asked for a change in job relocation or relationship status. Whatever form of change you need, the universe is approving your desires. 

Coughing out blood means you should embrace changes coming your way. It’s helping your mind be flexible. Lastly, you need to adapt to change.

4) Stop sharing your secrets with others

Have you ever experienced a cough when you want to tell your friend a secret?

Well, you will cough three times in a row. Coughing in this pattern is a sign you should stop talking.

This is a warning message to be wary of those around you. Don’t trust people with your secrets, as they can use this as a weapon against you. It doesn’t matter how much you trust them; just keep your secret.

The right time will come for you to share these secrets. And when the time is right, there are signs that the universe will show you. 

5) Trust your instincts

When you want to make appropriate moves and definite actions, you must listen to your inner voice. You ignore your instincts every time you seek other’s opinions. 

Did you know we opt for something different every time we seek someone else advice? And the result is mostly toxic. So, coughing is a message of trusting your instinct.

Coughing is a sign that you should pay attention to your instincts. You should also trust it in making decisions in your life.

6) You should trust yourself

Ideally, those with low self-esteem cough a lot. Having low self-esteem means you feel inadequate or you have not released your potential. 

So, when you cough occasionally, it’s because you lack trust. The universe wants you to trust yourself because you have the potential. Ideally, all you need is to look at the positive side of it. 

By working on self-esteem, you will become confident in whatever you do. You will even find it easy to express yourself.

7) You have to watch your words

You may have heard that words are so powerful. Whatever we say haunts us, no matter how long it takes. So, you need to be careful with the words you utter.

Talking negatively impacts your life. It’s more like inviting negativity into your life. The more you speak positively, the more you attract positive things.  

So, every time you cough while trying to speak, is the universe asking you to be cautious? That interruption will save you from stating negative things which can implicate your future.

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Can Coughing Have Spiritual Reasons? 

woman sick looking outside

Yes, coughing could have spiritual reasons. When there is something that you no longer have to hold onto, the universe will handle the situation for you. 

It forcefully helps you handle the situation through cough, and its effectiveness may be after some days. 

In fact, some cultures even recognize this situation as “nothing can be done.”

It’s a spiritual verdict. Some things may leave you. And the best part is that this things are not beneficial. 

Spiritually, coughing prepares your mind for inevitable things, and your mind will be able to grasp what being under pressure entails. So, coughing has a spiritual reason, and we have already discussed it above. 

Spiritual Root Of Cough

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The spiritual root of cough is based on different cultural interpretations. Well, coughing is a psychological response that the body tries to clear from bacteria. 

Spiritually, it’s because of emotional, spiritual, and psychological factors. It’s the way the body is releasing negative energies. The spiritual meanings above and the explanation below may answer you. 

What Does Coughing Mean Spiritually? 

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Spiritually, coughing is one way your body releases old energy and negativity to usher in new things. It’s considered a wellness ritual where you let go of negative energies.

When you cough, it also helps you recover from the physical and emotional trauma that has been blocking your happiness. This is because you are clearing old negativity while coughing.

Spiritually speaking, coughing is one way your body is rejecting something harmful from entering your soul. It’s more of cleansing tangible and intangible energies. 

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The spiritual meaning of coughing varies. It could be you coughed up in a dream; you coughed up blood, mucus, or dry cough. So, what does all this mean?

Coughing Up In A Dream:

Coughing up in dreams is associated with having a balanced life, illness, awareness, self-improvement, and obstacles.

So, when you cough up in dreams, it is not just about poor health or diseases; there are other reasons for it:

  • You have a balanced and stable life;
  • A sign you may secure a profitable job;
  • Distractions may cause you failure, so you should be wary of time;
  • It’s time to connect with your inner spirit;
  • You should be careful whom you trust;
  • Always rethink your decision before making a choice;
  • You need to work on your relationships.

Now, you can also dream of coughing up blood in dreams. Coughing blood is a sign of troublesome times.

So, this is a sign that you should get ready for the obstacles awaiting you. Prepare by learning new things, save money for it, learn some new skills, and most importantly, meditate on it.

Coughing Up Mucus:

Coughing up mucus is a manifestation of external things that are making you sad. It could be a family member, friend, workmate, or someone close.

Maybe someone has criticized you or your family, or you’ve been offended.

If there is something you were unable to resolve, it’s possible to cough mucus. On a more positive note, coughing mucus is associated with healing.

If you’ve been criticized, abandoned, or offended, this could mean your heart is healing.

Spiritually, coughing up mucus is a warning sign. You need to be an adaptable and flexible person. You could also be undergoing a spiritual awakening. 

Dry Cough:

A dry cough symbolizes being irritated by some external factors. Maybe something is irritating in your surroundings.

For instance, it could be because of an intruder in your personal life or an unexpected visitor. During these bad economic times, nobody is ready to receive unannounced visitors. Such things can get you annoyed and irritated. 

When you are surrounded by people you don’t like, you may experience a dry cough because you feel squeezed and uncomfortable in that environment.

Ideally, if you experience a dry cough, it’s time to reflect on your actions and focus on healing and personal growth

Generally, a dry cough happens when you are not comfortable or when you are irritated by something. Also, be honest with yourself and others. 

Coughing In Your Sleep:

Coughing in your sleep is associated with so many health benefits. This is one way your respiratory tract is clearing. Spiritually, you become more spiritually aware if you cough while sleeping. 

Your spiritual senses need to wake up; that is why you are coughing. Also, it could be you are facing challenges, and your heart is broken. This can also manifest in your sleep.

Ideally, the universe wants you to accept your current state of mind and embrace stability. You can also take it as a promise that all will be well. 

Why Am I Randomly Coughing So Much?

man sick in room

As mentioned earlier, coughing means you are letting go of any emotional, physical, and mental attachment. This is the time to change your actions and thinking. 

Is This A Bad Spiritual Sign? 


Yes, coughing can be a bad spiritual sign.

However, it doesn’t mean that it will always bring a negative spiritual sign. With the above spiritual meaning, you will be able to identify bad and good spiritual signs.

Coughing can be an encouragement, caution, or warning sign. What matters is the type of cough you are experiencing. So, be keen on every side. 

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Final Words

As much as coughing is a way your body is releasing negative energies or helping you let go of some things, it could also be an impending health issue.

If you need to stay protected, understand the messages brought by coughing. Take time to reflect on your coughing experience, then associate this feeling with the meanings.

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