Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal Tapping On Window: Was It A Female?

Yes, cardinals tend to peck windows with reflective glasses, especially during the breeding season.

Moreover, female cardinals have a greater tendency than male cardinals because they think another bird (their reflection) is encroaching on their territory.

So, where does the spiritual aspect come in?  Was the cardinal tapping aggressively? Or was it tapping gently?

The bird might tap the window and sing or wait for you to approach the window. From these signs, many believe the cardinal is there to deliver a spiritual message of love, faith, or hope.

So, does it mean the cardinal tapping on your window is just there to deliver a message? NO! This is one among many of the spiritual meanings. 

So, get ready to delve deep into the spiritual meaning of a cardinal tapping on your window. Ready? Let’s go! 

Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal Tapping On Window

beautiful red cardinal

Ancient Maori, Hindu, Irish, Celtic, and Egyptian spiritualism highlights the significant role of birds as spiritual messengers.

They indicate that birds symbolize messengers to the gods, heavenly visitors, or the gods themselves. The same goes for cardinals. 

If a cardinal taps on your window, it may be delivering a message from a loved one who has died. Cardinals are loyal and monogamous lovers.

They only love and stay in a relationship with a single partner until their death. 

So, if you have lost a partner or someone dear to you, that cardinal on your window might be them letting you know they still watch over you

Moreover, cardinals bring messages of hope and faith due to their physical attributes linking it to the Roman Catholic. 

The cardinal’s glowing red hue closely matches the vestment of the Roman Catholic bishop. In short, a leader in the church.

And, why do people go to church? Yes, you are right. Worshiping and praises in the church enhance one’s hope and faith.

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What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Hits Your Window?

cardinal on window

Both male and female cardinals can deliver hope, faith, and love messages.

However, when this is not the case, the desire to find the meaning can lead you to seek an explanation that narrows down to the gender of the cardinal.

Here are the spiritual meanings of a female or male cardinal tapping your window. 

Female Cardinal Tapping On Window:

Female Cardinal

If you do not know what a female cardinal looks like, observe the color of the cardinal at your window.

A female cardinal is primarily covered in pale-brown feathers with a warm reddish finish on the wings, crest, and tail. Their beaks are reddish and the face has a charcoal mask.

When a female cardinal taps on your window, it means you have been suppressing your feminine energy.

The feminine energy is strongly associated with emotion, creativity, nurturing, collaboration, and intuition. 

The female cardinal is there to remind you about the need to nurture others and yourself, to express yourself, and to appreciate life’s grace and beauty.

Male Cardinal Tapping On Window:

Male Cardinal

Male cardinals mostly have red plumage, reddish bills, and a charcoal mask. They are also more powerful and larger than female cardinals. 

If you find a male cardinal tapping on your window, it means you have not been taking advantage of your masculine side.

Take this message as a cue to express your passions boldly and use your strength and confidence. 

Male cardinals are courageous, bold, and protective. Despite their sizes, they will go far and beyond to provide for and protect the family. They are also territorial. 

But, I believe you will also enjoy learning about the spiritual meaning of when a bird keeps flying into your window.

Did God Send This Cardinal To Peck At My Window?

brown female cardinal

There is a possibility that God sent the cardinal to peck at your window.

Do you remember the story about Noah and the floods? The dove, a sign of hope, was tasked with determining if the waters had reduced to allow them to dock to land. 

Other than a dove, the Bible highlights several other birds He used to fulfill His desires and pass various messages.

Meaning, God can decide to communicate with you by sending a cardinal to peck at your window. 

So, a cardinal pecking at your window, in this case, indicates God’s presence and His desire for you to pay attention to him.

He can use the cardinal to comfort or inspire you to believe in Him if you have been sorrowful

Spiritual Meaning Of Red Cardinal At Window: 7 blessings from above

Spiritual Meaning Of Cardinal At Window: 7 blessings from above

At this moment, you are supposed to pay attention to your inner voice to capture the spiritual meanings. Here are seven spiritual meanings of the red cardinal at the window:

1) You will come across a new opportunity

Just like a cardinal shades its plumage each year to allow a new one to grow, so will you come across a new opportunity.

The cardinal might show up at the beginning of a new business quarter or season, signaling you about the upcoming opportunity

Also, take a look at the meaning of crows cawing in the morning outside your window.

2) A loved one is watching over you

If the cardinal shows up on a significant day that you shared with your loved one, it means they are watching over you through the cardinal. The significant date might be an anniversary or birthday.

Either way, you should acknowledge the event, get close to the cardinal and talk to the cardinal to show your loved one how appreciative you are

3) Fortune and lack are coming your way 

Cardinals are linked to the number 12 which represents wholeness, fulfillment, and completeness. Meaning, it is a bird of luck. Therefore, when it shows up, it may mean luck is coming to you

4) Take advantage of your creativity and passion

With a confident and fearless attitude, cardinals can fight off even larger predators. Moreover, they use their creativity to sing and find love.

So, if you are stuck or bored, a cardinal might show up to inspire you to explore your passion and creativity

5) You should pay more attention to your spiritual life 

You see cardinals mostly in places of worship such as temples and churches. Why? They understand the significance of spirituality.

At times, they may show up at your place while you are meditating or praying. This means they are there to encourage you to pay more attention to your spiritual life

6) Leadership exists in you 

Cardinals are leaders and coordinators. They help nurture and take care of the little ones alongside their loved ones.

If a cardinal shows up when you are facing a challenge, it means you are capable of solving any problem. All you need to do is embrace the leadership aspect in you. 

7) Find balance between your feminine and masculine energies

As seen earlier, male and female cardinals can talk to your feminine and masculine energies. These two types of energies are in everyone.

So, don’t think that you need to be a woman or man to have either.

Both energies compliment each other, and you must strike balance between the two so that they can serve you for long. 

In Conclusion…

Sometimes, you might be tempted to chase away the cardinal tapping away on your window. However, doing so can cost you a lot in terms of spiritual growth. Think about it! 

But, before you leave, also uncover the meaning of an owl hooting outside your window.

Cardinals have for years been linked to love, hope, and faith. They love one partner till death and have a plumage that resembles the clothing of Catholic bishops. 

With the ability to spread love and hope, these birds can deliver life-changing lessons to your system. And with the newly found powers, you can keep sprouting and thriving spiritually. 

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  1. Sunday 5th march. This morning my little Pom was growling at a noise from my bathroom window. This went on for about 2hrs on/off. I decided to see exactly what was making the noise. To my surprise and excitement it is a Red bird, Cardinal! I’ve never felt more sure of my faith, as it has just jumped as long as eternity. Sometimes we get scared lost wonder if our Lord is still with oneself! Then he sends a sign to show his presence! Thank you Lord for believeing and walking beside me into my ( age 55) journey in this part of my life! My faith beliefs are stronger once again! And to show me a sign in the lent season as the world is so unsure. You are a continued stay of faith !

  2. I have a red cardinal (and less frequently his spouse) at my balcony door and at my bedroom window –the balcony is off my bedroom also; he appears each and every day for over a year now! People who come over comment on him as he bashes himself against the door several hundred times a day. He only visits my bedroom window in the morning but does so about 5 times. He actually pecks at my window. I feel he may be my deceased aunt or a friend who wants me to carry on her work. I don’t know. He’s appearing a bit less now. I have recently gone through something absolutely terrible. I saw the spirit of my deceased aunt during that time which got me through. Anyhow appreciate your article. This experience made me know I have to live with less fear in order to do what I promised my aunt I would over forty years ago. I never did it so have to before I die. It was a promise to take care of the family. She gripped my hand the day before she died and made me promise to do this. I didn’t remember until I was over 50 and was at the Cathedral of St. Paul. I’ve been trying to find a way to do so and think I may have some insight now but it takes so much courage. I may as well try though. I’ll try to think of the cardinal and the good luck it may convey to give me strength. Thanks for your article.

    • Hello,

      I’m glad to see that you understood that it was your aunt trying to communicate with you. Sometimes we don’t understand their messages at first but they will keep doing it and doing it until we know. I hope you are able to keep the promise you made to her, she is doing the best she can to take care of you from above.


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