7 Spiritual Meanings Of Urinating In A Dream: Is It Bad?

How often do you dream of urinating in a dream? If it’s numerous times, you aren’t alone

Well, the most common meaning of pee in dreams is having a full bladder and needing to visit the bathroom. But, deeper symbolism and spiritual meanings can also impact your life. 

However, the meanings vary depending on the type of urine you experience and the place you pee.

So, what if you dream of urinating blood, on a floor, in the toilet or in a toilet? Continue reading. 

Dream about Peeing Meaning


In spirituality, peeing symbolizes the release of negative energies from the body. This can be fear, anxiety, depression, pressure, jealousy, etc. 

It can also be a sign of emotional release. Maybe you have been emotionally stressed because of relationships or financial struggles.

It can also be a symbol of spiritual cleansing.

What is happening in your present is a result of the choices you made in the past. So you need cleansing to move forward

This can also symbolize the need to surrender. If you are always in control of everything, wherever you are, it could mean you should let go of this feeling to find more focus in life.

Dreaming about peeing can also mean you have an underlying health issue. This could be anaemia, UTI, Urethra, or Kidney stones. If this is the case, you should seek medical attention. 

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Biblical Meaning Of Urinating In A Dream

urinating In the dream

Biblically, blood is a symbol of life. So, when you bleed, it means you’re losing your life. Now, urine comes from the kidney; it shows what is happening in your body.

So when you urinate blood in dreams, it means some of your body system is not functioning as it should. That’s why your immunity is becoming weaker.

When you dream of urinating, it can mean that something from your past or your present is weakening your spirit.

So, the spiritual realms are trying to release the feelings, traumas and emotions you are building up.

Well, there are many biblical meanings of urinating in a dream. But what is their symbolism, especially when urinating on the floor, in the toilet, or in blood? Let’s see.

On the floor:

urniating On the floor

You are dreaming of urinating on the floor because you need to let go of all negative feelings, such as anger, fear, hatred, and jealousy.

It also means you are finally losing control or cannot control your emotions in your waking life. This is a sign that you need to express your emotions as they are part of who you are.

When you feel overwhelmed in your waking life, it’s possible to dream of urinating on the floor because of the stress.

This is a way your subconscious mind is helping you release the tension you have

Dreaming of urinating on the floor also means:

  • You will soon enjoy financial freedom;
  • You spend money on unnecessary things;
  • You are ready to let go of your past or something you were holding onto.

In the toilet:

Urinating In A toilet

Dreaming of urinating in a toilet has various meanings attached to it. For instance, the meaning you use depends on the condition the toilet is in. This could be in a clean or dirty toilet

For instance, dreaming of urinating on a dirty toilet can mean you are afraid of expressing your feelings.

In fact, most people associate dreaming of urinating in a dirty toilet as a bad omen, as it can affect your relationship with God and your loved ones. 

Dreaming of urinating in a clean toilet is associated with positivity. This means that you’re finally in control.

You’ve found self-control and can now handle challenging situations even when dangers are involved. 

This dream also means you understand what you want in life. Generally, you are not relying on what others think about your choices or decisions.

It could also be a sign of a higher position career-wise or a love date. 

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As mentioned earlier, a dream of blood in urine means you are losing control. This could also mean you have lost passion in life.

Biologically, dreams in urine are a sign of anemia or kidney stone disease. Relating this to our lives, it means a painful time is coming.

Something that will cause immense pain and impact your life negatively is coming.

Urinating blood also symbolizes relationship problems. Maybe something is not going as expected in your relationships. You could be having issues with your loved ones, siblings, parents, or close friends.

So, you should focus on handling the issues before it gets out of hand. 

7 Spiritual Meanings Of Urinating In A Dream

7 Spiritual Meanings Of Urinating In A Dream

As you could see so far, urinating in a dream is mostly associated with bad things. Either from your past or from your future.

But, this dream comes as a protection, because by peeing you’re releasing all of the things that are building up in your life.

Either way, you need to start to take better care of yourself, physically and spiritually. Let’s now explore the 7 spiritual meanings of urinating in a dream.

1) You need to overcome certain obstacles

If you dream you’re urinating in your dream, it means certain obstacles hinder your progress in life, and you have to overcome them.

This is a message or sign that you have the power and ability to handle your obstacles and emerge victorious.

2) You’re entering a new phase in life

Urinating in your dreams means you are doing away with past things. You are eliminating the things that no longer add value to your life. 

This could be stopping associating with people who bring you down. Or doing away with projects that don’t add value even after investing much in them. 

So, this dream means you are entering a new phase in life. Which includes making new decisions, choices, and options and being ready for a fresh start

3) You feel relieved

We all know how relieved we feel when peeing after a long journey or meeting. The same thing applies to peeing in dreams. Urinating in dreams brings about a sense of relief

If you have been going through too much stress and struggles in your waking life, it’s a sign your struggles are ending.

So this brings about a sense of relief. Now this relief is manifesting itself through your dream.

Or there could be something bringing you down emotionally, physically, or mentally. Whichever the case, you have finally gotten rid of it.

So, urinating in dreams is your subconscious state asking you to embrace the relief that comes with it

4) You are releasing negative emotions

Maybe you slept with so much negativity in your mind because of straining at work, being unappreciated, or being looked down upon. All this negativity can affect your normal body functioning

So, dreaming about urinating is one way of releasing those emotions.

When you wake up from this dream, you will feel more positive. You will have positive energies surrounding you

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5) You need spiritual cleansing

Biologically, urine is one way our bodies release toxins. So, spiritually, this is a sign your body is releasing negative feelings and burdens that you’ve buried for a long time. 

When you dream of urinating, this is a sign that you need a spiritual cleansing. So, how do you go about this? If you are a busy person, set some time aside for meditation. 

This is one of the best ways you can connect with spiritual realms through your subconscious state. If there are any negative emotions you’ve been holding, this is the time to let go.

It’s also a sign you are getting rid of the spiritual toxins that have been bringing you down. 

6) You have to let go of being in control

It’s time for you to stop being in control and surrender to the universe. You may be controlling almost everything, whether at home, church or work. 

If you are this type of person, you could be missing a lot, and you won’t be able to accomplish your purpose on earth. 

So, urinating in your dreams is a call to let go of all these things. Most of which don’t even add real value to your life. When you let go, it’s the start of welcoming new opportunities

7) You desire to move forward

Urinating in dreams could also indicate that you desire to move forward in life, but something or someone is pulling you backwards. 

So, by urinating in a dream, you’re getting rid of these obstacles. You are now ready for the new opportunities coming ahead. 

What Does Peeing In A Dream Mean Spiritually?

Peeing In A Dream

When you dream of peeing, it means it’s time to get out of your current situation and try a new path. So, if this is the type of dream you have experienced recently, it’s because:

  • You need cleansing: It is a sign to remain focused and clear on your aim and missions;
  • Lack of control: It can also mean you have lost control over someone (your child, sibling, fiancé…). So, you need to have control over yourself and others;
  • Responsibility: You need to establish some kind of degree towards other people;
  • Lack of privacy: When you are too kind at heart, you share all your secrets with others. It’s time to change and live a private life, especially when it comes to personal life. 

Should I Be Concerned?

man insomnia

Yes, you should be concerned about urinating in dreams

If you have been undergoing too much pressure at work or in your personal life, this is bound to happen.

Maybe your life is surrounded by so much negativity, and you need to release these energies to progress in life.

You may also be in need of spiritual cleansing for things to work out. So be sure to understand what is happening in your surroundings.

The bottom line is there are numerous symbolic meanings of urinating in dreams. Generally, it’s time to let go of your negative energies and embrace new beginnings. 

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Final Words

As we have already seen in this article, the symbolic meaning associated with it is about letting go of your past and negative energies affecting your life. 

Urinating in dreams means you feel guilty or tired about something, thus putting your body under too much stress. This anxiety or fear manifests itself through frequent urination.

If you feel there are things pulling you backwards, making it difficult for you to achieve your goals, you need to release this baggage from your system. 

So, dreaming of urinating brings the need to reflect on oneself. Try to find out what is bringing you down and causing you stress and anxiety. Once you do, find reliable ways to help you eliminate them. 

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