Tree Struck By Lightning Spiritual Meaning: Is It Good Luck?

It gets scary whenever there is lightning. For most people, lightning has always had a negative outcome in their lives.

Maybe it struck dead their livestock or a building that’s why they see it as a negative sign.

However, this doesn’t speak for all cultures. For instance, in my culture, the woods struck by lightning is a good luck charm. We use it in rituals to ward off negative energies.

There are so many reasons why they are considered a good luck charm. The woods are the most powerful protective talisman you can ever find.

So, why is it a good luck sign? Let’s find out.

Tree Struck By Lightning Spiritual Meaning

Tree Struck By Lightning

Spiritually, the lightning streaks symbolize God’s revelation.

It’s said that this is a way God is showing His anger or punishment to humans because of their evil doings.

This can also be a sign of transformation. If you experience or see this, then you may soon experience sudden power or changes in your life.

Better still you may soon learn something new that will greatly impact your life. Also, this can be a destructive or creative force for you.

So, it’s something unpredictable and depends on the meaning you choose to interpret.

Generally, you should expect some changes coming into your life. You just don’t know whether or not it will be positive or negative. Just be ready!

Also, I believe you will enjoy learning about what the lightning bolt means in the Bible.

Wood Struck By Lightning Meaning

person hugging tree

Wood struck by lightning is said to be the most powerful talisman you can come across. It’s believed the tree is empowered by divine forces making it best for protection against all evils.

Some traditions also see it as a bad omen. A wood or tree struck by lightning meanings depends on your traditional definition of it.

I’ll explain both the negative and positive meanings of this aspect.

There are various benefits of carrying or having wood struck by lightning. For now, here are some of the benefits associated with it:

Carry it with youKeep a little piece of the wood with you as a good luck charm talisman that will keep you protected.
Use it as an offerAdd it to your offering herbs to acknowledge divine beings if you wish to connect with them.
Create a protective wearYou can add a little piece of it to a necklace to ward off evil and negative forces.

Is The Lightning Tree A Good Luck Charm?

necklace made from wood

Though lightning striking a tree is a terrifying experience, some traditional beliefs associate it with being a good luck charm. So, yes, a lightning tree can be a good luck charm.

However, this belief varies from one tradition to another. This is influenced by personal, historical, and cultural background.

When lightning struck a tree, it could mean destruction and creation. So, this is like a paradox of life itself. This explains why some believe it’s a good luck charm while others see it as a bad omen.

The lightning tree is a good luck charm as it’s believed to be the most powerful charm and talisman you can find. So, it doesn’t harm to get a small piece of it.

So, how is it a good luck charm? Well, this comes down to how the lighting woods are being used.

Here are some of the ways to use it:

  • Manifestation magic: By this I mean you create changes or something new in your life. This is a perfect way to transform the energies around you. In fact, you can transform the energies around you to favor you;
  • Transformation healing: Ideally, this explains why they are common in most rituals. It can also be used for spiritual cleansing and baths. All you need is to harness these powers.

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What Does A Lightning Striking Tree Symbolize?

tree and pink sky

A lightning-striking tree is actually a violent meeting of nature. You can associate it with life, death, and rebirth which is your life cycle.

When the tree breaks or falls, after the lightning strikes it, it will rot. Its existence comes to an end.

But, after a while, a new tree may grow again closer to the area where the destruction happened or in the same location. This is clear evidence of existence and transformation.

Also, we can interpret this happening as a meeting between realms, the celestial and earthly realms. This is more of a point of contact between the two worlds.

As mentioned earlier, whenever there is destruction, there is always a new life after that. So, a lightning-striking tree can also symbolize transformation and renewal.

Spiritually, whenever something gets destroyed, it paves the way for something new in life. This is a symbol of new beginnings.

Some communities also believe the tree struck by lightning is a sign of good luck.

I mean, there are communities who use the woods from the lightning-struck tree as a protective charm and talisman.

They believe the woods have potent energies to offer protection and also spiritual enhancement.

Is It Dangerous To Carry A Piece Of Wood Struck By Lightning?

piece of tree that fell

Carrying a piece of wood struck by lightning can be dangerous and also beneficial. But, this depends on how your tradition interprets this event.

As said earlier, to some communities, this is a good luck charm while to others it’s a bad omen.

  • For instance, some use wood struck by lightning to make protective charms and talismans. It’s said it acts as a charm against evil, harm, and negative energies.

There are even communities, pagans for instance, who use the woods as a ritual tool. It’s said it enhances the connection between the ritualist and spiritual realms.

  • However, in some cultures, carrying a piece of wood struck by lightning is a bad indication.

They believe that when the lightning strikes and breaks the tree, then it has killed somebody in a different location. This can happen hundreds of kilometers away.

So, your traditional interpretation of these can answer this question. It can be dangerous or a lucky charm, who knows?

But, before you go, uncover the spiritual meaning of rain in the Bible.

Is it good luck or dangerous? only you can tell!

Generally, the meaning of a tree struck by lightning changes from culture to culture. And since most of us have been brought up traditionally, what you have heard or believe may be the truth.

But, spiritually, this is a representation of our life cycle: life, death, and rebirth.

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