11 Biblical Meanings of Spiders in Dreams

Today we are going to talk about the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams, as it is a really common dream that most people relate to fear. But, did you know that spiders in your dreams say lot about yourself and your life?

You will now understand why it is such a blessing to dream about the animal that most of us want to get away from. Not only it can tell you about your life but what the people that you are surrounded by think about you.

People have a great interest in animals and their spiritual power be it today or thousands of years ago. Different cultures and religions have various interpretations of animals’ behavior and their related features on people’s fate and life. Why are we so interested in it and believe in these things. To answer these questions, let us examine particularly the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams. 

What do spiders mean spiritually?

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When you see a spider or a spider web the first feelings that arose to you are fear, scare, and disgust. Their long and hairy legs, small and swift moves make you stutter for a few seconds. But wait, these little, crawly creatures have always had their mysterious and intriguing power on people.

Spiritually, spiders have several meanings and beliefs and it also differs from culture to culture. Anyway, there are some solid perceptions of spiders among people.

Since ancient times, spiders were associated with feminine power and goddesses. Even some goddesses of weaving and fortune-telling were connected with spiders.

In other cultures, spiders had defense power with their web weaving ability. Others consider spiders as creators, while some believe spiders to be shrewd enough to play tricks on people. In these varying meanings and explanations, one thing is evident; spiders really have spiritual significance for people

What do Spiders mean Prophetically?

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Spiders prophetically have meanings of good and bad. Sometimes they are indicators of good luck and in some cases a potential threat and danger.

It depends on the context the spiders may appear to you either in your dreams or physically as well. It depends whether you see a spider web or just a spider, whether it is a black or white one, and so on.

Anyway, it is good to know the prophetical meanings of spiders as it helps us to better understand these creepy-crawlies. 

The Spiders meaning in the Bible

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As you read the Bible, you will surely come across passages where spiders or spider webs are mentioned in various stories. However, understanding their meaning is not so easy and unambiguous.

Sometimes we encounter spiders as a wise, spiritual being who shows us the right path. It also symbolizes diligence, modesty, and prudence, as it weaves its web and is patiently focused on its work.

Also, these creatures symbolize God’s protection. It is connected with the spider’s web, as it can be a protective shield. 

In fact, sometimes there are conflicting and different interpretations, which can often cause confusion. For example, the same spider’s web indicates weakness and vulnerability, something that should not be trusted and relied on.

Meanwhile, in another situation, it symbolizes the protection of God, by which he protects us from dangers and acts as a shield. It can be concluded that it has both meanings, but it is important to realize the situation and history in order to understand their meaning. 

11 Biblical Meanings of Spiders in Dreams 

11 Biblical Meanings of Spiders in Dreams 

Dreams are part of our everyday life. We fall asleep and see a bunch of stories or nothing at all. Many believe in the supernatural power of dreams, and their predictive nature.

Spiders also have symbolism in dreams as many other animals and objects. There are believed meanings in this context. Let us introduce the 11 biblical meanings of spiders in dreams.

1) Wisdom

Since ancient times, spiders were symbolized as a source of wisdom. While weaving their web they connect different parts together giving a clear image of something.

Thus their ability is to make vague ideas and thoughts clear and obvious. Seeing a spider falling from the sky, is a notice of God granting you wisdom and logit to get over a situation that you are dealing with at that time.

This gives you the ability to make sound judgments about the problem you are tackling with. 

2) Serenity

Calmness and patience always bring the desired results if there is a goal to achieve. Not everyone is endowed with this ability and very often such people are considered suspicious, secretive, and capable of unexpected actions.

However, this ability is desirable for many. If we look at the life of spiders, they are like that; they work quietly in some corner, without attracting any attention to their cobwebs. In a quiet place, spiders can weave a large web by themselves.

Consequently, this quality of theirs is associated with patience and hard work. If you see a spider in your dream, it is sent to teach you patience and emotional control.

Especially if you are in such a situation, you should understand that it is a sign for you to be patient and calm.

3) Good luck 

Who doesn’t enjoy good luck? In general, spiders are also associated with success and wealth.

Most people associate spider’s web as good luck and protection to you, your family and your house.

It is often said that you don’t need to clean the spiders and their webs because that way you take the luck out of the house. In dreams, they have the meaning of that success and wealth too. 

4) Stagnancy

Stagnancy can be another sign if in your dream you are caught in a spider’s web. It means you are in a static state and you are not progressing.

Being stuck in a spider’s web, you can’t take a step forward, which may be related to a situation in your life where you give up.

One should perceive this as a warning and think about getting out of such a situation and moving forward, instead of constantly staying in the same situation. If this is the case in your life, it’s time to get out of the cobwebs and make progress.

5) Decisiveness

Since spiders are associated with intelligence and wisdom, they are also stubborn in their will and ability to make decisions.

It may be a hint for you that you should be more firm in making decisions and making choices. Spider judges coldly and is not fluid in its character. Perhaps this is a hint or a grace to be like them.

Of course, it is difficult to make quick and accurate decisions in complex situations, especially since the same decision can create different conclusions and situations for everyone.

It is also a gift when a person is able to make the right decision and make a profitable decision too. So, if you dream about spiders quite a lot, it means you need to start making your decisions and trust your instincts more.

Cold judgment and determination are really helpful in such matters, which is part of the character of spiders. So keep that in mind.

6) Self-reliance

Spiders are known to live alone. Living alone and independently indicates that these insects are quite self-confident and mature.

What we cannot say about, for example, ants, or bees, which live in groups and their actions are connected with each other, and they do not survive even if they live alone. While spiders, on the contrary, make a web for themselves in a corner and live there almost alone.

Of course, you can also meet group spiders, but they are more characteristic of solitude. This also speaks of self-confidence, because they are able to cope with problems while organizing their own life. It has similar symbolism for people.

Seeing a spider in a dream also symbolizes strength, self-confidence, and independence. It foretells you that or prompts you to become one.

7) Action

Spiders are always in process. They diligently weave their webs, large or small and are always at work. They act patiently and thoughtfully.

This is a sign that in life you should always be in the process and work not to miss it. The process requires patience, purposefulness, daily work, and the desired result is ahead.

If there is stagnation in your life, seeing a spider in your dream may suggest that you need to get out of that situation and move forward, take steps and act in line with time.

The spider makes its web, gathers in the center and so reaches its goal. Consequently, at the end of long and continuous work, you will reach your goal too.

8) Diversion

Spiders distract our attention and disturb us in real life. Either you think about how to clean them out of that area or you leave them somewhere else.

They also symbolize the ability to disturb, distract, and annoy. Seeing a spider distracts you from your work, which can annoy you both at work and at home.

In a dream, it can have a similar meaning and predetermine that different people or situations will become an obstacle for you and divert you from your path. So you can keep this in mind and act accordingly.

It means it’s time for you to stop putting the people around you in front of your future.

9) Symbol of weakness

In the Bible, the cobweb symbolizes weakness, mentioning several times that the weak build their house like cobwebs, which are temporary and not strong and stable.

In Christianity, spiders have the meaning of evil, deception, and weakness, and it is no coincidence that they appear in the Bible as a sign of weakness, and fragility in faith.

Just as their cobwebs are temporary and unstable, so is faith.

“The wicked build houses as fragile as a spider’s web, as flimsy as a shelter made of branches!”

Job 27:18

10) News or message

Spiders also have the meaning of conveying some news. If a spider tells you something in a dream, it may be a message or news that you should know and pay attention to.

Especially remember what the spider said and see how much it is related to your life and what message it contains. It can be both negative and positive, but the important thing is that you should be told about it.

11) Creativity

Embroidery and knitting are considered creative work that requires imagination, diligence, and skills. Spider work is also a creative process.

It assumes that you are creative and love such works. It is related to your creative power.

Are spiders a good luck sign in dreams?

good luck

Seeing a spider in your dream can symbolize success, but a lot depends on what kind of spider you see and what it is doing in your dream.

For example, if you are afraid of a spider in a dream, then it can represent someone from whom you have a similar impression in real life. The spider in this case represents the person in question.

If a spider bites you in a dream, it is a bad sign. It means that you are being criticized at work.

If you constantly see spiders, then there are some problems and people in your life, that you are not paying attention to, but this is a signal that you need to address these problems, otherwise everything will get worse.

Or if a spider bites your neck or throat, it may mean that you are not raising a problem; you are not using your voice to solve it.

The bigger the spider in a dream, the bigger your problem in real life is. So, it is really important that you don’t just ignore this dream. It will change your whole life.

Should I be concerned about this dream?

good luck spiders

In reality, you don’t need to be afraid when you see spiders in your dream. A lot depends on what dream you see, how you connect it with the realities of your life, and how much you believe in all this.

Spiders have both positive and negative shades and different meanings that we listed above. You should not be afraid, but analyze what happened in your dream according to your knowledge, will, and faith.

Final words

Summing up, it is obvious that spiders, apart from being ordinary biological beings, have had a spiritual, religious, and belief significance for people for centuries.

Although it differs from culture to culture and also in a personal domain; not everyone believes in these meanings, but one thing is clear, the interest is always there, not only in the case of spiders but also in other animals and insects, plants and objects.

We hope you find the answer to your questions and when you see a spider in your dream, don’t get upset or overly excited, because everything is in your hands and you decide the ups and downs of your life, of course, with a little foresight!

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