7 Powerful Cord Cutting Prayers: Toxic Relationships and Spells

Toxic relationships are detrimental to one’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

So if you find yourself in one, it is crucial to seek support to break free from the unhealthy relationship before things get worse. 

It is also important to seek help from the Almighty to cut cords and end the toxic relationship immediately.

God blessed us with life so we can have it abundantly (John 10:10). Therefore, it does not please Him to see you suffer in a toxic relationship. 

Take courage and pray vehemently for the Lord to cut cords with your abusive partner forever.

You can say any of these cord cutting prayers, but the most important thing is to have faith.

1) Cord Cutting Prayer 

Cord Cutting Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Divine God, 

I invoke Your power to cut cords between me and my toxic partner [name of the toxic partner]. Please remove the root of all cording and clear any obstructive energy in and around me from this cord.

Remove all dark forces and negativity not for my good and evil thoughts that seek to disturb me.

I invite You to surround Your hedge of protection for me and protect my mind, body and soul from harm. I know I am safe, secure and loved by You, now and forever, Amen.”

You might wonder what cord-cutting is and why you should pray about it. Cutting cords is a practice to free yourself from energetic ties that hinder you from a healthy life. 

Toxic relationships create negative energies that affect how you view yourself and life.

Unhealthy relationships lead to anger, depression, anxiety, insecurities, regret and low self-esteem, all associated with dark energies

Anything that drains your peace and happiness is not of God and should be expelled from your life.

When you say this cord-cutting prayer, visualize ending ties with this toxic partner and sending the energy away. This will help you release that person from your life.  

2) Prayer to Cutting Cords to a Toxic Relationship 

Prayer to Cutting Cords to a Toxic Relationship
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“God, I summon the powers of the Heavenly realms to help me detach all cords from my toxic relationship that prevent me from attaining my God-given purpose.

As I cut ties with this person, I honor my space and Yours. I stand free in Your life and declare I am free in Jesus’ name. Only what is beneficial and empowering remains in my life. 

Thank You for setting me free, Amen.”

He says, “So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeedJohn 8:36.

As you make this prayer, believe that the Father has already cut the cords of your toxic relationship. 

Relationships are the core of our existence in this world. God made us for companionship and therefore, He expects that we desire to have a life partner.

But the quality of relationships you cultivate matters for your well-being.

While healthy romantic relationships can help you achieve your full life potential, unhealthy ones can bring you down with excessive stress.

So let go of toxic relationships that keep you at a mediocre level because you deserve so much more.  

3) Cord Cutting Spells Prayer 

Cord Cutting Spells Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Dear God,

I call upon You to help me heal, let go and cut any cord that no longer serves my greater purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that do not align with love and positivity be released. 

Help me to let go and accept your healing and loving light. I ask that You would protect my future attachments. That I will no longer be bound by toxic relationships anymore. 

Thank You, Lord, Amen.”

Cord cutting is a common spell that allows you to symbolically let go of a toxic relationship and renew your energy.

While spells are highly associated with witchcraft, Christians have the most powerful spell of all: Prayer

As we pray to God to help cut cords with a toxic partner, we channel divine energy from Him, the omnipotent who can do all things.

The Bible says in Galatians 5:1:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Slavery in this context applies to toxic relationships. Christ will release you from that unhealthy connection that weighs you down.

Also, say a prayer to remove negative energies around your home. So the energy around you can be cleansed throughout.

4) Spiritual Cord Cutting Prayer 

Spiritual Cord Cutting Prayer
Prayer For Printing

“Beloved Father, 

I believe from the depth of my heart that You are with me and envelope me with Your love and healing. I have attempted to cut the cord of my toxic relationship on my own and failed miserably. 

I call upon You, Heavenly Father, to help me cut the cords that bind me to lower my positive energy and distance me from Your unconditional love. 

Thank You for hearing my plea and standing with me in cutting the cord once and forever, Amen.”

Making this spiritual cord-cutting prayer is one thing, but being released from the bond is another. Ensure to release all resistance to cutting the cord to be set free. 

Resistance is anything held within your subconscious that prevents you from cutting cords.

It could be the feeling of not finding anyone else after leaving this person, a lack of willingness to let go of the material things they offered you and so on.

If you have made this prayer but still feel resistance to cutting the cord, make this affirmation:

I tear down all resistance keeping me from cutting ties with this person. I declare that my subconscious is ready for the Lord’s divine will to be achieved. Today I complete the process of cord cutting, and so it is done.”

Believe that with God by your side, there will be no more toxicity and negative energies around you.

5) Prayer to Cutting Energy Cord with Ex

Prayer to Cutting Energy Cord with Ex
Prayer For Printing

“Holy Spirit, As I prepare to cut the cord from my ex [name of the ex], I pray to be free of all energy between us.

Purify my spirit and help me let go of the negative energy associated with this toxic relationship. Please help me to forgive them of all wrongdoings against me, remembering that You also forgive me of my sins. 

I pray that You change the heart of my ex and renew their spirit so that their next relationship is founded on genuine love, peace and Godliness, Amen.”

May you receive peace and God’s blessing if you have made this prayer with faith and with true intent.

Ending a relationship and cutting cords with your ex is not easy, even for a toxic relationship that many people assume should be simple to walk away from.

Cutting the energy cord requires bravery and strength that only God can provide

You can also pray for your ex to lead a happy life and wish them well in their next relationship.

This may be hard because their toxic traits damaged you, but you will receive much healing in praying for their well-being as you release them from your energy.

If you believe that someone around you isn’t happy about your break up, say a prayer to protect you from evil spirits. That person’s envy or anger will release much negativity into your life.

1 Peter 3:9 affirms that we should not return evil for evil or insult for insult but give a blessing instead. For you are called to inherit a blessing. 

6) Powerful Prayer to Cutting Energetic Cords 

Powerful Prayer to Cutting Energetic Cords
Prayer For Printing

“Lord, I now release myself from all energetic cords that seek to take away my peace and bar me from serving my highest purpose.

I release [name of the toxic partner] as I release myself from this yoke. All cords are destroyed across all dimensions, times and plains, never to surface again. 

I, therefore, banish these energetic cords and take back all the energy I lost. I receive back my energy. God fill me with vitality once again and create a peaceful energy of love and light, Amen.”

This powerful prayer goes hand-in-hand with meditation.

After declaring the blessing, spend some time meditating, feeling the positive energy flowing back into your being

There are also other ways to cut the energetic cords and establish new boundaries like journaling.

Do not hold back and write everything you have been desiring to say to that toxic person.

Write down your desires and frustrations and afterward, you could burn the writing as a symbol of letting go. 

After cutting the cords, begin to channel to the energy of the Almighty, the source of all life.

Rather than mourn the loss of your relationship, it is the perfect time to receive God’s energy through His Word.

The Bible bears many promises of the Lord’s endless love for you that can renew your mind and spirit. 

7) Prayer to Cutting Someone Off

Prayer to Cutting Someone Off
Prayer For Printing

“Dear Lord,

Give me the courage to cut ties with [name of the person] and break off this toxic relationship. Help me not fear ending this relationship but trust in Your provision and protection from now onwards. Please help me to believe in You and the strength You will endow me to remain steadfast in my decision. 

As I cut cords with this person, I release them to Your will. That You would mold their corrupt heart, purify their perverted minds and use them as instruments to bring You honor and glory rather than being agents of destruction. 

I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

In God’s perfect vision, we would be in a world with no evil or toxic people.

Unfortunately, sin encroached on the Earth sprouting abusive relationships that cause pain, hurt and broken people. 

Christians are not excluded from such situations. Oftentimes, we find ourselves in unhealthy relationships.

God does not want His children to be surrounded by people who tear them down.

Toxic relationships are not sent by God as James 3:14-15 highlights that qualities such as bitterness, envy and selfishness are earthly and unspiritual and come from the devil.

As you cut the toxic partner from your life, pray that God connects you with someone who possesses wisdom and who is pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, merciful, impartial and sincere [James 3:17]. 

What is Cord Cutting?

As mentioned earlier, cord-cutting is the act of getting rid of unhealthy energetic ties between you and someone else, in this case, a toxic partner.

However, cord-cutting does not only involve romantic ties. You can detach energetic ties from an unhealthy relationship with a friend, colleague or family member. 

It is a powerful practice that helps to let go of negative energy, release someone and make way for healing. Cord cutting also breaks soul ties that no longer benefit us

What Happens if You Say These Cord Cutting Prayers?

Understandably, cord-cutting prayers will help you let go of a toxic relationship and bring healing, but only if you are deeply invested and believe the process will work. 

Will These Prayers Protect Me?

Cord-cutting prayers serve to protect your inner being and spirituality. They can renew your energy and help you release a toxic partner.

However, please note that you have the power to protect yourself from an abusive relationship or seek support to get out of one. 

God desires that you enjoy a happy and fulfilling relationship with someone who deserves and values you.

Final Thoughts 

No one deserves to be in a toxic relationship. They are counterproductive and not ordained by God.

Thankfully, you can say these cord-cutting prayers to reclaim your space, ensuring your path ahead is filled with joy and positivity.

Take courage on your healing journey!

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