7 Powerful Prayers to Destroy your Enemies

Read on to discover the 7 powerful prayers to destroy your enemies and live a peaceful and victorious life.

When you begin to sense spiritual attacks around you, it is an indication that the enemies in your life are becoming too much for your spiritual energy to resist. This simply means that you need to seek supernatural help from the universe, and this has to be done through prayers.

A prayer is a powerful tool that can be used to overcome every attack of the enemy on your life. You have to learn the defensive way of protecting yourself from evil attacks and plots from enemies. The prayers in this article are powerful enough to destroy your enemies and all of their plans.

Therefore, you have to ensure that these prayers are offered to the universe every time you begin to sense a spiritual attack against you. The 7 prayers are powerful enough to make you powerful, and impenetrable against your enemies.

These prayers possess spiritual fortification energy, which will fortify you against the enemy’s attack.

Have you ever felt helpless in the presence of your enemies?

Have you been looking for a way out of the attacks of your enemies, then this is the best article that provides the answer you seek. 

1) Powerful prayers to destroy your enemies

Powerful prayers to destroy your enemies
Prayer for printing

“By the powers of Saint Cyprian and the 13 dark souls of his dark side, may he help me to take revenge on my enemy (name of the enemy), who tried to destroy me… but I came back on top.

My enemy (name of the enemy) will move from near me to far away, he will suffer and get lost time over time, second over second.

And all those who stand against me will have the same fate. For the blood of the black goat spilled on your hands, Saint Cyprian, go after that person (name of the enemy) and destroy him, make him suffer.

So it was and so it will be and will never be undone by anyone.”

Whenever you want to destroy your enemies, this prayer works wonders. You have to be on the defensive mode every time to stand a chance against your enemies.

The attack of enemies can affect several aspects of your life. It might affect your health, finances, career, relationships, business, mindset, emotion, or your family members. This is why you have to constantly make these powerful prayers to destroy your enemies.

Whenever you begin to feel vulnerable and exposed, this is the best prayer to make as a protection charm against your enemies. Most times, the reaction from this prayer will bring terrible consequences to your enemies. These consequences might be in form of sickness, loss, or even death.

Therefore, you have to be prepared for whatever consequence the universe sends to your enemies. Let your focus be on the victory you will get from the prayers because these prayers work wonders.

2) Prayer to Remove enemies from your life

Prayer to Remove enemies from your life
Prayer for printing

“I ask God our Lord to remove all my enemies from my life. All I want is to live in peace, without negative energies, without bad or false people.

That’s why I pray to God, Our Lord, that He will protect me against all the attacks of my enemies.

God our Lord, put all my enemies away from me. Keeps bad people out of my way.

Protect me with all Your strength. I believe you. I believe in Your powers and Your strengths.

God our Lord, help me, now and forever.


This prayer will affect your relationship with people. Therefore, you should be prepared to lose a lot of people. Whenever you make this prayer, certain people you call friends will leave your life. This is the sign that they never meant good for you. 

This prayer will keep enemies far away from you. Whenever you make this prayer, your relationship will be greatly affected. This prayer is an indication that someone close to you is trying to hurt you. In severe cases, this might be a group of people you call friends.

The moment you begin to have this premonition, it is time to bring out this powerful weapon called “the prayer to remove enemies from your life”. By offering this prayer to the universe, you will be free of everyone around you that is planning evil against you.

Therefore, don’t be sad or depressed at the sudden ejection of certain people from your life. It is the universe at work to free you of every enemy and their attacks.

3) Prayer to Defeat the enemy you hate

Prayer to Defeat the enemy you hate
Prayer for printing

“Heavenly Father, I am a sinner who recognizes that you sacrificed your own Son to set me free.

The same way you loved me, Lord, please love my enemies and forgive them for their ill thoughts, for their hurtful words, and for their wrongful accusations against me, Lord.

Please send the Holy Spirit to guide my enemies into your light so they no longer wish to fight, but find it in their hearts to desire peace. Amen.”

This is an offensive prayer. The energy that comes from this prayer is more offensive than defensive. This prayer is an indication that you are willing and ready to fight against your enemy. Therefore, the subject of this prayer lies in the request for strength to defeat your enemy. Furthermore, you can ask for the wisdom to detect the wits of your enemy and catch him/her in their net. 

Whenever you offer this prayer to the universe, it is a sign that you are tired of the attacks of the enemy and you want to strike back. It is okay to become offensive against your enemies. Therefore, don’t be scared of making this prayer to the universe.

The universe will strengthen you for the battle, and you will come out victorious. Whenever you ate making this prayer, a little negative energy of hatred should be in your heart and targeted towards your enemy.

There is something different about this prayer – to make this prayer, you have to identify your enemy. That is, you will recognize who you are praying against. This prayer works wonders and it will fill you with all the energy that is required for the battle against your enemy.

4) Prayer to defeat your enemies every day

Prayer to defeat your enemies every day
Prayer for printing

“God, I thank you that your eyes roam the earth and see the wicked plainly. I ask that you would redirect the ones that are plotting against me. Please remove roots of bitterness, unforgiveness, and unrighteous anger within me.

Father, renew my heart to desire that their soul is united with you. I ask that you would bring individuals in their lives to minister to them and lead them on a path of righteousness. 

Thank you father for exposing their own heart to themselves, so they have the opportunity to repent. I ask that they’d understand that their actions are apart of Satan’s plan for the destruction of my life. Illuminate their eyes to their own potential in Christ for goodness. I ask that they’d have clarity of thought and action in this moment to choose between light and darkness. 

Abba, I ask to release angels to surround my enemies to stop them from finishing their plans. Thank you for protecting me God. I believe your word is true — you will fight for me and you will protect me!

If you desire to win against your enemies every day, then this prayer guarantees you daily victory over your enemies. The bible speaks about this in Psalm 60:12Through God, we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies”.

Therefore, this prayer is powerful enough to give you daily victory over your enemies. With this prayer, you will live a life of flawless victory. Whenever you make this prayer, the universe will see to it that you live a life of flawless victory every day.

This prayer will give you the strength and wisdom to daily overcome your enemies. In addition to this, you will become impenetrable to the attacks of your enemies. This means that whenever they send evil attacks your way, it will not affect you.

Do you desire a lifetime of daily victory over your enemies?

Then this prayer carries the power to grant you daily victory over your enemies. 

Make this prayer now!

5) Prayer for Protection against enemies at work

Prayer for Protection against enemies at work
Prayer for printing

“Dear Lord, I pray for this country that you created so wonderfully. We have enemies all around the world that seek to destroy us economically, socially, and politically. May your blood be the high wall around us like Jerusalem that no one can shake.

Help our enemies realize the disadvantages and destruction that war causes. May they only seek peace and unity.

Have you been experiencing negative energies in your workplace? Then it is time to make this prayer. This prayer will protect you against enemies at work. By making this prayer, you will not be vulnerable to the attacks of enemies at work. 

This is for those who are employees in an organization. The power of enemies can affect your productivity at work, it can affect your promotion, and it might eventually lead to your retrenchment. Therefore, you have to take this seriously. Certain people are not happy with your progress in your workplace, and they are planning against you. Therefore, this is the best prayer to make.

This prayer will protect you against enemies at work. It will make their plans ineffective against you. In addition to this, if you make these prayers consistently, they will be exposed, and all their plans will backfire.

6) Prayer to overcome enemies

Prayer to overcome enemies
Prayer for printing

“Lord God, Agents of those who have rejected you and your teachings have irreparably harmed my family and me. With a heavy heart, I come to you seeking final retribution against my enemies.

In all your fatherly protection, please see your way to laying wrath down upon those who seek to continue harming us and wrap us in your protection.

We ask only that you do unto others as they have done themselves, showing them the evilness of their acts and exalting those who have never strayed from your path.


If you make this prayer, victory is guaranteed over your enemies.

Most times, a lot of us are scared of the attacks of enemies because of what we have been told about how powerful they are compared to us. However, this is not true. If you learn to stand up for your right and make prayers to the universe, you are never going to have to worry about your enemies anymore.

The power of the universe is strong enough to give you victory over your enemies. Whenever you feel a sting of defeat, it is because you have failed to make this prayer.

This prayer will grant you flawless victory over your enemies. In addition to this, it will make you extremely powerful against your enemies, which will drive them far away from you.

7) Prayer to smite your enemies

Smiting your enemies might be the greatest way to respond to their attacks. In addition to this, it might be the best way to place a warning sign. Enemies are not ready to back off until you force them to.

Therefore, this prayer to smite your enemies will make them scared of you, and back off. This prayer will fill you with strong defensive energy which will constantly repel the forces of the enemy.

You should make this prayer every day for the best result of victory over your enemies.

Will these prayers work?

These prayers work every time.

Therefore, there is no need to doubt the power of these prayers. By offering these prayers to the universe, you can be assured of guaranteed victory over your enemies. 

The defensive and offensive power in these prayers is strong enough to empower you against the attacks of your enemies. Therefore, you can be assured of victory over your enemies with these prayers because they are effective.

When should I say these prayers?

You can say these prayers any time of the day.

However, I will recommend saying them before sunrise and after sunset. 

Saying these prayers before you begin work in the morning is powerful enough to keep you out of the radar of your enemies throughout the day. Saying these prayers as you retire for the day will protect you from being attacked spiritually in your dream. Therefore, you will enjoy all-around protection.

Final words

About the prayers in this article

By saying these prayers, you will enjoy protection against your enemies, which will give you peace, and increase your efficiency in everything you do. These prayers give protection while rendering your enemies defeated against you.

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  1. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes the prayers work. You must believe that God with protect and defeat all of your enemies. Walk by faith and not by sight. Prayer changes things. Your enemy will be no more. They won’t be able of defeat or hurt you again.

  2. Please make a prayer to destroy enemies that caused death, destruction, illness, falls, injuries, great loss. Pain suffering anger, bitterness in our lives. These people must pay, physically, emotionally & financially for what they did. Help us find the right lawyers to sue them & win & may they suffer the exact losses their actions caused us. May they suffer every single day of their lives relentlessly like my daughter & I have. They are pure evil & don’t deserve a nanosecond of happiness, joy, health or financial stability. The only place for them is hell right now. Amen .

  3. Thank you Santa Muerte in advance for getting rid of my enemies and taking away their confusion. Thank you also Santa Muerte for exposing my enemies, true friends, true love, and who I can trust like family or is loyal to me.

  4. A young woman by the name Stella Sidi Kazungu has been on a mission to destroy my family.I pray for total destruction on her because I have talked to her a million times but all she does is mock me
    May nobody ever save her from the destruction awaiting her….

  5. Please pray for me and my son that all attacks will stop. Please stop my enemy’s from trying to destroy us. I believe in the word of God and pray to the universe for all accusations against me and my little family to stop.

  6. Thank you Lord and the servant of God that gave the above prayer points. May the Lord God almighty forgive those who do me wrong while i do no revange. And also i do thank God for keeping, strengthening and protecting me from my enemies although i am also a sinner. I declare and decree total forgiveness from the Most High God that i may not perish in the hell fire. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  7. Thank you so much for the prayers as they act as lesson for fighting enemy attack. Praise to Jesus. AMEN

    But, why do we use the word Universe more instead of God or Lord Jesus?
    In my opinion I feel like my prayers will be left in space if I do not add the Mighty name God or Jesus.

    I could be wrong please advise.
    God bless you

    • Hello,

      We can and should use the word universe so we can invite all of God’s angels and those who came on a mission and are still reaching Heaven and God.
      But, praying doesn’t come with rules. You should pray to the ones you have faith in. As long as it comes from your heart, you don’t even have to mention His holy name.

      God bless you.


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