8 Powerful Prayers for a Cheating Husband to Stop

Catching your husband in an adulterous affair has to be the saddest and most depressing time for a wife. You feel angry, betrayed, confused and hurt all at once. 

You might start thinking if there is anything you could have done differently in your marriage to prevent him from going astray.

Probably he hasn’t apologized or tried to justify his behavior, which hurts you even more. You are torn between leaving him and enduring the marriage for the sake of the kids. 

As you go through this emotional turmoil, remember you can pray to our Father in Heaven, who is willing to help you cope with the situation and stop your husband from cheating. 

Say these eight powerful prayers for your husband to stop cheating by faith and wait to receive your miracle sooner than later. 

1) Powerful Prayer for a Cheating Husband

Powerful Prayer for a Cheating Husband
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“Compassionate Father, 

My husband has been selfish and inconsiderate of me. He has cheated on me and is breaking my heart. Please let him come to his senses and realize that this is a sin.

May he know how much he is hurting me and our family and that his temporary thirst for pleasure is not worthy of destroying our marriage. 

Please Lord, may my husband’s infidelity stop right now and may You transform him into a faithful and loving husband. Amen.”

Coming to terms with your husband’s infidelity is incredibly tough.

Even as you pray for him to stop cheating, you have to ask yourself whether you are willing to forgive him and learn to trust him again.

In the Bible’s Old Testament, adultery was a taboo punishable by stoning to death.

If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death“. — Leviticus 20:10.

Thank God that we live in the age of grace and that He is willing to forgive such indecent acts

As you pray for your husband to stop cheating, include for the Holy Spirit to rebuke him, bringing him to repentance. 

2) Prayer for Unfaithful Husband

Prayer for Unfaithful Husband
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“Righteous God,

I pray that You would forgive my husband [husband’s name] for being unfaithful to me. He has not only defiled our marital bed but has also sinned against his own body. Please cleanse and help him to be faithful from now henceforth.

Let him know that he will never find another woman who loves him as I do. I pray that he will return to me as soon as possible. 

In Christ Jesus, I pray, Amen.”

Prayers for when your husband has been unfaithful is one of the hardest things to do in a marriage. However, it is not entirely impossible.

The first thing is to commit your feelings of anguish, anger and perhaps vengeance to God. Ask Him to deal with your negative feelings first so that your mind is clear enough to pray for your husband.

The next step is to invite the Holy Spirit to comfort and give you peace. Having peace helps you to face any turmoil that life experiences might throw at you, in this case, an unfaithful spouse. 

You can also say a prayer for your husband to leave the other woman.

3) Strong Prayer for Infidelity in Marriage 

Strong Prayer for Infidelity in Marriage 
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“Father in Heaven,

I invite you to help me deal with this issue of infidelity in my marriage. I do not know what caused my spouse to go astray, but Lord, please bring an end to his unfaithfulness as soon as possible. 

Give him discernment to see his misguided ways. Help him not to give into his bodily desires ever again. Renew his commitment towards me and You, dear Lord.

Also, Father, please forgive me if I did anything to drive him away. And help me walk with him on his road to recovery, so that our marriage can be salvaged. Amen.”

One important point to note in this context of infidelity, the Lord desires that we forgive those who wrong us, including our cheating partner. 

It is written in Mark 11:25 that before you begin to pray if you hold any grudge against anyone, forgive them, so that God may forgive you your sins.

Bear in mind that you are not perfect. You might not have cheated, but you could have wronged your spouse or someone else.

I bet you would want the Lord to atone for your wrongdoings. Then you are required to do the same for your husband, no matter how hurtful it feels. 

4) Powerful Prayer for Adulterous Husband To Stop

Powerful Prayer for Adulterous Husband To Stop
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“Dear God, please command my husband’s adulterous affair to stop. He has acted unfairly and betrayed my trust. 

Help him to be honest with me about his adultery and ask for forgiveness from me and You. Let him realize that he will never find happiness in another relationship.

Mostly, help him to be faithful to me from now on and resist temptation. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This might be the best time to space yourself from your husband.

Stay over at a friend’s or relative’s or rent a room where you can get time to reflect and pray over your husband’s affair to end.

The space will help you heal and think critically about how to approach your husband and the situation. 

Jesus often prayed in hills and mountains away from distractions because He knew the importance of prayer in solitude. 

Luke 9:28-52 narrates the story of how Jesus went to pray on a mountain with James, John and Peter. And as He was praying, his appearance changed to that of a heavenly being, and Moses and Elijah appeared to comfort Him.

This shows that when we draw closer to God during times of need, He draws closer to us and comforts us in unimaginable ways.

Be encouraged today that as you earnestly seek God through prayer, He will console you and reveal the great plans He has for you.

You can also say a prayer to restore trust and love in a broken marriage.

5) Prayer to Forgive Cheating Husband 

Prayer to Forgive Cheating Husband
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“Dearest Lord, please help me to handle this issue of my husband [husband name] cheating on me. Grant me the courage to persist and guide my broken heart.

I fervently pray that he realizes how much it hurts me when he sneaks up behind me instead of focusing on our relationship. Remind him of my love for him and that I am always ready to walk with him when he needs me.

If he returns to me, grant me the fortitude to forgive him. Amen.”

Discovering the harsh truth that your boyfriend is cheating is a bitter pill to swallow.

Turning to God in prayer will help you have an open and honest conversation to get answers to the many questions in your mind.

Let this prayer heal your heartache as you learn to forgive your boyfriend. 

Before anything else, remember that the Lord is the great restorer and can redefine your relationship if you let him. Turning to Him can help resolve your unfortunate situation. 

Know that help is on the way and your faith, even as little as a mustard seed, can help you get through this difficult period

6) Powerful Prayer to End an Affair

Powerful Prayer to End an Affair
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“Christ Jesus, Your scripture says that what You have joined together, no man should tear apart.

Lord, my husband’s affair is tearing our marriage apart, and I humbly ask that You would end it. No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. Please help my husband return to me and our family. 

Destroy the spirit of adultery, lust and intimate immorality that has taken hold of him. And turn him from sin by Your mighty power. 

In the name of the Father, I pray, Amen.”

While for many couples, infidelity is the nail in the coffin, it is possible to work through it and salvage a marriage, if both parties are willing. 

Adultery is not easy to heal from, but couples who stay together after this often focus on what contributed to the affair rather than on the act of indiscretion itself. 

I’m not trying to justify your husband’s cheating. It is not right for him to take you for granted.

But you might want to discuss with your spouse what has not been working without pointing fingers. It is the first step towards repairing your relationship

7) Prayer for Cheating Husband to Stop Lying 

Prayer for Cheating Husband to Stop Lying
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“Dear Lord, please forgive my unfaithful husband. He has cheated on me and worse still, will not admit his mistake.

Lord, lying comes from the devil, the father of lies and deception. I pray that You would rebuke this unclean spirit from my husband and cause him to repent. 

Heavenly Father, cause my lying cheating husband to come back to You and change his ways. Give him a new spirit and thaw his icy heart and he may hear Your voice and follow You. 

Thank You for hearing my cry, Amen.”

It is easy to know how to handle a cheating husband when he comes clean and admits his wrongdoing.

But what happens next when he lies to cover up his affair? That is a huge test for any woman to endure.

The Bible indicates in John 8:44 that those who lie belong to their father, the devil

Also, Proverbs 6:16-19 shows that the six things or persons the Lord detests are the arrogant, liars, murderers, the wicked, those who choose evil, false witnesses and those who rouse conflicts among people. 

Sincerely, pray that God changes your husband, removing him from the path of destruction he has chosen.

Nothing is too big for our powerful God. If He can change the worst people, like murderers or drug addicts, he can work on your husband too.

Take heart and know that your marriage is not doomed. You will get through it.

You can also say a prayer to cleanse your home and get rid of any negativity!

8) Strong Prayer to Stop Adultery in Relationship 

Strong Prayer to Stop Adultery in Relationship
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“God of hope, my heart is broken and grieved by my husband’s adultery. The pain is unbearable, and I find it hard to accept that he sought refuge in another woman’s arms.

He has betrayed my love and trust, and I don’t know how to handle it, dear Lord. I need Your healing touch to help me get through this extreme hurt. Please stop my husband’s adultery immediately and convict him of his sin.

I beg that You would dismantle the web of lies and deceit woven through this adulterous relationship and bring goodness and grace back into my relationship. 

Thank You that it is not Your will for my husband to perish in sin but to come back to salvation. Help me to trust in Your great plans for my marriage and to wait patiently for You to fulfil them. Amen.”

Do you find your faith dwindling because of the difficult situation you are going through? Try prayer and fasting. 

If you desire to continue your relationship with your husband, you need God to intervene in many areas of his life, including his lustful desire and ease of lying.

The devil is at work in your husband’s life, and sometimes prayer with fasting can release that power of change you desire to see in him.

Moses also fasted for 40 days on behalf of the Israelites, who often fell into sin, while in the wilderness.

He often prayed that the Lord would overlook the Israelites’ stubbornness and wickedness. Because of Moses’ intervention, God’s wrath did not consume the Israelites

Similarly, praying and fasting will help God to forgive your husband for his sin of adultery and lying.

What Does God Want Me To Do if My Husband Cheated? 

As mentioned before, God would like you to forgive your husband for his indiscretion.

As you pray for your husband to stop cheating, ask God to heal your broken heart to forgive your spouse

The next thing is to pray that God will deal with your husband to bring him to repentance. Before focusing on reconciliation, your husband must focus on mending his relationship with God. 

How to Pray for an Adulterous Husband?

The first step is to distance yourself from your husband for a while and find a distraction-free place where you can pray.

If you keep seeing your cheating husband every day, anger and hurt may overwhelm you preventing you from praying

Next, you can recite these prayers outlined for you above. Remember to pray with faith from your heart and without resentment.

Do not hold grudges or vengeance against your husband. It is not easy but ask God to deal with your heart and He undoubtedly will. 

How to Deal with a Cheating Husband Spiritually?

Prayer and fasting go a long way in bringing a change in your cheating husband and your marriage. 

The Bible is full of examples of fasting, the perfect one being Moses who fasted and prayed on behalf of the wicked Israelites.

Fasting may not bring you closer to your husband, but it will cause God to transform him. So you can expect to see a change in your relationship after a while. 

Final Thoughts 

Being cheated on is extremely painful and no faithful wife deserves such treatment. You might ask several unanswered questions, including what you did to deserve such disrespect. 

I hope these prayers will help as you seek solace from God concerning your cheating husband. Ensure to pray from your heart, and God will begin to work in your spouse sooner than you think. 

You can also share these prayers with another woman going through the same and pray and encourage one another. May God uplift you. 

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