7 Blessing Prayers for Safe Delivery of Grandchild & To Be Healthy

Becoming a grandparent is one of the most amazing and exciting moments everyone looks up to. Especially when you feel like your child grew like a magic bean and now is going to become a parent.

Out of many things, the feeling of expecting your grandchild will leave you anxious, nervous, excited, full of fear and happy at the same time.

You should know that these feelings are very natural, and they can tend to overwhelm us especially if the delivery date of your grandchild is fast approaching. 

As a grandparent, one of the things you should do is pray for the safe delivery of your grandchild.

As you say these prayers, believe in God that he will answer all of them and wait and see how God will bring your little angel into this world with his lovely hands.

1) Prayer for Safe Delivery of Grandchild

Prayer for Safe Delivery of Grandchild
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“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for giving us a reason to smile and be happy. Our grandchild is a gift from You and I ask, Dear father, that You grant my grandchild a safe delivery.

I ask that You lay Your loving hands on the mother [mother’s name], so she can gracefully bring my grandchild into this world without complications and unexpected circumstances. I hand both mother and child into Your care.

I am confident that with You, my grandchild will be delivered safely, in good health and with a sound mind. Thank You Father for answering my prayers. Amen.”

Handing both the mother and child to God is a great thing to do because we know that whenever you leave anything in God’s hands, it flourishes and does not Perish.

Committing your soon-to-be-born grandchild and mother is you telling God that you have confidence in him that your grandchild will be delivered safely.

Always remember that God is the greatest Midwife in the universe and if there’s anyone that you’d want to be involved in the delivery of your grandchild, then it’s him.

Say this prayer and believe in your heart that God will take control over the delivery of your grandchild and they will both be safe.

2) Blessing Prayer for Unborn Grandchild

Blessing Prayer for Unborn Grandchild
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“Dear Everlasting Father, the one who blesses all. Thank You for the daily blessings You release to us, we have seen Your goodness, Your mercy and Your compassion.

Thank You for the gift of life and thank You for the life of my unborn grandchild who will soon be joining us here on earth.

Dear Father, I pray today that You release your blessings upon my grandchild and bless him/her even in its mother’s womb.

I know You blessed him/her right from the minute he/she was conceived and you will continue to bless him/her up until the day he/she see daylight and walks this earth.

I pray as its grandparent that may Your blessings never depart from him/her forever and ever, Amen.”

Asking God to perfect everything about your grandchild is a very loving and noble prayer to say.

Know that God loves children and he blessed your grandchild right from the minute he or she was conceived, as He said in Jeremiah 1:5:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

Don’t be afraid to say this prayer, you’re about to be a grandparent and as a grandparent, your blessings matter.

Think of the beautiful life your grandchild will have with your blessings, God’s blessings, it’s parents’ blessings.

Have in mind that, praying for your grandchild is one of the best things you can do as a grandparent.

It shows how much your care about your grandchild and its future. It also tells God that you are ready to receive the baby and will continue to do things that are in your grandchild’s best interest.

3) Miracle Prayer for Safe Labor of Unborn Grandchild

Miracle Prayer for Safe Labor of Unborn Grandchild
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“Amazing God, I come before You today to Thank You again for the gift of my unborn grandchild. I pray to You because the date of my grandchild’s delivery approaches.

I need You to take control of every single thing down from the nurses to the delivery room.

Let them be filled with love and patience, and I pray that You perform a miracle even if the nurses and doctors say there is no way.

I pray that You grant my grandchild a safe delivery and the labor process will go smoothly and be stress-free. You are a miracle-working God and there’s absolutely nothing You cannot do. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Most times the labor of a child can put our hearts in our mouths and without God’s intervention, it could turn out differently.

Praying for your grandchild before labor is very important.

This way you ask God to perform a miracle in the labor room and take control of the doctors and nurses. You need God to protect the mother and grandchild at all costs.

Do not be afraid to say this prayer as it’s very powerful.

God is the God of all possibilities, He performs miracles when we least expect him to and he will do another Miracle in the birth of your grandchild.

Believe in Him that the labor will be smooth, and stress-free, and both mother and child will come up bubbling and happy.

You can also take a look at these prayers for the unborn baby and mother to be safe.

4) Catholic Prayer for Unborn Granddaughter

Catholic Prayer for Unborn Granddaughter
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“Our Father, You are the one who gives life to those who preserve the life You give. I pray to You today to thank You for always beings present in my life and for blessing every step I take.

But this prayer is not for my self, is for my unborn granddaughter [granddaughter’s name].

Today, I commit the life of my unborn granddaughter into Your great and mighty hands. I pray that You protect her in her mother’s womb, care for her and provide for all her needs.

Thank You Lord and may your name be glorified. Amen.”

God is your granddaughter’s first parent because even before she is born, he already knows her and cares for her.

As it says in Psalms 127:3 children are a gift from God. Show we must believe and trust in Him to take care of every child, including your granddaughter.

Saying this prayer is a way of you telling God that He is the sovereign father. It shows that you trust him for the care and nourishment of your unborn granddaughter and her mother.

5) Catholic Prayer for Unborn Grandson

Catholic Prayer for Unborn Grandson
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“Everlasting Father, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I thank You for giving us today as another beautiful gift for us to live life to the fullest, be kind and treat others with love.

But most importantly, I thank You for my family and for Your presence in our lives. You blessed us with another miracle lately, my grandson [say grandson’s name].

May he feel Your presence in his mother’s womb. I ask You to bless him and shower him with Your love, care and mercy. May his mother feel Your presence and protection in every step she takes. Amen.”

Praying for your unborn grandson shows that you are really concerned about his health, life and comfort in his mother’s womb.

Reminding God to keep looking after him is a great way to express your love and concern to your unborn child.

With this prayer, you’re asking God to be present in your grandson’s life and to protect his mother during the whole pregnancy.

You can also say a prayer to remove the negative energies around them.

6) Blessing Prayer for Grandchild To Be Healthy

Blessing Prayer for Grandchild To Be Healthy
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“Creator of the universe, thank You for giving us the gift of babies, the world would certainly be a sadder place without them.

Thank You for granting me the ability to stay alive and witness the birth of my grandchild, I do not take this show of love for granted. Lord, I pray that You give my grandchild good health because Your word says that You are a giver of only good things, thereby, everything that comes from You is good.

I commit my grandchild into Your hands and I ask that You continue to protect him/her and grant him/her good health with no complications or emergencies. Amen.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, may Your name be praised.”

The health of your grandchild is very important. If your grandchild is not in good health or in good shape, it can become a thing of concern to both you and the parents.

This is why you must continuously pray for the good health of your grandchild.

Say this prayer and believe in God to heal and protect your grandchild if something is wrong.

Believe in him to always protect and keep your grandchild healthy and he will certainly do that.

You can also end this prayer with this Bible verse:

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.” — 1 Samuel 1:27.

7) Beautiful Grandparents Prayer for Their Grandchildren

Beautiful Grandparents Prayer for Their Grandchildren
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“Almighty God, thank You for Your unconditional love towards me and my family. Thank You for providing for our needs, taking care of our health and granting us safety.

I am excited as a grandparent to say this prayer because I know how much You love us. As a grandparent, I ask that You continue to protect all of my grandchildren, both the born and the unborn ones and I ask that You continue to care for them.

I leave them into Your capable hands because I know they cannot be in any other better hands than Yours. Please lord, continue to care for them and provide for them as You did in our days.

May all their needs be met and may they never lack. Amen.”

This is a very beautiful and heartwarming prayer to pray for your grandchildren, nothing beats leaving them in the hands of the almighty God.

If there’s any gift you can give to them, then It’s the gift of asking God to always provide for them.

God is happy when we see him as our sole benefactor. Pray this prayer and believe that God will care and provide for your grandchildren.

You can also say a prayer to attract good luck into their lives.

Will These Prayers Protect the Mother and the Baby?

Yes, these prayers are very effective and they will protect both the mother and the baby.

Though the focus of these prayers was your grandchildren it still covers both the mother and your grandchild.

If you want, you could still say a prayer just for the mother, just to make sure that you feel fulfilled.

Can I Say These Prayers During the Whole Pregnancy?

Yes, you can. In fact, there is no special time to say these prayers.

You can say them right from when your grandchild is only a month old in the womb, till it is born.

It’s even better if you say this prayer daily. This way, you’re constantly reminding God about your grand child and his mother.

Final Thoughts

Expecting a grandchild can make us both excited and fearful. You could be excited that you are about to become a grandparent but fearful of the labor process and all the complications that could come up.

Know that it is very natural to feel this way as childbirth is something that is completely out of our control as humans, and that is why invite God into it.

Saying these prayers will help you relax and most importantly, give you the confidence that God will take care of everything. Have faith in God as you say these prayers and he will take care of everything.

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