Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Hawk: Are You Being Called By God?

Have you ever seen a hawk soaring at greater heights? Their stability and power to overcome obstacles when they swoop from the sky is remarkable and something to capture attention. 

I don’t know what you feel when you see a Hawk; I understand that it has a deeper spiritual purpose.

Besides being considered unclean in the Bible, hawks are a symbol of freedom, wisdom, and intuition.

So, in this article, I will discuss the Biblical meaning of a Hawk. Its mention in the Old and New Testaments, especially the prophecy, is something to consider.

Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Hawk

hawk flying in sky

From various Biblical verses, seeing a hawk was often associated with freedom and independence. That is because these creatures soar at greater heights. 

Other Biblical verses also associate hawks with being God’s messenger. This may be true because hawks symbolize revelation, protection, and guidance. 

Others even associate it with being a symbol of truth as it keeps us on the righteous path. Whenever this creature flies high above, most of us get attracted to it. 

But, biblically, looking towards heaven is often associated with seeking God’s protection and guidance. So, this animal may mean it’s time to focus and put your strength to Christ.

From personal experience, seeing a hawk is also associated with hope during difficult moments. 

Sometimes, in life, we feel like things are getting out of control. But, when we look at the strength and stability the Hawk has while flying high, our hopes rise

And because a Hawk can quickly soar through the sky and overcome obstacles, they are an inspiration to us. It inspires us to go for our dreams because we have the strength to do so.

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What Does It Mean When A Hawk Crosses Your Path? 

Hawk Symbolize In The Bible

A hawk crosses your path when it has a message about the path you are taking. Ideally, this creature is giving you a glimpse of what your life looks like now.

With wisdom, you will be able to see things from a different perspective, and that is what the Hawk is helping you understand.

You need to see things from a higher perspective

And since these creatures symbolize insight, freedom, wisdom, and vision, this is what it means to cross your path:

  • It’s a reminder to stay alert and beware of your surroundings;
  • Guidance that you should be cautious in whatever you do;
  • Your sense of vision has heightened, and you can now see things from a different perspective;
  • A reminder of the importance of being independent and fending on yourself;
  • You should be observant to see things clearly, making it easy to find solutions to problems; 
  • God is sending you a message, and you need to be keen to get it clearly.

What Does A Hawk Symbolize In The Bible? 

Biblically, hawks are mentioned in different verses, and it is a common word in Christianity. So, we are going to look at what they symbolize and how they are associated with us humans. 

  • A symbol of vision and wisdom;
  • A symbol of divine wisdom and guidance;
  • Symbolizes freedom;
  • Judgment and condemnation.

Christians often associate hawks with having great vision and wisdom, as you can see in Job 39:26-27:

“Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread its wings toward the south? Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high?”

Job 39:26-27 (NIV)

Hawks fly high and have a sharp vision of their prey. So, they use it to perceive things from a different angle. When you start seeing things that others cannot see, then you can envision how your future will be.

When a hawk flies high in the sky, it is associated with divine wisdom and guidance. It’s only God who guides all creatures.

Also, even if they are considered unclean in the Bible, these creature fulfills their purpose on earth. Because of divine wisdom and guidance, they can control rodents and insect populations.

“These are the birds you are to regard as unclean and not eat because they are unclean: the eagle, the vulture, (…), the gull, any kind of hawk,”

Leviticus 11:13-16 (NIV)

Do you remember the biblical story of the Exodus, when Israelites were being set free from slavery in Egypt? The sign of the Hawk was used to set them free.

So biblically, hawks symbolize freedom. 

Hawks are also mentioned biblically to symbolize judgment and condemnation.

Remember the story of Ezekiel when he foretold God’s judgment and wrath on the people of Jerusalem if they disobeyed Him? In this context, the Hawk was used as a symbol of vengeance for going against God

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Hawk Call Mean Christianity: Am I Being Called By God? 

holding the holy bible

Yes, God is calling you! That is why you are hearing the Hawk calling.

“From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.”

Isaiah 46:11 (NIV)

In this biblical verse, the birds-flying birds refer to Cyrus; Persia, while hearing the birds call, refers to resurrection.

This is a verse about God being fully in control of the future, and when the time comes, he will call Cyrus to destroy Babylon and free Jews. 

It is a call by God that the stubborn Jews who had no trust in God should change their ways so that they may also receive His blessings

Christians associate the bird of prey from the east with Hawks. And since it is a symbol of resurrection and change, God is calling you to be prepared for the changes coming in your life. 

Biblical Meaning Of Seeing 3 Hawks

Hawk Visits You

Many people are used to seeing a hawk in their surroundings, but seeing three of them is a different thing.

So, whenever you see these three hawks, it can be interpreted as:

  • You are achieving trinity balance: The number three is always associated with the trinity-body, mind, and spirit. So, seeing three hawks could mean you are achieving a trinity balance. Also, hawks are messengers from God. It may be this is a guide to follow your path to spiritual development;
  • You are receiving divine guidance: As mentioned earlier, hawks are divine messengers. God may be trying to lead you to your spiritual path. So, when you see three hawks, be ready to receive the divine message and be guided to a more righteous path;
  • A sign of manifestation: Many spiritual traditions associate three hawks with manifestation. As much as God is guiding you on a path of righteousness, it may also mean your intentions align with your path. And this is what the universe wants from you;
  • Changes are coming to your life: When talking of changes, Hawks are adaptive creatures, and they can easily change. And as messengers, they may be bringing about a message of change. So, seeing three hawks may mean you will soon experience changes, which can be positive or negative. 

Prophetic Meaning Of Seeing A Hawk: 9 Biblical Messages

9 Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Hawk

Hawks are known for some special abilities, and they have highly accurate sight. That is why they can inspect the environment for the desired prey.

With their practical skills and potential to hunt prey, hawks have become powerful predators. Thus, you need to know the symbolic significance of when the hawk has crossed your path.

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1) A sign of mercy and forgiveness from God

In Christianity, hawks are considered to be symbolic. It’s believed that whenever this bird crosses your path, it symbolizes God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Biblically, the archangel Gabriel followed God’s instruction to offer Hawk to mankind as a representation of God’s grace and compassion. 

So, sighting a hawk is a reminder that even as you go through challenges in life, you are not alone.

Because God forgives us our sins, and it’s only because of His mercy that we can overcome challenges. 

2) You are being protected from evil spirits

“Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Psalm 91:3-4 (NIV)

In this verse, we can compare God to Hawk. It’s all about Christ’s followers being protected against evil because of their faith. This message provides strength and comfort during difficult times. 

3) A reminder of God’s Judgement

When you look at a hawk watching over its prey carefully and silently, it reminds you of your own self. This is the same way God watches over us. 

Another thing about hawks is their high intuition. This is exactly the same thing with God.

He knows about our struggles, pain, happiness, and everything we have in mind and at heart. God even knows when to provide us with guidance, deliverance, and judgment.

So, whenever you see a hawk, this reminds you of God’s judgment and the need to obey and follow the path He has chosen for you.

4) You have the strength and courage to succeed

Hawks go through a lot of obstacles just to get to their destination. But, because of their resilient nature, they overcome them with ease.

This is a reminder to us that we have the same inner strength to overcome difficulties

We just need to believe and trust in our inner self and God’s power to overcome. There are times when it happens that whatever you are dealing with is bigger than you. 

At this moment, you need support to overcome it. When you think of a hawk as a symbol of independence and guidance, you will find the strength and God’s support to overcome it. 

5) It’s time to take charge

When you see a hawk crossing your path, this is God’s message that you should take control of your life.

Maybe you have allowed your current situation to take control of you. This is just a reminder you should be in charge. 

As mentioned earlier, hawks have a strong intuition. So, when you see it, it’s a reminder to trust your intuition while making important decisions and choices.

Better still, try acquiring perseverance, focus, and stability in life. 

6) A symbol of justice and faithfulness

In other instances, hawks are also associated with justice and faithfulness. So, they are seen as a symbol of God’s blessings and protection

Also, this can represent the need to stay vigilant and obedient and have faith in His promises. This means you have to ensure that everyone in your path receives justice. 

Now, whenever you see a hawk, take it as a reminder to protect God’s creation and be truthful and faithful to Him always. 

7) A sign of freedom from obstacles

We already mentioned the power and strength that a hawk has, which is also linked to freedom. So, whenever you see the Hawk, it represents freedom from life’s struggles and challenges

Christ believers also associate seeing a hawk during prayers with direction and protection. God may be providing guidance, insights, or even revelation about some aspects of your life. 

Psalm 91 talks about how God will provide his protection to those who dwell in him, just like birds under its wings.

So, do not be afraid to seek God’s guidance, as only Him can set you free from obstacles. 

8) A sign of God’s deliverance

Hawks were seen as God’s messenger and sacred in ancient Greek.

There are even cultures that believe that sighting a hawk during sad times or tribulations brings about comfort. Ideally, this was seen as a sign that help was on the way.

We can interpret this majestic occurrence as God looking out for us. Hawks are a symbol of freedom, strength, and courage. 

So, whatever you are going through, God is delivering you from this pain. He will come through for you during your struggles. You just have to trust in Him. 

9) God is watching over us

Hawks have a high intuition, and whenever they need to attack, they watch and do it silently.

Now, whenever you see a hawk flying or crossing your path, it will capture your attention.

It doesn’t matter if you are isolated, lonely, heartbroken, or so; sighting this creature brings you the ultimate pace. 

Since God is always watching over us, we find peace within ourselves. So, no matter the situation you are in, God is always ready to offer you guidance and support.

So, seeing the Hawk is just a reassurance that God is watching us. 

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In Conclusion…

Ideally, when you see or cross paths with a hawk, it’s more about your divine connection and spirituality.

If God is guiding or protecting you, you will definitely see a hawk. So, pay attention to these biblical meanings. 

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