Biting Tongue in Sleep: 5 Spiritual Meanings

Have you ever woken up with a swollen tongue? Or did you wake up with bleeding and bite marks that weren’t there before? If you’ve experienced either of these, you could bite your tongue in sleep.

Biting your own tongue without knowing is a painful experience. But is it just a random accident or does it have a deeper meaning?

This thing can happen regularly, and it’s not fun. I’ve experienced it for a while, so I decided to go deeper and find what it really means. What I found was surprising.

So, what does it mean when you bite your tongue in sleep? Let’s now understand why it keeps happening to you.

Why Do I Bite My Tongue In My Sleep?

Bite My Tongue

If you bite your tongue in sleep, it could be because of stress, jaw muscle spasm, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, or some medications.

It could also be time to let go of your past and move on. You’re anxious or stressed about something.

Maybe you’re very anxious to know your health or exam results, and that’s why you did bite your tongue.

Others believe this is one way your subconscious mind deals with your frustration and anger

Another reason is that you talk too much and you don’t know how to keep secrets. So, biting your tongue is a sign you should learn how to control your tongue.

Someone may be talking positively about your character, hard work, and personality. They are thinking about the positive impact you’ve made in their life. 

That’s because some believe that when you bite your tongue, it’s one way of holding back praises or words

So, when you bite your tongue in sleep, know that positive and negative superstitions surround it.

Regardless, that pain usually means that you should let go of your past.

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What Does It Mean When You Bite Your Tongue Spiritually?

mouth pain

Most people believe biting your tongue while sleeping is connected to your true feelings and thoughts

This is one way your subconscious mind warns you to be careful of what you’re about to say. Words can either hurt or heal.

So when you bite your tongue, you could just be silencing someone else’s voice or your own

This is common when you need to speak up but feel helpless and threatened. So that biting signifies finding courage and being careful of word choice. 

Other meanings include:

  • Desire to express your feelings: Maybe your words could help set someone free or clear their name from something negative, but you don’t have a chance to defend them;
  • You feel trapped or restricted: Maybe you wish to assist your family during difficult times or want to do something you love, but your current partner doesn’t permit it. They think you’re their property;
  • A sign of sorrow in a family: You could feel sorrowful because you lost a close relative. That’s why you bite your tongue while asleep.

The bottom line is that biting your tongue in sleep indicates something is a mess somewhere. Is it the secret you’re keeping? Figure it out and start fixing it.

Biting Tongue in Sleep: 5 Spiritual Meanings 

Biting Tongue in Sleep: 5 Spiritual Meanings 

There are so many spiritual meanings of biting the tongue in sleep. Here is what I found about it:

1) You are pushing yourself too hard

You’re pushing yourself too hard. That is why you are biting your tongue. Nobody is perfect, and you are able to handle everything by yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard just to prove you can do it. You’re worth the way you are.

There is no need to prove that you can simultaneously balance your job, parenting, house chores, and schooling. 

If you have any mental or emotional pressure and stress, you are bound to bite your tongue in sleep. The best thing to do is try and prioritize yourself

2) Be careful and control what you say

The saying “word of mouth is very powerful” is true. Even if you mentioned it as a teenager, it could come true in the future. 

So, when you bite your tongue in dreams, the universe tells you to control what you say. You should not let other opinions about your life bother you. 

To be on the safer side, always speak the truth. The truth will always win. If what you’ve been saying is all a lie, it could be why you’re biting your tongue when asleep. 

Besides, do not advise someone on something you cannot personally do. It doesn’t cost you to speak the truth.

It’s better to talk about the truth rather than live with regrets in the future. 

This is also the best way to find your voice. If you’ve been scared of what others will think about you, the universe tells you to let go of your fears and worries. Just control your words

You can speak to a psychic advisor if it’s difficult to control. They have both spiritual and psychological knowledge; they will help you. 

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3) Someone you trust is talking behind your back

When I say talk behind your back, it means that a person is gossiping about you. The beauty part of life is that we all have that one friend that we trust so much. 

The funny part is we don’t think twice before telling them how life is taking us. We even tell things that we’re not supposed to say. 

But they can break that trust. So, when you bite your tongue, it could be that your best friend is gossiping about you.

They have let out that secret you trusted them with. That’s why the universe is communicating with you.

It could also be that what they have said about you is false and opposite from what you expected. So, whenever you wake up from this dream, it’s time to keep secrets to yourself

Beware of those around you, whether family or not, because it’s difficult to trust anyone in this era.

If the secret is already revealed, stay away from those close to you for a short while until you’re comfortable.

4) You’re releasing negative energy

Biting your tongue in sleep could also be a sign you are releasing negative emotions from your system

Maybe you are feeling overloaded with tasks at work and home, and you don’t know what to do. Your subconscious state is helping you release those emotions.

If you feel overwhelmed and overloaded with responsibilities, find time to let go of all the negative energy. Here are some tips to release the negative energy around you:

When you find the most appropriate solution for releasing the negative energy, there will be no more biting your tongue in sleep if that is the cause. 

5) You lack self-control

When you lack self-control, you will bite your tongue while sleeping because of fear, frustration, or anger

Lack of self-control means you have let your emotions take over your thoughts and body, so you don’t know what to do. In this case, you should:

  1. Calm down;
  2. Take deep breaths;
  3. Be in control of your emotions. 

Find an appropriate way, like journaling, yoga, meditating, or walking, to help you relax. Though it may take time, it’s worth the struggle.

Better still, you can talk with a psychic with whom you can share your emotions and be guided on what to do next. 

Apart from that, when you start respecting yourself, you will build more self-control in the long run

Is Biting Your Tongue In Sleep A Bad Spiritual Sign?

woman with mouth pain

Yes, it could be a bad spiritual sign.

Whenever you bite your tongue, your subconscious is asking you to be cautious. The universe is trying to call your attention to your past mistakes or the mistakes you’re about to make. 

The errors or the mistakes you made or are about to make could severely affect your relationship, life, and career. 

Therefore, whether you bite your tongue during the day or while sleeping, it could be a bad spiritual sign. At this stage, you should be cautious of what you want to do.

Another thing is you are releasing some negative energy because of the negative words you uttered some years, months, or days before.

So, that negative thing you uttered could be happening in your present.

You should also take a look at the spiritual meaning of hearing a phone ring in your sleep.

Final Thoughts

Though the pain of biting your tongue without knowing can be unbearable, don’t allow your fears to overwhelm you.

Remain focused and calm to allow your mind to dig out the meanings associated with it. If you choose to remain open-minded, then your life will be smooth.

You’ll also be able to do away with mistakes in your life. Most importantly, you’ll close the doors of your past mistake and prevent the negative utterances from becoming a reality.

Biting the tongue while sleeping has many bad spiritual meanings. So, be careful about the decisions you make and the words you utter to stay out of trouble. 

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