Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing A Phone Ring: But It’s Not? Careful!

The thought of losing your mind is among the thoughts that hit you hard when you hear a phone ringing only to realize it is not, right? I have been there before.

On doing some research I was surprised to realize this unsettling event has a name. It is called “ringxiety” or “phantom ringing.”

Phantom ringing is apparently a thing. In our world of constant connectivity and buzzing reminders and calls, the ever-present digital pulse can also implant itself into our heads.

At first, I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. However, I felt my self-awareness respond deeply to this phenomenon. 

Well, look what I found! I was right. Hearing a phone ring only to realize it is not can be spiritual. Surprisingly, the spiritual meaning of hearing a phone yet it is not there is established and well grounded. 

So, here is what you need to know, from the spiritual meaning of hearing a phone ring and the spiritual messages associated with this occurrence. Read on! 

Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing A Phone Ring

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Did you know hearing a phone ring can also be spiritual? Yes, the phone might be right there and it could just be a notification, alarm, or call. But, there are specific scenarios that are spiritual.

Pay attention to the events after hearing a phone, especially what your instinct or intuition tells you. 

Sometimes, your instincts or intuition might warn you from picking up a call while the phone rings. This is spiritual.

It means the spiritual realm is giving you a heads up about an event that might not be in your favor. Therefore, it will let you in on what might happen and guide you on how to prepare. 

In addition, you might hear a phone ring and before checking to determine whether it is a notification, call, or alarm, your intuition informs you of what it might be and what it means.

This means your spiritual activities are in line with the ones the universe has prescribed for you.

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What Does It Mean When You Hear A Phone Ringing But It’s Not?

girl worried looking at phone

How about when the phone is ringing only to realize it is not? What does this mean? In this case, there is no actual notification, alarm, or call. The ringing happens to have gotten to you

Realizing the phone is not ringing can throw you off. You might get confused and feel like something is wrong with you. However, this is not the case.

Here are three core spiritual meanings associated with this occurrence:

  • A telepathic message is getting to you;
  • You have just witnessed a glitch in the matrix;
  • The universe is finally making your psychic abilities known to you. Take it as a message from the spiritual world to your higher self. 

This happens when you have a solid bond or connection with a soulmate, friend, twin, family member, or spiritual belief.

After the ring, you might hear the voice of either of these people in your head or feel their presence. 

Many believe we are living in a virtual simulation we believe to be our life story.

So, hearing a phone ring yet it is not ringing means you are capable of knowing when there are frequency or energy changes within the matrix

What Does It Mean When You Hear A Phone Ringing In Your Sleep?

girl worried on the phone

Compared to when one is awake, hearing a phone ringing in one’s sleep is mostly passed as another dream.

However, there is a huge difference in the meaning of hearing a phone ring in your sleep (which was your case) and dreaming about a phone ringing. 

Hearing a “phantom” phone in your sleep is more likely to wake you up. Sometimes, you might wake up partially and go back to sleep.

Here’s what the universe is trying to convey to you:

  • The universe is about to send you a clue about an upcoming situation or event in your life: This is true if you partially wake up after hearing the phone ring, go back to sleep, and happen to dream. Review the dream to filter out the clues;
  • Someone from the beyond seeks your attention: This could be a loved one who had died before. They want to communicate with you. That is why they are using the ringing sound to alert you, just like people call each other;
  • You are in a lucid dream: which is quite rare. The universe is giving you a chance to explore your creativity, spirituality, and inner world. Doing so can teach you a lot of hidden means of navigating your life. 

What Does Dreaming Of A Phone Ringing Mean?

unknown person calling

Now comes dreaming about a phone ringing. In this case, you have to be aware of what action you took after hearing the phone ringing.

The phone’s ringing is a reflection of your spiritual state, subconscious mind, or emotions and this is what it means:

Type of dreamMessage
You are not able to answer the phoneYour waking life is full of frustrations and helplessness. It is time you fixed your lack of communication, guidance, and connection issues.
You check the phone but you don’t know who is callingYou are confused and uncertain in your waking life.Your communication skills are failing you, including your ability to work on life challenges.
You reject or ignore the phone callYou are resisting or avoiding connection, guidance, communication, and warnings in life. This is due to your unwillingness to take action and make independent decisions. This is your hint to start working on fixing this issue.
You answer the phone callYou are receptive and open to connections, guidance, and communication. This includes warnings, meaning you are more likely to succeed in your waking life

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Why Do I Keep Hearing A Phone Ringing In My Head? 9 Spiritual Messages

Why Do I Keep Hearing A Phone Ringing In My Head? 9 Spiritual Messages

Repetitive ringing in your head can be annoying. In most cases, if the whole ringing does not harm you physically nor cause any form of complications, it means it is all spiritual.

Here are 9 spiritual messages from the universe you should be on the lookout for. You might be required to fulfill a specific task for the ringing to go away.

1) Pursue your goals, passions, or dreams

Do not let fear and doubt take you down. It is time you went after your dreams, goals, and passions to achieve all you have ever wanted in life.

The only way you get to see results is by taking action.

The divine is here to support, encourage, and provide you with the resources you require to accomplish and achieve your desires.

2) A potential danger or threat might be coming your way 

Are you planning to visit someone or attend an event? Perhaps, there is someone you will be making a deal with soon

Heed the universe’s warning about someone or an event you should stay away from.

You are also likely to receive solutions, tips, or advice that will help you overcome the threat or danger or prevent it

3) Open up to people and connect with them

Your survival and growth are enhanced once you start connecting with other people, whether they are new or old, or near or far.

Some of them might be dead but they can reach out to you spiritually.

So, if you have been isolating yourself lately, the universe is reminding you to create or strengthen relationships or bonds with your loved ones and other people. 

4) Stop hiding your true self 

Expressing your feelings, thoughts, and ideas without fear can be overwhelming. However, it is highly beneficial. You are valuable and people are in need of that value.

So, show up and let people know what you have to offer. You will open yourself to more opportunities and offers, allowing you to stress less and succeed more. 

5) The universe is guiding you

The universe wants you to act upon, learn, or notice something in your surroundings. So, it will put in place signals, hints, or clues to help you understand what is going on.

Keep an eye on your situation, environment, or surroundings to not miss the signals, hints, or clues.

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6) Follow your intuition or inner voice

The universe wants to tell you something crucial. So, it requires you to follow your intuition and let your higher self take the wheel.

You are likely to experience gut feelings, intuition flashes or hunches to lead you in the right direction or path. 

7)there is an important person you should contact

Perhaps you had met someone in the past and forgotten about them. Maybe, you have met someone recently.

In this case, the universe will show their number everywhere or name. Sometimes, you might feel these people’s energy or emotions. So, stay alert

8)  An angel, deceased person, or spiritual guide seeks your attention

The consistent ringing could be a signal from the spiritual world needing you to listen carefully because an angel, deceased person, or spiritual guide wants to speak to you.

You might also keep hearing the ringing in your head while asleep, especially if a loved one who has died wants to communicate with you

9) Step out of your comfort zone

You are being challenged to start something new or different. Doing so will help you evolve, learn, and grow.

Even though there is the possibility of facing difficulties, tests, and obstacles, these elements will push you to your limits and beyond, making you tougher than the rest

Should I be Concerned?

concerned girl looking at phone

You should not be worried about this quite unsettling situation. Even though hearing a phone ring in your head repeatedly can be worrying, its spiritual significance is mostly positive. 

Let your inner voice guide you. This applies to any scenario, whether you hear the phone ring in your sleep, dream, or any other place. 

When you hear the phone ring, remember it is the universe trying to reach out to you. It either wants to guide you or show you a clue or hint you have been missing.

In addition, the universe can send you a warning message through the phone’s ringing voice. It is like an alert to keep your eyes open for any danger or risk.

So, as you can see, your phone ringing even when it is not there should not be much of a concern unless it is a sign of some health issues.

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In Conclusion…

Okay! I get it. You might be feeling confused or disoriented after hearing your phone ringing only to realize it is not.

However, I am here to assure you that it was one of the very many spiritual alerts meant to enhance your spiritual awareness.

Now that you know what it all means, calm down, listen to your inner voice and take in the spiritual nourishment at your own pace. 

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