Spiritual Meaning Of Sleeping On Stomach: 7 Benefits

Have you tried quitting stomach sleeping only for unusual events to occur in your life? Strangely, after reverting to sleeping on the stomach or combining this sleeping position with another, the events seize.

If this unnerving occurrence has kept you pondering, note that you are not just another stomach sleeper. Your case is spiritual. 

Did you know that sleeping on your stomach conjures a spiritual shield to guard you against negative energies? Yes, that is how spiritually powerful sleeping on the stomach can get. 

So, even if you have started sleeping on your stomach lately and cannot explain what is going on, stick around to discover the spiritual significance of stomach sleeping and more

Spiritual Meaning Of Sleeping On Stomach

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Spiritually, sleeping on your stomach represents the most beneficials traits in you. These traits are powered by the spiritual realm and help you navigate your spiritual and life path. 

Some of the outstanding traits gifted to you from the spiritual realm include courage, confidence, and open mindedness.

Therefore, continued sleeping on your stomach is crucial to keep re-energizing the quality of the traits, or else you might experience difficulties with some things you initially aced.

Being courageous enables you to face life challenges head-on without running away or hiding from the problems. You can pursue different goals and achieve them without doubt or fear. 

Moreover, you do not shy away from embracing your true self, and you find pleasure in helping the needy and being compassionate and generous. 

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7 Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

7 Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

Apart from the spiritual significance of stomach sleeping in your life, there are numerous benefits you can derive from stomach sleeping.

Aside from health benefits, here 7 unique benefits of sleeping on your stomach linked to the spiritual world:

1) enhance your spiritual connection and awareness to greater levels 

By sleeping on your stomach, you can spiritually connect to your higher self and discover your true purpose and essence.

This can be through a dream or vision. Tapping into your higher self exposes you to enhanced awareness and understanding, granting you clarity about hidden aspects of your life. 

2) You can power up your energy field  

Your energy field works day and night to protect you from harm, especially from dark spirits.

If this energy field breaks, you are likely to go through a rough time on earth striving to defend yourself. 

Sleeping on your stomach can potentially supercharge your energy field because the act of lying on your stomach brings awareness to the lower body, allowing spiritual energy to flow freely from the spiritual realm and power your energy field.  

3) You can receive enhanced sleep quality   

The leading cause of poor sleeping quality is anxiety and stress.

Since the stomach is naturally connected to your subconscious, sleeping on it triggers a connection that allows the spiritual realm to send over entities to take away your anxiety and stress. 

In addition, the stomach is considered to be the center of your connection and the earth.

Therefore, sleeping on it can connect and ground you to the earth, triggering a neutralization reaction to all your worries so that you can sleep soundly.

It is just like the earth wire works in electrical circuits. 

4) The spiritual realm replenishes your psychic and intuition abilities 

The stomach is associated with the solar plexus chakra. This is an energy field within your body responsible for looking over your intuition and psychic abilities. 

Your intuition is the inner voice that speaks to you while the psychic is your capability to tap into information and perception that your five senses cannot reach.

Therefore, sleeping on your stomach acts as an effective way of ensuring these two core aspects of your life are replenished.   

5) deeper emotional release and healing 

Sometimes, life traumas and difficulties can get to you. In most cases, you end up keeping the traumas in you, making them part of your system.

Since the stomach acts as the center of gravity, the traumas mostly collect within the stomach area

So, sleeping on the stomach can help you get rid of your emotional troubles

Also, since lying on your stomach does enhance your awareness, you are more likely to start healing quicker because you become more aware of what’s going on and start finding solutions to your issues. 

6) Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence 

Some people believe the stomach is linked to one’s ego. The ego is responsible for maintaining your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, by sleeping on your stomach, you give your ego a chance to power up your self-confidence and self-esteem in a positive way

7) Enhance your connection and grounding to earth  

Since the stomach is linked to the root chakra, sleeping on it can activate the chakra, enhancing your grounding in the earth.

How? The root chakra is responsible for guarding your sense of grounding and security.

Being grounded to the earth stabilizes your mood and emotions, allowing you to be at peace and in the position to channel messages into the spiritual world. 

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Why Am I Sleeping On My Stomach All of A Sudden? 

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There are numerous reasons as to why you might begin sleeping on your stomach out of nowhere.

If you are healthy and only find solace in sleeping on your stomach, it could be because of one of these spiritual reasons:

  • Someone is spiritually calling out to you from the other side of the world. It could be a close family member or someone you lost recently;
  • Your emotional baggage has become heavier so there is a need for a release;
  • Your intuition’s energy is dwindling. Therefore, it directs you to sleep on your stomach to activate the solar plexus chakra, powering your intuition again;
  • Your spiritual shield is losing power. Therefore, the spiritual world sends a message to your system to urge you to sleep on your stomach to activate your root chakra for proper grounding and protection.

Stomach Sleeper Personality Traits 

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If you are a stomach sleeper, here are some of the personality traits you possess:

  • Fun-loving and adventurous: You are more of an explorer. Someone who loves to go out there and enjoy what life has to offer;
  • Sociable: You have that friendly vibe and people find it easy to approach you because of the way you make them feel;
  • Compassionate and generous: You are willing to share and help the needy without asking for much back. This is because of your caring nature;
  • Trustworthy and loyal: You are honest and this wins you a lot of loyal friends. They know you are less likely to stab them in the back. 

Is The Free Fall Sleep Position A Good Thing?

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The free fall sleep position is great because it allows you comfort when sleeping on your stomach. You also reduce the possibility of snoring or developing sleep apnea.

Moreover, your back will thank you for this because you are relieving your spine from a lot of pressure and allowing it to flatten.

This makes it more comfortable for you to connect to the spiritual world without causing further issues. 

Why Can I Only Sleep On My Stomach?

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Many people believe this is a condition that occurs when your stomach’s sleeping habit is linked to spirituality.

It means you ought to be rooted in the spiritual world so that most of your life events yield positive results.

On the other hand, it could also be due to a physical condition forcing you to sleep on your stomach

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Final Words

Stomaching sleeping holds several spiritual benefits that you can reap even if you are not a stomach sleeper.

Surprisingly, you can even tap into your psychic capabilities through stomach sleeping. How cool is that!

You get to have access to abilities beyond your five senses and wisdom from your higher self.

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